Steve and Ted: New voting machines in Sedgwick County

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Tuesday, April 11th
Ted and Jad talk about the new machines and the new line to stand in.

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Radio dot com. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. Good morning news it's 8 o'clock this is the take it as this morning news was Stephen says I'm Ted Woodward Steven mackintosh has the day off. It is Tuesday April 11. A visit to Moscow. For the US secretary of state of details on the way. New details about a deadly shooting on an elementary school campaigns and Alex Downey BC news in San Bernardino California details coming out I'm Dan O'Neill. Texas senator Ted Cruz makes a campaign stop in Wichita. Why it was a knee and dragged off a plane from Chicago to Louisville I mean BC's Serena Marshall would that story coming up until the program. The decision on how long the school year and schooled in moving this whole could be delayed another bomb the longer it's a very harmonious day. I'm ABC's Brian Clark I'll explain national barbershop quartet day coming up. On KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday looks like a perfect spring like weather pattern is setting up for the next couple of days with our temperature running above average are complete forecast in minutes. Texas senator Ted Cruz was in Wichita yesterday. Supporting Republican Ron Estes in his campaign for the Kansas fourth congressional district seat today. As for the whole country needs. Speaking to a crowd of supporters egging ringing aviation senator cruise outlined four areas of concern for Republicans on Capitol Hill. The Supreme Court replacing obamacare. Regulatory reform and taxes. He stressed the importance of selecting a replacement to fill the seat once held by now CIA director Mike Pompeo this action a special election make a difference on just for Kansas but democratic candidate James Thompson and libertarian Chris Rock old were also make it a last minute push on Monday ahead of today's special election. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson trip to Moscow could not come at a more tense time for US Russia relations the trip comes just days after the US ordered missile strikes on Russia's ally the Syrian government of the Charlotte thought the strike in retaliation for the chemical weapons attack at a soccer ordered on his own people now a new accusations from some in Washington that Russia was well aware of the chemical weapons stockpile Russia is denying all accusations and in a remarkable joint statement with Iran and Hezbollah warns the US of retaliation for any new strikes Maggie really ABC news Washington. Wichita teachers and students waiting a little longer to find out how long the school day and school year will beat this coming fall at Monday night's school board meeting superintendent John Allison relayed to board members the struggles he and his staff for having in putting a school calendar together. We do not have a school finance formula for next year. We do not have a budget that would give us an idea of what we might be receiving. And how that would be dispersed so it continues to delay. Conversations. That. Typically you would we need to happen would be happening at this time a year. Allison said it could be sometime in May or later before he could return a formal recommendation on the school calendar and start times for the 401718. School year filled global brand Katy and SS news. 63 year old Mickey Davis was killed in southwest which it's off in the 14100 block of south reader. Police lieutenant Todd goes I'll says the victims nine year old grandson witnessed her being assaulted he got her cell phone and called 911 while running away from the scene. Upon arriving in the area the officers located the child in the 11100 block of west jewel the boy was able to show the author of what how else does so with the current app and officers attempted to make contact at that residence. The officers were unable to get anyone to answer the door they were informed that this so that occurred was occurring in the garage so the officers entered the garage. Upon entering the officers located at the female victims decapitated body inside. The authors call for additional units once nephew that's where they're they entered into the residence and located in 35 year old suspect hiding in the residence and that's that's that was taken into custody. The victim and her grandson were at the home to get property that belongs to her son. The suspect is a former girlfriend of the victim's son she's being charged with first degree murder. No classes today at north park elementary school in San Bernardino California. After the husband of a teacher walked in and killed the teacher and an eight year old boy before turning the gun on himself. The gunman 53 year old centric Anderson walked into his wife special needs classroom and without saying a word pulled out a revolver and began shooting. Even re loading once a San Bernardino police chief Karen berg on. There are two students in the classroom that were behind the teacher that was struck by gunfire. One of those children identified as Jonathan Martin. Martinez was only eight years old he died in nine year old is hospitalized. Police say Anderson and his wife had been estranged but there were no warnings before Anderson arrived here ridiculous wife. Alex stony ABC news San Bernardino California. It's a date to harmonize of that story on the way and audio you do not want to miss. A man who was taken off the United Airlines flight. Boxes this audio coming up CNN says new design 806. Nine the content in the morning on each inning as tense. United Airlines called police to remove a passenger because he didn't want to give up his seat voluntarily. This was a flight it was overbooked. From Louisville to Chicago. The screams of a passenger. And forcibly removed from his seat tight clique. After he refused to voluntarily leave because United Airlines over booked the flight passengers can be heard protesting and react yeah. With his face bloodied his body land he's dragged down the aisle by his arms and in this statement United Airlines said we apologize for the overbooked situation and directed further questions to authorities during a martial ABC news Washington. Today a big day for one kind of music premieres today. You can hear the dapper Dan's nine times a day Disney World look today as the date for barbershop quartets everywhere. It's national barbershop quartet today marking 78 years since a one C cashing Rupert hall. Invited cement to sing in Tulsa Oklahoma. 