Steve and Ted: The one movie that Steve and Ted went to together

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 27th
In 19 years on the air together, Steve and Ted have only gone to 1 movie together... Borat.

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Is this station Wichita. First we're live team coverage of breaking news did as best we can talks number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The morning's impacted plus Edwards 730 now and 64 degrees. Severe thunderstorms caused damage across parts of Kansas. A some I was blown over on I seventy branches trees and power lines were down in the Salina area additional storm damage were reported at a campground at Santa Fe lake. North of the dust in Butler county where a camper was blown over and trees were down. Alice tittle and the forecast we can assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning a few isolated thunderstorms will continue to develop and then track SE your early on we'll see those wind down by mid to late morning it'll be breezy with a high 89 partly cloudy tonight Carlos 73. Sunny windy hot on Wednesday with a high 95. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday today and now. Scattered showers in the area and 64 degrees. Kansas legislators have allowed governor Sam Brownback vetoes of a lottery bill and three budget items to stand. Lawmakers didn't attempt to override vetoes Monday before adjourning their annual session. The governor rejected a bill that would have allowed many machine sales of Kansas lottery tickets to help fund community mental health services. He and Vito to budget items that mandated spending on specific services tied to new lottery revenues. We also meet total bus tonight I'm blocking his administration from consolidating programs providing in home services for the disabled and elderly. The senate adjourned its recession before house democratic leader Jim ward of Wichita could attempt an override of the home services Vito. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Hutchinson police are asking for the public's help in finding a man and woman who pepper spray to Dylan's employee Tuesday. Police released surveillance footage of suspect's on its FaceBook page in hopes someone may recognize them. The suspects were pushing a cart out of Dylan's with 700 dollars for the stolen merchandise in it when he employee who has cerebral palsy. Approached them to say hi the male suspect and pepper sprayed the employee. The suspects slept in a white SUV anyone with information about suspects is asked to call Reno county crime stoppers. At 6206942666. Independence Day is next week and fireworks tents are up. Around what should club the Christie's Rondell lust is coordinator of the local safe kids coalition. We know that fireworks are fun. And young kids look adorable holding a sparklers and fortunately fireworks can cause serious injuries to children including devastating. Burns and other injuries. The best way to keep your chocolate your children safe is not use any fireworks at home attend public firework displays only the lighting to the professionals. Fireworks are on sale of Wichita starting today. This week Wichita city officials meet with Sedgwick county officials are talking about emergency services which it Tom or Jeff Longwell tells Kate and as S news. An army by Ian master it than our China and a finalize the wording and that there's been. A little bit of a rejection. On what is that thing is that he worded and operator relaxed the year total. Oh boy get all worked out by it went. Longwell commented during Monday's that the mayor on the Stephenson Joseph on Kate and assess the chairman of the Kansas house elections committee is running for the Republican nomination for secretary of state next year. Represented Keith he saw is touting his three decades as a software developer. A developer and computer systems auditor as valuable experience for helping the state to protect the integrity of its elections. Her as secretary of state Crisco balky seeking the GOP nomination for governor. In a substantial news time 734. From the White House that the announcement that the Syrian government could be getting ready to launch a chemical weapons attack the US responded after the last attack with airstrikes. The Russians have criticized the move calling it cynical here's ABC news military analyst Stephen Gagnon. We use cruise missiles and pass because it doesn't put US cruise at risk. But date the Russians have a very sophisticated surface to air missile system in Syria that could conceivably knock downed US cruise missiles. If that happens it risks a direct US Russian military confrontation. GOP senators are still trying to wrangle enough votes for passage of the Republican backed health care plan. After the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office announced it would result in 22 million Americans losing coverage if it gets approval. British prime minister Teresa may telling her cabinet that a major national investigation should take place. And the use of that material that's failed safety tests and is on hundreds of buildings across Britain it was on the building the highrise have burned. Jerry Preston ABC news. You can fit in the morning. 