Steve and Ted: Round 1 of the Junior Amateur Golf Championship in Wichita

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, July 18th
Maize South graduate Wells Padgett in a tie for fifth place.

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O'clock this is the case in this this morning news was even Ted. I beat back in time. Wichita police investigate two homicides over the weekend we've got the story Beth Davidson ABC news coming out. Good night. Thought the current version of the republicans' Health Care Reform bill appeared dead. Several people injured as a restaurant roof collapses in Atlanta. I'm it would alerted those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we got to 984 for the high in Wichita will warm up even more today. Our forecast is coming. The latest version of the Republican Health Care Reform bill appears to be dead two more Republican senators might leave you time and Terry Moran at Cannes. His join Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky insane they will vote no when the bill could withstand only two no votes this news breaking as president trump the scheduled to host about half a dozen Republican senators at the White House to try to get them to support the Republican bill mr. trump said earlier Monday at the White House. And states need this some states need that. But we're getting it together and it's it's gonna happen. Right like this I think. At two vice president pence eight other Republican senators has said there on the offense took Siebert and ABC news. You homicides were recorded in thirteen hours in Wichita last weekend the first case happened on Saturday afternoon and an apartment complex not far from downtown. Police lieutenant Jason Stephens says three suspects fired more than a dozen gunshots into an apartment in the 500 block of south look cleave to. One of those suspects were identified and was later books. Into the city county jail for first degree murder. That person was an eighteen year old male. The victim was identified as being Timothy. The eighteen year old male suspect was arrested Saturday evening police still looking for the other two suspects and the second homicide case happened about thirteen hours after that one month. Police were called to a mobile home park himself Wichita along MacArthur near the Kansas turnpike. When they responded to that location today. Found a 66 year old male victim was identified as being Arthur Goebel. He was transported to a local hospital after receiving. Gunshot wounds and died from his injuries shortly thereafter. Lieutenant Stephen says the suspect forced entry into the residents and officers are looking for that suspect. There have been 21 homicide cases this year in Wichita. A crash in north west Wichita seriously injured one person Monday night. It happened just after 930 near 27 and evident when a vehicle struck a pole. Police say one person was seriously hurt in the crash but at last check that person was expected to recover. Friday prize Canadian SS news. A roof collapsed at an Atlanta restaurant injuring several people last night at least six people were hurt when nearly half of the roof of an Atlanta restaurant came down. Out of nowhere the roof collapsed and I honestly thought that. It was getting some love song like ducking and have them like hey everybody it's comment get over stuff like as everything else. Hey tiara James was there when it happened one of those injured was seriously hurt with a possible head injury to nearby businesses were evacuated. Heavy rain in the area thought to have possibly played a role in the collapse marker maligned ABC news. The search for a missing father continues in Arizona PM nine members of his family were swept away in a flash flood dozens of searchers including volunteers and dogs northeast of Phoenix. All looking for Hector Guernica. His wife Maria their three children in five other members of their extended family. Did not survive a flash flood over the weekend and pace than Yuma county sheriff's Sargent David horny raining. Paired started quote them they didn't have hardly any warning of the flash. But at all the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning. But with no cell service a weather radio the family didn't know that wall of water was coming can a movie ABC news Payson Arizona. Guinness is used on now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Kansas City Royals trying to get back on track. Opening of the series against the tigers last night we'll have highlights coming up in sports what can we expect in OJ Simpson's coming up Pro Bowl hearing. That story just ahead on McCain as a sporting news the Stephen dead. How sure are you. That your. 97 for 830 minutes seven away now. Okay this is for use his feet and dead. The seventieth annual junior amateur golfer reports under eighteen under way this week it would they are. Yes Longwell cells to Unisys news. Like alcohol or does have pretty cool let it go out there you have been there that spewed on I would encourage people to get out there and enjoy. It outdoors and watched them really didn't all operating. