Steve and Ted: Happy Birthday to "A League of Their Own"

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 30th
The movie about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League turns 25 today.

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Is this station which is talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Even more speed back into Austin what word that. No reports of significant damage no reports of injuries. As powerful storms marched across south central Kansas early today. The line of storms stretch from northern Oklahoma to northeast Kansas. Storms because winds in excess of six. Miles an hour lots of lightning heavy rain some hail and street flooding several hundred blessed our customers lost power in the Wichita area for a time. Now look at the forecast with K it is a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning a few showers may stick around across south central Kansas through about mid morning then we become partly cloudy. Doug what abuse warm as what we have been this past week high today 84 with a light northeast wind. A disturbance will move in from the west tonight that may trigger a shower or thunderstorm Carlos 64 but tomorrow's going to be drive sunny and warmer with a high 88 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay thanks Dan now mostly cloudy seventy degrees with a north wind. At five miles per hour. In years past a citizen complaints about fireworks at times overwhelmed Sedgwick county 911 dispatchers that's why. In recent years a special phone number has been set up for fireworks complaints. Says Wichita City Council member James Clinton and. Says accounting emergency communications staff and nonemergency line for complaints. On July 1 through fourth. From 6:30 PM until 3 AM. And get your hands ready for the non emergency phone number to use these guys will be 316. 2901011. That 2901011. Poll numbers should be utilized for fireworks complaints only all emergency calls should still we made 2911. The Wichita police department has started a new pro active approach reaching out to parents and guardians of Jibril gang members. Lieutenant Jeff Gilmore says the latest approach got started out of a query he received at a community meeting. While answering questions that were give it to me by citizens of the community one of the questions. Directed towards me from a young lady was are we contacting the parents. These juvenile kids that are documented gang members are community. Thought about a firm and it had to say no we're not. But we need. Tuesday this week the Wichita police department sent out 74 letters to parents or guardians of gang members in which the top two or under the age of eighteen. He says the hope is to teach. Is to reach out for face to face meetings with the adults. Explain why the child in their care is a gang member and how those documented juveniles can change their lives and get removed from that list. Former Kansas congressman Tim fuels camps going to become the new president of a free market think tank also known for promoting skepticism about climate change. Heartland institute announced Thursday that its board of directors selected fuels camp. And that the former Kansas congressman would take over as president next month. The nonprofit institute is based in the Chicago suburbs and has held twelve conferences on climate change since 2008. Heels camp lost the GOP primary last year degree bent position Roger Marshall who won the seat in November. Fuels cancer fourteen years in the Kansas senate before being elected to congress in 2010. Dan O'Neill can SS news. Or is it time and Independence Day celebrations generated so many reports of house and grass fires caused by fireworks in the Wichita area keeping firefighters busy for at least one to four hours. Secretary division chief rob Timmons tells Cain SS news tougher laws of resulted in fewer such calls in recent years. It has calmed down I think people are being more responsible with that are fireworks. And we're thankful for that we still have the problems where people are putting used or spent fireworks in the plastic trash dumpsters. And we have a lot of trash dumpster fires. Rob Timmons is our guest this weekend and issued funny 17 Sunday morning at eight on KE NN assess. K and incest national news time 836. Lawmakers are leaving for the July 4 recess that after GOP senators scrambled to draft a new version of the health care bill ABC's congressional correspondent Mary Bruce. Tells us that Republican senators mean I give much of a break when they get out get back home they are. Racing for push back and an earful from some of their constituents and these health care talks aren't likely to continue during the break and Republican leaders are still hopeful. That they can have a boat finally next month. But if they aren't able to get this dot the president just now pleaded that they should immediately repeal and then replaced at a later date. Hawaii is challenging the portion of the president's executive order that went into effect last night. The State's attorney general asking a federal judge to clarify the scope of the travel ban and what a bona fide relationship means for travelers so applying for visas to come to the US. Are you hitting the road for the July 4 holiday you're not alone some 37 million people expected to drive. During a half million others are flying I'm Michelle Franzen ABC news. 8370 a heated up in the morning. 