Steve and Ted: The Kansas City Royals break a 5 game losing streak

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 17th
The Royals catch a break on a misplayed fly ball and beat the Rangers 4 - 3.

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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the theaters this morning news was even dead at ninety back into it. More than a dozen people displaced by apartment fire northwest Wichita we've got story. Man he's dead after a weekend shooting near downtown Wichita. I think what lured those details just ahead. I'm KM SS media all of the thin holiday. Typical summertime July whether it's going to be in place for the next few days and even warmer weather in store for late this week. Our complete forecast on the way. One man is still missing after nine members of his family were killed in a flash flood in Arizona. The family swept away from a popular swimming hole is a wall of water awards. Through without warning. ABC's Elizabeth her reports. Rescue and recovery operations stretching into day brings in central Arizona the flash flood sent water debris and mud. Rushing down a mountain into the river below eye witnesses say dozens of swimmers caught off guard. Held onto what ever they could to stay alive for people were rescued and flown to hospitals with hypothermia. Authorities confirmed so far. At least nine people including two children were killed. Heavy rains in more flash floods are likely in the area there in Arizona today. Family members say a forty year old woman called 911 to report possible assault in the Alley behind her house. Was shot and killed by a police officer in Minneapolis Minnesota. The Minneapolis bureau of criminal apprehension says the officer's body cameras in squad car cameras were not on when the shooting happened. Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges says. A lot of questions about why the body cameras weren't on questions that I hope anticipate will be answered. An apartment fighters Sunday afternoon in northwest Wichita firefighters called dual four plex in the 9000 block of west lawn just after 12 PM. Battalion chief John Turner says rescue crews believe there were people trapped in one of the units but that was not the case. Not to conduct a very thorough search of victims were found there at all it is that it all right. Arab wire. Firefighters faced challenges during the search as a furniture was blocking doors in the residence. Turner says fire damage was extensive to all four units in the complex twelve to fifteen residents who live in the building will be displaced investigators say they're trying to determine. The cause of the fire. A man died after he was shot Saturday afternoon near downtown Wichita. It happened around 130 at an apartment complex in the 500 block of south Bullock played. Captain Danny's with the Wichita police department tells our news partners at KS and TV. That the man wasn't as late teens or early twenties and resided at the apartment complex. More information will be released later. Randy prize pay an SS news. Police do report that a suspect is in custody. In connection that case. Sedgwick county dispatchers say a shooting early yesterday left one person critically injured. Dispatchers say they got the call about 2:30 in the morning from the lamp lighter motel mobile home park near McArthur and hydraulic. They say the victim was found not breathing at the scene and was taken to a hospital. A Kansas man has been ordered to spend more than fifteen years in prison for abandoning his infant stepdaughter. In an apartment complex trash compact. After the Lawrence journal world reports that 48 year old marquis young was sentenced Friday in Douglas County. That's where he pleaded no contest inmate to reduced charges of aggravated battery and child abuse. He initially was charged with attempted first degree murder after the baby was found in July of 2016. In a trash bin. The then nine month old suffered two school fractures but has recovered. Young's wife has testified she went to spend the night with friends after an argument and left the baby with her husband. He'd been drinking and told investigators he couldn't remember what happened during the night. Blood on his shirt matched the infants DNA Phil holed a brand K and SS news a great. Actor has passed away Marten Landow was 89 years old he died Saturday of unexpected health complications. During a short stay at UCLA medical center mark land dials breakthrough role as the villain and Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1959. Thriller north by northwest. And he became hopeful in the 1966. Thanks to the hit TV series Mission Impossible. Blend those career kicked into high gear in the late eighties when he earned Oscar nominations for the movie stalker the man and his dream. And woody Allen's crimes and misdemeanors. Lendl finally won his first Oscar in 1994. Thanks to a supporting role as late or store bella Lugosi in Tim Burton's Ed Wood. I should show they'll learn it got tight champions past. Don't believe BC news in assist you time now Angel for Foreman and spent 8 o'clock. Kansas City Royals looking for something good that happened yesterday and their matchup against the Texas Rangers. Would that something good come along we'll have highlights some details coming up in sports center it is putting health care vote on hold this week after John McCain suffered a blood clot. That's story just ahead. On McCain as a sporting news misty contend that. Okay this is according you can keep it down 808 minutes past 8 o'clock. We're halfway through the year and so far there have been more than he meant that hundreds auto thefts in Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says in that 9% of those cases owners and the keys in the car. Many times we think leaving keys are vehicles as something that's is only of concern during the winter months or colder months. We leave the keys in the car warmup but in reality it's a concern that's all you're wrong. So we want to make this a reminder to all our community members and you happen help from our community members. To lockyer cars. At this pace auto thefts in Wichita will reach a six year high by the end of the year. There'll be no health care vote in the senate this week senate