Steve and Ted: Happy Birthday Mel Brooks

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Wednesday, June 28th
On the Blur we talk about the comedy legend, who turns 91 today.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. We've just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. It was a good morning Steve back inside ten foot birdie. The warm weather over the past few days caused part of north ridge road to buckle Tuesday evening in west Wichita. Police were called to the 300 block of north ridge road near second street in Brunswick they found the road had buckled from curb to curb. He is in news spoke with Wichita public works and utilities director Alan King but with the heat. That we had over the last several days and this being a warm day itself. We had some. I heat stress fatigue on a road. Ridge road is partially open now. Cigarettes to forecast with Cain is a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning it's an area of showers and thunderstorms pushes through south central Kansas we'll see a break in the clouds in windy and one this afternoon with a high in 93. Tonight breezy and 72. And again windy and hot Thursday tomorrow's high 95 wood more storms arriving on Thursday night I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays thank today and now cloudy and 72 degrees. He was captured after exchanging shots for the Kansas Highway Patrol trooper. The capture of a notorious bank robber. On the run since Tony twelve announced Tuesday. Officials say it was a phone call to his mom that led them to the so called AK 47 bandit. 39 year old Richard gas or coal. Called his mother from a jail after he allegedly shot at a Kansas trooper during a traffic stop last week near a good look. In that call recorded by authorities gather Cole told his bond to get rid of guns linked to bank robberies and other states. Stephen Mori special agent in charge of the FBI office in Los Angeles says this is an unusual case most big Robert stay local. Within the same state. In thankfully we rarely see assault rifles and actual I TDs. Used during bankrupt. Ethical is also accused of shooting at Chino, California police officer in 2012. During a bank robbery there. The stages investigating allegations of physical abuse against toddlers at a YMCA daycare center in Wichita. Matt key so spokesman for the Kansas department of health and environment confirmed the agency is investigating allegations against a teacher. At the south YMCA early learning senator. But said he couldn't provide details. Wichita eagle reports that a mother of a two year old boy of the daycare says that she was told by the Kansas department for children and families. That her son and two other children were allegedly shaken by a teacher. DC a spokeswoman Teresa freed says she couldn't confirm the agency's involvement in an investigation. A spokesman for greater which stall YMCA said the organization is cooperating fully with the state investigation. And is conducting its own investigation. Panel Neil king and SS news. It's the city of Wichita is putting together its proposed budget for the coming year. City manager Robert Clayton says one of the major proposed capital expenditures has to do with public safety. So the first one in terms of keeping which are safe. We've got over 63 million dollars of projects for public safety. That funding if approved it would pay for firefighting equipment police sub stations. And the law enforcement training center. In SS national news time 833. The majority leader Mitch McConnell has postponed a vote on the senate health care bill until after the fourth of July break more Republicans said this week they would be voting no so that means they'll have to rework several aspects of the plan that could take time. There's an ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl op. This year could get in fact increased but there's one big factor working. To the Republican leadership's advantage here that is that every one of those Republican senators in that room have campaigned on repealing obamacare. And the alternative at the end of the day if they cannot pass any thing is to leave obamacare and place. Ransom where cyber attack that paralyzed computers across Europe and the US is under control at least in Ukraine where it originated. Right now they're adding up how much it may have cost ports hospitals factories. And other places with computers that were affected. Firefighters in the state of Utah bracing for more high winds as they try to slow wildfire that has burned thirteen homes. And forced 15100 to evacuate she requested ABC news. 834 now Stevenson in the morning on CNN as as. It's time for the quarter entertainment use the deadly bird does it just ours off this morning with an obituary for. And author Ted at this news just came out to this morning at Michael bond the creator of globe trotting Teddy Paddington bear as died at the age of 91. The duffel coded go Wellington boot wearing bear. As touched the hearts of children all over the world the marmalade a loving bear traveled from darkest Peru to London's Paddington Station. At bear first appeared in a bear cult Paddington that was the first but way back in 1958. Paddington bear on star in twenty books and even a feature film those books have sold 35. Million copies worldwide. The creator of Paddington bear Michael bond. Has died at the age of 91. A TV star is a victim or wild fire and a Swedish star as passed away. You do kind of that over exposed to gamma rays thing going on the good news this he wasn't there when it happened so he's OK but the Big Bang theory star Johnny collect he lost his ranch home about three hours north of Los Angeles to wildfires burning in the area reports are burned to the ground. In a statement that like he said his heart goes out to everyone else who's lost homes and property to the fires and he thinks