Steve and Ted: Special Guest, Sierra Scott Ms. Woman United States

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 12th
Her goal was to make the top 15, Sierra wins the pageant in Orlando. 

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita as number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the king and us this morning he is receiving says 98 Macintosh. Five dead an accident near Bonner springs we've got the story. Dozens of wildfires still burning across the western US timetable toward those details just ahead. It's the latest email scandal to hit Washington. I mean BC's Jeannie Norman with Donald Trump junior recently released emails. Coming up. Concealed carry applications decline in Kansas I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday the hot weather is going to stick around for at least a couple more days before we may see a break and the chance of rain are forecast in minutes. Police are investigating a shooting in west Wichita happen around midnight near third and Doris. One person hospitalized in critical condition police looking for a suspect. More details expected. Does today's police media briefing. The Kansas Highway Patrol says five people died in a multi vehicle accident that closed interstate seventy west of Bonner springs. In northeast Kansas. The patrol says the highway was closed after one of the tractor trailers involved in the accident Tuesday caught fire. Four vehicles two of them tractor trailers were involved in the crash. Truck driver Kevin or auction says certainly second summer her. It's not quick enough. Both directions of I seventy shut down for hours dozens of wildfires continue to scorch the western US a large number of them in California. In San Diego County a spark from a vehicle's exhaust ignited a brushfire yesterday. Quickly spreading to 400 acres fifteen homes were evacuated. Cal fire San Diego chief Tony Meachem says hundreds of firefighters were on the scene at the height of the blaze. We had seven air tankers four helicopters. 43 fire engines and eleven hand crews for just a little over 250. Up personnel. On the incident. Donald Trump junior yesterday released a chain of emails providing insight into his meeting last summer with a Russian lawyer. Said to have Russian government information allegedly damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign. Emails show on June 3 of last year acquaintance dropped Goldstone told trump junior the crown prosecutor Russia offered to provide to trump campaign with the official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary saying this is obviously very high level and sensitive information but as part of Russia and its government support for mr. trump minutes later trump junior responded thanks rob I appreciate that if it's what you say I love it it's specially later in the summer some Democrats are saying those emails are clear signs of collusion and even the Republicans are expressing concern about trump junior is willingness to accept help from Russians to name Norman ABC news Washington. Kansas attorney general to Eric Schmidt says applications for concealed carry licenses. Dropped to a record low last fiscal year after the state stop requiring the permits from its office announced soon. That was the fewest applications received since the program began in Kansas in 2006. And Tony fifteen in the legislature eliminated the license requirement for Kansas gun owners. Now over those who apply for the license can carry weapons and these 38 other states that recognize the Kansas license. Schmidt said those who already have licenses continue to apply for renewals. He said the state received more than 21000 renewal applications during the 20s17. Fiscal year. Dan O'Neill king and SS news. The average price of gasoline in Kansas has increased to two dollars and ten cents per gallon. That was the seventh largest increase in America says Jennifer hall Tripoli Kansas. Even though it it's just it's not a jump in U arming and. Last year's price at this time was only one penny less at 209 a gallon and you project to stimulate literacy in Wichita is under way it's funded with 160000. Dollars in grant money from the impact literacy initiative. By the Wichita community foundation interested families make contact watermark books and cafe at Douglas and all over. Bush will be provided and delivered to families by community police officers as officer Charlie Davidson. It's a great conversation piece not only for families in amongst. Adults and in children or just amongst Stoltz themselves are children themselves. The books are going to be reach an all age groups who so that it reaches everybody in the in the particular family. Sarah bang be with watermark book says the project is called building bridges through books with in that book. There'll be information. About the book about maybe some discussion questions and then also about the community and that we able where we can all come together and talk about the book has some snacks and. You know just get to know each other Tuesday 141000 postcards were mailed to citizens throughout Wichita