majority leader Mitch McConnell announce he's putting the big vote on hold. Until Senator John McCain can return to Washington from his home in Arizona where he's recovering from blood clot. ABC's Gloria Riviera has more on the story. Although we have to go on right now is from McConnell soft phase McConnell has said that lawmakers will simply focus on other items. Wow McCain is recovering now McCain's office has said he's been ordered to arrest for the week. But they gave no concrete timeline so this could push this vote all the way to the week of July 24. And as we know a lot can happen on Capitol Hill in one week. Welcome to made in America week at least that's what the White House is calling it in a series of events planned for the week that trump administration will seek to encourage companies to build their products here in the USA. On Monday the White House will showcase products made in states across the country. And on Wednesday the president will highlight companies that has succeeded in making their products domestically this is just the latest in a series of issued in two weeks of the White House. That has struggled to stay on message amidst the ongoing inquiry into whether the trump campaign colluded with Russia. Gordon fox ABC news Piscataway township New Jersey. Unisys used time now 81010 minutes spent 8 o'clock thing. And right now in traffic death well things started to lighten up just a little bit on the roadways but we still got some slowdowns in the road construction. At the north of junction. Right around I want thirty finally to 35 to 96 and over on west Kellogg if especially eastbound I 235 traffic update on tape and as best on gadgets. And now the forecast with Dina says Steffi urologist Dan holidays good morning Dan cool good morning you may wanna grab an extra cold bottled water and spend as much time in the shade as you possibly can today with. Temperatures climbing again into the mid ninety's with plenty of sunshine this afternoon and and it looks like this pattern is wanna stay the same throughout this week. Clearing 74 tonight tomorrow sunny and hot with a high ninety seven's I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 76 degrees himself wind. At seven miles per hour sunny muggy weekend across central Kansas which does. I yesterday 93 degrees normal high is 93 but the humidity. Made field for some of us a whole lot warmer than net eleven was Steve intent course in. In net. Washington DC the senate has been. Talking about Health Care Reform repeal replace and there's going to be a little bit of the blame now because of some surgery for one of this. Senators and Mary Ellis park ABC news responded with a slide now. From Washington good morning Mary Alice. Now John McCain course he's had some health problems in the past has. Yet he has and he's eighty years old people reported that it helped the war. But over the weekend his doctors at Booker and the eagle hatched a surgery kind of I had on people had indeed heard is that happening each. It surgery to remove a blood clot about his left I keep on covering Eric or delete. He is a guy a fair skinned guy who gets. Some real sunburns and years and years ago on paid for it was a cement pretty heavy skin cancer surgery knows that. And his vote is crucial for what's going on there with a especially with the Republicans not holding a whole lot of as an extra votes are they. Ear that there are no picture. I don't did not have one vote there why they McCain not physically here in DC couldn't go or eat at. Basic procedural vote to send back the senate healthcare bill to the floor. I. Evidences to fortune to seizures and Rand Paul senator Rand Paul in Kentucky I believe he's a position is he not and so I'm telling you why he's oppose this bill and frankly. I felt so bill argument pretty pretty dog gone convincing them not to vote for it but. And it's it basically is Hammond and senators Susan Collins or Canada once or hold this up aren't thing. That particular batter coming at from rarely opposite. Oh and I'll Alec and doctors think that they need to the tobacco and it really need to act or deal. The majority. About your lie he wants to each did a lot accurate and hired a lack. Government in the marketplace at all whereas in Bangkok on the other hand feel like they'll they were built. She's great at you cut the medic aid program don't really impact on the people the and act again. People at the state governor to rock the board Democrat Republican. I got used to edit it might need help I picture or Kidd is able people are people. So it out in the Medicaid accurate controversial and it shook that writer that you better England ball. He and I believe he and I talked last week India wants if he is this what should happen to pass descended. Our government has another house another French government go to that house right. You're exactly right and we it was really tricky for it out. It all carries eight. But boats that were scheduled crack at it again. So what ever it and it hack happen you move it how. I do think that house members. Note that edit it where there's much slimmer margin where. You're really not room for air in the auto makers we talked with how to realize it eight get a battle of the they really each to make many changes that they would deal a lot political pressure to pass whatever that. To them from the minute that that does it mean at a at an early import it could be all around and. All right and Mary Ellis hey thanks for being with us this morning aerial sparks ABC news correspondent there live in Washington. And is reunion on another delay in the vote for this in the senate in group. This healthcare thing is it's not simple that I'm resisting as I said the some of the things are Rand Paul was saying and one of the things that that he was saying frankly is this is. The kind of given a great big shock to the insurance companies on this thing and then he was approaching it from that aspect. What I saw his comments but he Ian Collins of the two that are we don't think this is such a good idea the way it is right now well. That's what they call Macon sausage there government right dead. It's a little confused a little ugly but at the end something good will always come out ever attend. Well they. Not sure I'm committed of that docket today is you know again knowing that we all like sausage and in the end product gets here. I wish I was the end product in Washington DC was a little more palatable sometime radio listeners could even see. The kind of sausage we'd make here to put this fine program out there. Yeah most of it done by Jad he's got a because that's right every journal today puts all the stuff that topic comes up the bottom. Today is at the seventeenth. July and on this date in 1955 it was a a young whip for snapper at the time Disneyland had its opening day in Anaheim California. My generation the baby boomers. Just grew up would Disney and everything about Disney was great. Walters grand division and he read and read just the most of it just loved everything about it I visited Disneyland the first time that I think. 