Steve and Ted: Father's day promotion at the ballpark... free pregnancy tests

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 14th
The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp's latest promotion... "You might be a father night."

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In Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6:30 feet into the morning feedback in Johnston Woodward. Kansas officials say the troubling rise in traffic fatalities across the state is accelerating. To police spokeswoman Jennifer hall. Tells the Wichita eagle Kansas is currently averaging more than one traffic fatality a day. Data from Tripoli shows that there have been nearly 175. Traffic deaths across the state this year through the end of may. That's a 13% increase over the same time a year ago and the 44%. Increase from 2015. Now look at the forecast with Kansas staff meteorologist Dan Holliday in morning Dan. Good morning to showers and thunderstorms that moved through overnight brought us about a tenth of an inch of rain in Wichita. And with a clearing sky early on if we warm up again today getting to 984 for the high mostly clear tonight are low near seventy and again the chance of a few thunderstorms some may be on the strong side tomorrow afternoon and evening with a high 97. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday they could end up partly cloudy 69 degrees live. Southeast wind at ten miles per hour. A Wichita man who texted a photo of his dead girlfriend to his family. Has been sentenced to life in prison for her death 42 year old south of Brett won't be eligible for parole for 25 years under the sentence imposed Tuesday. He pleaded guilty last month to felony murder for fatally shooting 42 year old Melissa Engler as she checked on her parents house fully around town. Messages sent to his son's phone included a photo we'll put gun and a person lying on the ground. He called her a band she and one message and said someone needed to shooter and added that quote I did lover ago. Police said the couple had a history of domestic violence Dan O'Neill came in SS news. A man drowned in the swimming pool at his apartment complex in south Wichita police Sargent Mickey would rose says it happened Monday night's. At the Huntington place apartments near Seneca. And MacArthur the twenty year old female who was at the pool the 26 year old man. The mail went under the water and was able to come unable to come back out. The female attempted to help the mail that was unsuccessful. She was able to call 911 and first responders Iraq. The man was hospitalized but he was not able to be resuscitated. West Nile Virus has been found in Kansas again the first human case was announced last week. Amy Worthington is with the Kansas department of health and environment. Our main threat are infected mosquitoes it was important to Wear ski ever challenged during the hours from dust on. Even those who get west Nile may not know they haven't. 80% of the virus carriers have no symptoms. Now that the Kansas legislature has gaveled out in the school finance measure is on the governor's desk what's next. Here's vice president for advocacy with the Kansas association of billboards marked all the. He vetoes bullet which will obviously have to come back to do something in any event you have to go to the Supreme Court because they roll. Our system as unconstitutional. And that shifts the burden. To the legislature. To prove it is corrected constitutional problems. There will be oral arguments in which the state argues on behalf of the legislature. And the Gannon plaintiffs argue whether or not they believe adequacy has been achieved. K and SS national news time 633. An active search and rescue mission underway at the scene of that deadly high rise fire in London up to 600 people lived in the 27 story building to flames breaking out while they slept at least six people are dead and a number. Will surely go Lockett supplies to the blaze off that. And eleven hours in this. Consign this morning about the stability about building. We understand so far six fatalities have been consigned. But on number it is likely to rise and there's still a number of elderly and children missing has been no mention of terrorism as the cause of this so far but. No one really knows what started this fire in a number of issues around the safety of this building going back years so lots of question. For the investigation going forward to it. She's James long men reporting from the same people who live near there are say working just finished on the building's exterior one woman who made it out alive talked to our partners. At the BBC. The smell the fear lose I have to blast headache I've ever had. It's just the plastic banning is that it's the pats tough standards Bayer has promised a full investigation Sherry Preston ABC news. 634. Faith and ask yes. A lot of Minor League Baseball teams have unusual names and even more unusual promotions. This was being featured by the Jacksonville. Jumbo shrimp. And the promotion is a free pregnancy tests fluff well today function set for tomorrow on the team says. Test takers will note they should return for Sunday's game which is on Father's Day. To. General manager for the Jumbo shrimp says the idea is tongue in cheek and his aimed at the usual thirsty Thursday crowd. We go to be young professionals and college students who are Thursday. The test will be handed out only to notes who won one. Anyway if well say. It apart you know the island. It's got you talking about it here in Wichita Kansas Jacksonville Florida. The Jumbo. No idea there and an Ohio judge known for handing out unusual sentences is requiring convicted drunk drivers. To download right hailing apps on their phones as part of their punishment. Municipal court judge Michael. Chicken that he in planes built the northeastern Ohio. Also requires offenders to enter a credit card number on the go over and lift apps as a condition of probation. Two can said he says it's common sense to take advantage of the technology which is safer than driving drunk and a cheaper alternative to thousands of dollars spent after a drunk driving arrest. In the past. Two committee. As told a drunk driver to view crash victims' bodies at a board. Which. In itself pretty gruesome but it might just. Well Jay somebody's mind about their driving back in the day of the Highway Patrol would go into schools and show kids. You know scenes of post and crash. As most is meant to ski area of new players CP RC one of those only. We took driver's Ed over OS after Hudson brought into up one of Malaysia. Called mechanized death. By the Iowa and I would troll and I'll tell you