Steve and Ted: Happy Birthday "An Affair to Remember"

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, July 11th
A look back at the Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr film out in theaters 60 years ago today.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 8:30 this morning Steve did in the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. Wichita mayor Jeff Long Will tells came in business news plans for a new baseball stadium downtown. Are moving forward. No idea is to attract a minor league team with a Major League affiliation. We're still long on. Trajectory to have the ballpark and placed by its audits on me so we will still play the eighteen seasons start for construction of in the league in beaten wouldn't go in nineteen people in total and and new ballpark are on it dawn. Long Will commented during Monday's with the later on the Stephenson Joseph on Kate in a sense. Now the forecast with K innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning with a warm and muggy start today we will be sunny hot and breezy this afternoon and our high possibly get into 101 and south winds will be between fifteen and thirty miles per hour. Tonight breezy Arlo 75. And in hot weather again on Wednesday with a high close to 100. I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan Holliday they today and now partly cloudy and eighty degrees we have a south wind gusting to 22 miles per hour. A woman with a handgun robbed a Valero gas station in west Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says this happened early Monday at McCormick and meridia. Money was taken by the suspect. As a suspect was fleeing from the store. In 38 year old male witness. Was also armed. And part two shots in the air as the parking lot of the business. The suspect got into them the back of a white Chevy pickup. Male suspect wearing a yellow masks gloves and blue Jean shorts. American legion post 273 will remain open pending an appeal to national headquarters. Or is new hope for American legion post 273 here in Wichita the last African American posting Kansas. When members received a letter from to peak us stating that they were not following housekeeping rules set by The American Legion and that they had just nineteen days until their doors to close. They say they were shocked. 273 appealed the decision to American legions national headquarters in Indianapolis. Who responded that the legion would remain open and the appeal will be presented at August national convention. With the recent scare the post closing however members of stop coming in and over 100 members of stop paying your dues in the last thirty days. A UNK and SS news. A judge has ruled that an alleged updated at will from a cancer ballclub millionaire was not valid it. And the man's former caretaker will not receive most of his 21 million dollar estate the Hutchinson news reports this week's ruling by Kansas senior judge William lisle junior is a victory for the forty state university foundation the primary beneficiary of the estate of 98 year old girl oh field of Hayes. Fields former caretaker Wanda all boarding said she felt a letter typed on field stationary after his death. She had alleged that the letter said field decided to give most of his estate to her rather than to the foundation. Phil global brand KE SS news. To peca police say a man was critically injured Sunday evening when he tried to jump across that gap separating north and southbound lanes of the Kansas avenue bridge. We tenant Erin Jones says several people saw the man jump. Those witnesses telling police and appears that the man didn't realize there was a gap between the barriers when he jumped. It looked almost like there's something between them but there's not the guy was either China don't pay gap. Or what delivers as believers they are something Laird and just jump between the two Jersey barriers and lower down. Victim believed to be about eighteen years old fell nearly 25 feet and suffered life threatening injuries the Kansas man who admitted he stole more than 275000. Dollars in merchandise from a store where he worked. Has been sentenced to one year on Monday in prison. The girl prosecutors say Craig so little late though was sentenced Monday for wire fraud. He also was ordered to pay full restitution to Gary and rebels running sports. Silva admitted he stole the merchandise and sold it via Craig's list. In SS national news time 834. It's the Russian lawyer who came at trump tower where last year to speak to Donald Trump junior is giving her side of the story. Not academic I had never EU who else would be attending the meet him. All I need that pass to Donald Trump my opinion was written to me to witness the holly of the Celtics sky guest speaking to NBC news denying she brought up Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump junior is already said he took the meeting on the pretense that she would be bringing Clinton dirt. And now the New York Times reports he was alerted the Kremlin might be behind such information. On Capitol Hill Republicans are trying to salvage health care bill. Leadership says a revised draft will be introduced this week but a block to capture at least eight of the ten senators who've already said they don't know. The worst military plane crash in years. They found a pair shoot on the inside it eight soup. But did you find nobody sixteen service members are dead in Mississippi. After a marine cargo plane inexplicably spiraled out of control and crash on the ground. Brad milky. ABC news. 835 now Stevens did this morning's faith and as aunts. Entertainment news now we call the lawyer with Ted Woodward indented still does that give easy is going on tumor that's right we also more music news as well and Oscar winner with a new project. Candy crush and eve in times. Hi I'm Jaycee was hitting the road to support his new album titled or 44. 