Steve and Ted: Eel spill closes Oregon highway

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 14th

Just imagine the slippery, smelly mess.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. 10 in the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. Wichita police have apprehended the suspect wanted for numerous crimes dating back to last September. Authorities have been on the lookout for 58 fueled Timothy Kelly connected to evidence on ten separate cases. A warrant was issued for his arrest for crimes including eight counts of burglary. Seven counts of theft two counts of aggravated robbery one count of felony in affairs with law enforcement. A photo of Kelly was released to the public on social media last week. On Wednesday afternoon Kelly was apprehended in north Wichita in the 2200 block of East Boston. Now look at the forecast with gay and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can morning Dan. Good morning will start to see showers and a few storms head on off into the southeastern part of the state this morning. Is that happens we become partly cloudy warming to around ninety for the hi this afternoon. A few more storms could pop up later in the day or early this evening. But most of those will be very isolated are low 72 old Saturday looks to be warm with a high ninety. 93 Sunday and we heat back up early next week I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays corridor light. Raines 72 degrees southeast wind at eight miles per hour. The Wichita police department saw an increase in crime in west Wichita. Drug activity prostitution human trafficking. Financial crimes were clustered around motels and hotels along west Kellogg. To fight the problem police formed a motel interdiction team which in less than a year has resulted in more than 200 arrests and the recovery of 44 stolen cars. Police lieutenant Ron hunt says once he was on in west Wichita. Some people involved in criminal activity began showing up at hotels and motels along east Kellogg between green which would law. Much is famous patrol west bureau. We initially began to see all of our statistics Verizon regards so auto larceny auto thefts. You don't burglaries. So what I decided to do as I reached out to patrol west in regards to their motel team and and how they were operating. And just in the past few months the motel interdiction team in east Wichita has made more than 100 arrests. And seized cocaine a five and half ounces of methamphetamine and seventeen grams of marijuana. Education officials in Kansas say the state needs more high school graduates who go to college or career training programs to fill future employment demand. Lawrence journal world reports deputy education commissioner brand new ones wonder brewers under the new state education data to the Kansas state board of education earlier this week. He says over 70% of jobs are going to require some form of additional certification. Or degree after high school by 20/20. The state data obtained from nonprofit national student clearinghouse shows that less than half of Kansas high school students. Achieve a degree or certificate or Warren ruled that a post secondary program two years after graduation. The Education Department recently began tracking the data to help determine how to accredited school districts Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. The Wichita police department has been recognized with AAA traffic safety silver award. Having a traffic safety committee comprised of representatives from various organizations. And meets bimonthly to cooperatively IP traffic safety problems and formulate solutions for the problems. So in the goes back to working with our community work and what our community stakeholders working with our community members that make. Sure there's cities they say. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says the award was based on strong sustained efforts and addressing local traffic safety issues grace that is a nonprofit that operates twelve health clinics in Wichita plus clinics and to peak and an expert and CEO David Sanford tells Cayne has has used race med was founded in 1977. He says grace mental care for anyone who comes from the door with a focus on those who have no health insurance last year we. All a little over 41000. And duplicated patients among all of our fifteen clinics. And 151000 of those are people that were completely uninsured had no health insurance support at all. David Sanford is our guest this weekend and issues when he 17 Sunday morning at eight on Kate in a sense. Take a substantial new time 735. Very Israeli soldiers shot the entrance to the temple mount when the holiest sites in Israel Arab gunmen opened fire they were later shot and killed. Friday prayers were canceled some Muslims prayed in the streets outside the old city with a gates had been locked. A federal judge has further limited who was banned by president trumps executive order on immigration judge in Hawaii has ruled grand. Parents should be allowed to visit their grandchildren in the US even if they're coming from one of the six Muslim majority nations outlined in the white house travel ban. The Supreme Court will rule on the legality of the orderly this year in the meantime a declared anyone with a bona fide relationship to the US can get in a the State Department decided that and husbands wise parents even half siblings the judge that says you can add grandkids aunts uncles and cousins to the west. She's had no key president trump is on his way back to the US following his trip to Paris. While they are you took part in a Bastille day parade and I have one on one talks with French president Manuel that chrome today marking one year since the niece truck attack that left more than eighty people dead. Jerry Preston ABC news. 736000. To 10 in the morning here on Friday morning July 14. 