Steve and Ted: Emmy nominations and Kid Rock for Congress

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 13th
Ted Woodward has all the entertainment news on The Blur.

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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. 8:30 Stevenson in the morning Keith I can talk Ted Woodward to. A power outage in southwest Kansas was found to be caused by a bomb death. Wichita eagle reporting accrue from week Sunday electric found the bobcat atop a 35 foot utility pole Tuesday near lake it. The animal came at a contact with a pair of electrified lines and died immediately. The line crew used a bucket truck to take the dead bobcat and evaluate the electrical equipment or any further damage. Now it's too far guest with K as a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Well good morning we're seeing some clouds to start today due to some thunderstorms off toward north. We expect to warm up for at least one more day with temperatures in the low ninety's a lunchtime at 99 for the afternoon high. Thunderstorm chances will go up overnight are loose 74. In scattered storms help bring our temperature down on Friday with a high 920. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Danielle mostly cloudy and 75 degrees not much wind a south wind at only five miles per hour. Authorities in Kansas man is one of two people struck and killed while changing a vehicle's tire along an interstate in southern. Oklahoma the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the deadly collision happened Tuesday afternoon on interstate 35 near Davis about seventy miles south of Oklahoma City. According to a report the car with a flat tire was parked on the shoulder of the northbound I 35 partially blocking the inside lane of traffic. The Highway Patrol says a seventeen year old boy from Texas who struck and killed by an oncoming SEC as was 47 year old Shane Miller of Hutchinson. Both were changing the car's flat tire when they were hit. The driver of the SUV suffered an arm injury and was treated and released from a nearby hospital in when K and SS news. A western Kansas management since 230 years in prison in a fatal shooting. The Kansas attorney general's office says the sentence was imposed Tuesday for 44 year old frank Domingo as a veto of cold water. He pleaded no contest in March to second degree reckless murder in the October 2015 killing of 43 year old Leland bets in Comanche county. The recent hot temperatures and lack of rain are starting to cause some concern for Kansas corn farmers. KS and news spoke with Cedric county extension agent Zacks Simon. Obviously with the temperatures and lack of rain here recently is corn is not looking too great it's stressing right now. Alice's that he Ng see these leaves are pretty role upn and not opening. Lately the south central part of the state has received very little moisture. Simon's of this week's heat and dry conditions are especially bad because corn needs the most water during this particular stage in development. And with a rising temperatures across much of the state the risk of he related illnesses escalating Kansas State University climatologist Barry Knapp. Says in addition to taking extra precautions to protect young children and other adults and older adults that is from extreme heat. We need to protect our four legged friends especially when going for a walk. Most of their cooling comes through the pads to their feet and if there were walking on that hot concrete. It's going to be very difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. All outdoor pets also needs access to fresh water. Shade and shelter the Wichita eagle has named its new publisher a man who started his career with the newspaper 59 year old Kelly Merck's. The return as publisher and vice president of advertising for the eagle and Kansas dot com. The Wichita eagle reports Merck comes from another McClatchy newspaper the Charlotte Observer in North Carolina marked begins his Wichita job in late July. He replaces Roy Headley who left in April. KN SF national news time 834. Neutrons and the First Lady aren't Harris ABC Cecilia Vega with more on the schedule for their third trip abroad a little bit of business and pleasure mixed together of course that Bastille day for. Parades tomorrow they are scheduled to have talks about Syria and counterterrorism and tonight. We'll the president and their wives having dinner right here at the Eiffel Tower. For leaving for Paris the president said in an interview room you'd be very angry if senate Republicans. Would be unable to push through their health care bill we are expecting the third version of that bill out today some GOP hold outs however. But curry Henderson will be laid to rest this week and the recent college grad from Austin, Texas killed at a bar and a Greek island last week nine men including two bar employees. And seven Serbian tourists are being charged with the intentional homicide ABC's GO Benitez. All of the suspects have pleaded not guilty a lawyer for one of them saying their client never intended to kill anyone. The US State Department tells us it is communicating with Greek authorities and of course offering condolences to the fan I'm Jerry Preston. ABC news. 713 thirty K and the SSR. Steven Pitt in the morning at 835. Left. Entertainment news the flirt with Ted Woodward and attendance standards did. Get some tough news about Loretta Lynn this morning entered. As the country music legend Loretta Lynn at jokes that Willie Nelson is not dead yet neither is sheet. Loretta Lynn has returned to her home in Tennessee after a stay at a rehab facility she had a stroke back in May. As she is eighty spy ever. Says in the statement she's getting stronger every day focusing on making a full recovery. She has canceled all tour dates she still touring. Read at age 85 now wow she is pushed back the release of an album she still putting out albums. Still work and says who's he level us posted on August and obviously she can't do that so. Try to edit in next year's Loretta Lynn and is back home recovering after a stroke. Woody Allen protest. Demi Lovato oh with some had called police salmon. Beat should examine is doing well. I'm sorry about delegates that the minute we need to talk about a area on a gram day who is being made an honorary citizen of Manchester England with. This is a thank you from the city for the way she responded to the arena attack back in May. The City Council has passed the motion unanimously at a special meeting. The singer was braced for returning to stage the one love Manchester concert less than two weeks after the attack under arena performance which killed 22 people. Manchester City Council later sir Richard Lee says her memorial concert brought comfort to thousands