Steve and Ted: The Wichita Business journal looks at telecommuting

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 19th

More and more businesses allow their employees to work from home.


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I've got to be environmental issues facing him. Quiet and he had been diamonds like the most boring thing I mean CNN. Then resigned. There has thrown only. All the name oh yeah. 98713. 38 minutes as we are seeing intended in the morning. And it's a Friday morning may nineteenth 2017. And 745. If you need to be at work at 8 o'clock he got about fourteen minutes to get there. Now all three big things we've Stevens Anthony. President trump and First Lady on their first overseas trip since moving into the White House. Memorial service for fallen law enforcement officers have Wichita City Hall noon today. At least three tornadoes touched down in Kansas. But no serious damage and no injuries reported three big things even dead on CNN Sampras. The gasoline prices today in the wintertime area perceive to fourteen. Gallon and in most places I can find better though with 211. Spotted that as Douglas and Seneca. Traffic on state and assets brought to budget problems Charles Goodyear tires. Located downtown market and Waterman of the east cherry street Moline on wanna grow tired dot com we'll look for 3495. Will. You really get a real good chance for rain again today in fact. An 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms today. With a high of 73 degrees and 70% chance for rain tonight possibly heavy overnight lows 51 missed. Saturday partly cloudy with a high of 64. I don't know these guys we have an east wind at six miles per hour and 63 degrees. You're up for your summer activities with a new ham for ham and Jackson. See their selection of Chile at prices can't be beat and they know. Out of fit them at the clock tower in delay no hat man Jack's. And just another quick note about the weather this morning we're talking about in our news stories three. At least three tornado sightings on the ground in Kansas that we know of possibly four. And now the weather service and some of the sources are saying even more than that yeah so you know the preliminary saying is it's three but they make him up that. Indeed Oklahoma and Kansas both maybe ten or more. Tornadoes on the ground most of them in rural areas. And so we don't have a lot of damage to report this morning but there is one of those situations. You're in May here in Kansas and Oklahoma and day to be able spotty but there it is. And it's more severe weather coming through our area. 747 now Steven Ted a glamorous symbol of Hollywood's golden age ninety years old. Grauman's Chinese theater began as a movie palace in 1927. King Carl made his cinematic debut there in 1933. There was a yellow brick carpet in The Wizard of Oz premiered in 1939. George Lucas brought. NC three PO along for the premiere of Star Wars in 1977. And the two droids left their marks with the cement out front yeah Romans is now known is that TCL Chinese theater. It first opened on May eighteenth 1927. And has been hosting movie stars and fans every cents. And capture that and haven't been to Hollywood I think maybe pretty cool place. And if I did I don't retain any thing going down Rodeo Drive or any of that stuff it's kind of it is the kind of a small place to give out their ground and it's no good to Hollywood. Mean talk about if they think I agree big city but it it's not that big exited the studios the old studios cuddle up together there. I have been there for a long time. It's and he get out there on placed and is now. There's a lot of your interest and that it pushing people out there in California no doubt no doubt about that Rahman's pretty cool place and of course they diddle scene there at. Bam blazing saddles that's right Hadley. Mark tried to get in on a student at Lilith act I'd. The naming of us special prosecutor brings support on Capitol Hill but not at the White House a jury your political insights from ABC news president trump responding publicly for the first time to the newly appointed special counsel to oversee the Russian investigation. Well I respect the move but the entire thing has been a witch hunt and that there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign. But I can always speak for myself and the Russians zero. Robert Mueller selection created a rare bipartisan moment on Capitol Hill the former widely respected FBI director served under President Bush in Obama Republican senator Lindsey Graham general consensus. It was a good decision to pick a special counsel a lot of confidence in. Mr. Muller deputy attorney general was behind closed doors with senators and told them he knew the former FBI director was going to be fired the day before he wrote his letter to the president democratic senator Claire McCaskill knew it colony was going to be relived. Prior to him writing them president comes that he is very close to choosing his nominee der please call me as FBI director and former democratic senator Joseph Lieberman as his top choice those a year political insight Serena Marshall ABC news Capitol Hill. 750 now Steven and Ted and at the workplace is changing and editor bill well coached under Israel's tells all about it good morning bill. Good morning guys the other big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today you working without walls more and more companies are allowing their employees. To telecommute or work from anywhere