26 showed up seventy the next week analysis of the founding of what's now known as the barbershop harmony society. It counts close at 45000 members in the US and Canada singing in harmony Brian Clark ABC news. It's 810 with Stevenson in the more. We have a couple of traffic accidents reported this so we've got one traffic accident westbound K 96 act what Vaughn want to for a slow down there. Does have a traffic accident northbound in 1935. Cents Seneca. Traffic updates from case and ask as radio I'm Jeff chambers. Let's take a look at that weather forecast here on any Tuesday morning's. Check in with meteorologist Dan Holliday again. Well good morning an area of high pressure is gradually going to be moving across south central Kansas today temperatures going to be in the upper sixties around 68 for the light southeast wind. He will be clear overnight are low 47. And in breezy tomorrow from Wednesday's high 72. By Wednesday night and Thursday are rain and thunderstorm chances will increase. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan. Right now in which it saw we do have a breeze out of the north northeast were under sunny sky it is forty. Degrees. Weather here on late Tuesday morning. Kate and SS news time 811. Kansas has certainly had its issues and and and laws concerning voter ID laws the last few years and Texas has had its share of issues with that. And let's check in with the Texas voter ID law and how it standing up Jim Ryan. ABC news correspondent in Dallas with a us this morning and and jam this law is getting challenged again and Texas. Well it is and a federal judge yesterday. Who would been asked to determine the intent of the lawmakers who put this into place in 2011. As ruled again that'd what's meats it's not constitutional that it was. Meant to be discriminatory and so that's where that stansted. It's not quite as there is strictly laud it as it's been placed it in Kansas. But undoubtedly visit this states where this sort of thing is in place are going to be looking at this very careful. Course you've got you've got one camp that saying that that these districts are drawn their discriminatory and at it that it harms people that. Want to vote Indian and join this idea is discriminatory in some aspects of it. Others are saying you know it's it's just part of the process part of the part of the voting process is how it's drawn up. This is how what is it how does the public feel about this is there any overwhelming sentiment either away from the the people of Texas. Well I think it depends on the area in which picture and taxes of course is that conservative place that has had eight. Republican legislature for years you know since that the 1990s. And I think generally they support the civil right he lava. Big governor or governor bush Governor Perry and now governor habitable said that it's intended to try to prevent fraud. To keep people from voting twice or from from voting outside the district sort voting third they're not in the country legally for example Ted but. It out there and so the judge yesterday indeterminate said that there there was this substantial risk of a voter fraud in the first place and that that that the year requiring of a picture right the does little to. To port that the first place. This is the ruling from the same judge that made the ruling earlier district judge in an appeals court. Senate back to her to reexamine and and she came up with the same decision she had earlier is so where I guess so where I guess is the channel they are their more challenges on the way airway it is. Where things stand now in Texas with that. Yet there may be effective they go on to district court in New Orleans could go on to the Supreme Court they've. I noticed it too seriously when you start talked about voting rights or or First Amendment issues did these things can do to get spring boarded up to. The federal court and into the Supreme Court so we'll see where that goes because I think assumption that it might at some point. I don't here in Kansas on one of the things a lot of people said was it did. Is there is there rampant voting fraud going on in in in the need for this it. Is there rampant voting fraud going on in Texas. Well it certainly detractors of this law have said that there is not the that they cases of people trying to vote illegally York. In multiple districts things like that it just doesn't happen very much. There was that a notable case just a few weeks ago woman who. Was in the country illegally. And had been here for years and years and and had a hundred Greek art work from a belief but still was not eligible to vote. I'd cast a ballot in the presidential election she was caught. As she did jail ballad they can be deportation of a potential vote. Bus and a doing some time and so I view of these these cases when they do happen or are handled pretty. Seriously. Texas voter ideologues seem Ryan with a some Dallas Jim what's going on Dallas today what's the big news. Well not much everywhere and more can pour the the bad weather to come in there'd been threat of of severe weather yesterday this all comes even as the outdoors hybrid system you may have heard Ted was hacked over the weekend. The but he got into it and and set off all 100 I don't think sirens on the Friday night into Saturday morning. There'll there's concern now that if bad weather calms the sirens don't go off for that they do go