Steve and Ted: "Painting" of a "skull" sells for $110.5 million

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 19th

Sets the record for an American artwork.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which it talks number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. I can tonight deadly bird. Strong wind it triggered one severe thunderstorm warning for Sedgwick county Thursday evening. Something damages reported in the area the National Weather Service reports overnight rainfall in Wichita. And about a quarter of an inch at least three to. NATO's touched down briefly in mostly rural areas of Kansas. Tornadoes were reported in Barton barber and Ford counties Thursday afternoon. With a possible rain wrapped twister near Salina. No injuries are reported with the storms. Now what the forecast McCain is a step meteorologist Dan holidays good morning day and well good morning we get a break from the rain a while this morning but it comes back by mid day into the afternoon it had some of the rainfall could be heavy at times a flash flood watch will stay in effect today's high 74. Occasional rain and thunderstorms through this evening the overnight low 51 and we'll see this system move out by early tomorrow Saturday breezy with a high 65. Mid seventies Sunday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday make it and they'll mostly cloudy 62 degrees we have an east wind at eight miles per hour. Work in the Kansas legislature has stalled on a plan that would fully repeal passed income tax cuts championed by governor Sam Brownback. House and senate negotiators failed to agree last evening on a plan to raise taxes to fix the state budget and boost spending on public schools. They were considering a plan to raise one point four billion dollars over two years by undoing tax cuts that Brownback had touted. The typical hospital being purchased by the University of Kansas health system. Plans to continue banning guns from it's facility. The University of Kansas health system an ardent health are in the process so blind Saint Francis health and to peca. That deal comes as the Kansas legislature is debating whether guns can be carried into state operated metal health and medical facilities. Which includes the Kansas health system. However Saint Francis health spokeswoman says to become hospital does not plan to change its policy. Banning concealed weapons she says any new law would apply to public hospitals at Saint Francis will not be a public hospital. The Topeka capital journal reports Kansas health and Orton will monitor the legislature's actions determine any effect on Saint Francis. Dan O'Neill OK and SS news. A law enforcement memorial service will be held in Wichita at noon today in City Council chambers at City Hall. Police officer Charlie Davidson says 29 law enforcement officers in Sedgwick county have died in the line of duty. Nineteen which stopped police officers. Ate citrus county sheriff's deputies and one officer from period Clearwater. Have given their lives protecting. This area citizens. The first law enforcement officer technicality to fall in line of duty which her deputy Carlos B king. Deputy Keane died on September 23 at 1871. And the last member of law enforcement to die in Sedgwick county in the line of duty was sheriff's deputy Brian etheridge in 2009. He was shot and killed an ambush after responding to a larceny call. Established in 1930 start he serves more than 500 people with intellectual disabilities in Wichita. Started director of communications Jamie open at tells Kate and SS news. I have Bennett's Turkey for twenty years now. And so when I started. In 1997. We served about 200 a little over 200 people see you can imagine that growth. In twenty years. And when I say that we serve that many people. Its its various programs. Jamie hope that is our guest this weekend and issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on KM SS. KUSS national news time 633. My driver accused of steering his car into a crowded Times Square sidewalk Thursday mowing down twenty pedestrians has now been charged with twenty counts of attempted murder of the NYPD says Richard Rojas was charged late last night. Another day of rough weather across the plains and the midwest ABC's Jim Ryan in Dallas with more yesterday's sixty mile an hour wind gusts here in Dallas Fort Worth. Might only have been a warm up to what's possible later today. Before sunrise the line of storms was forming in west Texas and headed this direction. A similar pictures on fully to the north for the nation's heartland ABC's Jim Ryan in Dallas president trump at least today for his first overseas trip as president his first stop will be in Saudi Arabia. He will also visit Israel Belgium in the Vatican as well as other places. Swedish prosecutors say they have withdrawn a European arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who has been holed up. In the Ecuadorian embassy in London for five years British police say Assange still faces arrest for bail jumping if he tries to leave. Jerry Preston ABC news. Evidence thirteen thirty Kenyan ancestry are Stevens head in the morning you. They're on Friday morning. May ninth. 27 team. The governor of Oregon has pardoned the fourth grade boy who swiped a hazelnut. And a fan during a recent tour of the State Capitol. The hazelnut heist all. The bad boy governor Kate brown. Tweeted out a photo of the boys apology letters along with a caption I think we can forgive Samuel don't you think or unions. The three immediately got many likes and re tweets. In the pencil written letter of the boy explains that he visited the capitol building. On a classroom tour on April 19 and took the items and included in the list with the letter were the pan. And a dollar to cover the cost of the stolen stolen hazelnut. In return letter brown said she accepted his apology and forgave him on behalf of all or guardians. The fifth grader. This couldn't keep these figures himself. Stole easel where did you where do you steal a settlement in the state capital at the Aetna and Oregon he can keep his mouth shut he could've got away with Gavin guilt was obviously guilty of raping his. As the roaring back into regular rely on my esteemed. Partner Ted Woodward I'm going to do a story about art now on I'm certain that I'm going to butcher of the name. Some hoping you can help and maybe can't. Out on doubtful. And now artwork by should only share with both ski act. Has sold for a record 110 point five billion dollars at auction in New York City 110 mil a year firth available out. Don't bust out. Told them he said the sale of untitled. Was auction record for the artist 110 mil hundred something you don't even