Steve and Ted: The Royals' Mike Moustakas in the Home Run Derby before the All-Star Game

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Tuesday, July 11th
An All-Star preview from Ted Woodward in sports.

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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking US KN SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. 8 o'clock this is the case and is this morning news receiving dead ninety Bakken zone. Man critically injured in south Wichita shooting we've got the story. I'm K and us us meteorologist Dan holidays more heat and more humidity across south central Kansas today how hot will we get. Our complete forecast is on the way. Police are investigating the shooting Sunday night himself Wichita. Just after 9 PM officers responded to a shooting call in the 800 block of south to peca. We found 55 year old man on the porch with multiple gunshot wounds the victim was hospitalized in critical condition. Police Sargent Dan hardy says. And we do know that earlier in the evening their multiple people on the front porch. I'm not everyone's here when we arrive so if there's anyone out there that has information we would gladly accept that you can call. Crime stoppers at 911 Wilson and off sharks talked. New York State Police are mourning one of their own who was killed Sunday night the suspect and active duty soldier. Police say 36 year old trooper jolt Davis was responding to a call of shots fired during a domestic dispute in the northern New York town of Teresa. Near the Canadian border. He was shot once and killed while approaching the residence. The investigation also found a female victim deceased at the scene. Army infantryman Justin Walters later surrendered without incident the 32 year old suspect is stationed at Fort Drum. Trooper Davis is survived by his wife and three children. Dave Packard ABC news New York. Authorities in coloring in Ohio are looking for a one or more gunmen after a fatal shooting added gender revealed party Saturday night. Witnesses say two gunmen wearing hoods rushed into the house shot the victims and fled on foot. One woman is dead and eight others wounded including three children under ten years old. Neighbor shy and Sizemore says she heard the shots ring out late Saturday. I was sitting in my bed and heard. What I thought was about six or seven gunshots. At first I thought they were just fireworks. Dry conditions of the triple digit heat wave are fueling wildfires across the western US fourteen fires are burning in California. Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Butte county. Where the wall fire has prompted evacuations in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Further south near San Luis Obispo. The animal fire has burned through 25000. Acres the flames forced Franz Spencer to evacuate her home. It's. Overwhelming. Sometimes you crying. But you'll never forget. About the fire. A roll over accident in Reno county Saturday afternoon left one person dead and another was serious injury accident happened around 4 PM at K 61 and bone springs road near the town of Arlington. Authorities say the driver of a 2013. Chevy Equinox and his passenger were traveling eastbound on K 61 when a farm field sprayer traveling northbound on bone springs road failed to yield of the posted stop sign and struck the passenger side of the equinox. The vehicle rolled over and came to rest on the driver side in the westbound lane. Both driver and passenger were trapped in the vehicle until Reno county fire and EMS personnel could extract them. The passenger in the eke hawks was pronounced dead at the scene while the driver was taken Hutchinson regional medical center in serious condition. The driver of the field sprayer was not injured Phil global brand Katy and SS news. A person is in custody following hit and run accident in southwest Wichita Saturday evening around 5 PM police were called to a two vehicle accident in the 800 block of west McArthur near Seneca. PX involve the scooter Andy red Kia but the driver of the keel leaving the scene of the accident. The driver of the scooter was transported to a local hospital in serious condition. Officer Charlie Davidson says police were able to locate the red Kia and its driver a short time later. The driver was arrested and booked into the Cedric county jail on charges of felony hit and run and reckless driving. Ray stroke KN SS news. Kansas Highway Patrol says a Kansas man died after he was hit by a truck all working alongside interstate seventy. 47 year old Jeffrey Harris of Russell died Friday night he was working on the side of the road and hit by a pickup truck about ten miles east of Russell. Harris was pronounced dead at the scene. Congress returns to Washington this weekend Republican Senator John McCain says. He doesn't have confidence the Senate's GOP health care bill will survive. McCain tells CBS's face the nation. My view is it's probably going to be dead but I am had been rock and I thought I'd be present United States. McCain and senate Republicans should include Democrats and working on health care bill Kahan is excused I'm not 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. Kansas City Royals go into the all star break. Playing up. Pretty tough team and there's the home run derby tonight what a preview it's all coming of the sport are you ready for Amazon's big stadium deals that story just ahead. A McCain is just sporting news the Stephen dead. The kid is a foreign news even dead now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. A major