off. People won't take it seriously. Right and that's that's the concern with the did they find out who did that bit out they haven't said yet if they have figured it out they they haven't said they think they do know how it was done. And now the job is to try to keep it from happening again while. Packing dirt tracking down Acker. Now why interesting thanks Jim have a great day. Appreciate it that's Jim Ryan ABC news correspondent talking with a slide this morning from Dallas it was good chat with. With with Jim. This is Tuesday's special Election Day hearing in Kansas for the fourth congressional district polls are open a close at 7 o'clock tonight. Will have a live election results listened to us this evening and we'll bring you the results as they come in. We always put our news stories on KMS as FaceBook material like this Montana says Facebook's he'd seen those stories and comment. We get a comment from a listener today concerning the election now listener trade responded to and talked about the added the new voting machines and Trace says quote. Don't like the new voting machines after you vote. One it prints out a ballot to you take it to another machine to be scanned and retain the three someone is standing at the machine wanting you scanned York quote secret ballot. For. May be Komi is correct privacy is gone. So trade does not like the new voting machines I used those machines have you voted in advance yesterday. You used the new machines. Yes your assessment. I I wouldn't say privacy the issue they give you a folder to put it in so that you can put your ballot that it gets printed out in the folder so you don't have to do. Show it to anybody and you scan it faced down so. No one's actually. Looking at I mean unless someone's at you know. On the floor under you or something nobody's going to be looking at his ballot or nobody asked to. But yeah I it's it's you know it's it's visible of someone worded like look around and take a look at it you could see it. The problem I see with and I agree I don't like it either the problem I see with it is it's not nearly as fast. Rush the older more it's it's a more. Cumbersome. Process yeah well not to mention you can have twenty voting machines in a room. But when you print this thing out and you go there are one reason there are snow. There's just one now it's a quick process you'd down to put the thing out your folder you put it in and it zips right through and you're done. Let's say it but in a crowded election so he stand the bottleneck there any app you stand in line to wait for one of the machines and then you turn around and stand in line to wait for the scanner. We also had another story on tape in SS FaceBook about trumps most fervent supporters are dead wrong to oppose the Syrian air strikes. We had a listener Cyrus comment Cyrus says. Every single one of us should oppose a starting a new Iraq war in Syria we gained nothing have no plan for victory and can't define the enemy listener responses sent our stories check them out and respond to engage with us on Kate in SS FaceBook picture like this. On there it is 819 was. Even dead here on Kate and as S. Time to check in on sports. Home opener yesterday haven't Kansas City. But the Major League Baseball. Kansas City Royals. Always good to get home wolf activity started Melissa effort to Kansas and the National Anthem. Beating fly over a lot of pageantry but. And a lot of offense for the royals unfortunately. The Oakland a's won the game two and nothing royals' only got three hits they were all singles. What an all the a's got two run home run in the fourth inning but it was enough because the royals didn't do anything on offense. So Kansas City starts out with a home loss. On its home portion of the schedule. Only one other time ever and the royals been shut out and their home opener that was along time ago 46 years ago back in 1971. When the twins shut out the royals who have nothing in the home opener. And the royals are still struggling against the Oakland Athletics in the city is now lost its last seven net. Games against the eighth. That streak will continue for at least one more day the royals and a's have an off day today. The home opener yesterday. Speaking of the royals happy birthday to one of the great royals pitchers of all time Bret Saberhagen. Celebrating a birthday today he is 53. Two time Cy Young award winner for the royals in the eighties. Were on that World Series championship team back in 1985 happy birthday to date Bret Saberhagen. Huge track and field meet. All week long in Wichita starts today is the seventieth annual. AT Whitman track and field classic out of Cessna stadium four day event multi events begin today for some of the college competitors. No go on the rest of the week. The soccer baseball team is on the road tonight going up to Lawrence take on the Kansas Jayhawks. Djokovic won five of their last seven. They are looking for their first win in Lawrence in five years. The road has not been kind to the soccer's this season shocks are only two and nine in road games this season. Talking about that last night on his coach's show soccer head coach. Todd Butler. It's four games of the rule on the road here and I'd be nice to get some wins on the road which we have not only did that eleven of thirteen. Road swing you know to the teams we played we didn't do your job when road and that's what you how you build your RPI get higher. We Euro RPI points as is wrote. So. Certainly they're going towards tomorrow need to be ready to play. And the shocker is indicate you match up tonight in Lawrence Mike Kennedy and Shane Dennis have live pregame coverage beginning at 5:30 PM. Games start at 6 o'clock tonight soccer baseball alive this evening right here on 987. And thirteen thirty K and as best. It is 821. With Steve and said here on CNN assess. Why is the media obsession about what's going on in the White House. We'll get an answer from Sean Hannity is morning update. Coming up Stephen Ted in the morning 97 and thirteen 38 and as fast.