Steve and Ted: Tennis star Serena Williams is expecting

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 20th

Williams confirms via social media that she is pregnant.


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I can understand what we're down 59 degrees. The three largest universities in Kansas will be allowed to ban guns at large sporting events beginning in July. The Kansas border regions Governance Committee has approved a request by the University of Kansas Kansas state university and. Wichita State to install security measures such as metal detectors and guards either temporary or permanently. At the games. Now for a cash with Kate is says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can morning Dan voted morning officially we received 87 hundredths of an inch of precipitation. Late last night and overnight in Wichita. The rain chances wind down this morning will have a gradually clearing sky it'll be breezy with a high 69. Tonight another storm system moves in from the west overnight showers return with a low 51 and heavy rainfall possible tomorrow with a flood watch in effect. Breezy and 56. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday greeted NL it saudis guy 59 degrees given north wind debt twenty miles per hour. A seventeen year old was arrested Wednesday in connection to a threat against copy bill high school a student from bill McKinley high school informed administrators that he'd been told by another student. That he was born into should get to school on Thursday April 20. Police to the seventeen year old in to custody after interviewing multiple students Wednesday. Police plan to recommend a charge of criminal threats to prosecutors. At this time coffee though police captain Dini Craig believe there were no other students in defaults. Aren't Perry KN OSS news. As we Kansas governor Sam Brownback appointed is Jake looked turner of Pittsburgh to the job of Kansas treasurer. Cedric county commissioner Michael Donald served but look turner in the state legislature. I realize he's the youngest saline. Officeholder in America who had 29 years old so it's pretty. Pretty awesome for him we were elected to the same time we were that the kids of the senate. Terrell serve the rest of the term for former state treasurer Ron Estes. Who was recently elected to congress from the fourth district a proposal from president Donald Trump will cut the Department of Transportation funding by 2.4 billion dollars. KS in news spoke with Newton mayor Bart Hague who says the 13%. Cut would jeopardize passenger rail service in Kansas just. In terms of passenger Boeing went about. 141000 passengers who come through here. Each year if that budget proposal was adopted. He would essentially eliminate service. To the state of Kansas on emperor. Hague says many communities in Kansas fought for 28 million dollars in grant money over the past few years to make rail improvements along the southwest chief route. The superintendent of the State's third largest school district is retiring Shawnee mission school district says Jim Henson's retirement takes effect June 30. The nearly 28000 student district in suburban Kansas City says the 54 year old Hinson wants to spend more time with the family and pursue other lifelong goals. They an assassination news time 634 an aggressive effort by the state of Arkansas the carry out its first execution since 2005 stalled for the second time this week. As courts blocked lethal injections planned for today. Prompting a governor Isa Hutchinson to expressed frustration at the legal delaying tactics. Well Wednesday's court rulings could be overturned Arkansas now faces an uphill battle to execute any inmates before the end of April. Venezuela's opposition is looking to keep up pressure on president Nicolaus and do Euro. I taking to the streets again today hours after two people were killed. And hundreds arrested in the biggest anti government demonstrations in years the killings bring to seven. The death tolls and protests began three weeks ago. Over the supreme court's decision to strip the opposition controlled congress of its last remaining powers. A move that was reversed but still caused outrage. Vigils at SeaWorld assay of the last killer whale has been born in captivity at one of its parts in San Antonio. The birth Wednesday comes months after a decision by the Florida based company at Tony sixteen to stop breeding killer whales. The mother 25 year old tech Ara. Was already pregnant last year when she rolled it'd stop the breeding programs he rolled says it was a smooth delivery mother and calf appear LT. Even as they close they are closely monitored. By the people there at SeaWorld. The man suspected of killing three white men in a racially motivated attack in Fresno. Says he joined a gang in Sacramento when he was nine. And got involved with the black liberation movement at fourteen years old. Corey Mohammed talked about his upbringing in a video interview published in 2015. On the website of community media access collaborative. He was part of a media training program. In a sense that news time 636 Stephen dead in the morning today is Thursday April 20 2017. And T yes yesterday's high 82 degrees in the opener recording almost. Nine tenths of an inch of rain overnight. And the range pretty much stopped in movement in of which dot area moved on to the east