2017. And a truck. Holy yields overturned on Oregon highway. During the coastal road into a slimy mess. Oregon state police posted a photo on Twitter that showed damage. Cars covered by the go week EU rules. The depo bay department posted a video of workers using a bulldozer to clear the eels from highway 101. Our department said no one was injured in the crash. Of people come through their cars and Iran over those heels are squished go right up around or dry and her car. We get the eagle mobile right up. The video showed these guys scoop all these Eagles off the roadway. Into a ditch that's this and making him do a French. Cuisines to drop for some body in its code those Eagles are gonna lie there and a ditch and its allies that's him in The Who has already asked. How bad it is when the Eagles rot. A different scene and Il it looked like snakes don't they. All the state in 178917. Yes 1789. And even slicing the start of the French revolution citizens of Paris. Storm the Bastille presents thought about and in the seven prisoners inside. Then they the Heather revelation which they lopped off the heads of anybody they can think and everybody. That was a messy messy revelation after it was in here any errors in here in the US we didn't paying people had been. Boyle British subject was right about welcome aboard in French the threat that's the worries invite some of us don't care for the French there a little they seem to be a little vindictive there. And I. In 191881. William H bunny junior's shot and killed by sheriff pat Garrett in fort Sumner present a New Mexico courts. We came Bonnie junior was known as Billy Kidd and Billy's. Mom ran a laundry is the west Wichita eagle Lionel ignore this haves and the Leino and she's one of the signers of idea. The signature or I guess of that the city part of the city of what you now see it was she the only woman I believe I believe has turned dark and ranked. An early state in 1933 which is it this is I should have. Some sort of plaque in my home or something third 1933 Popey the Sailor man appeared in his first cartoon about that yet. I've tried it iconic American carry my favorite cartoon character of all time I've tried to the you know as a small boy yeah. A low pop by tried to pattern my entire life after pop I didn't join the navy. At one time my nights at a pike in my mouth you know and I squid and one I saw in the giant four arms and I never mastered that trick of that pop I could do have taken a canned spinach in one hand. Squeezing at the top fly often a big stream of greens and go up near an arc and land right my mouth. So I can go out and beat up the neighborhood bully onslaught Popeye is pop yes. You know he's a fictitious characters that you did have a view did have a pop by article clothing January Q I had a pop idea popcorn teacher dad pop popcorn. So they brought you one of those lava river that one of our listeners they had one of the yeah. I didn't draw. If you sell Popeye and just see what else my favorite cartoon and care yeah. It would be if we want you to do their fog horn leg Lauren Norah. At or. Slightly whiplash you know those mr. Peabody and Victoria Peabody chairman who love those that see. Today is that Dave Dole's birthday. It's an honor yeah his daughter. Judge dogs dull and of course is the has been for years the color voice of the the shocker basketball. Broadcaster right here and he has been. A great color announced he's he's terrific friend former soccer player yeah. Longtime broadcaster. And now he's a judge. I asked him about his shocker playing career and he said well. You said that was the only guy during the game to settling into the bench and and I did my homework. He didn't have much fear of getting into it ain't. I understand that note I can't verify this but I understand that day he has he reads he where those black robe right. When he's on the bench to understand on the back of his is shocker logo. It's either that or to picture Mike Kennedy amateur which one it is. Did you hear that I had not heard that problem. Let's get some make it out check that out fake news right there folks. Tomorrow the fifteenth we're won't be here so today I'm celebrating the 47 anniversary in my first. Radio broadcast 47 years seven years ago tomorrow at KWBB. 14:10 AM. And the start of the career that's gone on an up and down and sideways and back and forth. Until today what happened on that first day on the job and only memories of that day he only seven years ago remembering have you we bring people in here have never been in the radium. And we put on the air and an interview and whatnot and I you know I don't have much empathy form you know. I can but every now and then I get sick. You know this your first time of the radio Hannah well I remember my first time in every room. How about you I wish I knew nervous I get so nervous I. It was almost yeah I had that feeling the first time I was in a football game with kick off a wish from every night night. I can't it can't imagine it would just it it was terror. A very frightening experience. And of course I can't you can't speak for my news director who is in the other room or probably the same experience when I was on the interest time now probably lost his war out there instant regret it. Now I'm hot and a diabetic a lot of yeah editing only must've seen something in yen destruction there was that you direct my dad Tommy comes up chuck Hogan on the air jet went on and work in Dallas he worked for me for a time and and he should demean it. I saw something natural or does but just an intention the Q you wanted to be in broadcasting and I'm gonna let you help you to do it and buses are I guess. But thank you to all you Lister now some of you may have been around since the first and thank you so here we are 47 years later I'm. 742 now Stephen did keep her from bill Roy editor of the Wichita business journal I used to listen to you on the radio I was a kid not on your old and a wise women take center stage at the Wichita this is a wealth that's pumped up Stephens of the Portland and its access.