financial rating agencies as a structural imbalance. In Kansas budget is likely to persist even after the state increased income taxes. As some. S&P also said the state is still diverting money from highway projects to sustain spending. And does not fully funding contributions to public pensions as a legislators enacted a tax increase over Governor Brown backs we don't raise an estimated one point two billion dollars over the next two years. The new law rolls back past tax cuts the governor champion Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. Yesterday morning a sleeping you teenager in Colorado. Survived a bear attack crunching sound before dawn Rouse the nineteen year old camp counselor glacier view ranch northwest of Denver. The young man name of Dylan woke to find his and in the jaws of a black. Bear the crunching noise I guess was the thirteenth scrape against the stall as it. Then again you dragged in twelve feet before he did punch it off him when it was dragging me that was the slowest part felt like it went forever. Other counselors scared off the bare wildlife authorities tracking the beast in order to destroy it Richard can't sue ABC news the clocks ticking down to Amazon's big day of the you'll. Sun is gearing up for its next prime day at the first bargain starting tonight 9 PM eastern time 6 PM Pacific. Fat wallets French Sheldon says you can get ready for those deals now want to prepare your prime account so your belly checking credit card or all that stuff that you wanna use is ready to go also download Amazon's app and get on the watch in weightlessness allows you to watch the deals that you want. He'll be he'll get a notification when they go live so you don't have to sit in front of that your computer screen all day long dairy aisle holding. ABC news. Kay is as news time now 81010 minutes spent 8 o'clock. Continued to avoid eastbound Kellogg a right between meridian and senate that we get a traffic accident there happened. In this center lanes of things very very slow getting you there again SF he's found Kellogg between meridian in Seneca. In assist traffic update brought to legend of Robin Carl's Goodyear tire. Stated downtown market and Waterman in the east every street Moline on money grows tired dot com. Your home for complete dark hair and now the forecast McCain is says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan and. Morning it is already a warm start to the work week with temperatures quickly climbing this afternoon it will be around 97. The wind's picking up out of the south at fifteen to twenty miles per hour at times. Quiet weather for us tonight are those 74 it's been windy and hot on Tuesday with a high 100 time KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. And now partly cloudy 75 degrees a south wind at fifteen miles per hour Stephen dead on K Ennis says in the once mighty retailer. Is being sold off piece by piece. ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan was us live from Dallas this morning Jim talking about RadioShack comment then it. Yeah RadioShack you these seeds still in business barely and there are a couple of stores here in the Delis for Israelis be of course the Utah he wanted to every strip shopping center and every. Shopping mall that you've visited that iconic red assemble. But yes so they've been through a couple of bankruptcies today as part of that they have to find ways to pay back their creditors. And so we digging through the corporate headquarters in Fort Worth they went through twelve big states that they found on site. And discovered lots and lots of memorabilia that it's little more than that course and there's not much you can do with it TRS eighty computer anymore. Days of the year that bag phones that they're selling their the old portable called portable but they were huge. Those bones to pick or selling. The pocket calculator sure you can still use that for popularize a pocket calculator but. The rest of it is now a lot of use for but again I mean this stuff is being auctioned off it's an online auction. Dead at the end this evening at 7 o'clock and so yeah I go to their website and check out there what's for sale. Good place to go to Bible no batteries for your act weird stuff. Wires to hook things up with the. If you even it out that you like I. It finally violent Holman sort of digging through Dresser drawers I would definitely find my RadioShack battery of the month club car. Probably sell now and holding would have been done at one time I think they told police scanners we don't even you anymore absolutely realistic scanner. So you know here we are and yet he anybody who it is close to my Ager your age goes out goes through the garage. They're gonna find by find boxes of cassette tapes and at. The world is just you know it's really changed over the past 1520 years and it. Yeah and I think it that way it's it's gotten better I mean digital audio people complain about it sometimes did in terms of music it doesn't have that same. The fuel would serve their final burst for example but certainly as immediately as a recording medium digital is is a heck of a lot better than the little cassette tapes were. But served and then there were cassette tapes incorporated into the old answering machines and a few of these. Giant answering machines are being auctioned off the forward for a fraction of what they sold for initially the stuff that seems so cool it was so expensive when I was first offered. Now you can have first song. But maybe they should hang onto that you know my granddaughter and then she discovered vinyl