Steve and Ted: Happy Anniversary to Pat and Mahala Woodward

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 19th

Ted's parents celebrate another Anniversary.


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97 and thirteen thirty feet in has SanDisk. We are Stevenson in the morning at 847. Now. Three days fingers yeah. Presidents cup and First Lady on their first overseas trip since moving into the White House. Memorial service for fallen law enforcement officers at Wichita City Hall news today or at least three tornadoes touchdown in Kansas. But no serious damage and no injuries reported pre big things even dead on Kate in a sense. Think gasoline prices in Wichita most places around to fourteen gallon. Plotted better price at that that was syndicate to eleven and air traffic tracker bronze and again and McClain he sits 209. Fact checker update from cape and it's as radio I'm Dan achievers. 80% chance for showers and thunderstorms today with a high of 73 degrees. 70% chance for rain tonight possibly every overnight low 51 Saturday tomorrow partly cloudy tomorrow's high 64. Now clouding an east wind at six miles per hour 64 degrees. Was Steven did in the morning on tape and assess their feet 48 Friday morning. And those sporting news' John Paul. Happy of them are still Wichita on the. Business Richard Neer Saturday mornings at eight right here. On came in and it comes on regular Saturday regular his 'cause like a clock or something that Tony do using our program record years. A stickler about being on time he is a stickler. Self. I think that's pretty guests coming up. It's going to be a really found showed a lot of business to business and refugees six guests or something to Latin usually theory okay. It's you know it's a challenge to get three people come in. Back then I will bet the first guess we have it's certainly. I'm excited about the show because there's so many things about it that are going to be great for people that own our have our run a business easy. And so Dan rising he's with really cool story of his company can surgeon I. As buddies watch in their son's baseball games and now fifteen late fifteen years later stern and his really great company. And they actually go out and protect. Business systems and how people operate efficiently so they can focus on their business instead of ram and a focused on our network. All times it's a really great. Perspective they actually do business a little differently. Than most of their competitors very interesting story tank and then we have Gordon Hibbert. He is a franchise operator for south central Kansas for the Dale Carnegie training systems and he's coming in and again share some of the resources they have. To help businesses accomplish our goals in 2017. And tons of stuff. And Steve you know we went ahead main apartment few because it got that book Dale Carnegie wrote the how to make friends and influence people only in LA needs some friends and so. Look I have I can't reader though so I can't make friends and again influenced people we're gonna help yeah I can influence you I've been chronic unemployment for next week you need some help. And so that would be funny he also an appointment with a psychiatrist. Two that might be helpful for the Internet they're we have Sean carve out he's with Davis Morton Lincoln well. I don't shut down and that Lincoln is they're not a new business of course and now. But there are new advertiser kimono on some of our stations and so. When he gets on command and he's gonna tells all about the new Lincoln's. Early collect one of the best things about as Italy and when you get him shut the doors start to like Matthew McConaughey I'm not sure that's good but you know. Did you know that Lincoln was named after one of our president's. Ehrlich which one through that after a campaign when they got a lot of new technology. And it's really easy man to get into an atlas of the Lincoln has really changed over the past few years is amazing yeah with competes now it's like. BMW and course Cadillac and and others like that podium in Australia top in our Sean knows a lot about cars he does so that's Denver tomorrow who knows how to win friends and in the what does it make friendly friends and influence they want to just come and join us and we're with them. That's I should come in be against this. Think of something like that humans maybe he could be bad test subject of course there's going to practice on any ideas ultimately audited the rate the only reason you would go to a shrink would be to trap couch. Thank you say that listen I can nap sitting up I know he's chair I've seen it right now. The commercial out the last half hour to paraffin I act or Albright. John date they surveying with the switch atop means business Saturday morning at 8 o'clock right here on 97 and thirteen 38 and as says thank you got. You'll see you next Friday's or 851 now with Stephen Ted the workplace is changing. And people working from anywhere editor bill Roy that would stop business journal with a assist mourned tells all about good morning bill. Good morning guys he had the big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today. How does the idea of working from home sound to use some some companies are incorporating the ability to telecommute and of their workplaces. Back in 2005 there were about one point eight million telecommuters. In 2014 that number ground at three point seven million people. Most but not all work companies in the technology industry. Having employees connect remotely he's worked for Erik Karlsson he runs Agile HR which provides HR software for about 400 clients. He has thirteen people on staff and their spread all over the country from Wichita to Salt Lake City to California. He says the biggest benefit is overhead costs instead of paying rent it just had to buy computers and cloud services. And this week in our ten minutes with feature me Leo lavender she's from Lebanon speaks four languages. And she's the talent specialist for the greater Wichita partnership she's been a high school teacher in Australia and HR manager and Abu Dhabi. And an event planner in San Francisco. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. I thank you bill here on a Friday morning I have some arch to talk about this on Oregon bureau. At an expert in art are you not I've not even game and artwork by dawn wish Duluth but scouts. Has sold for a record 110 point five million dollars at auction in New York. Tells me said the sale of untitled. Was an auction record for the artist is not entitled to a number tiled also set a record for. An American artist at auction in 1982 painting depicts a face in the shape of a skull. A noted Japanese collector and entrepreneur bought it after a ten minute bidding war here's my title overpriced. When. He that you don't know anything about Arctic. Says he plans to eventually display the trading in his museum in in Japan. Moscow got. Died of a drug overdose in 1988. At the age of 27 so. The culture for you this morning was Stevenson about that I'd suppose so yes we yep then making go to his campaign promise. The drug administration has formally told congress. It intends to negotiate. The in renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico. And as you have mentioned earlier today. Coming up this week in the 5451. Wedding anniversary. Of your mother I'm on that our Dan that is so nice. What they did they are talking about the secret of their the success being married 51 years my gosh. That is a big deal I guess I should get them to share some of the message here and in and some of the secrets maybe it's they sleep in different rooms and you know. Now it's not one of those Lucy and Desi things and I think your dad told me the secret is to learn quickly in a marriage the words yes dear. And you'll be okay perhaps sonic as a part of this kind of what I know about it and I don't think they harbor a lot of anger now did you know they never seem angry. To me they they they seem a little. I don't know annoyed that I'm in the room with them but yeah sometimes that can you know but that's understandable today's national pizza party day soul you know enjoy yourself you. He supports an 855 Stephen debt coming up. Necessity is at nine at least three tornadoes and possibly more touchdown in Kansas that you let's check and a clock speed instead he has us.