Steve and Ted: Houston Astros hold funeral for former Royal's glove

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, July 18th
Carlos Beltran's glove buried in the outfield as a joke.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. We've just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock Pacific CNN reporting yeah even today. I mean back in touch Republican health care plan appears to be dead in the senate we've got the story. Wichita police investigate homicides over the weekend I it would word those details just ahead. I'm KMS has meteorologist Dan Holliday a disturbance trekking by toward north has brought some thunderstorms in the central Kansas but he should stay hot and dry are complete forecast on the way. For seven years Republicans have promised to repeal and replace obamacare. But this morning the chances of that happening with the current bill appear to be over. ABC's Elizabeth. Her reports two key Republicans delivering a fatal blow to the GOP health care bill. Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas announcing their opposition. Moran saying in a statement we should not put our stamp of approval on bad policy the bill needed the support of at least. The safety of the Senate's 52 Republicans. But with a total of four Republican senators now the clear under no votes. The bill appears to be dead on arrival. Two homicides were recorded in thirteen hours in Wichita last weekend. The first case happened on Saturday afternoon at an apartment complex not far from downtown. Police lieutenant Jason Stephens says three suspects fired more than a dozen gunshots into an apartment in the 500 block of south what lead. One of those suspects were identified and was later booked. Into the city county jail for first degree murder. And that person was an eighteen year old male. The victim was identified as being Timothy. That eighteen year old male suspect was arrested Saturday evening police still looking for two more suspects and the second homicide case happened about thirteen hours later when police were called to a mobile home park in south Wichita. Along MacArthur near the Kansas turnpike. When they responded to that location today. Found a 66 year old male victim was identified as being Arthur Goebel. He was transported to a local hospital after receiving. Gunshot wounds and died from his injuries shortly thereafter. Lieutenant Stephen says a suspect forced entry into that residents and officers are looking for that suspect. There have been twelve homicide cases this year in Wichita. A crash in north west Wichita on seriously injured one person last night it happened just after 930 near 27 and Abbott and when a vehicle struck a pole. Police say one person was seriously hurt in the crash but at last check that person was expected to recover. Friday prize Canadian assets news. A roof collapsed at a restaurant in Atlanta injuring several people last night at least six people were hurt when nearly half of the roof of an Atlanta restaurant came down. Out of nowhere the roof collapsed and I honestly thought that. It was getting some love song like backing him up I'm like hey everybody it's comment get over stuff like as everything else. Hey tiara James was there when it happened one of those injured was seriously hurt with a possible head injury to nearby businesses were evacuated. Heavy rain in the area thought to have possibly played a role in the collapse marker maligned ABC news. The search for missing father continues in Arizona PM nine members of his family were swept away in a flash flood dozens of searchers including volunteers and dogs northeast of Phoenix. All looking for Hector Guernica. His wife Maria their three children in five other members of their extended family. Did not survive a flash flood over the weekend and pace than you were county sheriff's Sargent David horny raining. Tech started quote them they didn't have hardly any warning of the flash. But at all the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning. But with no cell service a weather radio the family didn't know that wall of water was coming Kenneth moving ABC news Payson Arizona. In business news time now 8033 minutes past 8 o'clock. Some of the world's best young golfers are in the Wichita area went hills national we'll have an update on the scoreboard at home coming of sports OJ Simpson's parole hearing coming up what can we expect. That story just ahead on the game and it's this morning news we Stevens head. But can't resist sporting news as Stephen did not 8077. Minutes past 8 o'clock. On this Tuesday July 18. The seventieth annual US amateur golf tournament for boys under eighteen. Is underway this week in Wichita mayor Jeff Long Will tells K Unisys news. Like alcohol or does a pretty cool let it go visit you have been added that beautiful on the I would encourage people to get out there and just enjoy. The outdoors and watch them really didn't call the Greek. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor here on the Steve until the morning show on K in a sense. We're learning what a prosecutor expects to happen ahead of OJ Simpson's parole hearing in Nevada details from ABC's Matt Gutman. After nine years in prison OJ Simpson just days away from decision. That could set him free count one conspiracy and fraud guilt he felt this time he'll have some unlikely people in his corner. The victim Simpson's botched 2007 attempt to recover sports memorabilia is reportedly not expected to oppose his release. And the prosecutor will help securities sentence of up to 33 years for armed robbery says he expects she'll get parole. Hell well behaved are we at work. The author of the thing about work showing up and other important matters. Says most of us could use some improvement when workplace culture expert Richard Moran wrote a book about work he thought he'd be talking to employees. But people who bought it at other people in Monte. People aren't I've received notes and lots of people that. They're buying the book and leaving it on their boss's chair at night. He says that sends a clear message to the workforce to treat everyone you work with the way that you would like to be treated. Moran also reminds us the people that you see on your way up the corporate ladder you're bound to see if you ever head down yet. Area all the Harry BC news and again the title that book. The thing about work showing up and other important matters. Now 8099. Minutes past it. Plot which even dead fifth and right now slowed traffic in the west Kellogg construction especially east