Steve and Ted: A new "Alien" movie hits theaters today

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 19th

"Alien Covenant" released today, Steve and Ted talk about the sci-fi classic "Them."


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news kid SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 830. Morning he's back into Austin what word did. Strong wind. Triggered one severe thunderstorm warning for Sedgwick county Thursday evening. Some tree damage reported in the area of National Weather Service reports overnight rainfall in Wichita at the airport about a quarter of an inch. At least three tornadoes touched down briefly in mostly rural areas of Kansas. Tornadoes were reported in Barton barber and afford counties Thursday afternoon with a possible rain wrapped twister near Salina. No injuries are reported with these storms. Now with the forecast with Cain is a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan Morgan morning an area of low pressure is moving from the Rockies into the plains and they'll bring in more moisture and the chance of showers and thunderstorms especially this afternoon. Some of those may produce some heavier rainfall so flash flood watches in effect. The high today in the mid seventies rain off and on tonight to under 51. Clearing tomorrow and 65. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays thanks Dan don't cloudy skies and 64 degrees not much wind and east wind right now. At six miles per hour. Worked in the Kansas legislature has stalled on a plan that would fully repeal passed income tax cuts championed by governor Brownback. House and senate negotiators failed to agree Thursday evening on a plan to raise taxes to fix the state budget and boost spending on public schools. They were considering a plan to raise one point four billion dollars over two years by undoing tax cuts Brownback as touted. That's a big hospital being purchased by the University of Kansas health system plans to continue banning guns from its facilities the universe. You Kansas health system and ardent health are in the process of buying Saint Francis health and to peca. That deal comes as the Kansas legislature is debating whether GeMS can be carried into state operated medal health and medical facilities. Which includes the Kansas health system. However Saint Francis health spokeswoman says the two become hospital does not plan to changes policy. Banning concealed weapons she says any new law would apply to public hospitals and Saint Francis will not be a public hospital. The Topeka capital journal reports Kansas health and Orton will monitor the legislature's actions determine any effect on Saint Francis Dan O'Neill OK and SS news. A law enforcement memorial service will be held in Wichita at noon today and City Council chambers at City Hall. Police officer Charlie Davidson says 29 law enforcement officers in Sedgwick county have died in the line of duty. Nineteen which stopped police officers. Ate citrus county sheriff's deputies and one officer from period Clearwater. I've given their lives protecting this area citizens. The first law enforcement officer and check account to fall in line of duty would share that beat Carlos beat king. Deputy Keane died on September 23 at 1871. The last a member of law enforcement to die and Cedric county in the line of duty was sheriff's deputy Brian etheridge in 2009. Shot and killed in an ambush after responding to a larceny call. Established in 1930 start he surged more than 500 people with intellectual disabilities in Wichita. Start you director of communications Jamie OPEC tells Cain is as news. I have Bennett's Turkey for twenty years now. And so when I started. In 1997 we served about. 200 a little over 200 people see you can imagine that growth. In twenty years and when I say that we serve that many people. Its its various programs. We open our guest this weekend and issued 20:17 Sunday morning at eight. On Kate in SS. KN OSS national news time 834. According to prosecutors in New York former congressman Anthony Weiner will be charged today in the sexting investigation he is expected to plead guilty in relation to those lewd text messages. There were sent to an underage girl in North Carolina. President trump embarking on his first trip abroad first stop Riyadh Saudi Arabia ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl will be there. A first foreign trip by president. Is highly symbolic under any circumstances the first foreign country. He sets foot in sends a message in this case president trump is going to the birthplace of Islam Saudi Arabia. The custodian of Mecca and Medina. Sent the president will be visiting Israel Belgium Italy and the Vatican as well on this trip. By the end of the day another confederate statute the last will be gone from the city of New Orleans a statue of Robert B lead it sits atop a pedestal America. Middle of a busy traffic circle will be removed it's happening today may go to the museum unclear at this point. Jerry Preston ABC news. Ahead on CNN cents ties or entertainment news reporter with ten foot birdie and again this morning. Tendon is talking about the death of a rock star. It's a gamble on the depth and entertainer this weekend some familiar names in comedy let's move on and talk about some of the items in entertainment news this week. It Chris Cornell committed suicide by hanging that's the official cause of death from the Wayne county Michigan medical Examiner's office the sound garden singer was found dead in his Detroit hotel room Wednesday following we show earlier that night Cornell was 52. James Gordon says you can thank him for helping persuade Katy Perry to be a judge on American Idol the late late show host tells Entertainment Tonight that he and Perry discussed the potential gate while shooting Perry's upcoming carpal karaoke appearance the same day she had to make a decision you can see Perry on carpal karaoke Monday and when American Idol premieres on ABC next year by the way accordance been tapped to return as host of the Grammy Awards this January his first time hosting was earlier this year we. Can't we are all gone and Bobby are point hands leaving Saturday night line after nine seasons he's known for celebrity impressions including Chris Christie tech cruising guy theory this weekend's season finale will be his final bow I'm Christopher Watson. Going