444 tour kicks off at Anaheim California in October and circles the country before finishing in Los Angeles in December 31 dates and all title members and city cardholders can buy tickets now they opened the general public on Friday night. I'm the guy who directed this year's Oscar winning best picture has his next project moonlight it's very Jenkins will help the adaptation of the James Baldwin novel if Beale street could tell on Friday first reported the news no stars yet or release date but we do have a release date for the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine of Larry David HBO comedy will debut Sunday October 1. Candy crushed the TV game show debuted Sunday night and CBS okay ratings just over four million people checked out the IV series but lost a big chunk of its Big Brother leading Big Brother rose in the ratings after the previous week to top the night in the coveted adults under fifty demo. Couple of artists stuck on three peed on the music chart. DJ -- as the number one album in the land for a second week in Iraq is disgraceful tops the billboard 200 album chart the first repeat winner a couple of months since Kendrick Lamar is dead Calvin Harris is unclear bounces volume one debuts in second on this chart it's yes it's at nine that we got on top of the response it daddy Yankee's best percent to featuring Justin Bieber. The top selling download and the most played song on the radio right now. Bunch of veteran artist going on tour or not together though that would be interesting Korea must hitting the road this phone support of her new album native invader Marilyn Manson towards North America starting in September and Ozzy Osborne and Rob Zombie one headline the second honest best meets not best in November 10 tee. 25 years ago to date neckties designed by Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia went on sale at Bloomingdale's by the end of the year ten million dollars worth were sold on Jason Nathanson. I have to Jerry Garcia attacks really you know thing I didn't know that they're really pretty. Regularly where Malia. Or one in the days. Wow if he'll appoint them out okay thanks a mandrel you know it opera. Reality star black China and her lawyer Lisa bloom spoke exclusively at ABC's Lindsey Davis on Good Morning America. About the recent very public drama with her ex rob Kardashian. He recently attacked her on line posting explicit photos emerge it's not why now she's getting a restraining order against him. Well I've talked to rob you know about the about everything I've talked to him the world historian like. He doesn't respect me so would you can respect me you have to respect the law had any of the card as she has reached out to use since these posts so man. No drama. Sticking with ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live kit Harrington joined Jimmy head of the premier games thrown us. He shares a story about attending the blessed and very music festival when other cast members and seeing Sheikh featuring Nile Rodgers and Jimmy tries to get him to reveal details about that. Me Alfie Allen plays film Gregg G Andre join Richard Montrose road stalked. Mean it's optimized so there are no rules saying we are found not only. That's a good time and as long guard's gun. Then that's interesting because our view of spam. Only is John Snow target area and I mean is that are we to read anything into that particular you anecdote. Really pulled out and have no way you go. No Jimmy Kimmel chatting in a thrown his last night. On the bachelorette on ABC your Rachel wood acknowledges that she likes Peter she's worried if those are mutual feelings. This is here with Peter tanked isn't honesty scares me he's somebody that I can see futurist sir. What if he's the ones to any team in the and he doesn't really get down funny thing that's scary. And I don't known for today's. And that's a quandary yeah very scary trend. I wouldn't know what to do it all Kermit the Frog is getting a new voice Steve quick reminder leaving his role as the voice behind the iconic Moffett. He's voiced the character since Muppets creator Jim Henson passed away in 1990 you know. Long time Muppets performer Matt vocal one now be taking over the role. In addition to Kermit would Meyer had voiced grumpy critics Stadler. Stadler home or Rizzo the rat and other characters but the market's steep with Meyer. Had that gig what for 27 years now he's leaving as the voice of permits the fraud if we can do character voices. View. Here's that he knew this when and how about 75 years ago today the release of the Warner Bros. cartoon bunny and Bugs Bunny gets the void it. What's up doc it was the debut of the key buzzard. The key goal at the buzzer never ever be yet it plenty long neck and yes they Adam's apple yes yeah. Obviously very different metabolism and bill Weis tracking Bugs Bunny more Noble's new boots won't have a leaky buzzer goes a little bit of a it'll. Slower guidance he was always seem to. Frustrate bundled with Tampa. And you'll be keep buzzards celebrating his 75 birthday today. Movie anniversary twenty years ago today the movie contact came down. So is the theater and on I don't remember much about it is based on the Carl Sagan book Jodie Foster. Matthew McConaughey has sought to that I just OK fine. But it was very boring. I don't remember much about or much about about an actor matters yeah it's it's nothing. About twenty years ago today about sixty years ago today the release of an affair to remember. Carrie grant and Deborah Kerr about what the third remake them. Film considered one of the most romantic movies of all time according to the American Film Institute. Sleepless in Seattle the women is partly based on that especially him down and the women are talking about in the men's start in with the dirty dozen house didn't that talk about the very dismemberment sleepless in Seattle. It was funny that. Yeah affair to remember and is supposed to be at the top of the empire state it's been there but tragedy guys who believes in this idea on it's quite sweeper. Get out to clean it out oh my god. The course got the great theme song and you mere member yet sung by a victim of that old. Good night despite the business there you go affair remembers sixty. A and today we also mark the passing of George Gershwin he died eighty years ago while Wednesday June of brain tumor. On his works. But still timeless in there still fresh. As the day he wrote the nadir nine years ago. My point favorite. What he talked about rhapsody in blue. Embrace W obviously and on and on embrace of via. Plots in great great songs what's needed port invest in American in Paris. And as a classic composer he was only 38. You'll all night Diane and bring to bring to well you know me. Atlanta now and got him and he leaves behind an unbelievable body of work that is still performed to this day. That's entertainment news in the blur brought to you hire good urinal or use or did you ons in derby it's just timeless beautiful music news like Stephen ten. It's time. It's done then and and let tasty pizza you're just drive on down to 815 to 08 self Baltimore pizza Johns in 88. Yeah coming to Wichita this Friday night. And Neil Diamond fifty year anniversary to lord Stevens said I want you to be our guest here and now tickets are available there on sale. At selective seat select C dot com. Right now though I've got a pair of tickets to giveaway two pairs of tickets do it color number four and I have. That goes along with a twenty dollar gift card from Freddy's frozen custard over way and now. Wanted to see Neil Diamond gets in Freddy's coming out 869 to thirteen thirty uptick in colors four and five feet 43 Stevens did you construction and McConnell air force base. Editor bill Roy it would stop business journal is on the way. Stevens in the morning on paint and ants ants.