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on Stevenson in the morning right here on K in cash and cash. We're learning what a prosecutor expects to happen ahead of OJ Simpson's parole hearing in Nevada details from ABC's Matt Gutman. After nine years in prison OJ Simpson just days away from decision. That could set him free count one conspiracy to get hot guilty this time he'll have some unlikely people in his corner. The victim of Simpson's botched 2007 attempt to recover sports memorabilia is reportedly not expected to oppose his release. And the prosecutor will help securities sentence above tooth 43 years for armed robbery says he expects she'll get parole. How well behaved are we at work. The author of the thing about work showing up and other important matters showing. Says most of us could use some improvement when workplace culture expert Richard Moran wrote a book about work he thought he'd be talking to employees. But people who bought it in other people in mind. They're buying the book and leaving it on their boss's chair at night. He says that sends a clear message to the workforce to treat everyone you work with the way that you would like to be treated. Moran also reminds us the people that you see on your way up the corporate ladder you're bound to see if you ever head down and yet dairy LB Gary BC news. Came discuss news announced 71010 minutes spent 7 o'clock. And traffic this morning here in Wichita what we've done a traffic accident now this is set. At around 1935 and Broadway north junction area. The watch for traffic slowdown around that area again that's at the north junction right now Spartan backed up we have a traffic accident in the area traffic update K and assess radio on jazz chambers you what I know somebody who behavior that were connected Lee announcement of McCain is historic record they forecast for Kansas today meteorologist Lee Johnson adamant. Good morning Leon Steve on the east toward list I'll add assembly I understand you are. Your. There yet but both of Brooke there were. A it went up track idea the weather read it and Ottawa actually don't want it whether it. OK I don't know what yet we get 94 today political about ninety and even go to that ninety bigger is gonna feel like in a 100% because humanity. Could be a little breezy but that eat issued. Building and read days they'll you know argue that that music is under increased it to eight. All the way to rest of this week those of the cannon numbers were talking about or turn a potential that each and every day locked the sunshine. Not too windy which I guess is OK I mean you know we were not about static at the air as. Now last couple of days so it's just you know kind of a blow dryer back they can its interest in for the next by the engine is it Dudley. So. Alex your boss he did and maybe maybe we shouldn't talk about this in the radio in actually they'll actually have I've bought like get along really really well. Digger I actually did a great job where were. Pretty good friends that's way I am I'm I'm kind of a toady I I you know I'm an expert groveling and signal whining and things like that. Groveling at got me or I am a stay here and rob all the literate I'll tell you want to if you don't you know if you own cease ability grumble. Leo it's been in a problem for them. Vague gobble down the would you might I would be my pet mart are at least your honest about it you Utley do you do you break it oil port for. Eight I thanks Leon an end today so we're gonna have a lot on today around 96 you know again. About Iowa that I would bet 97 when it got but again you know what I think that Obama brand with the united at close to 2221. Week at whatever it. Cute and that is the case and assist or directory forecast with Kansas today meteorologist announcement and hope he gets some weather around about while we were joking around their right now. With a partly cloudy skies 73 degrees of southeast we're determined and that does bottom line is to be hot again today. Or on this date in 1936 as of July 18. 1936 the all time record high temperature for the state of Kansas was set 10121. Degree high temperature fried Fred don't yeah. But don't you're down in the southeast part of the state my dad lived right around there about that time it was about fifteen years old sixteen. The record was tied six days after that on this July 24 1936 in the town of Alton. Located in Osborne county. The 1930s in Kansas. Won a title and I'm in yet. That's what my parents Europe and in the middle of the president. I don't know how they found anything to be happy imbalances that they did picture of 121 degree day. Air conditioning yeah no air conditioning. But they gave me you know you kind of got accustomed to but they were adamant use of that and whether. So you know they endured. And kind of a relief to know that. In here came world port two now we can have a jab you know. It was a tough time tough time. On this date in 1947. President Harry S Truman signed a presidential succession act. Which place a speaker of the house and the senate president pro tempore next in line of succession after the vice president. That was in 1947. What do we do before that I'm not sure what we have vice president obviously. First and take over would have been a Lincoln's vice president right. Now. Tyler on the Tyler the first vice president ago. Particular for. William Henry Harrison all of that nobody knew what to do now Harrison Biden. As well as Tyler the temporary replacement is a what are we gonna do here in Tyler kind of that the rains and no it's me. Wow and he says that's that's Connell we've done our sense of wasn't really written into the constitution and not well not specifically not until Harry Truman and that we get this thing got an alt all written firmed up and ended. Yet Hussein if he get to you'd little research and after you get through the the speak what is at the speaker and then the in this president's tem of the senate and he's our go to the camp