looking for people interested in the program. In a sixteenth time now eagle 4:4 minutes after 8 o'clock. Major League Baseball all star game last night in Miami we'll have results coming up in sports we got some big pro money coming to a former shocker. Of those details on the way where you interview could have an impact on whether you get the job. That story coming up on McCain is as boring you with Steve says. Gave us this morning news feed of dead now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. CIA director Mike Pompeo spoke Tuesday evening at the intelligence and national security alliance's leadership dinner. Here's Pompeo on the battle against crisis. Even today as locals fallen rocket comes under increasing pressure the dire threat remains. We still have work to do to divvy ices. Former doctor accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women during his career treating college in Olympic gymnasts pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in court yesterday doctor Larry Nasser pleaded guilty to three charges of possessing child pornography during a hearing in federal court today. Two of those carrying a maximum sentence of up to twenty years in prison. In his plea deal Nasser admitted he tried to get rid of hard drives with thousands of images last fall investigators found those in his trash can. Nasr is still awaiting trial on charges of molesting nine girls all but one of whom were Jin is seeking treatment for injuries separately he's also being sued by more than a hundred women with similar allegations. Marcum Allard ABC news. Job interviews are moving from the office to coffee house and that means more people more for people on both sides of the process to think about rich and recently met with the Canada for a job who had an impeccable resonate top notch references. And no way too complicated drink order. Woman who I was interviewing ordered any double strap achieve no wis done no he's an extra foam and two cops in the immediately. The perception I have of her was that this is a person's going to be high maintenance. Moran author of the book work showing up another important matters says that's the trend coffeehouse in your views and your drinks has a lot about two. He says be Smart and order something simple Derry altering your ABC news. Gators has used time now eight in 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. Right now in traffic the north junction I want 35 like 235 and 1996. And fairly slow out there seeing slower traffic on. Ike to 35 approaching. The north junction as well traffic on tape and has asked for a few budget province Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown market in Waterman in the east Harry street golf and online at Carl's tired dot com home of the 3495. Loyalty. Now look at the forecast risking innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday get morning Dan good morning our weather hasn't been kind to anyone working outdoors we see a couple more days of this but then maybe. A break from the heat and had a chance of rain toward the end of the week. Today's high should get to around 101 of the gusty south wind. Muggy again tonight with a loose 77. Caught on Thursday with a high close to 100 and a complex of storms may drift in late Thursday night and early Friday. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thank you Dan now a fair skies 78 degrees we've got a south wind at twelve miles per hour 8:11 seated in the morning by the way it is July and Kansas and that means. I asked. Which does high temperature yesterday 102 normal high for the date 92 degrees so our advice is if you don't have to go out. Don't. You have to go out. Where you're Tierra. I think that's great guys to Scott does give us this morning how is it that we've never been on the radio with Sierras that Ted if we ever done an interview with C Erica. I think now maybe years and years ago when I was doing a charity and hours ago when you're you're still in their fifties yes I think. I was just a baby in my I I understand that he did yourself Steve and a radio well I Bure in here with your. You're torn and stained Dave Freeman teacher on one I picked up you know nobody can seeming I can just talk about her and nobody had seen here at them. Seriously why did you dress up today. What I've I've got a string of enemies and a couple of more on televisions I accidentally. And I believe our listeners can hear the glamour coming through their radios right now are I was dressed up for ten I don't do that I see Texas all the times I kind of mapped out Nixon. Now I've been trying to outdo each other yes took her game to see whether as a reason we hear you uber. What are you get an Apache in about every forty years yeah I think that that's kind of my thing I'm going to be back at median and trying to compete again that's hitters for just a minute when you're kidding me you're young person. That review in this Kansas. Oh my gosh has back in 1989 and that's that's kind of bizarre story because what happened last. I was runner up to Debbie turner who became Miss America therefore then I became his