Steve and Ted: Transformers wins at the box office with the franchise's worst open

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 26th
Also on The Blur, A look at a scathing review of Elvis' last concert.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. In the morning. On seeing this as Steve back and Johnson Woodward. One person is dead following a rollover car accident in Butler county Saturday afternoon. One person seriously injured in that accident three others sustained minor injuries. ASN news reports that French occurred shortly before 5 PM there Leon. If the intersection of US 77. And southwest 100 street. I honestly don't the forecast now with Cain is a stampede urologist and a holiday good morning Dan good morning a few scattered showers and thunderstorms are drifting across parts of south central Kansas and we may see that continue into this evening the high today 84. Tonight cloudy cool are low 64. And in sunny windy and warmer tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday into their now cloudy and 64 degrees are you ready for golf boating and all the other outdoor activities that come with. This time of year don't forget your path for Altima sun protection. Oh she the best selection in town in the best service at at and checks at the clock tower and delay no hat man Jack's 831 now with Steve intend. A man has pleaded not guilty to charges that he sexually attacked the mother of four before fatally setting her on fire. An attorney for 28 year old Cornell McNeil of which are dot entered the pleas Friday on the nails behalf during a Cedric county arraignment. He's charged with capital murder in the November 2014. Death a 36 year old Letitia tennis Davis. She was found at Fairmont park near Wichita State my neighbor who heard her screaming and discovered her on fire. Davis sustained burns on more than half of her body and died eight days later. A judge on Wednesday found that male mentally competent to stand trial Rodney prize can SS news. If you like the current occupants of the governorship in the presidency you'll like Crisco botched campaign for governor says University of Kansas political scientist. Patrick Miller is c.'s co baucus trying to unite the more conservative wing of the party. Robot got into the governor's race lit a message. Very much tried to bury the Sam Brownback and Donald Trump labor services are you talking figures certainly on the farther right. Wink Hartman will be competing for those same conservative voters along with lieutenant governor Jeff collier Miller sees co box main advantage as organizational. A judge has find Kansas secretary of state called mock 1000 dollars. For misleading the court about the contents of materials he was photographed taking into a November meeting with then president elect Donald Trump. The ruling Friday by US magistrate judge James O'Hara also requires Coe blocked to submit to a deposition by the American Civil Liberties Union about that document. As well as a separate draft amendment to the national voter registration act. The ruling stopped short of ordering materials be made public as the ACLU had requested. Kansas governor Sam Brownback has signed into law a measure that creates an independent task force to review the State's child welfare system. The Lawrence journal world reports the major was in response to the deaths of a number of children. What been in state custody and also following a series of audit reports that were critical of the Kansas department for children and families management of the state Foster care system. The measure calls for in nineteen member panel to examine all aspects of the State's child welfare system. But task force will include lawmakers people involved in family court services social welfare and law enforcement. The group will file progress reports at the 2018 legislative session start but the final report due in January 2019. Dan O'Neill Kane and SS new. News came in is substantial news time 833. Republican lawmakers are working on passing their health care legislation today we could find out more details on the numbers as the Congressional Budget Office releases it's a scorecard at some point this week. ABC chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. There's not a lot it is different in this bill from the house it's essentially the same approach. But there is for instance more money here in this that the senate bill. Offer OP you wait treatment procured abuse treatment. So the there there are some things that the president can point to. And stated this bill has quote more heart. But it's hard to turn around the fact that he. Called the house. Don't mean mean mean. And you have a bill here that. Fundamentally really isn't that much different. House Supreme Court meeting shortly last day of the session could be a decision on whether the court will take up the trumpet travel ban. The mother of commando can't steal the black motorist killed by a Minnesota police officer last year is reached at three million dollar settlement to Minnesota with his death. Jerry Preston ABC news. 97 and thirteen thirty K and assisting and Ted in the morning news. It's 834. And that means. Tied for entertainment news the border with Denver verdict and that is going to begin by looking at. The weekend box office over Dallas the other things we're shaking out at the movies and a net. Leaks show. Transformers the last night debuted in first place in the box office this weekend with 69 million dollars but that's less than the debut taken any of the previous four transformers films even though it opened last Wednesday when I'm. Cars three dropped to second and its second weekend out taken in about 25 million today. So hard fought text me towards that way but we gotta get this the first time would Wonder Woman still going strong and we four with a total domestic take just shy of 320 million dollars in about 653 million globally. The Dallas drilled the I had so much Netflix has canceled the comedy drama girl boss after one season it's the latest misfire for Netflix which recently canceled hip hop themed they get down also after single season and sense eight after two. And it's wedding bells on the ballroom Dancing With The Stars co host and former finalist Erin Andrews married fiance Jarret Stoll Saturday in Montana I'm Christopher Watson. There he goes deal. Big wedding news. Letting bells ringing you just heard transformers last night one week in the box office with a guy behind the camera will not be back. Transformers prime director Michael Bay says yes this