as long as they get their work done. It can be at home of the copy shop or anywhere else for the Internet connection. We take a look at the good things about telecommuting and some of the drawbacks and what telecommuters think of working in a remote office. For example the Flint hills group has 34 full time and part time contract engineers. Their collective work is done for the clout in the communications go through an app called slack. They can send messages shared documents archive their communications. One person we talked you said telecommuting is one of the top five topics in talent retention. This week's top 25 list Wichita as largest independent insurance agencies they're ranked by 2016 Wichita area premium volume. The IMA financial group is on top of premium volume of 450 million dollars. Next is Arthur J. Gallagher and company nearly 179. Million dollars. The rest of the top five Hays companies of Kansas US side insurance services and hub international. Local breaking business news everyday on can't SS Sander Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm due Roy. All right thanks bill flow on Wall Street Thursday shares rallied partly chaired by a positive report on jobs. But it followed the worst drop in eight months fears are growing recently that president trump may have trouble. In acting egg tax cuts and other business friendly policies. Yes senator poor's 500 index rose eight points the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 56 points NASDAQ Composite Index gained 43 points Reid said. Some pretty good days of the stock market here recently infective went over the past month we've gone up but that's. S diplomats is can go on down maybe finding. A more realistic places I don't know and could be. Looking at the Kansas weather center radar this morning and not much going on opera at all right up around great men again. Line of showers up north and great man couple lines of showers up to the north Lance a little bit near Manhattan and K state. Down to the southwest. You're down by Woodward Oklahoma some showers cropping up down there. But did last night they were talking about that we were talking about on. On our weather coverage the possibility of tornadoes again out around great band pony rock where they just got it. Just the other day right now in Italy and cleaned up that cleaned up yet militancy and possibly more storms coming their way that's yet to be. A real shocker so I will keep you posted on the weather as we always do well we got lucky last night we didn't have any of those. Super wide long track tornadoes right then they said it was a possibility now that happened but the end of tornadoes on developing clusters that lesson there effective. Missed it she's developed to develop into those big ones seems to be snowy you know we were spared that. Today is national bike to work day and if Europe riding your bike you listen to us right now be careful. I don't see and course we don't commutes during. The time that the draw route they're going to work right now. Dinara or currency so we don't see already here people who bike to work I knew Manolo one gentleman who used to buy Dortmund. Every day of wars the Sudan incidents in the whole thing but it it's not very convenient. Considering the hours we work in the distance we are from the radio station at least idiots and it's quite it's quite a drive to get your from a helps solve the bicycling is not realistic. It would take me two days to get here if I might be late. For the Stephens analyst have a list of excuse there's always an excuse isn't there. And even again kind of behind the scenes that we've been talking about workplaces and so forth and and bill Roy talking about with which oppositional talking about telecommuting and all that it does yeah not terribly realistic for us. At least under under circumstances here we need to be here in the studio with eye contact and endurance thing. And so we yeah you know this is bought. This is the anniversary coming up this weekend the second anniversary of moving into these studios. These brand new studios record Danica which are so many people that. All you need to do your job as a computer to phone. I don't need to be tied to a desk in a building for eight hours to do that it's right to do that anywhere and that's what does it as for those type jobs if you're player gives you the freedom to do that. The retirement talent retention and you know with unity I need a desperate hours all the work for somebody let me do my own thing if you Indian or Janette Bruno and you know that somebody would be wanted to come out there and keep anonymous just to make sure. I. Or low and right. Well messier now. Then he's player wants to make sure your work in the Zane noticed the ports workplace has certainly changed any there there has and many respects much the same and were talking earlier about. Working and moving into this in the studios and all the had to be done to make sure that all the the equipment was right now everything in news it was a two it was challenge frankly we came in here and we are corny couple new computer programs analyst but they were here. And we love it it's a great place to work and of course had a comment the best radio company in the entire world so poorly vetted and that right. Right 755 down Stevens had covered else. That's 8 o'clock McCain has this morning is the Stephen dead. Severe weather includes several tornadoes in Kansas that story and more news at 8 o'clock they possess on K and assets.