Missouri so I never got to compete for Miss America. I just propelled her reign in that little speech they giving them an app that filled every. And I got cute for filtering but I did not get to compete so it was my first time so you'll miss Missouri or you were not Christmas yet some businesses are back in 1989 alert when she became Miss America and somebody has stepped up becomes so where where you from originally I've Kansas City was my hometown on the Kansas City side of that at that point I was working in Missouri and that's why. I compete on the so you could still probably run for Miss America here in Kansas well except they pick up agent that's one thing I like about this patent. Is 26. So when you become 26 journal mating and you can't competing and so. This pageant actually rewards older with the pageant that you've just one is called the news about me is a woman United States yes. I mean I'm sorry each year I've never heard of that. Well it is a patch to be able to until I am happy to do that it and and that's on the reasons I answered it honestly was first of arts based on community service so during the year. I will be visiting children's hospital's cancer or words doing things in my history. And as you guys know I'm I'm kinda community service so that's number one in an effort to. This allows women over the age of thirty to actually compete again. So I I didn't that for years because I kept thinking well what a bike and when I'm fifty out of fifty. You know I don't. You don't safety out of the U all right it's not my house all you know what do you think Boozer. I don't know you know we're on air with high now well I. Had I known that I can hang out with guys having to go a long time ago I was in but I as I understand. There was a swimsuit competition yes and being on stage at thirty year olds when you're 53. Is a challenge I was up way. It was hot topic I had to Wear two piece suite it that this on Sulawesi provided for you did not get to choose it so. You don't reveal and you and I hate to be personally guide you wearing any kind of restraining device right now to reject him now real we can't. I'm Heidi and Jack. And yet we are yeah. That's. What else working quite well now they don't you tell counseling and you're out there and it Entercom course it does really well and tell us little guys are. Up. That's gonna stick you're going to be sorry he says seriously autism services the detainment efforts behind the scenes at the U. And it can't just you know there was a one piece yes you can do all sorts of things that this was a bikini so use sci ams are you didn't see an old what what what was your talent and there was no talent and it's thank god I have no talent counties hit adult child through no way he did after answers and questions and all my gosh onstage lie ran man that was tough. But there is why there's no town just because so you know. They found that what happened was they did a talent competition. Somebody you had you know via pianist a professional pianist would always would win or that recently been an orchestra. It's like an average person like me had a chance to know is based on what appearance no. Most of it was on interview skills so we had a private interview the judges. And that was a lot of fun and judges were great and then we have an onstage question. Evening gown and of course you. That's a good look at their teary thank you I statue of liberty don't think that is Allianz are kind elected I am I cannot figure that on taste it. It's right jet engines in there furiously working on the right. He's busy as well you know and we've gotten to know you over the years and and you know and that's yet to be getting a bad thing that's that's a good pitching good and reunites the UN to make him. Okay game IRAs yes that severe. Actor definitely. Yes I think I I commend Kerry Biden have something like they're probably seriously are you high maintenance do you have gosh yes. Moya. I had three. That they might question coming from you the whole line. What do you think they're month. Through to him and now you Matty got a busy summer you you did music scene either the music the Dallas so and you know what that's an Ina you've done it before T tenant. It is a lot of pressure has the thing is there all professional and so Kennedy you know on stage and do something stupid grid iron. We SF and LA and matter that everything is spared the audience wants a I thought if you get to show Horry actually on you mean I have to know why lions and you have a camera I may well Jane thank. So what's next you get to go around the country and yes I'm excited. You also ethical projects we're gonna new farmlands and Mario will come help out at with projects behind the scenes they're still rebuilding there. We're going to New York I actually Fashion Week I get to walk the runway who. Fashionably aware of those this year. I don't know if you like that you know bright and shiny. I have to sing ridiculous and teeple. Hug it out you know and that's good because I see how it probably written to the scene once again you've done thing you've been the past week