Steve and Ted: KCC board refuses sale of Westar Energy

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 20th

Ratepayer board says sale to Great Plains Energy could hurt Kansas customers.


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Welcome Jerry. Ninety aides. It's 73030. Data access we are Steve and kid in the morning at 744. Now. Three big things defeated dead. Fox News continues with the factor after bill O Reilly's departures. Kansas three largest universities will be allowed to band guns at sporting event slot. Kansas corporation commission says no to west are great plains merger. Three big things even dead on K and assess. OK we still have traffic backed up. On northbound I won 35. And a traffic accident earlier. One car on fire there and had a traffic accident or event and I went 35 was at. Kellogg if they'll continue to expect a slowdown in that area traffic update on Kate in SS rusty budget of Robin Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown. The market and Waterman and he cherry street mall and on money Carl's fired dot com. Home of the 3495. Royalties. Mostly sunny today with a high of 69 degrees it's I've covered him. We're out of here in little bit 40% chance for rain tonight. Overnight low fifty. Friday cooler more than 80% chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow's high 56 degrees. Now mostly cloudy. 56 degree sand a north wind at fourteen miles per hour. So there's a story we had rain in Wichita earlier today and we've had over an inch of rain but it's old moving down to the southeast and out of the area. But more rain is on the way spring is in the air. Have safe fun in the sun with a new Chile or one of their many sun apps for men and women stopping and soon had banned jacks at the clock tower in the Leino. At main in jacks. President trump. Offers help to Republican candidate in Georgia. Now your political insights from ABC news. The White House says president Donald Trump will campaign for Georgia Republican Karen Handel if needed and that State's June runoff. Democrats hope to point to that hotly contested congressional race as a referendum on the president. White house Press Secretary Sean Spicer says this week's vote was a big loss for Democrats. At the bottom line is they went all in on it. They send date their goal was to get over 50% they came up short and another Republican seat is up for grabs in twenty AT. Republican congressman an oversight committee chairman Jason chain fits says he will not be running for re election. Telling the dug right show it's a tough decision I love serving in congress but. I love my family more you John congressman who made a name for himself leading the Obama area investigations into bank Ghazi and Hillary Clinton's email server. Came under fire at a town hall from. Not investigating president trump. Those your political insights on mega news ABC news says. 47 announced even Ted at New York mayor. Build a blah CO is pushing for the nation's biggest city to also be the country's. Price is spot to buy a pack of smokes. The Bosnia is backing an effort to raise the price of a pack of cigarettes from ten dollars and fifty cents to thirteen. Dollars. Which he said would be the nation's highest. The Lazio says it won't stop people from smoking I guess. The Democrat announced his support Wednesday for a series of legislative proposals designed to drastically cut tobacco use in the city. By 20/20 and raise money the plaza says his goal is to reduce the number of smokers in the city by 160000. That's a I don't know like you haven't smoked. Those smoke but I was a kid I remember that you put a couple of quarters into a machine to get a pack of smokes. Me it's 150 cents. It's up to ten dollars and fifty cents in New York City. And if you up there and if you are a smoker and you have been able to stop or you don't want us out. I he'll freak it's getting. Pretty doggone expansion in real expensive and many injured in this building of course we don't have any smoking in the building we have many smokers. We have a few do we do it and there's a place for them to go. Outside the guys' eyes and I didn't even. I would know where do we even have it General Motors says it has halted operations in Venezuela. After authorities seized a factory. The plant was confiscated Wednesday in what GM called an illegal judicial seizure of its assets. The Detroit auto makers says in a statement that other assets such as vehicles were taken from the plant causing irreparable damage. Teams as the plan was taken into his car to disregard its right to due process apparently in Venezuela why does GM plant in Venezuela now. Well they have about 4700 workers down there. And and that's where GMs in the market leader for 35 years. So GM has a presence in Venezuela but then that's kind of a a fouled up country down there to double as the guardians of socialism in the hemisphere and correctly. It kind of screwed things up first you couldn't or wasn't Henry Ford put plant in the middle of the jungles and Venezuela I did note that MacDonald are the result. Alcoa corporation moving its global headquarters back to Pittsburgh. Where the 129 year old company had been based until moving to New York City in twenty. In 2006. So Alcoa had moved to New York City now we're going to active the place for it all started in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pennsylvania okay. Does that mean that the Pizza Hut world headquarters we coming back here to Wichita Ted. Yeah yeah oh they were and if they do org they want their old building back perhaps like rattle hum we have to move out of date. This is our place now and yeah you get at it