film will be is lasting he's. Firm on that and look at a lot of the movies does it known you know there's new director I think it's done five movies that are on project. Just kind of statement but he will miss it these are blessed to shoot. It's. Deal or punishing robots loosely. The franchise will continue to with several spin offs and other films in the works better once said there are fourteen more stories written chase and even that ABC news. Still big weekend. Transformers the last night. About films I solid Chile and I want turner classic over the creek and fort Apache. Classic moving on forward and I thought it and have seen as so many cancer a new appreciation for that as. A very good move about military. And march and ends and everybody is true military yeah it just eight is us. It was a great movie if it perfectly. Well on Saturday night on the essentials. Did rear window rear window Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey were commenting on them to extort. Ike I watched that Saturday and I think it's good films packs a punch through the up down. Well speaking of movies it was 35 years ago this weekend the influential science fiction film blade runner open in the US to look at its legacy. Either because. The just a year after Harrison Ford thrilled audiences as Indiana Jones in 1980 one's Raiders of the Lost Ark they weren't quite ready forum is Rick -- the hard boiled android hunting cop in director Ridley Scott's dark this dopey and future Los Angeles reviews were very next though the movies groundbreaking design and the soundtrack by Ben jealous were praise own. Later latter has since become an influential much imitated classic Harrison Ford returns opposite Ryan Gosling and the sequel blade runner 2049. Due out in October Christopher Watson ABC news. Later under celebrated the anniversary. It was thirty years ago today it came out in Wichita movie theaters dragnet the movie. The papacy this. I think I saw that on. At home and then act Roy death. Playing India Italy ended Jack went character here is very good yeah he did he had done that on Saturday Night Live needed to dragnet parodies. An attorney until I was doing pretty well it's hit and miss at border's pretty good he wanted Jim Belushi to be his partner but for the unit one with Tom Hanks. I feel as one Tom Hanks is more irritating rolls. I like Tom and most movies and I humanist. And one very much like himself when you can be placed himself pretty much as a kid you know. But you know I guess you know dreaded that they were doing a parity of dragnet it was fitness comes up. I did cast Christopher Plummer Harry Morgan came back and appeared in it for Portland on guys right now. Dabney Coleman was and it's. It you know it made. The budget was twenty million bucks and made 66 million to make money. And Tom Hanks and and an accurate even recorded single. A city crime. Which they played over the closing credits. Between a minor hit that summer dragnet. Came out the movie came out thirty years ago today. And finally we look back on this day in history in a little bit of a bittersweet note he was forty years ago on this night. That Elvis Presley. Gave his last concert. It was on it was forty years ago tonight in Indianapolis. Market square arena tells me his last concert appearance. Performed all the classics and did CC rider I got a woman jailhouse rock. Our never. Did it. Apparently one of the best numbers and tonight we bridge over troubled water really. In the midway point concert dad he finished up he finished up doing a pretty good rendition of hurt and need hound dog it. You special thanks to the audience and finished up with can't help falling in love with you. Crowd what time they were tied to him and around wished him farewell and is Elvis left the stage he said we'll meet you again god bless adios. Countless left. Concert stage in buildings in six weeks later GAAP net that was the end of his concert tour and went home to Graceland six weeks later he was gone from. The 42 and polish. You know wasn't a good concert well Elvis obviously wasn't really top of his game that point in his life. You know things will wait for something he let go a little bit. But you know most people have reviewed the concert. In the past. Find concert but he enjoyed themselves. There's a guy that wrote for the Indianapolis news exact Duncan who wrote a review he was not time. Move and that. He said then you know. Prior written Presley's appearance shortly after ten it was an 830 concert held him until after 10 o'clock. Course there's but to warm up act there was a brash group and you know gospel quartet and a comedian and is sold 30. And he says when you pay fifteen dollars to see Elvis he should see over for three hours instead of one hour twenty minutes Elvis can't go the distance and its people shouldn't charge so much. Fifteen dollars induct him. Equivalent of sixty today. And this is the souvenir hawking to embarrass Presley to a guy actually came on the PA three times urging the crowd to visit the souvenir stands even listed the prices. Vendors in the crowd sounded that they were talking balloons and searches. He later on in the article he said it's time that ardent Presley fans quit protecting their idol start demanding more they know the team can do better. This guy was inundated with angry mail from. From Elvis fan probably stopped being a columnist retired and I were not happy he says he says most the people were pretty angry at him about this time. Deserted his column and that review of that concert is still studied by Presley fans and buy music historians. Back on that. Whether or not that was. Honest assessment of where the king once that point concert career. Elvis' final concert it was forty years ago on this night in downtown Indianapolis. That arena is gone now too but there's a marker to marker there than that commemorates Ellis is Larry concert in the parking lot there that arena and use the team. Entertainment news in the blurs rob Steve and I are good friends down at pizza John the end there and it. Early Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM make sure you check him out just head on down K fifteen to 208 south Baltimore and enjoy yourself at speeds and John's and in every ever donated to see if there. Friday night sink in time and you and you and your public life where there on Friday in the field 8843 now Stevens Ted. Upgrades on the way for ambassador hotel in downtown Wichita. The witness what you got his journal update is on the way Stevens at the morning on in a sense.