before but now you. Now Vietnam yeah. But that's another on where eco please god don't let me fall that's like you think it's another runway here. Let's I had these really high heels on and it's swimsuit they that you end. Kind of basically he'll take your legs and longer. But the heels are like seven married into and it's ridiculous and the whole time and another in mind of god just don't let me ball it's like here but it's a lot before. I don't know anything about that I redundancy you Ted it'll come in wearing appears to literally. When they help pageants I'm happy to help you prepare if you liked the season we know now I have an impact of. We're already apparent that they call the Marconi I know I ask you got to crown with Betsy and let's get car I don't know we haven't won the top we don't have one yet and well let's see if we do add up like that program would I think. Here you look at her Olympic update two units building in his community. Now. Now although you could compete at night it says aged thirty to 99 so you know yoga do. It's possible. You don't be rolling me down Sierra it was somebody that old and he battery thankful Arctic OK you're right that's well always nice to have you with us we'll have to act in a few years yeah. I do something worthwhile. On its. It is salesperson here now lies sound in how this yeah this is the schedule that they'll keep I'm going to be traveling probably at least a week out of every mountain and so it might be 12 times Aussie so. It that they pay for it. Flights and hotel within the. They want to Atlantic and I got the check yes well I know your time I came on your TV show and we won't mention what it was it to. I actually what I threw pizza popcorn at the new year and that number that yes live I was impressed I gotta say I've also you know. Yeah now that the potentates of the Cilic now that's good television on your. But to get elected but it's better than I can do so here but good luck thank you try to keep yourself safe and. And everything on my head and a nebulous and with an added I say never take yourself too seriously. Ayman I don't think he has ever had a problem that know him in the. He heiress got everybody she is due. Men's and woman United States today. I'd hate when he announced even ten on Cain is as time for sportsmen dead Woodward. And the all star game last night right it's not Major League baseball's 88 all star game in my Emmy last night pitchers dominated. It was a 11 game in fact at no extra innings Wenzel tied up but one swinging in from the the guy from the Seattle Mariners broke that tie it was on TMH live last night. Slash. That would be the final score American League wins it they're fifth in Euro. In ten innings. Beyond winning players in the American League squad all get twenty grand. Nationally players that showed up the plays and they don't get anything we didn't win the game little incentive there against. The American League manager was the bench coach of the Cleveland Indians former Wichita air rose player Brad Mills. Filling in for Indians manager Terry Francona dealing with some health issues over the all star break. Jason Vargas pitcher for the Kansas City Royals playing his first ever all star game he came in out of the bullpen to the American League and threw a scoreless. Fourth inning. It'll probe race. All downtown Wichita wing nuts lost five to three last night picking up a homestand against the Garry South Shore rail cat's back to back losses for the wing nuts. They are now that half. Halfway mark of the season and boy what a great first half they are twenty games over 500. Top record in the league 812 game lead atop the south division. Second half the season begins tonight we know it's hosting Gary again downtown of their free tickets available courtesy of the American Red Cross. Playoff soccer action tonight for FC which hits off. The the regular season conference champion that means which targets the number one seed in the playoffs and home field advantage. Pepsi which targets to host Dallas city. 7 o'clock tonight that the striker complex of the 29 in green which post season soccer action tonight for FC Wichita. And the in the pro basketball news. Summer league play in Las Vegas yesterday to Minnesota Timberwolves in action starting at forward to the T wolves Wichita as Perry Ellis former jayhawk. At thirteen points and seven rebounds and two overtime game or the T wolves Perry Ellis trying to get a roster spot with Minnesota. And ESPN reporting that the New York Knicks have signed former Wichita State shocker Ron baker to a two year eight point. Denying that million dollar contract. Big money from the knicks on Opteron baker and sports with Steve instead. Hate in SSI dead eight to 23 now Stevens and you know like an eighteen got like alien on. 181000%. Pay increase was to make about a half make it half mil so he got like at twenty time pay increase that should keep up with the inflation at. At it and make it. Literally Hannity morning minutes John compares Donald Trump junior meeting with a Hillary Clinton meeting you. That's coming up Steven dead on Afghanistan us.