pounding. Starting in about Tyler they say in that traffic speeds are about 28 miles per hour right there in the construction zone where the limit is fifty. Down to fifty because construction traffic update from cape and SS proxy budget Robin Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown market and Waterman. In the east ferry street mall and on line at Carl's tired dot com. Your home for complete dark here and now the forecast fifty insistent beat your relatives and the holiday good morning day and medical good morning this time in July are forecast can sometimes be on repeat each day but actually looks like we're going to warm up each day through Friday. Sunny and 96 this afternoon with a south wind fifteen to 25 miles per hour. We'll stay warm and muggy tonight Carlos 76. Breezy and 100 on Wednesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays for at least partly cloudy 78 degrees of south wind at twelve miles per hour into the east. Wind and not much was expected there's six to sixty miles per dollar to be stoned on pot and and politically in good health rules off everything get just a breath right here now on this. 810 now with Steve intent and there are some meant people looking for some answers and I mean seriously in Chicago suburb where a woman was. Shot by a police officer and killed yesterday and with a us this morning. He's ABC news correspondent Ryan burrow in Chicago good morning Ryan. Good morning I'm in Chicago the shooting actually took place in Minnesota. It's like to admit in Minneapolis it was a bizarre story go we we don't know who what where and when it's. We just don't know why it was let's flash back to Saturday in 98 in Minneapolis where I Justine it. Try I'd game and called police to report. Around 1130 at night dead. She. It was witnessing or seeing some kind of sexual assault going on in an Alley near the home. Squad car response to officers inside. I here's what we know Justine apparently walking out to that police vehicle which driver's side. At some point somehow. Shot was fired from one of the officers striking her in the abdomen she would. Later died from or injuries now the body cameras and two officers inside the squad car. Outward not activated they were not outside of the vehicles sell. They had not activated on this squad car video which is on the big gash does not actually show the shooting because it's essentially. In front of where the shooting happened. Com and dated the interesting part about all of this is reports that the officer who fired the weapon was actually in the passenger's seat. Com and Justine was on the driver's side. So essentially. One big gun went off it went a 121 officer. Who was in the driver's seat and hit Justine. So very very bizarre scenario and right now police investigators are trying to figure out what led to this situation why would that gunfire with the don't. On Oprah. Did the officer who we know it's Somali know what was going on this year that. They were being attacked and some white outlook with this some kind of just awful mistake. In nine if you'd yeah I'm just speculate speculate but why would even have his weapon out in that situation. In a car. And number eight you know he gave you had a weapon out for some reason and and actually went off OK but why. He does this woman has come and your car and you haven't gotten cold water and Amy crops across your partner this is under. Do you does your partner right by correctly. Yes there there are a lot of questions here and the officer through an attorney are released this statement obviously saying it's heart goes out to everyone impacted by this. And saying that he wants to speak more and say more about what happened but he can't. Outlaw this investigation is going on this could take some time because of the fact there are no cameras. At least that we don't look at that take any of this after the gonna have to go on witness accounts not easily be officer counted. Justine unfortunately is unable to state her case Orion and. You know and it's big day can't rely too much we know on on these cameras because it. There's always that little bit more of the story on the other hand we in Wichita have gone to the expensive and big equipping all of our officers with cameras. And if we find out a situation like this and somebody didn't have a camera on there's going to be some trouble first eight holy mackerel. Yet now I can tell you that a lot of police districts they don't activate him yeah there's a and to do it themselves they don't activate it to would step out of the vehicles up there's a traffic stop. You know you don't you don't see them driving around her you know having launcher or anything like that yeah on the you'll see them when they actually don't account or someone when they step outside the vehicles such. It's it's quite possible that case we have to find out more information what police are talking a little bit more. About it about what the policies and procedures are when they should have been activated it. You know vs when they should. I couldn't speculate on how many if you took a poll how many Americans are real. Would usually get the benefit of the doubt to police I mean I think most up as I would always give the benefit of the doubt to police in any situation but this one. Holy smokes there and they've got to get some some pretty good answers out of this. Yeah and to what we know right now about the officer Mohamed nor bad with the forces when he fifteen actually applauded by the mayor of FaceBook post two years ago. With the hiring guys saying that he we will be great resisted the Somali community I think that they were very encouraged right expect three complaints one of them was closed. Two of them remain open although there's not a lot of information there about that we do know in May yet another officer. Actually two other officers. Are now being sued for a case in which they dragged woman out of her home and brought her to a hospital. They believed it was a mental health crisis she says otherwise so they're being too bright hell for that we heard about it any relation of this case. Right thank you Rand appreciated ABC news correspondent Ryan Berle reporting form from Chicago in that case in Minneapolis and Natalia and when McNeal last this for awhile. This is. Just too bizarre woman calls nine on one and it in the thing is if you called 911 and you feel like to. To try to get help when you feel like you're taking your life hands. This is a very isolated case and I'm like gonna join me for it's it's as something something's. Really strange about this that this would happen. Exactly the way it's been portrayed. 