Steve and Ted: Gender and financial acumen

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 17th

Moneytracker Don Grant with a study that found wives can be less likely to know about a family's savings.


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Seven to thirteen thirty KM answer and sweetheart season kid in the morning. At 646. On Monday. Three big thing. Healthcare vote delayed after Senator John McCain suffers blood clot. One man dead after several shootings over the weekend in the Wichita block more than a dozen people displaced by apartment fire in northwest Wichita. Three big things even dead on K in a sense. And this morning in traffic we've got to stalled out vehicle potential traffic hazard and a high traffic area this time of the morning. This is on southbound I won 35 just east of north Broadway. Traffic updates OK and as as radio on gas chambers sunny and hot again today with a high of 95. Degrees mostly clear tonight. Overnight lows 73 Tuesday tomorrow sunny and hot. And tomorrow's high 96. Partly cloudy 71 degrees and we have various south wind at three miles per hour. Are you ready for golf voting. All the outdoor activities that come with a time of year known as. Summer yes don't forget your hat for ultimate sun protection goes to the best selection in town. And the best servers have had men jacks at the clock tower in the Leino had meant Jack's 647 Stevens and Don rent Ciampi the money trackers in the building now. Florida good morning done. Florida man who authorities say called 911 nearly 100 times and one day. It's been arrested. Clearwater police said in a FaceBook post at Michael Mott called the department's communications center 98 times Monday ace left. Much was trying to get money that was seized during a drug arrest in January. Okay. Police say much use two phone to make the calls even made calls in front of an officer who responded US open hi receive monies. Tied up valuable resources temperament to help citizens in need. Mock was charged with making harassing telephone calls nine altitude is cellphone away from him as you just do it now it. Stephen dinner which Toppert dot com poll over the last ball we'd it was a senate looking at a new health care bill. And what will likely happen. 9% said some consensus will be reached a new bill have a support from Republicans and Democrats to pass ha Rosie 9%. One intend almost. 17%. Said senate Republicans will come together and president bill. And senate Republicans won't get enough support to pass a bill 74%. Sell you the easier than Americans are. More likely our people that we surveyed are pretty skeptical about what's gonna happen with health care that's which. Seem intent which Stoppard dot com polar website Unisys reviewed my account today's question. Summer vacations how far. Will you travel this year or did you travel out of the country. Out of state. In Kansas but not more than fifty miles away are out of your mind or I'm having this medication. Inning on our. I out of your mind yeah like the guy to call sign on one yeah seventh exit. He wanted to get his dope money breath and stake Haitian that is the saddest hey I'm mentally I'm. Sounds cool so I haven't got an era golf what do you do not stay here in Wichita like you know how are you gunners urged at the appliance. Not yet on to the point the coast or you do established. State nation and I hope non. Several time off I'm leaving. You out there. Several major stock indexes are writing new highs gains by big technology and healthcare companies push stocks modestly higher Friday. The SP 500 is now and Russell 2000 index of smaller company stocks each set records. As the market posted its third straight day of gains I'm worried that's too many the S&P 500 gained eleven. Dow rose 84. NASDAQ added 38 points in the Russell 2000 picked up threes. Stock market. Continues to go on along oil futures moved higher benchmark Cuba's crude rose 46 cents to settle at. 46 dollars fifty cents about a 54 cents a barrel on the New York. Mercantile exchange. US officials say the drug administration is pushing ahead with Obama era plans to create an independent military cyber command it. In hopes of intensifying America's ability to wage cyber war against the Islamic state group and other close. Currently the cyber command which are created in 2009 is essentially part of the national security Italy say we should have been honest about fifteen years in the current plan though would. Breaking off into an independent command they want to be separate and independent art part of the cyber. Become a new member of our bureaucracy won and order and Hannity and get thrown logo yeah you know cement in and stationary a cyborg. A boat that fuels itself is setting off around the world from Paris on the six year journey. That its designers hope will serve as a model for emission free energy networks of the future. And date energy observer will use its solar panels wind turbines and hydrogen fuel cell system to power strip. Bowed heads off Saturday from Paris toward the Atlantic where they'll get in the ocean and away it will go. A source of some going very slowly for six years after. The earth they hit a big storm I hope we get the energy stored up in there and trivia. Did you did you read recently there some hydrogen cars hydrogen car out there aren't eaten at not can you imagine getting in a bumper. You know get in the little wreck with one of those likely would be like finish birdie birdie at. The humanity it's be well protected Chad has something about it capture. You know hydrogen fuel cell yeah yeah international aid it's it's not gonna explode. Over I know now violently like now I'm just gonna go. Like it. I mean probably no more than. You know say gasoline fuel tank. No I'm not dumb and leery of using the word gender. In the same since Don grant but gender. Agile defender in itself. Gender neutral I would just say kudos that's quite a compliments going on here I think gender and financial acumen on grass hippy the money tracker. You're not even Caroline acumen me or have no idea that's got lowered a man and a. So somehow here among other guests. Helped him during a recent set of meetings with a bunch of other. Financial planners I I learned that the other planners experiences as they they have the same experiences that I have you know men seem to handle the money. In most households. And in spite of advanced degrees business ownership and tremendous and elect elect of women in the household women. Often. Are you know are in the dark regarding family finances. Now comparing notes with others from across the country. The other advisors told me that many of their married female clients were not sure whether they had retirement accounts. If if they knew that they didn't know. How was invested or how much was in those accounts they often didn't know. Whether their homes were owned in trust served even had wills or trusts what we're does this come prop. It's easy to chock it up to socialization. As men believe that they should provide in handle all the big money in a family. I don't know the origins but I do know that it needs to change both spouses need to know about family finances as they will bowl. Depend upon them after they retire. And that fiscal responsibility needs to be taught to our kids as well as a child I never knew how much my father made it his job. And my mom was was a teacher who worked periodically throughout my upbringing I didn't know what she made either. However we did learn about budgeting and saving. It wasn't until I was an incident and maybe win a concern captain hottest young officers about the magic of compound interest. And that stuck for me. Well what a parent teachers fiscal responsibility savings investing and most of all living within ones means that parent gives their child the confidence to understand and embrace money rather than to become a victim of its misuse. The most important concept. Is teaching your kids financial trade offs kids need to understand wants vs knees and concept of spending vs long range investing for the future. Parents don't need to share the size of their paychecks. But they can give their kids particularly the girls the advantage of a high level picture of how their family affairs. With money and of course if you have any questions you gimmick called the number 63422. When he cannot talk to business people views say you know we really should have some sort of curriculum in the public schools just to teach kids the basics well there there actually is believe it or not and it's it's mandated to senate bill 74 back in 2004. Was passed in and it does it they'd they'd get it but it's it's worked and other curricula because they're already overwhelmed with what they need to teach but it's its work. Then they'll and it when I was it in high school there was a class that I thought was kind of a putt courses numbers don't you know isn't good looking girls and there. Now we called home and family living in they had some of the basic step that was very reliable yes I was kind of it's extremely valuable now if there's if it's not being passed on by the family and then needs to come from somewhere the case of today's global hug your kids day. I'll do that I'll do that to. Eldest lol I want my kids two to ten and economic plans hug somebody else's kid that probably would not be a good idea. The victory ask Virginia's yup but if she's a team in oh crap now you better ask for a could be it's like your kid you not my kid not gonna get your governor airlifts out of eight. I think they'll take a 56 even dead coming up 7 o'clock. McCain is this morning news was even tad bit. More than a dozen people displaced my apartment fire in north west Wichita one firefighter minor injuries that the story coming up at seven. On king and as things.