56 or 57 I was about second grade and was pretty cool I'm. I'm only been there once. Thanksgiving night 1988. In it's a it's a man it was a bomb night it's a magical. As a senator said it well it is a sad date tonight remember the story and broke in 1981. 114 people were killed when a pair of suspended walkways above the lobby of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel collapsed. During ET dance and it is just. Terrible tragic story and the tall long time for currency recover. But that was on this date in 1981 the big now. Walk over collapsing. And during the tea dance was bans bad benched him. Bald Eagles have made a remarkable recovery cross United States since the pesticide DDT was banned 45 years ago but now. They're dying for another environmental poison lay ahead from bullets and shotgun pellets. In a while like carcasses that were left behind by pattern court to bald Eagles come along and they eat that stuff they eat those carcasses. In New York which has been a leader in the bald eagle restoration in the northeast for four decades. State wildlife researchers have documented a growing number of eagle deaths from lead poisoning in recent years. While life rehabilitate yours have also seen increasing numbers of Eagles testing positive for lead. In Minnesota Oregon Virginia and other states so. One more challenge for our our national symbol the bald eagle. 818 now Steven need to join the ones and hang out twin lakes yeah I know they seem to be all right just fine there it's eighteen Ellis Stephen did. Kansas City Royals and I'll tell you what Texas Rangers and had their number all season. And one of the look and try to get that stopped in Kansas City yesterday says what are. And going in the last season to the Texas Rangers twelve wins in a row against the Kansas City Royals. In the city with one more chance yesterday to try to somehow beat the Texas Rangers. This is one of those games where neither team could really get much of a toehold. Still tied it was 33 in the bottom of the ninth inning the royals were trying to cobble together something. They did load the bases with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning looked like we were going to head for extra innings. Until. Something good happened for the royals finally against the Rangers you heard the game on K debates and now the two want. Swung on lifted her right field going back is too. With a sign up for the. Yeah. Straight. Well sometimes something good has happened there and get things done them royals when it for a furry. Snapping a twelve game skid against Texas Kansas City will keep the homestand going the next four nights hosting the Detroit Tigers. In the city right now we're ninety games into the season the royals are all even up 45 and 45 but they're only couple games back in the American League central division. Live coverage of the royals in the tigers listened tonight live on Sports Radio feet at 81240 AM 975. At them coverage begins. 630. Pro baseball at Lawrence Dumont stadium yesterday the first place Wichita wing nuts when their last home game for three weeks. Weren't able to store yesterday Sioux Falls canaries got a home run in the fifth inning and beat the wing nuts of wonder nothing new. Wichita did ground into three double plays had some chances to score but never could get a run across. Wing nuts have an off day today before they embarked on a three week long road swing during the national baseball congress World Series. Wing nuts. Despite yesterday's loss still have the top record in the league and a huge thirteen and a half game lead atop the south division. Today for the wing nuts NASCAR racing yesterday in New Hampshire Denny Hamlin the winner and native Clint Boyer who always races well in New Hampshire. Finished eighth place. I'm sorry finished in seventh place. That is his eighth top ten finish of the season and leads Clinton in tenth place in the overall NASCAR standings. After yesterday's action. And we have some of the best golf. Is in the world in which it's on this week 156. Male golfers age eighteen and under. Are in Wichita for the seventieth annual US junior amateur. The starts today at runs all the way through Saturday that's not a Flint hills national only an end over. He wanted to watch admission is free this is one of the most prestigious junior tournaments in the world it. Among its past winners a guy named Tiger Woods well and in Jordan speaks all great tournament. Some of the most talented young male golfers in the world are in Wichita this week for the US junior amateur out at Flint hills national. As sports with Stephen to educate and as assets what's in this cup right here. Well I would imagine. Well like for more I'm stack you see anything it seem to I don't know all the way down the bottom. It's my third it was very park I'm to refill our negative buzz out. It is prayer prior company if you're not drinking prairie fire call for you work your boss doesn't love news. Eight funny one now keep their for the Hannity morning minutes. Same group of people talking with Donald Trump junior and the Democrats. But he and his this morning used even test coming up. Every truck owner knows real truck protection doesn't drop in its sprayed on and the leader in sprayed on drug headliners is rhino linings and now toppers plus truck accessories is your right no dealer rhinos sprayed on truck bed liners outperform all plastic drop in rubber mats and people like coatings rhino linings never Greg.