9713. Thirty CNN assess what a pleasant day in south central Kansas Monday at which the outside temperature yesterday 88 degrees. A little bit below the normal high of ninety little bit more but not too bad. About severe weather last night around Salina. And in Butler county taking a look at the Kansas weather center radar this morning. An area of showers now moving it to the east of Wichita and into Butler county. Should be just about over a gust there right now and if you're heading right now from Wichita are right at the turnpike toward that Emporia. Europe and Butler county you're getting rained on we can tell you that right now just by looking at the radar magic right it. A little area of showers now popping up just to the east of Hutchinson so blown up 135 or the Salina you get rained on right after the south pretty clear. Southeast pretty clear as well in net for the west clear as well but the there's with the rain showers on the channel thunder showers this morning. Today is June 27 that was on this date in 1974 president Richard Nixon. Opened an official visit to the Soviet Union. I think all relationships there innate that Cold War that have been going on for years and years. And so he was there may drinking a toast and talking things over and we began to. He's an export and import with the Soviet Union now. Not the Soviet Union anymore his final rush. Again. Burden Nixon's trip to China is via. Huge and I don't remember the one the Russia's much I'd I didn't think it was as as big or bigger. And in that it's itself I think they're so equal but. And folks may not remember that the day number nine I believe nine republics missiles Soviet socialist republics. They all spoke a bit different languages I mean as far as governing is concerned what they need to really in Russia for all of those different republics in areas what they need their. Govern effectively is bizarre which. For several hundred years yes. It went away democracy a little difficult for that kind of thing. An Ohio man accused of using one of his prosthetic legs to get his wife. Has been arrested on misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. Send us your police say Ronald Wilson told police that her husband 63 year old Richard T Wilson senior. Became angry after officers responded Friday to report of him being disorderly. She said her husband later through one of his prosthetic legs at her striking her head and then he threw to the ground. Though police have her wrist injuries came from trying to block Wilson from hitting her was his government I'll get you arrested apparently had both legs that he was. Pounding arrest them. One of those pathetically probably. Mean that's some pretty tough material and you think maybe titanium or something like that. An obituary. In the Richmond times dispatch started out this way killer group. Patrick pat age 68 passed away peacefully home. June 20 place seventeen after watching the Washington national relief pitchers blow yet another lead. This is as obituary that is this actual or just this built in Gilbert was such an avid nationals fans that his wife and son. Say they felt that good natured obit was something they had to do something to view of life that his son says the joke helped him and his mom. In grieving Philip Bruce unexpected death at the age of sixty bulletin. And that his dad would have loved it. You've it ended as much as it began in lieu of flowers and donations. Send donations should be nationals bullpen funds to. Even in passing I like that family they're baseball fans and they had a sense sense of humor and that daughter a sense of humor. All right. A check. Nuclear power state attendant seemed to focus more on looks and qualifications. When they use a swimsuit contest to hire interns. Instead says I don't think of that. CE tell us it'll creek on the outs. CE diseases temelin station. Posted photos of ten high school graduates. Posing in bikinis and hard hats on its FaceBook page last week. According to the post deal woman with the greatest number of likes was supposed to be crowned miss energy Tony seventeen. And score a two week internship for the companies are high school students graduates high school graduates of this office. The plant which is listed on CEC's website as the largest power resource in the Czech Republic. Apologized Tuesday two days later on FaceBook. The company wrote that though all ten women. Would be offered internships. Euro. They're trying to do the right thing there after doing something politically incorrect even in Czechoslovakia. Isn't that apart pretty close to the region where. Bora supposedly lived. The movie or Belarus Kazakhstan has now. Boar that was terribly. Politically and that's correct that is or incorrect in case may be terribly politically incorrect. But funny but funny. Hilarious to some people. Truly disgusting to others. Yes or both or both. McDowell yeah did you can check all the boxes and Gelman I'm gonna tell you simply right now Ted Woodward at night we were killed what nineteen years. Now who've gone to one film to desolate one film in ninety years. It was four Alley what the seed or together which is. One of the most disgusting only crude films you'll oversee if you don't take the kids don't take anybody. That you and I sat here and now we laughed it would be at Bryant laughed for an hour and a half and four seats down there was a man and woman who were just. Disgusted. I don't know whether did a walk. That they had they had the popcorn and and I wanted to finish the popular yet. The new one movie together and it was the most disgusting film ever the south at. That's all right for a I'd get it right that's at 741. Now with Stephen did headache coming up we've got editor bill Roy of the which the business you won't. Talking about a busy time in Paris for which does biggest employer. Either Stephen did in the morning on K and assess.