and you've raised millions for the we'd love Manchester emergency fund. Some rivers ABC news London. All right now we'll check in on some folks who are protesting against woody out. Allen. Woody Allen and his New Orleans jazz band when giving a concert in Germany Tuesday night when two topless women rushed the stage. In the video from RT you can see written on their bodies were quote from a letter written by Allen's adopted daughter Dylan pharaoh accusing Allen of sexually abusing her as a child the women reportedly wanted to give the victims of sexual violence a voice Allen in his band paused for a while. But then continued playing well the women were dragged off the stage Allen has denied the abuse allegations. I close call it Demi Lovato is Hollywood home comps got a call Tuesday night about someone trying to break it when they showed up they couldn't find anything out that was taken. The motto was not home at the time. The Jamie Foxx hosted game show beaches Emma is getting a season to fox the network not the host says the name that tune style show is the most social new series of the summer. I'm Jason Nathanson. The chain smokers had a song in the top ten for more than a year. Streak is finally come to an end it started on May 21. Of last year. This song don't let me down at the top ten. The next the chain smokers would own a top ten slot billboard hot 100 singles chart the next 61. Of weeks. Closer was the next hit followed by parents or single something. Just like this featuring Coldplay no duo or group has ever spent that much time in the top ten well. Katy Perry is the overall record holder at 69. Weeks. Quite a run for the chain smokers. Eighty wanna own some unreleased Michael Jackson music. Going up for auction that CD full of never before heard Michael Jackson song is said to be his personal copy of his last album. Three songs have been released but not main haven't. Auction house gotta have rock and roll says the disk comes from Jackson's personal assistant and Jackson wrote the word Bible on. Bidding starts at fifty grand that next week the buyer by the way would not get to release those songs they would not own the copyrights. Just the disc itself. Let's take a look at Emmy nomination is but we also be swearing in senator Kid Rock. Emmy nominations out this morning expects him to today happy birthday to you this is us has a strong shot at a non as do first your dramas the hand maid's tale stranger things in the crowd. There's extra room this year because last year's winner game of the roads isn't eligible this year and previous nominee down Abbey's off the air also expect new names on the comedy saw him. Her in Donald Glover is Atlantic could join last year's winner of feet with a nomination and it could be a strong year for female friend to dramas at Texas viewed in HBO's big little line should get nods in the best limited series category. Eighties they will be senator kit. He's an artist posted a link on Twitter website Kit Bond percentage dot com he said it's absolutely real and teased a major announcement coming in the near future. Quentin Tarantino's next project reportedly a film about the Manson family murders there worker were. Happy birthday Harrison or console is 75 and Jason Nathanson. Happy birthday Harrison Ford isn't for. You'll off often spot him around Wichita. I'm Judy it is plain service to be here right now could be could be listened to us right now probably yes your favorite Harrison Ford and knowing on the spot there. When quieted like the Indiana Jones movies. Then the lions won the lines are would be raiders of the lost or Islam I think so. I think you would have guessed that fugitives are you would have gone well no limit yeah. The fusion is one of my favorite movie I forgot he was there. I would fugitive anything to have another one and its American graffiti are awards yeah he's an American graffiti yes. And waters and there you go birthday and speaking of birthdays got a couple more today yeah how about Johnny Gilbert. Johnny Gilbert the voice of what jeopardy jeopardy. 98 in of course a guy that has been working in the business since the 1950s. And is still working. He's the guy you know you turn on jeopardy and you hear Johnny Gilbert police say that's it and jeopardy. Round and you reduce the contestants and Alastair back. Johnny Gilbert got that gig back in 1984. In jeopardy and I started the back in syndication. He was sixty when he took that job. He is now on 93. And still working can you still do that jeopardy and can still be announced it still got that game. And every day happy birthday to dated Johnny Gilbert isn't 93. Today. And we have a birthday today of of someone you have that contact with the Danny boat right. Her boat rides in the girl that won she won a million dollars as the winner of survivor Guatemala you know he was intense and and she made a personal appearance in town. At the big boys toy show and we were there yeah on. And you you went up to her. At the boos and you stuck at your hand and shook her hand and hedges you said today. Remember me. I'm Larissa. Sureshot teacher talked about CI school got nuclear terrorism and hypoxia and you're like that it's like. Yeah I got her out and any U burner he's and it now dot. That's now. There I forgot that I put on Danny boat ride yeah you you love you puncture right there at the big voiced Alicia. Or you orders up feature high school and she bought at the line you've already been shop and nice and but you but you also sold it and you must look like every shop featuring tong and oxide just can't be taken seriously still isn't on Nazi violence he -- them probably inside their birthdays today she's 42 at the bird any voting rights. That's entertainment news brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns in Aramaic and on down to take fifteen to 208 self Baltimore if you wanna tasty. Senate to John's in derby make sure you enjoy that by the way. Oz congratulations to all our listeners and got tickets to go to Neil diamond's big contest tomorrow night downtown and interest thank arena. It you take its selective seat dot com. Our final two winners today were Joseph from pays bill and Larry from mold vein and today and so I hope all our listeners a great time with concert tomorrow night. It just remember your guests of Steven T and TV it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on tape and assess. Very prior coffee is the richest and freshest coffee in the Woodstock area because very tired coffee beans are rose to depression right here in Wichita. And you can get very tired coffee at your office just like Stephen dead by calling. 2673771. Or online. At prairie fire coffee dot com. Coming up often shuffle and an old Brill Building after doors until all about it Steve intent on K and a sense.