815 now Steve intend to but still goes something a little lighter right now to edit in on a barking dogs can be annoying. The same place. But now about a few good teach old rove order to whisper. Whenever our instead of now allow loudly. About to how does that work well a resident director who lives in a dorm at a college in southern Illinois has taught his dog to bark in a whisper. Brian Cutler lives in an apartment with his wife and one year old dog Dudley. Inside a freshman dorm at Greeneville university that's about fifty miles east of Saint Louis now. Gartner found that Dudley is excited barking when they played together was waking up students at night. So instead of going to bed at night game quick horse around he decides. That he's gonna train Dudley a deadly didn't bark out lie out loud during a game of fetch because he was we ended from running back and forth. Today the 24 year old says he slowly train the dog to bark in a whisper. That means the pair can play in a much quieter away I. All you hear now is if the the toenails on the tragic about that that's on the on the floor does involve the fellow residents near as much training a dog to whisper. When it out in the park I'll just wait till somebody breaks in depth and a dog to partner buddy hack and all of those you'll get an appeal whisper Barnett and then Dudley won't be hurt me much at all that it appears to me that. Mr. Brian currently has a lot of time on his hands on apparently because teaching the dog to park in a whisper going to be a whole lot tougher. Then teach an old Fido how to lie down and roll over. A it. Well you made in train and and all the do almost anything if there's enough food reward well I guess I get properly administered as a treatment I you know like it never trained my children and that that way so. Now that's true and that the human children that a whole different ball likes okay. Now you may have heard of the ball players to you know it's like. Well I iced tea my grandsons. The plagued the league baseball right and they heading into the bag with the bats and it main glove and everything right tonight to tell both of America. Adelaide taken aback okay. You never use it when you take it there's a can be a little nasty and violently. Neither one of them are pretty hitters look at. Are right but then you got Carlos Beltran. Who hasn't used his glove and gain in more than two months yesterday. The Houston Astros gathered around their teammate in center field ladies meant to wrist holding a mock funeral dissent at all. The Astros all wore black church to mark the occasion except for Brian McCann who dawned a black robe to officiate the service. As McCann spoke to players formed a semi circle around him and knelt. As a glove was placed an issue box and three full vote tombstones that means they tombstones that red all right Pete were placed around it. Beltran has played 77 gain at times this season all but nine is a designated hitter. Is have been on the field since may sixteenth in Miami well he's forty years old forty years old. In Houston's got a heck of a team right now there really news and this is just you know one more example of how to how to have fun. You're making several billion dollars. They know their winnings they got they got time they get ports around that idea that. Workman reports Beltran played for the Wichita Rangel as true back in the days when I was young men and played the outfield was energetic on a heck of a ball players and yes. 819 now Stephen tell in the morning it's sport standout. Sports have liked Edward for this morning about the royals the NBC chairman got a lot going on right at the other European golfers aren't going to have a big golf tournament this Elliott the annual US junior amateur is continuing and it went feels nationally and over 156. Golfers on the course yesterday. As the first round stroke play got underway. One of our local guys right up there near the top wells pageant. Went to Maine south high school just graduated. Wichita native tied for fifth place after stroke play yesterday channel four under par 67. And that's pretty good stuff right there got 181716. Year olds out there at Flint hills national shooting. You know 45678. Under par pretty it's an all pretty good. And leaked golfers of the world. Young golfers out of Flint hills national and and over admission is free if you wanted to check it out another round of stroke play taking place today. In pro baseball the first place Wichita wing nuts had a day off yesterday. And now they embark on a three week long road trip they get out of town during the national baseball congress World Series. Wing nut to begin this threat in Grand Prairie, Texas they take on the Texas air hogs in the three game series starting tonight. In the go to Lincoln and go back to Texas to clean burn then they come back and take on Salina minute to Sioux City. Before they finally return home. We notes due begin on this Odyssey. In great shape they have the top record in the league they have a fourteen. Game we need a top south division. And it's you know on this B long road trip. Major League Baseball up in Kansas City last night the royals hosting the Detroit Tigers. In this one was pretty much a done deal early on the royals could not stop the tigers you heard the game last night on campaign. Cast donation he had to I tried to deep center which work to ensure easy back coach Dane and god. Sport and I think Detroit. It would be six to nothing by the third inning. This was over the tigers when attended two with the royals. And dropped six of their last seven but there are only two games behind for a wild card spot hosting the tigers again tonight. Live coverage of the royals and the tigers at 6:30 this evening that's on Sports Radio K at H 12:40 AM 975. At them. A former royal is continuing to rack up the saves for his new team Greg Holland. The Colorado Rockies the Rockies beat the Padres nine to six in Denver last night Holland with a scoreless ninth inning out of the bullpen for the Rockies. Hollander with 29. Saves this season and is the tops in the major leagues while the Rockies holding onto that number two wild card spot in the National League get back to back wins. Fort Stevens Ted hate in SS ID twenty tune out even here for the Hannity morning minutes. John doesn't like Steven Cole there doesn't think he's very funny when it comes from the front material. That's coming up I don't these same instead of the morning on eight and as.