right. Starting with the secretary of secretary of state yeah yeah I like to have John Tyler's grandchildren are still alive. Grand children now now he's got two grandsons are still living. Can agree they've got to be 400 years. Are you kidding me now how well a lot like in their late eighties early ninety's who. All right Griffin of our stories this morning's about it. Somebody has come down with a measles. Case of the measles and and department of state Health Department going to release and excited about it in London you know who they come in contact with the they don't obviously want to measles starts spreading through the community we thought when we you know when you're you're when your parent your child is. Inoculated for the MMR measles mumps rebelling at the MMR. I don't think they had in mind because I specifically remember that I had. Chicken pox. I believe I had measles. Mumps. Bronchial pneumonia. What else that I am I had whooping cough. It how atrocious. You name it head and yeah how did you make it through all that they'll see it. He handles easily you become sort of a survivor now. And nothing nothing can stop you so like today a bulletproof Aaliyah here there's no illness that I can get no pasta I can possibly get sick. On any. Course then every year about what about just after Thanksgiving my voice goes away while us about it it's not like you actually get the delegates at the law I don't. And yet I don't like to beach Lipton that's that's the story about the measles and and are trying to another trying to kind of contain it is it only started to include community but I thought. Most people were pretty well. Inoculated. Internet Manolo. It's it's obviously people have got these defenses. So it was it Yorke director. 717 now Steve and Ted and a we're looking at the yet. The senate trying to get that health care plan going through there or something revising the health care plan and they had a hard time because. They can't Carol Republicans in the now Terry Moran says it wanna vote for it. And so they're short by about 45 senators now. They may have to go and try to repeal it. And have nothing there aren't in the last thing we heard it just human CO maybe over three years repealing and or something I mean they. It seems like there politicians are really have a tough time of the as we've said from the start something that impacts every single American. And there are a lot of different opinions yeah not allotted to her luck finding consensus from how many you know. Drug companies insurance companies you know hospitals doctors needed there's so many different interest involved in this thing is just unreal. The bottom line is we'd like to be healthy. I have good sales are 718 now Stephen dead it is sports time with mr. Ted Woodward but not via Kansas City Royals and action together. The NBC tournament is the fire up. Here in the Wichita right. Kansas City Royals. Getting a four game set with the Detroit Tigers last night and it was over early royals. Now later today in this one unit game last night on K if faith. Institute to a swing and a high fly ball. You weld left fielder bats defense that ball is gone home run for my tee boxes wow. Big crowd at Kauffman Stadium last night they didn't have anything to cheer for the tigers had a six nothing lead by the third inning beat the royals ten to two new. The royals have lost six of their last seven. Still only two games back for a wild card spot hosting the tigers again tonight. Live coverage begins at 6:30 this evening listen to the royals in the tigers on Sports Radio eight at age 12:40 AM 975. F them. In pro baseball it was an off day yesterday for the first place Wichita wing nuts now they embark on a long three week road swing it. During the national baseball congress World Series. The wing nuts begin the trek down in Grand Prairie, Texas taking on the Texas air hogs to begin things at 705 tonight. We know it's we'll go to Grand Prairie that up to Lincoln and back to cleaver in Texas and at the Salina and up to Sioux City before it's all said and done. We know three really good shape they have the best record in the league 814. Teen game lead atop the division going into these roads would you love me on that bus for a wonderful through the midwest in the summertime terror. Lineup. At least according calorie the hills or melt the word three that's true and we're drilling comes tomorrow might not sure whether I'm sure there are other outward. Along swaying violently pickle button serve. They would your first place to play baseball it's a lot more fun and it is if you're struggling and after next right. In golf the seventieth annual US junior amateur is underway out at Flint hills national and Andover first round stroke play was held yesterday with 156. Golfers on the course. Look up at the top of the leaderboard up in the top five is wells Padgett graduate of Mays south high school. Widgets on native shot a four under par 67. Yesterday how he's up in a tie for fifth place. As a lot of great scores on Flint hills yesterday and just think these are 181716. Year old. Here on out there and shoot eight under par at Flint hills national. And it shows you how these are some of the best junior. Players in the world. And more action of stroke play at Flint hills today if you wanted to watch it it's all free yen went hills national. That's sports with Stephen Ted K and SS I do seven point one now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update. A look at medi cal California's health care. Steve content in the morning. On K innocents.