have a title well. It also set a record price for an American artist at auction. He's an American yeah. That French name something different she to me the 1982 painting depicts a face in the shameless skull. And go to Japanese collector and entrepreneur bought it after a ten minute bidding war. And that he says he plans to eventually displace the painting in his museum in the Chiba Japan. Moscow scouts. Died of a drug overdose in 1988 at the age of 27 SP nice to be that rich. The you have to be able to get in a bidding war for an untitled preening for hundreds and mill you know and you I have. The BC NBC it. There's the Arlington then that's it yeah very colorful for that one done by a couple of all right it's things at the central counties now that's not I know it's not nice but good gravy is just. Black headlines and they said it's supposed to look like a skull it. Guys and as a little bit a little bit if you squint and. I would be like him I would like art auction I would be like north by north blessed elderly Terry grant arrogant one would one million note over one dollar. You know it had to. Every time I do an art action story I think about that stupid saying aha. Where he is soft statement that's great that is one of the yeah it's one of the greatest scenes in movies that I think note I don't buy northwest James Mason is their credit credit. Kill this guy. And dean Kerry has to get out of it these states fake and that he. It's just I liken it glitzy and get arrested. North by northwest if you hear a delisting right now if you've never seen this movie made in 1958 but it's common. This is a classic itself and it it's get it's a story. Basically of a gray suit. That makes it clear across the cat and a culminating at about my favorite spots and all the world not run out Rushmore. That the that we talk about movies a lot that that I've got that. The dead dvd at all and it felt right and upper renowned movie never fails to entertain it is absolutely has done in the as far as that's concerned James Mason as the yeah. The villain is absolutely. Terrific. We did probably didn't get an Oscar for that. Then again I was social Waugh. Hitchcock movies didn't win Oscars now they are just crates movies. And it tests are back now you're like why didn't say how those movies are some of acts just rate. Well this shows they are ahead of their time may on Hitchcock Hitchcock was making stuff that does not the one exception. Mardi. I did like Barney now that it Sean Connery has its problems that Sean Connery before he was double 07. As a rich guy living in general Byrd jr.'s. Now. I'm in a big lake dinner at a happy. All right on a more serious note Ted one of the stories that you've covered forest. Today it did noon at City Hall. We're gonna Alter the fallen law enforcement officers from Wichita now over the years in a nation of law enforcement week. Might it might granddaughters have their closest friend. Is that daughter of one of those gentlemen who died liabilities so they know all about this and that's at noon today over to the public I presume. Yes he wants to come down and in pay homage or ordered the yeah. The folks who have died in law enforcement here in Sedgwick and then of course a we mention it. One officer from derby in Wallace from Clearwater are also among those who passed away serving us and I guess the police chiefs of both those cities will be delivering new wreath to the memorial there. It's at the central Maine should be well thirty to be moving ceremony. At 639 now Stephen did it's time for our commodities up eight with mr. Tom Loeffler of what we're commodities reporting Tom. Good morning Steve the cattle complex Thursday close part of that led by the triple digit gains in the feeder cattle. Get a complex did start negative the hamstring pull in the weekly carcass weights were released were geared up fifteen failed effort they have sixteen paled. This is replaceable weakens those stormed three weeks ago cash cattle trade in the southern plains but mostly between 133 and 130 sport. Only not yes they traded and closed mixed. On the closed due live cattle you have to make 47 cents higher at 12292. Had a dispute about 62 at 14935. And he only spoke 2579. UP. Yesterday the only being led the full in going complexes and too strong clue as. I meant to say they get a close look at daily soybeans down by the largest recording seventeen. Corruption charges against the president of Brazil resolved in Brazil went out and stock market on lower yesterday. The fossil caused panic selling get soybeans are Brazilian forward. And they deliberately put it means more price competitive with the US being trading overnight has been on the positive side. At the moment to Waikiki weak he is sick and tired sport thirty puke. So like court two of the quartet hired 368 the quarter of July soybeans up eight and that 93. Like crude oil 65 cents higher now up to 31. June gold up forty cents at 1215320. But viewed as some people up by the record a point supporting 3691. Quarter. Two dollar index has been imported except that 9730. That you Belgium's features 31 point higher. 2000674. Per commodity trading like marketing advisor Comtech web for commodities on the focus on the web by using. 866. Due to tell. Tom what's in the old radar last night as we were into the storms a marching across that a south central Kansas looks like Butler county got a pretty good so get over there did you have some good rain and Butler county you're in a guest about. Is collectively picked up about it in just can't really. You know check for the National Weather Service early this morning after being here in Wichita after its its stopped in here which doesn't get about a quarter of an inch is all we got. So. At the airport now eager ten blocks later part of four inches she thought of that neck and that was at the airport. But they about it if buried so much. Just because you know official weather reporting stations this doesn't this doesn't mean that that's what the area. That's right did you know you have rain gauge you keep your house or president is. Army. Dearly and I didn't get mine but I don't have a right now I used to have one and get me ranges they're fun. Well all relate yeah. What do what Rainwater to slightly with a little gin and all that it what do you think I think it would. Well ultimately all that. Special meteorological martini. Let this out. All right but I. Thank you sir have a good weekend it's this 642 Dallas beat a dead dog grabbed Ciampi the money tracker him up you know something about olives. Active and passive investing don's gonna tell us all about that and traffic in the weather on the way Stevens Ted in the morning on face and has sent us.