to the movies the tradition of the strong woman action hero an alien franchise continues looked at. Actress Katherine Waterston in alien covenant. This is strictly plus survivor of the restroom Sigourney Weaver broke new ground as the monster fighting female action hero in 1979 aliens in the new film alien covenant Katherine Waterston continues that tradition it's not an alien movie was had a lady in the center and it was it fun broader since so much more fun actually and I even if I imagined it would be she enjoyed the stunts so much director Ridley Scott had to tell her to do less he was trying to pull me off so wires a little bit. But I when I seriously. Harm myself alien covenant opens this Friday Lynda Lopez ABC news. Turner classic last night they had at the movie them. Yeah. This story about a mutant giant ant out there in Mexico. James are nests and Matt Dillon. Who else was in net note James Whitmore and it you know. And day and apparently it was small part or the guy who played Spock and what was his name again. Leonard Nieminen on boy is that it now and I was one other. It was just amazing the people in this thing but it is a classic movie my wife that she thought it stunk it. And I thought it was all right let's get Edmund landed feet yeah yeah right and it had a clause exhibit a it's from the 1950s. Now but in one to be civil side finally the best Parker was it really Davy Crockett. Then a clause that applies Matt Dillon Matt Dillon and Spock. All on the same note. I don't I don't know what you are enjoying ought. It's well I'll be out of the box office take a look at what's coming up this weekend and the ticket was some pirates and a berth. They T it'll be an. Out of this world rekindle the box offices aliens steak on alien. It incumbent should take the top spot predictions or somewhere in the 35 to forty million dollar range for the from the EPA sequel but the two time champ guardians of the galaxy volume two. Nothing about car behind the low of thirty million dollar range can also new diary of a wimpy kid or at a teen drama everything everything. The new pirates of the Caribbean movie and it's Hollywood premiere last night and I asked Geoffrey Rush who plays a pirated deep pirated anything in this I stole some of the. Kind of this big Z chunk diamonds that are all that. That black island at the ship gets wrecked I don't know why did what and how bad pave the way. It's dead men tell no tales opens next week. Happy birthday Pete Townsend the guitars to grow most of the whose biggest hits in 72. I'm Jason Nathanson. The odds on favorite to win Dancing With The Stars might have a bum ankle fifth harmony singer nor money court day was rehearsing this week with partner Val. Try to tricky move doing splits in the air. Looking down on his foot out she rolled her ankle looked pretty painful apparently she's on the dance through the pain. Part one of the Dancing With The Stars finale will be on Monday night. Some of the funny last night let's check out ABC's Jimmy Kimmel lie ever. I would like to offer congratulations to Jay-Z and beyoncé according to Forbes magazine their combined net worth. Is now more than a billion dollars one point 16. Billion of which I think actually take care of all night united JC's problems. They have twins on the way which means they're gonna have to buy a two car seats and they probably have more of a car so this is very good news congratulate. And the last night CBS's late late show James Gordon. Girl scout troop leads up in Kentucky's own the wrong. From police armed Shia allegedly stole 151000. Dollars to how adult scout cookies. I know the suspect is now launch a getting nausea every minute. The action last night comedy on TV. Happy birthday today to PBS newscaster Jim Lehrer 83. He was born right here in Wichita to Kansas you betcha happy birthday Jim Miller the 83. You movie anniversaries. Nine years ago on this day the silent movie Wayne's. Had its world premiere. Which wings would go on to win the first Oscar ever Oscar for best picture. And it that was filmed it on in the air force base down in San Antonio Texas and that's where the world premiere of the movie ones in San Antonio. Ninety years ago on this day during the eight girl Clara bow my dad was stationed there during World War II really because Kelly at Kelly yeah. Noah had a pretty noble connect for a time. Gary Cooper was in and new by the way to really a small part now. Wings. And load of forty years ago today the world premiere of the movie the greatest. You're seeing this. Biopic about Mohammed Ali starring. How well Ali I played himself. In and movingly got it right there and they also had a Paul Winfield. Ben Johnson David Huddleston Robert do ball. Ernest Borg nine played the Angelo Dundee trainer. James Earl Jones as Malcolm X. I'll delegate cast luck and guess who sang the songs on the sound for him I don't have a clue Mohammed Ali policing is now. It was a good yeah I was GAAP one of those songs was the greatest lovable. Which was written for that movie later Whitney Houston did that song and made. Billions of dollar I'd like to hear that I like you were alleles again. Great that movie the greatest came out forty years ago I do signaled that it's going to be about dead. It identical the greatest to. You know they get it to you got it and sequels. And that Jimmy was ten years ago today to premiere little TV show on AMC called mad men my wife loves us. Well it's one of the best shows off and on the last decade. Fantastic ship it premiered ten years ago today madman. And my mom and dad celebrate their 51 wedding anniversary coming up on Sunday. Congratulations. To your mom. Yes. I say that is correct. Mom I just say you know it's not there it's a marathon not a that the happy anniversary to my mommy damming up on Sunday all right entertainment news in the blurs brought to you buy a pizza John did anything nasty earlier today you told me today is national pizza parties and it departed so let's go to NASA Johns ought to be ready to go right now today their phone number is 7882011. A it McCall for a big carry out of order and they'll get you fixed up right there on tape fifteen to 08 cell Baltimore. And he'd. Did Jon didn't hurt me 843 Steven and Ted did the workplaces changing working from everywhere. And her real loyal to stop business journal on the way Steve into the morning on KN OSS.