we are in the former peace headquarters building is it Ted just pointed out. The milestones of adulthood for today's colonials. Economic security and finishing school not rushing to get married and have a family. And once they are married young women in America are less likely to see all making as a career and the use some of the latest census notes. They say the share of young women 25 to 34 who opted to forgo outside employment in favor of managing household plunged. From 43% in 1975 to 14%. Last year. So the young women are adopting did not a lot of the automaker wanted to admiral heading in different dynamic than we used to have. Census demographers believe that that number could be among the lowest on record now but it is sure. Part of a long running trend of higher educational attainment for women but also a reflection of changing attitudes among Americans about. Stay at home moms domestic goddess is whether. It's 751 now Steven and Ted and we head at. The Kansas corporation commission saying no to a pig merger yesterday and editor bill Roy the which dubbed as a journalist here to tell us more about it cavorting bill. Good morning Stephen ten Indiana Kansas corporation commission on Wednesday rejecting the application to merge west our energy and Great Plains Energy. The case EC staff and December's said it couldn't recommend the twelve billion dollar merger in the Casey C board of although that recommendation. Merger has been overwhelmingly approved by the shareholders of both companies staff said the deal would create an unacceptably high financial risk for current and future customers. It's a weak international market for aircraft Textron CEO Scott Donnelly says sluggish global economies and the strength of the dollar. As hurt sales of the Beechcraft king air turboprop. The company has only sold a dozen of the aircraft just three to international customers so far this year last year this time they've sold 26. And united Methodist opened or about to open its new food distributions center it's and a former Cessna aircraft built in north which atop. The organization raised nearly three million dollars to create December 2130 east 21 street north. The center will open for business Tuesday. Local breaking business news everyday on can't SS and a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill rolling. Instinct and part of that did you know the merger non merger story demeanor and there's an altitude. The organs supposedly pay about five billion dollars too much. So crises at it like that the outward you know what is that they're what do you make data. Higher electric rates a dollar in bright but it. I don't know I've never proceed Casey's he'd be all that powerful but this time around. Neither is it known that thing. However they said no it doesn't necessarily mean the deal is dead they can reconfigure things but. True isn't good. Thought if they if they really wanna do it up which they can't they can come up with a dealt a new approach in and maybe I'll make it thing happened. And I it to build today is a sue Milliken the old book here and see what today is how about national pineapple upside down case. Okay now I don't know quiet pick that except. That I love pineapple upside down. Yeah how about you I know you've you've almost a leading pastry wise you're gonna go and the. Not not a big fan of the pineapple upside down cake not a big fan of pineapple engine. OK I want ten here's what you do you take that slice and you turn it upside down and then you get old at do we trust right there on the top GAAP Baylor a year ago an ego thing you can do bill as violent Crable. Everything's good but I always good for everything yet. You bogeyed yet a revised state puts him with great but I'm whipped cream on her by on a on us more serious note today's volunteer recognition day. And tells you that I do our our our issues program on the weekends here. And I do a lot of community type stuff you know the issues that are gonna talk a lot of people who. Who are doing all can heal us lord's diner in all kinds of you know and I helpful things in the community and they do it to a every organization the same thing. We rely on our volunteers Wichita as volunteers. Are very. Very helpful and very good keep the city you'll. They we have a great job and they work very hard its interest thing you know we've got our forty under forty folks that we've announced this week. Part of that selection is involvement in the community and its. It is amazing how that day in and different people we have awards ward played companies and individuals. Really voluntarily on the ground here. Knows he also my grand kids as schools. They're either teach him about this too is not just a three ours but their kitchens arena and are due on that they're volunteering to help people and in things like that so it's becoming a part of their curriculum. A little bit at least the private schools. But a young wait did we do we have a lot of very generous people who were. In our town who are ready to go and help anybody anytime it seems and it's so important to get back to the community that's right we salute you today by the way there Bill O'Reilly. You heard about that be cut tops in the range great revenue and he's still got fired and the what does that tell us about product actually an open. I have a feeling he's in the land some old line argument that's not the last we've heard of bill right. I think it's her 755 now coming up at 8 o'clock occasion as this morning news is Steven did a complete look at today's news. And glory including a former Wichita football players testifying. During his own trials. Stephen deaths on K and a sense.