Steve and Ted: Gov. Brownback appoints new Kansas State Treasurer

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 20th
Former state legislator Jake LaTurner of Pittsburg is now the youngest statewide office holder in the U.S.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. XP back in time can deliver this. The three largest university in Kansas he'll be allowed to ban guns have large sporting events beginning in July. The Kansas board of regents governments. Committee. Has approved a request by the University of Kansas Kansas state university and Wichita State University. To install security measures such as metal detectors and guards either temporary or permanently. And games. A look at the forecast for Kansas staff be Rogers Dan Holliday important day and. Well good morning an area of high pressure is going to move in giving it's quite a weather today we should be in the mid sixties by noontime 69 and breezy for the hi this afternoon and overnight another storm system coming into our south and west will spread in the chance of showers and storms downed 51. And a flood watch would rain Friday are high 56. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday they. Stand now mostly cloudy and 56 degrees got to north wind at fourteen miles per hour. A seventeen year old was arrested yesterday in connection to a threat against coffee Ville high school. He's student from fields can only high school. Informed administrators that he'd been told by another student that he was third into should get to school on Thursday April 20. Police to the seventeen year old into custody after interviewing multiple students Wednesday. Police plan to recommend a charge of criminal threats to prosecutors. At this time coffee though police captain Dini Craig believes there weren't no other students in defaults. Aren't Perry KN SS news. This week Kansas governor Sam Brownback a pointed it Jake look turner of Pittsburgh to the job of Kansas treasurer. Cedric county commissioner Michael Donald served but look turner in the state legislature. I realize he's the youngest saline. Officeholder in America he's had 29 years old so it's pretty. Pretty awesome for him we were elected to the same time we were that the kids in the senate. But turner will serve the rest of the term for former state treasurer Ron Estes who was recently is elected to congress here in the fourth district. A proposal from president Donald Trump will cut the department of transportation's funding by 2.4 billion dollars. KS and news spoke with Newton mayor Bart Hague who says the 13%. Cut would jeopardize passenger rail service in Kansas. Just in terms of passenger volume of about. 141000 passengers who come through here. Each year if that budget proposal was adopted. He would essentially eliminate service. To the state of Kansas on emperor. Hague says many communities in Kansas fought for 28 million dollars in grant money during the past few years to make rail improvements along the route of the southwest chief. Gators are essential news time now 733. An aggressive effort by the state of Arkansas. To carry out its first executions since 2005. Stalled for the second time this week as courts blocked lethal injections planned for today. Prompting governor Isa Hutchinson who expressed frustration at the legal delaying tactics. Well Wednesday's court rulings could be overturned Arkansas now faces an uphill battle to execute any inmates before the end of April. Venezuela's opposition is looking to keep up pressure on president Nicolaus and Dorell. Taking to the streets again today hours after two people were killed and hundreds arrested in the biggest anti government demonstrations in years. The killings bring to seven at the death tolls and protests began three weeks ago. Over the supreme court's decision to strip the opposition controlled congress of its last remaining powers. A move that was reversed but still caused outrage. Officials at SeaWorld say the last killer whale has been born in captivity at one of its part has been in San Antonio. The birth Wednesday comes months after a decision by the Florida based company it's funny sixteen to stop breeding killer whales the mother 25 year old tech terra. Was already pregnant last year when SeaWorld said it stop the breeding program SeaWorld says it was a smooth delivery and mother and calf appear LT. Even as they closely monitor both of them. The man suspected of killing three white man in a racially motivated attack in Fresno. Says he joined a gang in Sacramento when he was nine and got involved with the black liberation movement at fourteen years old. Corey Mohammed talked about his upbringing in a video interview published in 2015. On the website of community media access collaborative where he was part of a media training program. There are examined 35 now Steven Ted in the morning on K and assess which vows high temperature yesterday 82 degrees normal life. Is 69. So but the warmer than usual yesterday it will bit. Afternoon. Today if it's Thursday April 20 when he seventeen on the