Steve and Ted: Happy National Nude Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 14th
No better day to go naked than today.

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This matters to me the most times. I was a global economy. Kate and has since we are Stephen 10 in the morning at 8:46 on Friday morning. Three big things. President trapped in France defends his son's Russian lawyer or reading it's. Questions about the State's report on what happened during an elbow Prado prison disturbance. Fly. Wichita police crackdown on crime along the Kellogg corridors. Three big things even dead on K in a sense. Gasoline prices in Wichita today you know we're still at 215 A gallon at that jump in prices. Earlier in the week and we're still around that facility at 215 gallon here in Wichita. Traffic on K and SS for a few budget province Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown and marketer Waterman in the east every street mall and on line at Carl's wired dot com home of the 3495. Royalties. Partly cloudy today with a 40% chance. Rain and a high of 91 degrees cents after yesterday's high of one hopeful one minute 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows seventy. Saturday mostly sunny tomorrow's night. 91 again now mostly cloudy southeast wind five miles per dollar and 72 degrees David did in the morning. On Kate in assets and coming up tomorrow morning Saturday morning to. At 8 o'clock right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K in SS Wichita means business. Hosted by our very own John all the good morning John mentioned with his own mourning Steve intent thank you for it may be slip and in here today and I slip on and there. At and we have some guests coming tomorrow I'm real excited about they each have some great stories. I'm John style peace with energy control products and it's amazing they do and brand new windows doors and siding on your home it's amazing how much money you can save now with the new products that are out. And so if you need new windows or doors or whatever. Or this big great showed cats because you can save some big bucks on your utility bills like I should get new windows on my house act. I think occasions there's burlap bags we have covering and you know him my head down keep a lot of wind up there I thought those were your curtains you know Arnold is right. And add to all of us thirties with a brand new business coming to Wichita called five star call center in and there are going to be right here are building you're kidding they're hiring hundreds of people. Right now there are a hundred people and then again in the fall towards a holiday season now. Are another hundred people and they provide customer service efforts for companies all over the country they have all kinds are great trading he's gonna tell us all about it Safina so nice looking for a job even as good jobless and good people. Five star called senator that's right you know like the cholera someplace. For some customer service you need some help yeah it's very likely you'll be talking of these guys yeah instead of talking to somebody in Mumbai. Right to be talking to somebody on which it's automatic here and knows all about making up the access what they do through then the big. Finale will be Kevin Jenks coming in from the 2017. NBC World Series you know it's there 83. World Series coming into which side here starts up July 22. And ghosts in August 6 they're gonna have all the details tomorrow on the players the teams coming in. The big league stars are going to be apart. Determined and such all going to be happening warm parts Dumont stadium. And so that's what's gone on a Mario will be lots of fun tells another great. Showed John thank you thanks for being with a which means business and you can hear that tomorrow morning at Saturday mornings at 8 o'clock. Right here on 98713. Thirty K Unisys posted by John Coleman. Steve I worked in a call senator one point dance and a really. Now best western hotels had a call center here back in the 80s and I am I work formed for one summer. Extremely interesting I'll bet that's they might be up today for Steve yet again another part time jobs. I need a couple couple apart and judge and a rebound me right here in the building he actually he'd shuffle over there and it's through doing the show just go up there put in seven laid out exactly when that go far thank you guys that great idea to go out terrific. 850 Stephen jet Americans curtailed their shopping in June. With less spending in restaurants department stores in gasoline stations. The spending pullback came despite a healthy job market and suggest that economic growth. May remain sluggish and Commerce Department reports retail sales sales fell two tenths percent after declining 110% in May apparently. We're not really too much interest in going shop right back to back down month yeah I'll be spending figures are closely watched because consumers account for roughly 70%. A US economic activity and the timing once he gets back to school type stuff people at a time that's gonna kick in soon their own again. In Oregon the displays up for all the time I don't supplies. Lower cost for gas airline tickets new and used cars into wireless mobile home phone plans kept US consumer prices. Flat in June. Evidence that day inflation remains muted so the prices are still flat but to nobody's by and just yet they were department says he unchanged reading followed a drop of 110% in May. Inflation is climbed just one point 6% from a year ago. Inflation is just it seems like just almost non existence. 851 now Stephen Ted women taking center stage at the Wichita business journal and with us despite the update is set editor bill Roy the which business journal and morning bill. Good morning guys had a big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today of the 25 women who were recognized as winners of the 2017 women in business awards. The weekly edition includes profiles of all the winners who come from a variety of industries. And organizations. About 400 people attended the awards luncheon Thursday at the Hyatt regency Wichita. And for the first time in eight years of the program the WBJ named three previous arteries to the women in business hall of fame each came from the first year the awards 2003. They are telling Galloway in the first place and women of Wichita charitable foundation. And need over wurtman a metro courier and Wilson building maintenance and Marilyn Polly vice chair of Commerce Bank. Also this week our special report on human resources area HR professionals are wading into the battle for talent as the competition for good people heats up. Kerry Cox valley Gibson who it says it's important for companies and their HR departments to create a benefits package and retention plan. To attract and keep the best employees. Local breaking business news every day on can SS and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy that. Q bill lips 853 now Stephen did today is set. July 14 which is Bastille day in France were they selected. The storming of the best ESP hundred GO and they freed seven people there and and the revolution came along Gaza's huge building and there are many people inside now. The animal out then they started the revolution that began Tuesday. Invented something called via guillotine which chopped people's heads off. And everybody who the politically it was opposed to the revolution got to go get day. If they head to heads up now the French are pretty ugly about it there for a revolution I think and it made things pretty expedient he. There was a lot of them are also isn't a now you were today is if you don't wanna celebrate the French invest healed it's national news today. Series event are now. Knew I erased sizable number of a nudist groups around the world judo that tenth. Well our member of the one marijuana and Harvey county or whatever around Newton and I'm not Nugent news Houston you know new Dayton. Today is finally at work for there's no better place to be naked the army camp long hike in this time of the area. And teeple Ron Blackwell which atop fire department is last day on the job today Ron thank you for your service and LP have a great retirement. Yes and building. A good friend sank user also Dave dole having a birthday today is today or tomorrow. Today today judged all judged all the courses the color voice of the Wichita State University. Basketball team he played well he was on the team at Wichita State. And I don't know if you played that much but Hewitt's own team. On helping has a great day he's one of our good Bradley birthday judged all judged all week ago ended tomorrow much 47 years forced Eva. On the radio. 47 its news team match and it's not your first day in radio was 47 years ago tomorrow Aaron. Wow and a KSS news at nine congress has a new health care proposal to look at. Stevens at the morning on KMS fast.