Steve and Ted: Fox's Todd Starnes covering the shooting of a U.S. Congressman

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Wednesday, June 14th
House Majority Whip Steve Scalise shot in the hip, expected to recover.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita as number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The morning's defense. Ted Woodward to Kansas officials say the troubling rise in traffic fatalities across the state is accelerating. AAA spokeswoman Jennifer Hawke tells the Wichita eagle Kansas is currently averaging more than one of traffic fatality. A day. Data from AAA shows that there have been nearly 175. Traffic deaths across the state this year through the end of may. That's a 13% increase over the same time frame a year ago and a 44% increase from 2015. Now the forecast with K and SS staff meteorologist Dan Holliday to boring down. Good morning showers and thunderstorms that moved through overnight brought us about a tenth of an inch of rain in Wichita. And with a clearing sky early on it. We warm up again today getting deny 84 for the high. Mostly clear tonight are low near seventy and again the chance of a few thunderstorms some may be on the strong side tomorrow afternoon and evening with a high 97. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan now mostly cloudy seventy degrees we have a southeast wind thirteen miles per hour. A Wichita man who texted a photo of his dead girlfriend to his family has been sentenced to life in prison for her death. 42 year old south of Brett won't be eligible for parole for 25 years under the sentence imposed Tuesday. He pleaded guilty last month to felony murder for fatally shooting 42 year old Melissa Engler. As she checked on her parents house slowly around town. Messages sent to his son's phone included a total of a gun and a person lying on the ground. He called her a band she and one message and said someone needed to shooter and added that quote I did lover ago. Police said the couple had a history of domestic violence down a legal case and SS news. The man drowned in the swimming pool as his apartment complex in south Wichita. Police sergeant Rickey would rose says it happened Monday night at the Huntington place apartments do Seneca and MacArthur. It twenty year old female who was at the pool the 26 year old man. The mail went under the water and was able to and unable to come back out. The female attempted to help the mail that was unsuccessful. She was able to call 911 and first responders Iraq. A man was hospitalized but he was not able to be resuscitated. West Nile Virus has been found in Kansas again the first human case was announced last week Amy Worthington with Kansas department of health and environment. Our main threat are infected and it so important to Wear ski ever challenged during the hours from dust on. Even those who get west Nile may not know they have 80% of virus carriers have no symptoms. Now that the Kansas legislature has gaveled out and the school finance measure is on the governor's desk what next. Here's vice president for advocacy. With the Kansas aviation of school porous as Kansas associations billboards marked Allman. Doesn't that bullet which will obviously have to come back to do something. You're an idiot and you have to go to the Supreme Court because they roll our system as unconstitutional. And that shifts the burden. To the legislature. To prove it has corrected constitutional problems. There will be oral arguments in which the state argues on behalf of the legislature and the Gannon plaintiffs argue whether or not they believe adequacy has been achieved. Can assist national news time 734. Breaking news from Virginia reports that a member of congress majority with Steve's Kelis has been shot at a park in Alexandria than children's lives across the street from that Parker's that he told ABC news I think confirm it. Yes they're definitely members of congress because we call they're often does the word article that he could not let them know that they are okay. I can confirm that they were practicing baseball could have gone over there to talk to them what had been happening baseball over the past what couple weeks and. Witnesses say the gunman is in custody his aides have confirmed represented its release is among those shot and injured ABC news senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas with more details. Only with the congressman shot according to our sources but. Two members of the security breach protective detail that. Was on scene perhaps injured as well again fluid situation. But the number of shots potentially fired here is causing great concern the notion that a rifle was also perhaps used in this. Attack now reports say at least five may have been wounded and that Virginia park the FBI is on the scene the suspect in custody Cherie Preston ABC news. 9713. 