state in 28 end. An explosion on the deep water horizon oil platform at least by BP killed eleven workers. And caused the blowout that began spewing an estimated 200 million gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico. Remember this tent and he they had there's video of somebody got a video camera down there and continuously show all this brown muddy crude. But yeah got a little high months months months yes. At 200 million gallons. The well was finally capped nearly three months later on July 15. And tension pretty shocking to everybody. I think most of us tonight easily assumed at that time that located journalist deep water drilling sure. Certainly they have a plan what if I ever have the wrong something of writing the today after apple planned right. It and that this suspect early. A dramatic crash that nearly killed a young woman has exposed a hole in the government's efforts to get dangerous to cafe airbag and later off the road. There's nothing that prevents the devices from being taken from wrecked cars and reused. It's perfectly legal under federal law for airbag assemblies or other parts object subject to recall. To be pulled out a wrecked cars and sold by junk yards to repair shops that may not even know the danger. No government agency monitors the transactions. In addition no states appear to have laws against the use of reuse of recall parts. At least sixteen people have been killed by two Connie in Slater's worldwide. And more than 180 injured. Problem touched off the biggest automotive recalled in US history. So I guess. Apparently the legal the junkyard. And they can just out of salvage parts those parts. And just keep Dolan but some of those parts may be defective it pretty interest cause you harm but think that the end of the the process would relocate beast these parts of terrible. Let's go ahead and destroyed. No that's not what's what's happening here. Are these the big news of course out. Is it. Fox News has addressed the departure of Bill O'Reilly last night as the show Luna. That used to bear his name debuts as simply the factor Dana Perino. Been filling in for arriving announced that he was a no longer with the network. O Reilly's ouster came after reports that five women had been paid millions of dollars to keep quiet. About harassment allegations are Riley maintained that sexual harassment claims against him were not true. Still says that yeah that's not true sorry. Didn't happen but. The net return guess to get tired of paying out millions of dollars. Two to make via the make things right now I don't think they got tired of it and once it got. Once the public in the media got wind of it. Lay up that thing what's it builds the O'Reilly just you know was huge on the on the fox network for twenty years yes helped to build it into what is a powerhouse. And the guy was yet it did break. Great ratings. You know times of revenue oil company and he did everything right as a broadcaster quote on the air broadcaster. And and that at the end of the day. Fox finally finally let him go it does. It does point out to me to act as a broadcaster and you ever it just. Reminds us that in that were in broadcasting news TV radio or whatever it is nobody is. Central. What was the name of that John Ford movie about or for it works and they expect. Like guys of unity votes he's always remember that yeah it is it is it's a business where you know this guy at all bill yet the ratings. And the revenue covenant and the network loved him apparently a lot of people are still you know think bill rise rate. But he's he's gonna have to I guess take take a retirement. 67 years old I'm glad start drumming up like only he could as to what Howard Stern did through the Social Security. Being unemployed for a couple months been assigned some wealthy they're huge money radio deal on saddle very ill and he'll make even more money than it was my great great point there will be somewhere the guy's going to be back. On the air somewhere or doing something so. Bill O'Reilly is not finished you know by the way the Stephen tidbit Stoppard dot com poll this morning we've been running a poll that says do you. File your taxes electronically eighty east 70% had no idea at the old fashioned way. A latest that day they elect tries that yes they do. Now 78% nope I do at the old fashioned way 220 I got a I got that ever regret now. See how easy it is pride that comes to math I'm always stuck all right fake news today's question I go to the website gay and SS radio dot com take the poll. Should Fox News have parting ways with bill Riley the class double him yes or no up or down. And you can never again be involved in that and our website Kate and as as radio not on Justice Stevens did it. Which is to dot which Toppert dot com poll. 740 now Stephen dead and I coming up we've got editor bill Lloyd Wichita business journal talking about. The Kansas corporation commission saying no to big energy company merger. That story coming up and got good weather on the way Stephen Ted in the morning on Kate in a sense.