the other day and she's gone out to guys get yourself a turntable. I garbage you can find turntable should in the online auction site you can certainly find. That is at eight tracks what's so you know I think she's going to target to getters so there you go Jim thank you sir as always ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan in Dallas saying that it. RadioShack being sold off. Piece by piece as a technology. That's gonna change every ten minutes it seemed sometimes. About that age fourteen now Steve intend and we just. Oh I I want to share read this story out about the Florida. Where the rector of an episcopal church in North Carolina he's facing criminal charges in Florida. After police say he pointed a gun at another vehicle in an apparent road rage incidents. Media reports say 35 year old reverend William Ryan Adams. He's charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. State troopers say a pickup truck driver was closely following a Corvette. And on Florida's turnpike apparently too closely the op tried to pass a car when its driver played a gun at him. A law. Troopers then stopped Adams who was driving the Corvette quicker to adams' rector of calvary episcopal church. In Fletcher North Carolina how he is in a preacher. And he should know better but. When you see this is that this is that one of those of Florida man's stories that and was not from Florida but once admitted in Florida and Florida thinks that yeah and some of my bookstore and happened they start to act funny. It it's a story out of Florida and I can't imagine not I can. When I get on one of them are usually it's up like 21 three west and somebody's just tail gating Annika eaten. And it just it's it's very very annoying in course. Nobody ever gets. Prosecutor dreaming like now in every catch of but she reported it done at someone doing it the no I might you know a Mike to them what I would call my dirty look. Christine my dirty look tent. On very many times many ones to open like this. Right but people tailing your young on fast enough what I'm using all pretty close to speed limit or maybe just a ticker to over the speed limit. It's not enough for some people in my life. Shelly you for years several years drove the west Kellogg root out toward mes wrote to go to work every day. She told me that she strictly observe the speed limit which is what sixty years or fifty in the works out. And about three times a week somebody would haunt nor router and Lipper off now. And I'm thinking you know. It's not that big challenge just to the which tipped the which top police department. Whoever west Kellogg instant start right and pretty soon mayor Longwell won't have to worry about a budget anymore. Just go out and start right the tickets. It's like get you know that's a low hanging fruit it is yeah and I talk to somebody the other day initial Ellicott still please tell me they've got two guys two people working on traffic all the time and I'm thinking OK fine. It Alec Demi receive but he stopped at a usage share of controller Kansas Highway Patrol I'm sorry. And now I'm gonna drive out here this afternoon and somebody's gonna the policeman is gonna write me a ticket you know I get mine. I get mine gonna about a couple yes you have since you've known me. And they're out there I get to use a pick up the low hanging fruit guys. The up. My daughter and granddaughter Jocelyn got her role for her birthday what's this weekend the other twins by Mary Johnson had a birthday and it's one of those things were. They've got so much family that they celebrate with a about four different parties and their friends out there working they just loading up on all our stuff. Mary gets some sort of a nice stuffed animal you know just look for the drone. And one of the eleven to eleventh birthday guess it is. So the first thing you know that we didn't take I guess three minutes. Before the thing crashed on top of the neighbor's house I don't think they've gotten and Sonia. I hope that three minutes was worth now. It's stuff that yes she's a good kid bit. I don't know she brought a practice a little bit out in the open space for a few flights central facilities house anything that moves. That last long when a kid. In on your kid you know you some kind of car. Radio controlled cars. You know. 44 minutes goes by crashing into something we're done here fortunately when I was child had been vetted those things yet. The had a car you headed to get out of Florida hand electors are. Yeah make noises you know. Now they usually used his gut tells about sports come up again talk about all star game before you get into that. We don't may be mentioned again the home run derby they have of course that it would tell him. Real quick as a baby boomer they had that started with a television show. Whose syndicated shows I remember the quality was terrible back in the late fifty S sixty black and white black and white they shot it with a Maywood bell on how half hour show yeah and his future. One it would feature two major leaguers right against each other yet. Men's and batting practice tosses and they just hit the crap out of bald now but it was fun as the other hitter would come up and sit there and do this commentary they would do this kind of fake. So you'd hear it chat. Between them Mickey Mantle the oil that I don't have made it. Good it rat there like that little you know well Willie I hope I can hit it farther than he usually just cut this terrible show up. But but it here eleven years old when your baseball fan. It was always. Right we didn't have any personnel