30 AME anxious. We are keeping him in the morning now what does. 735. And it and been listening to it ABC and we've had to Fox News reports this morning that the congressman has been she. Octane and several other people wounded. In Alexandria Virginia where the slide this morning Fox News commentator Todd stars to Boeing dot. Hey good morning Steve and that this is just really shocking and horrific news on it does appear though that the congressman who was who was hit the majority would Steve's release from Louisiana is expected to survive. He's in stable condition at the end nearby hospital this morning. And we understand it even shot in yet. And yes armed congressman. That there was a congressman from Alabama who was also there. And so that was so on and on CNN this morning. And he was sick is Mo Brooks from about from Alabama. He was saying bad Tom he saw the government and the people he saw. Congressman's police go down. And they stated he was actually two ranking himself the congressman was dragging himself into the outfield. To get away from the gunman. Com and there was a trail of blood base at bid between twelve and fifteen feet to so this is coming from congressman and a boat brought out just a few moments ago. On Fox News Channel congressman at Desantis from Tennessee. Said that an and there are reports of other congressman saying that the exact same thing come about tell you. That the gunman. I came up and asked if there were Republicans or Democrats practicing on the field. And Denny opened fire. Today so. Again it's too early to to to discuss motive here but this is what the congressman options other congressmen as well have been saying this morning. Very troubling to keep. Well struck. These baseball teams are usually aren't they a bipartisan means business that way for both parties to get together. No well typically they are but they're Pratt. Practicing for a big Democrats vs Republicans called game tomorrow. And you know many people don't realize these but that the congressman underage pick it up about 5 o'clock in the forty to practice and and all of the proceeds go to charity. Right so on me it really is a great thing that that you know they're doing Leo port for charity. Well there are reports are they did have some security for them you can and a may have they've got this gang custody as. Yes that's right the government isn't custody. I believe it was senator Rand Paul who said that had it. They're not been officers there it could have been a massacre only know. They're saying that the government had a rifle. At least fifteen shots were fired now the information we're getting is set to. The two capitol police officers. Took. Who who who captured the government apparently. Were wounded in the year in the shooting as well so. Well this is just awful. If you had a Rand Paul the scene he's not a physician. He is. Bob and I doctor I believe all and still. My understanding is congressman Mo Brooks one of the heroes here because he actually took off his belt and use that as a tourniquet. One congressman's deletes. OK so no idea if he is shot in the hip you say well that's not bad but that's very close to that artery and a major artery is and you shouts out what you're telling me that it. That the congressman and was losing some blood and if somebody's there with a belt Manaudou tourniquet the opted may have really possibly save somebody's life right. Yes and there were a number of congressmen. And I saw a list earlier it looks as so many of them are you know from the southern states. You know at Tennessee Alabama. Louisiana to leases from Louisiana. So I really hope. Steve took that first goal folks just stop what they're doing for breakfast sincere prayer for all of these people got hurt but also saying a prayer for all of the halt or elected officials because its impact. That is accurate information that it appears of these these individuals were targeted its. Well and we do not want a situation in this country. Where people are targeted for violence like this but for political reasons oh my gosh that would be a terrible low point when it. Siva I suspect our day is going to get worse would we here at the vote on and and that is a troubling thing and I believe many people across this country many in Washington and elsewhere are going to have to do some soul searching. For the amount of vitriol that's in politics the day. So well you know it's it to attempt may have some repercussions this may be part of it but. Yeah we just hate to think that our our elected officials are our target south you know we've we've gone through this whole thing with the police officers being targeted you know on that was. That's been terribly disturbing. And now if this is the case when we again we're gonna speculate near open Todd but it. Well we're good we're an end we actually were not Steve we're just reporting what the congressman who eyewitness reported. Two loss so we're reporting this probation but we're pretty. We're pretty clear at the beginning to yeah. But we're talking about they are telling you double what the motive is that's what the motive yet we just don't know if you've been very we've been very factual so far and everything we've said that the that would make uses. We will plot we I expect we will find out to Korea but is in custody soon. So what we'll find out. A fight we liked his tawdry everywhere retired and it was like keep a lighter note if we can't but this morning's pretty serious that are in Alexander it is and we don't. Peripheral. And he thinks Todd thanks for being with us this morning Fox News commentator Todd stylistic. 741 that would Stephens I want to reiterate what's going on there in case you're just tuning in. House majority whip Steve skill east of Louisiana shot at a congressional baseball practice several other shot including security guards. As security personnel and it looks like about six at least wounded. We don't have any reporting fatalities at this point and that's what's going on in Alexandria which of course. Is major suburb of the Washington DC where these congressmen were practicing baseball early here. On idea on Wednesday morning 742 now all Stephen tad bit. Coming up editor bill Lloyd of its star business journal. A local authorities support business is growing bills themselves about that Steve into the morning on Kate in a sense.