9713. Thirty innings since. It's time for an entertainment news at the border with deadly bird Linda. Somebody's going to prison who's active. Yeah. Dance mom Lawrence my prison mom what are we going color today right now there's a lot. Of course former dance Mon star Eddie Lee Miller was scheduled to begin serving her prison sentence for fraud today but now she's scheduled to start around July 12 deadline reports the reason for the delay is unspecified personal and maybe health related reasons Miller was sentenced last may to a year to date behind bars so. Video Michael Marti a political red. And pretend Marty's got a new trailer and a season premiere date they hit animated adult swim show return for ten brand new episodes on July 30 co creator just in Roy Blunt is even hinted at a possible fourth season. Retard New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is definitely a big deal but he told that tonight shows Jimmy Fallon Thursday things changed when he began dating Jennifer Lopez do you think you're pretty cool. But again you know what Jennifer and they confuse me with a security guard I. I'm Christopher Watson. It's. It is out there about the lack of women the working on the X-Files and it stars is speaking out X-Files star Gillian Anderson not happy with the recent report that the writer's room for her show's upcoming season is all dude it's. Anderson tweeted a link to a report pointing out testosterone imbalance pointed out that of the 207. X-Files episodes only two. And directed by women she writes she looks forward to today when the numbers are different. Hash tag the future is female. X-Files season eleven shooting this summer look for it next year. Out of the box office going to shape up this weekend one movie with a lot of yellow will be seen a lot of green leading up to the fourth of July box office it'll be despicable despicable me three. Looking at a big win the first place maybe ninety million dollars or more through Sunday. In a bunch more leading into the fourth of July holiday on Tuesday as for the other new movies baby driver already opened on Wednesday already doing. Solid business stronger views. The place don't placed bets on the Will Ferrell Amy Poehler comedy house it may not cracked fifteen million dollars. We talked about despicable three. As a new villain in this when there's a strong eighties five to the whole animated adventure Steve Carell and Christen wig back as co stars Carell tells ABC radio. He rocked some pretty sick gear back in the eighties marker. Their gave me Liz Claiborne jacket home there was a powder blue. Cotton sort of bomber barracuda jacket. And he had the biggest shoulder pads and a IE home and take it off and do what picture thank you. Not on me. And we mentioned the other house movie will fairly Amy Poehler. Here's a clip in which they are seeking help of their financial planner. Sister here in this this account we have 401000. Dollars. You missed it no that's his you have a 401K account. If you liquidate that right now you'll have. You know maybe 5000 dollars. So what happened the other 396000. Dollars boom gotcha yeah. And movie is the house coming out this weekend. Couple movie anniversary is sixty years ago today the movie load in the afternoon came out of Wichita theaters. But is that Gary Cooper now on an error and September end and dividend Maurice Chevalier fulfillment terrorists directed by Billy Wilder yeah I've seen some of the nineties just create trouble yeah trouble is the chemistry is weird between Gary Cooper who is in his mid fifties. And Audrey Hepburn in her twenties is to ourselves to believe that they're having is skewed to romance and unbelievable. And Billy Wilder wanted Cary Grant or yield Brenner to do the Gary Cooper park and okay. An apparently. Kerry grant never did a movie Billy Wilder. Billy Wilder said he was always disappointed Cary Grant never said yes to any picture I offered him. Wilder later said he didn't explain why he just had very strong ideas about what parts he didn't he come pretty close them. Did Billy Wilder do some like a pack. Yes and we didn't switch Tony Curtis today give it to every hair red rant and during after the hike in petrol accidentally get into both the it's like duct. And today marks the 25 anniversary of the movie a league of their own oil like this be a good of a movie and a female baseball league. And the great cast in Gina Davis Tom Hanks Madonna. Rosie O'Donnell. Tom lawless. It is good Garry Marshall. Bill Pullman Janet Jones Tea Leoni had a great cast Tom Hanks. Tom Tom was great when we are crying in baseball. That's what I told our. Aaron L program direct answer of Tony dissing the other day great and it was only crying in radio and and final happy birthday to do 21 of our on air hosts right here on came assessed for a long time post. Guide our kind of our Lou for many many years hosting his show the good life. You can hear Saturday at noon right here on an SS guys celebrating a birthday on Sunday you know and guy toast his birthday as Green Day. Yeah so. Make sure you listen the guy every Saturday at noon as he talks about wine and food you address adventures around the world and now we wish him happy birthday on Sunday happy birthday to gather our minds entertainment news in the blur brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns in derby. You wanna tasty pizza make sure he'd drive on down Kate fifteen of their open Monday through Saturday eleven and 10 PM. Pat yourself tasty pizza right there at 208 self Baltimore pizza Johns in burying 843 Stephen dead local entrepreneurs of the future. Gilroy editor that would stop business journal on the way and we'll talk with John Paul looked which dumbing business all the way Stevens added on me and as it.