firefighters and sheriff's deputies for helping to keep everyone safe that nobody is strong that's Michael Knight Crist playing the bad guy and the 2014 can't reach it John wit which is how most Americans know when he was a star in his native Sweden starring opposite new Lira policy in the girl with the dragon tattoo film series and others nitrous died of lung cancer Tuesday he was 56 I'm Christopher Watson. I. Wednesday. Rihanna has topped five hits that is significant in his. Yeah hasn't been a great year on the music charts for women and that is slowly changing Rihanna is the first woman to appear in the top Iowa. On the billboard hot 100 singles chart in three months as well for the last three months the top five has been all men. And she doesn't courtesy of deejay tell it she's featured on the song while box. The last top five song to feature a woman was I don't wanna live forever Taylor swift's duet with Zain is number three way back in April. And since April when the woman has been on the top five on the charts that Rihanna practice this week. The America's Got Talent auditions continued last night more singers dancers magicians acrobats on NBC. John. Disney world's hall of presidents which has been closed since January and ordered. Sorry about that though let's go ahead and I get on that. Well let's move on the movie baby driver is getting rave reviews it is out today. Certain Michael heard bits is my mother and sister be Halloween madness get the rest node to kill deal for Halloween argument Jason. Now. Louise baby drivers stars the divergent series Angel L court as a getaway driver trying to ditch he shaky past. Worst of taking part in ice that's destined to fail elegant people in this movie Kevin Spacey John hands eighty fox. Also in this movie analyst stylish thriller. As a huge 99%. Fresh rating on rotten tomatoes well almost everybody seems to love this movie. It may even be career defining for Ellen ports. And scouting like we sit at the great casting is rated. Is coming out that before yeah. Not animated. No room now. Let's check out last night's episode of the bachelorette on ABC in which Rachel had to make a decision was Lee going to stay or go play. Ask anymore. I heard today and I don't trust his. Because of that. For new homes. Unions currently read every day economic. Need. Leona that feels that. Let's take a look at what's going on on the late night ratings side cold air vs balanced meals and it's Alec Baldwin and TV show gets re news. It's Donald's son's birthday Stephen go bears in the late night king for five months but last week Jimmy balanced tonight show snapped that's straight Anita Anita my game all of this area Fallon clocked over 30000 more viewers than gold bear winning for the first time since president trumps an aberration though it should be pointed out cold there was offered two days last week in once DVR viewing is factored in Fallon could lose his lead. And local there it's more overall viewers Allen's still dominates in the category advertisers' desire adults eighteen to 49. 1 of TV's biggest breakout characters last season was president trump is playback Alec Baldwin on SNL the goalie change and who get bored that come September. The benefit I think people. Baldwin telling CNN he'll be bad but he's busy so we may not see a lot of him he'll be doling out celery sticks of trump he says that probably not a full meal. No surprise here and see Israel and better call salt for a fourth season and Jason Nathanson. And a couple of birthdays to discuss today. Comedian John miner is eighty years old today and is ninety's again I always thought was extremely. Talented. Impressionist. Yet here he does he didn't. Back in the day and this killer Ed Sullivan's. And I was vice funny guy yeah John miners eighteen years old today and yet another big comedian birthday today. About Mel Brooks. 91. Today Mel Brooks is nine another. Never failed to make me laugh. Responsible for. Few of the funniest movie I've ever seen. And as comedy writer worked in the big show or shows uses user right when he was the you're gonna bit with as a co writer the oldest man world Malia man 2000 year old man did you and and you didn't certainly you know many stars make in movies and what he's in seventies. High anxiety. I was in high anxiety win. I'll put him to break them up. Blazing saddles and young Frankenstein activity goes. Unbelievable movies and he made those and but you may goes what in the same year basically in 1970 board is hot now. Pretty amazing stuff happy birthday to Mel Brooks who is nine he won it. Today only is he funny I have great we'll listen in now which helps. It helps in cabinet right yeah. Thirsty you call or Carl Reiner are still buddies yep I think scene and see theirs that things are looked at in a room. For about a half hour 45 minutes and bracket the cameras and just let the public seeks to mania there's money for an idea adamant Q and let him go yeah now. I was up there would be even better sometimes in the sitcoms is get up. Going to a writer's sessions and see how those people would that be cool puts it oh I'm fascinated yeah yeah all right. You know entertainment order of the day is brought to you by pizza Johns in there and it. Purveyors of around the meals and flat snacks. He's super taped just there the other night was a joke you know great now I've got to get them better the need I need these tasty pizza pie. Tell you what super easy you just go dedicate fifteenth stop right there at 208 south Baltimore you walk on in their open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. In about. Ten minutes you're eating again great pizza you'll soon we're talking game that feeds a Johns gender and age forty do now keep their for the which our business through updates. The editor bill Royce. New lodging in east which itself. Stevens in the morning on his case and a sense.