Steve and Ted: Happy Birthday to the writer of "Happy Birthday to You"

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Tuesday, June 27th
The birthday song's composer was born on this day in 1869.

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It's made the most times. I was a global economy. 700 feet thirty Kagan as as we are Stephen Ted in the morning commute. At 8:46 here on Tuesday morning time for three big things. Senate Democrats have stayed just sit in protesting Republicans healthcare plan and it's it's fireworks on sale now. Kansas legislature adjourns after allowing several governor around like beat those two stand at. Three big things even dead on Kate in a sense. And this morning in traffic we've still got a stolen vehicle westbound Kellogg west of I 135 watch for a slow down. There this morning and those gasoline prices in Wichita this morning. My own best I found 195. Gallon and that was near Kellogg Broadway traffic update from kick and as as radio and yet chambers. Becoming mostly sunny today with a high of 88 degrees partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 72. Wednesday sunny breezy and warmer tomorrow size up to 94. Now cloudy skies some light rain still in the area 66 degrees we have a southeast wind at twelve miles per hour. Kagan assess whether brought to you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdens and Christie's in the state of Kansas. Full cocktail menu can be found at march which about dot com. The bun art in delayed up and as we head toward the 9 o'clock hour this morning because I don't think look at one more look. The Candace has weather center all right radar showing that it. The rush hour set or in the Wichita area and Sedgwick county a pretty much moved to the east and now. Get a good soaking in the southern half of Butler county. That looks like India and others batch of rain up from Hutchinson on east over toward the the turnpike all of this moving to the east now. And have behind it to the west nothing coming our way to do it appears right now regularly out some cloud cover but that's about these move on. At least get some rain started about 5 o'clock this morning it was awful all we thought it was going to be about it around for awhile. And now has moved out of the area we don't have any reports of large hail high wind this morning in the Wichita area just some nice rain. It's gonna help the grass help the flowers and help your attitude it'll probably. VIP Wichita. Is available now free and all the Dillon stores in the area pick up your copy today. There's an added there a full page Ed Stephen dead and I it's suitable for your coffee table suitable for framing maybe is a gift coming up here. Later on the year for May be Christmas or have right now I would say that is being good gift for that. 849 Stephen attendant Steven Edwards stoppers dot com poll Poehler we got the senator is about to vote on that better care. Reconciliation act they call the senate health care bill. Do you support the BCE RAA. 58% say yes I hope it passes 42% son say no it these sorts of really. Almost even split there yap pretty much. So what's even happened to that units in the nation come to the better acronym for it yes something CRA isn't isn't catchy enough. We'll have to work on that US home prices rose at a healthy clip in April. Though the increase slowed a bit from the previous two months the Standard and Poor's core logic case Shiller twenty city home price index easy for you to say now. Climbed five point 7% in April after increases of five point 9% in March and February those gains were the highest in nearly three years so. If you own a home now the value of that home theoretically is is going up for fairly dramatically. So adept I guess my own little Holman Riverside is probably worth in this neighborhood of several million dollars off course and yours as well. We caught up that black gold bubbling up under the backyard we thought they were humble humble dwellings but you know they may be worth it. The small fortune. Right but if everybody's property miners are going up them yeah I'm still the bottom line and I you know you've dig purpose of wealth is to have more wealth than everybody else. Right if you have the same welcomes everybody else nobody twelfth or everybody's well. Well written. I don't get too far you're getting a litany Karl Morris territory and this unsure what this is deeper going into economics here. A cook out of America's favorite food for the fourth of July this political hot dogs cheeseburgers LO. Pork spare ribs potatoes salad baked beans. Lemonade and chocolate milk well I'm just throbbing right now will cost slightly less this year coming in at less than six dollars per person. Says the American Farm Bureau Federation six per on our laurels informal survey reveals the average cost of a summer cookout for. Ten people is 55 dollars and seventy cents. Or five dollars and 57 cents per person. Cost for the content is down slightly. Less than 1% from last year. So I would go but take all of that except for probably spare ribs. Noon on the top cardinals expensive item element his parents hot dogs and I'm very expensive milk chocolate Miller did that come I don't know the farm girl yeah the dairy the laureate Gary lobby airlock and Canada have their little and he has learned bill can mean. Really can't be serious now I'm gonna have probably cook out agree and now maybe ice cream and a half I've got several grand kids and I think dude if you didn't like some chocolate milk. And probably the enemy thing now maybe it was 1951. F LaMont pops. At the times here. How about some ten day no Noah that's 1971. He'll monetized way by date 520. Stephen dead advances in mobile banking who knows more about death and editor bill Roy. Of the Wichita business journal a morning bill. Good morning Steve intent or the folks of merit trust they're working with the other credit unions around the country to increase the efficiency of mobile banking. Or trust created a new corporation called merit trust technology strategies LLC it'll be on our lead section in this Friday's weekly of the petition. The early part of a constellation digital partners. Who joins merit trust but seven other institutions around the country to create a platform for mobile banking. Industry Textron aviation defense the company says the Wichita build Beechcraft T six military trainer. Now has a basic certification from the European aviation safety agency. The company will deliver ten of the airplanes for use in the UK's military flying training system next year's. The certification could also open up new sales possibilities. In other European countries. And the former CEO of Delta Airlines has been named this new CEO of Amtrak. The board says Richard Anderson is the right guy for the job at the right time. Anderson is also the former CEO of Northwest Airlines. His first day is July 12. Amtrak operates in nationwide passenger rail network that serves more than 500 communities. In 46 states there is of course an Amtrak stopped in Newton. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Billed as one more time like this say how much a saint Shelley and I enjoyed. Being it to your daughter's wedding the other day it was really is a year and nice and thank you for coming we spent our time sitting at a table with with Dan Dylan and his wife Carol you know. Yes the former broadcaster now some sort of a government muck muck but at the we eat we started talking about radio and there is another Jennings got piper from one of the stations on legacy colored but. We started talking about radio of course is Shelly and Carol their eyes glazed over and they end up just about had to leave the room. Radio guys in radio as you from me today is happy birthday to you today. The wind ditty written as a classroom greeting in 1993 by two Louisville teachers. The melody of the song had a birthday to you compose by milk run. 1859. The song with Mildred he had the song was first published in 1993 with the lyrics written by her sister Patti Smith bill. As good morning to all that's that was the word and began out now it's happy birthday to you. Are nice and appropriate on this day today my mom's. Ninetieth birthday really birthday at elementary rule life happy now or nice what a coincidence. Our top. They deserve a 54 now Stephen dead coming up to Unisys news at nine. Democrat that's senators stage healthcare sit there and on the capitol steps. Stephen Jen on K and assess. Fine.