and couldn't see our personalities are near the player now that was so that it is rare glimpse handsome home run derby on on this week here at the all star break 819 now Steven did it is sports I would Ted Woodward. The real sport now talking about the royals going to the all star break meeting the LA Dodgers all now well. But every team in the major leagues has said that this year the descent to going to Los Angeles and played and dodges I'll come out of there hurt pretty bad and that's exactly what happened to the royals. They went and LA for three games against the Dodgers and lost all three yesterday afternoon sandy co facts the dodger great was in the house he was watching Clayton Kershaw. Pitch on the mound and he gave a Colfax esque performance. You heard the game yesterday on KFH. And she's first. That was the 99 pitch of the game for her shots he finished off with a complete game. No walks. Thirteen strikeouts while he becomes the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to have a thirteen strikeout complete game with fewer than 100 pitches. Kershaw leads the big leagues a fourteen wins. So and the Dodgers have won eighteen of their last nineteen. Home games. Eight royal you know 9018 of nineteen royals were unable to break that string of Kansas City goes into the all star break only game in halfback. In the wild card race. As you mentioned Steve tonight is the annual home run derby tonight before the all star game in Miami Mike when stock as of the Kansas City Royals among eight competitors tonight. Carl Ravitch from ESPN is going to be doing calling the home run derby on television. He was asked who might be a surprise winner tonight in the derby. I think it probably because he plays in Minnesota and not everybody knows Miguel's you know there's a little bit of us kind of a Prince Fielder type body to him he swings violently he matches baseball's. And if he can get into a groove I think a lot of people will be like wolves this big also note got in the stock as has been around. Because of the royals in the success they've had villagers been a big story out west I think should know has the ability to big be the biggest surprise. Home run derby tonight listen live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. In pro baseball yesterday afternoon the top team in the league Wichita wing nuts visiting the last place in falls canaries. Sioux Falls shut down Wichita winning game two to one snapping at the wing nuts thirteen. Game road to winning streak. Yesterday it was the day the canaries to get the winds still wing nuts do you have any eleven and a half game lead atop the south division took off day today the wing nuts. They traveled back from South Dakota. Golf for you on the LPGA tour of the inaugural. Thorn very classic up in Green Bay Katherine Kirk was the winner of the 35 year old Australian in this part of the year here in Wichita. When her third LPGA title and her first in seven years. She wins one knows she went 300000. Dollars. And she gets a spot in the US women's open coming up this weekend trump national in New Jersey big week for Wichita resident Catherine Kurt women's golf tour. In men's golf. It's the 114. Annual transmits amateur championship some of the best amateur golfers in the nation are convening prairie dunes in Hutchinson. Tournament goes all the way back to the beginning in the nineteen hundreds. Been around long time. The trans miss start today at prairie dunes and happy birthday today to one of the great Kansas City Royals ever Hal McRae now. He 72. Years old today. And long career with the royals in the seventies is in the eighties now fielder and designated hitter three time all star he's in the royals' hall of fame. Per year to ninety enter the end and ended up managing the royals do yeah. Might have had a great year in 1994. When the royals haven't pretty good season that season got called off because of the strike. Game cause he'll tell little McRae Hal McRae story on his birthday. On the go back to the final day of the 1976. Season. Yeah when Hal McRae and George Brett. Where the two guys over and rod Peru were all battling it Utley tied to see who would win the batting title nine year. And guess what all three were playing in the same game right there the twins are playing in Kansas City like Tipton and the final. Well there are plenty of seats available now only 151000 showed up to watch George Brett how McCurry Enron through battle entitled him nor was there. And McCray had the lead going into that final day. And Al went two for four at the plate. He's got to think when you're two for four going into the last day of the season in years and you lead the batting title race you're gonna want it. New. Rod girl went two for four no he didn't win it. George Brett on the final day of the season went three for four with a home run and a pair of doubles. George Brett well. Brett finish here I'll read finished at 333. McRae finished at 332. Rod drew finished at 331. Opt out now. Re pretty good hitters last day of the season in only 151000 showed up there about that happy birthday Hal McRae. 72 today if sports with Stephen it's time for our parents or coffee break on campus at prairie fire coffee is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because our very fighter coffee beans are posted Friday right here in Wichita. You can get very fired coffee at your office by calling 2673771. Or all on line. At prairie fire coffee dot com 2673771. Given a flu and the morning minute. Shawna tax all major media coverage of president dropped Steve a debt on Kate and SS.