down down in southeast Kansas. You denial that and by the way it as you were here are forecast for the sick here is that tomorrow is probably not going to be inevitable mow your grass either it's going to be probably raining. All day tomorrow I did Mo little yesterday did you get some of them prior to the rain wanted to get that done and it. Massachusetts is dropping its plan to establish a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes and an uninhabited island. The state fisheries and wildlife board voted yesterday to suspend the plan indefinitely after residents in the region raised safety concerns. State officials previously planned to bring some of the endangered snakes to an off limits island in the quite a bit. Reservoir to revive the species it's an off limits on people are popular. Officials say there are only about 200 of the stakes left in Massachusetts. Plan faced backlash from critics who were in the states would leave the island and attack hikers fishermen and hunters. Snakes. On the island. How would get up that can rattlesnakes. You know anything about rattlesnake taken a swim snakes can swim I would imagine rails that I don't. Could swim to that I know mainland. Many snakes can swim I never really thought about a rat or swimming I'm having experience except you know that my late brother. Down to Mexico. He is my for this sort of a ranch that they live on upper country and a of the states came up all the time. And Mike used to by late but the used to shoot. But the local the local Indian signal Mikey he should knew that's bad medicine. So he began to match them Omaha -- tools and taken out vehement and you know does that weigh deposit panels generate positive somewhere else. And looking fine. And cut my grandkids and we got to it would animate New Mexico and incidently this week in states moved up that's a good idea aren't there. Tennis star Serena Williams is pregnant and based on the timeline she offered she already was when she won the Australian Open. Spokesman for Williams Kelly bush Novak wrote in an email obviously as is Associated Press I'm happy to confirm Serena is expecting a baby this fall. Earlier in the day when he was posted a photo of herself on snapped champ of the captioned twenty weeks. Sparking all sorts of speculation on social media about whether she was indeed with child. She announced in late December that she was engaged to rated co-founder Alexis Indian. So there the she was pregnant when she won the open yet we'll see should get the doubles title or yell really. For it they take this title I think in double doubles it was two against one for its current idea said. It. It estimated that today is the twentieth Thursday writes on technicality here. And what Texas is the last day for the Cedric county emergency management severe weather safety program. It'll be a Park City. At the seniors that are that are 6100 north hydraulic it'll be at 630 tonight. These things are open to the public free of charge and the last one news tonight. 639 now Stephen dead on K and SAS. And it's time for our commodities update with Tom Butler of what we're commodities morning Tom. Or good morning Steve went to live cattle feeder cattle futures closed possibly intercession of mixed trading. Most of contract were not able to make new contract yesterday. The Fed cattle exchange yesterday told 700 CNN have a 4446. Fit. The weighted average price of 12860. Can't be cured in Kansas and Texas yet they okay at all. As high as one dirty to. Parties to get albeit report it like that come in as expected it will be over two million hits in the fourth largest march placement for the past 22 year. All of yesterday's court new lows for the current flight to the downside. On the clothes and cattle thirty Taiwan 15958. Peter's point five hire 14032. And we called them about a petite five. It's 6995. At a record soybean futures made all of this session highs shortly after it. He'd dirty reopening yesterday. The week clothes make it even knew there who owns these rises extremely quiet role like a price friendly news coming over my head but mostly positive. And it strong volume especially the only be a Casey we took a penny and three quarter that the moment at forty. Acorn a pity hired 362 and three quarter. He's only been recent hired 93 and a quarter June crude oil that the defense at 5135. You called them three dollar and 12180 dollar a defense. You have some peace seven point tired. Point 340 and three quarter G dollar indexed ten cents or 9950 court and you dead does feature a 41 point. 2000376. A commodity trading Greg marketing advisory contact Robert commodities on the phone or on the web by using 86602. Done got almost an inch of rain overnight here in in Wichita how you doing over there Butler county in Augusta. Really so yeah when I was coming in this morning you just kind of a steady readiness not much lightning or thunder anything just to. Kind of quieted as rain fell you know since central Kansas. They're trying to kind of nice it was kind of quiet and open it got a little bit more coming as the week progresses along. Yup there's the head toward regulatory could be kind of what you're the next couple days or. I think about 641 now Stephen debt on CNN assess. Even if the money tracker update Don grants EST the bunny tracker on the play and traffic and weather coming up. Even dead on CNN's sense.