what. That got my attention now Aussie I mean it was gruesome now. But that's what we did it and I think it shocked me into thinking about it being a better driver. And so yeah. These others to or one mechanized death I can't remember what the other hand if they had some you know. They were films that the Highway Patrol took. At the scenes and accidents yeah. And they show it to kids and say here's what happened out of Canada or I'm getting close to go on into what what I saw but I you know it was M sixteen year old kid and it's it will. Then for a while they used to have that machine that would simulate they would throw in dummy into Lipman only got to roll over decorated and they would show you listen to what happened to the human body when you're in a crash and you get rejected from vehicle on the stand. Dummy would go flying in flailing everywhere you know that that'll get your attention as well. Well. You may have seen the champagne in the warriors were spraying over the locker room after their post championship. In their post championship celebration in the NBA. That was the cheap stuff even though most of it ended up on the floor of the warriors shelled out big bucks to get some real high quality bubbly. They had 150. Moet imperial golden luminous Magnum bottles that run 12100. Dollars her. This is going to ESPN's Daryn Revell. That works out to 180000. Dollars. Most of it on the floor most Allison ends up on the carpet assuming Moet didn't count them up comes from the bottles and exchange for publicity which could be the case. Because here I am talking about right. In I don't think Malloy it's really much in the business of giving away their product robbery to billionaire's club on the Internet stardom for a prop up that's that's interesting. I'm gonna care I mean it's like I want to Major League Baseball game it was a baseball costs you know. This one baseball one baseball what four bucks maybe more. And every time a ball hits the ground the catcher throws it out GAAP Garrett at the get rid of it. Flash. Don't do that. So it's got a little scuffle. That you know and her kids there kids in our ball early and that baseball. The cover would come off. And then you take black politicians today now and take it up and he had a black baseball that was you know it's got to be resourceful with your equipment. Don't throw those principles. And course so last night on on ESPN correspondent they have a documentary on about them lakers and the Celtics they are shown. In post game celebrations there. Back in a day when players to not wearing goggles and protective gloves and detective booties when they were spraying champagne on each other yet. They just been straight Sam bank now. Didn't have to have a nuclear workman's outfit on that celebrate act and locker room as are bad aim at did grieved. It was eighty years ago. On this day this is Flag Day. In it my flight out of this like day in eight years the 1937 the official flag city which adopted by the city commission. 100 different designs were submitted. Top six vote getters put 85 dollars in prize money well in the depression of pro right Google prize forty dollars to the winner. About that. And there's that you know eighty years later it's still Wichita flag. Like at the mature of me bitterness. Yet the Redmond. Three written three white rays alternate from an office that are blue sun yet. You know happy birthday to the Wichita offline and America I'm doing and the American flag adopted in nineteen there's 1770. All the time ago now. Well the June edition of VIP magazine is out pick up your free copy today at any area Dylan's 639 now Steve intended. On Candace says it's time for our commodities update with Tom left there of what the commodities or Tom. Well good morning Steve. But these cattle closed Tuesday were tripled as a lot doesn't like cattle also closed making it after starting the session possibly traded at new lows for the record made yesterday you know also pocket 133134. Cash in Kansas. Monday the USDA released the official rules on the US exported to China. As expected they have a lot of restrictions the US must meet the lead dogs treated them part of it is being led by the July contract. And today the June contract expired at twelve million at the close yesterday on the slide Campbell 67 tenths slower 187. August feeder about sixty to 14995. To lightly knocked about with the 78227. PP we get too close to double digit gains led by the Minneapolis wheat futures accordance soybeans also closed positive but well off deflation high former released acreage numbers which compared to the marching at the eighty acres chill out Cornel decrypt a little larger willing wheat and soybeans a little left. In the going to overnight has been hired mainly fueled by large gains in Minneapolis wheat futures. Once again expect the afternoon to see a weight height from the period. At the moment so like T he week eight quarters cent higher food 65 and a quarter July corn at two and a quarter percent to 383 and a quarter. July soybeans afford to recorded at 937. At a quarter. So like crude oil trading 38 cent lower 4608. August gold down one dollar 1216760. The September live from. 12441. In the quarter. 10 dollar index nines and tired 97 don't work in September. Belgium's Peters 43 point arc when he 100322. Week. A commodity trading like marketing advisory comeback for commodities on the program whip by using 866. To ten top. I don't let's say we open up their exports to China on our beef and we start chip in at the beef overseas. And it's going to be good for Kansas farmers ranked. OK but what does that got to do them the price in my remarks. Letting you know he had thought demand Japanese food supplies that makes the price to go out there but. I don't wanna see how much extra literally shipped China they put a lot of restrictions on that could make a beer retest. Poor. Very much a part beefed all of war and the other question is do you already receiving beef through Hong Kong in the black market and other ways through the black market. I'll bet you anything none of that piece meet the requirements within our own domestic. What a foot as far as other countries. What countries are. Exporting their beef to giant unit can you tell me. Are stuck my head I couldn't dig into pardon Brazilians. Do. Australia might be too but I couldn't say except they don't stop my hip. All right thank you sir appreciate this morning it's a 642 announced Stephen dead at Tom Butler a left or commodities with our morning commodity update. Even here on the way we've got done grant CFT well money tractor. He's gonna talk about investment. Projects. That's all the way Stephen dead on in a sense.