Steve and Ted: A look at active and passive investing

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 19th

Moneytracker Don Grant gives us the pros and cons of each


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How would like to hear from way more about global trade ins and relations. And I. What we do here affects others worldwide reward people worldwide do either success as well. 97 and thirteen thirty came in his says soon we are Stevenson in the morning thank you. Or tuning is in here on Friday morning. At 6473. Big things any president for a good First Lady on their first overseas trip. She's moving into the White House it memorial service for fallen law enforcement officers at Wichita City Hall at noon today. At least three tornadoes touched down in Kansas but no serious damage and no injuries reported. We make things even dead. On K and a sense. And we have a potential traffic hazard watch out for this when Bosnia slow down. Southbound I won 35 itself on the rant from 61 southbound I won 35. Disabled semi tractor trailer. What slow down there in SS Trenton central and did chambers for 80% chance for showers and thunderstorms today. And a high of 73 degrees. 70% chance for rain tonight possibly can be overnight low 51. Saturday partly touting tomorrow's high 64 so cooling off a little bit. Now mostly cloudy 62 degrees we have an east wind at eight miles per hour and can assess whether brought you by the water are. Featuring the largest collection of cramp burdens and risks he's in the state of Kansas. A bowl cocktail menu can be found at monarch Wichita dot com to the monarch. In Toledo. And at 648 missed even Ted dead and the Stephen Ted which Toppert dot com poll. We've got the results today of the an ongoing poll of our website Guinness as radio not count the US Justice Department has appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller. As a special prosecutor to investigate Russian interference in the 20s16. Presidential election is this necessary. No 73%. Yes 27%. So what's present hazards and almost. Almost 32132 saying no they don't we don't need a special prosecutor in this case. But it's gone it's gone anyway and I don't think in congress a lenient sentences have come from the Justice Department. Bill O'Reilly. He's gonna be on today it showed her at nine with Glenn Beck yes he is a regular Friday feature now. With Glenn Beck and you can hear that at 9 o'clock this morning right after Steven Pitt gets Good Friday. Radio right there and coming right on the heels of Stevens hit which we think outstanding radio. 649 now the president responds to the naming of that special prosecutor so. Focus on the White House president trump made his first in person comments in the wake of the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russia. He denied pressuring fired FBI director James calmly to end the probe of fired national security advisor Michael Flynn well. No. Next question ABC news senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega was there and. Batting denials he was asked if he done anything in the past. Months since he's taken office that could lead to criminal charges or perhaps even impeachment as some on the left have been talking about in the last day or so and he says absolutely. Not be called it ridiculous that this was not. In angry. Unhinged president trump this very much was a measured president trump who wanted to get his message out that this is something he's flatly deny right now. Today the president meets privately with budget director Mick mole mainly before heading off on his first overseas trip. Five stops in the mideast and Europe starting Saturday in Saudi Arabia. Richard can't sue ABC news it's a Pennsylvania woman who says her only regret in life was not finishing high school. Has received an honorary diploma that age 10510505. Teresa yeah Brandel. Put on a camp in gallon at her old dale nursing home to celebrate with four for grandchildren. Eight great grandchildren and five great great grandchildren. Citi had to drop out of school to care for ailing mother he's big fan William Howard tax he'll be at the age of 105. If I get to be that age. I don't think no matter to me. I'll probably just. You know when how to attorneys which is back on. The can be here when I'm a 105. When I wouldn't put money against that it's only forty years and now the problem along be a great you'll be here. You've got into one have been price still only. At somebody's got to put Europe's heat on Wall Street Thursday. Shares rallied partly cheered by a positive report jobs data but debt. It followed the worst drop and eight months fears are growing recently that president dropped. May have trouble enacting tax cuts and other business friendly policies Wall Street is really like the idea of some of mr. Trump's ideas. And down on the commitment. Is this gonna happen. Standard and Poor's 500 index rose eight points dal. And 56 points after the big drop earlier this week NASDAQ Composite Index gained. 43 points a game back there and making good on a campaign promise and drug administration has formally told congress. It intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico. And Toyota Subaru miers and BMW average to proposed settlement that would compensate owners of fifteen point eight million vehicles for money they lost. Due to the massive recall of techtag airbags yeah. In documents filed with a federal court in Miami. The auto makers agreed to pay 553. Dollar 553 million dollars to compensate owners and widen their effort to make sure vehicles are being repaired. The court must still approve the settlement. All right Don grants the FB the bunny tracker. And he's gonna talk about active and passive investing good morning dot. Your morning Steve in other terms active and passive investing. Are often cost around you aren't rabid opponent to be dialed. But what's different and what's the big controversy about. Council ambassadors believe that the market our sister gone around that means prices those. Stocks traded in essence you are under or apple or take into account all of the information that could impact the right so those stocks. So it has developed an out patient bit by him whole you read that as Abby bishop market growth. Of course might be stood by a representation that index. Active and believe that there are ways to actually the market using skill they seem inconsistency. They believe they're good manager come up with a by itself strategy won't garner better return than just bite and hold it. It's more expensive European act investor is every time your tires so companies start to say they. Now you're researched the performance of active person is passive investments. The I don't jumped throwing your catcher has an investment Jess yeah. Most studies look at the entire universe of active managers. And active strategies are at war I'd many more managers and Iran are indices to compare. Look at all active managers aren't very few of those strategies will consistently be a corresponding index however. If you are looking at only you know even if only 10% peak index. Prepare them. The active strategy works. Now investors don't need to trim between one and the other is not that while using ball. Some keep pat and investment so part of long range articles strategy. Did some research in secret matters with consistent record. There corresponding and of course you requests in the call numbers are more on your want to. Don today is national pizza party day. Are each year on the third Friday in May millions of pizza lovers across the nation. Join in extolling the qualities of pizza on national pizza party day. War. In ancient Greeks the Greeks enjoyed a bread to cover with oils herbs and cheese pizza bread. Pita bread pizza PP to get it. So is my darkness my Greek brother in law would say everything good comes from Greece. Including pizza. Yeah that's true okay you'd be a big pizza and done. I do I do enjoy it I need to cut back on some other summer carved on it or are against war. That's right well today is a day. National national pizza party Tuesday. It's best if you do like Ted does and get somebody else to pay for OK yes that's that always makes taste a little better just a little bit better. Thank you got 6:56 doubt about 7 o'clock Stephen dead in the McCain is this morning news Stevenson severe weather includes several tornadoes in Kansas we're gonna tell you all about that coming up. At seven Stephen dead on K and a sense.