Steve and Ted: Wingnuts postpone home opener

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 19th

Wichita to play 2 on Saturday, Royals beat the Yankees.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk and weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the game is as sporting news was even Ted Weinstein back in time. Severe weather includes several tornadoes in Kansas we've got the story I'm battlefield. Obama says he won't pre judge voter fraud and panel's finding a memorial today for fallen police officers on it would blurred those details just ahead he. Five years ago when Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco no real life fatal attraction that turns into a media frenzy. And ABC spark them alive with a look back coming out at Harvard student submitted a special album. Or his senior thesis. I'm ABC's Dave Shriver. More on that story coming up. I'm OK and SS meteorologist Dan holiday we could see if you strong storms this afternoon but our main threat it's gonna be heavier rainfall are forecast in minutes. The National Weather Service says at least three tornadoes touched down briefly. In mostly rural areas of Kansas as is appeared storm system stretch from Oklahoma into south central Kansas. The tornadoes were reported in Barton. Barber and Ford counties Thursday afternoon with a possible rain wrapped twister near Salina. Strong wind triggered one severe thunderstorm warning in force Sedgwick county. Some tree damage is reported in the area the National Weather Service reports overnight rainfall in Wichita. At only about a quarter of an inch no injuries are reported with the storms. A firefighter has died and two others were hurt battling a four alarm blaze in San Antonio overnight flames were shooting through the roof with strip shopping center when the first fire trucks rolled up firefighters rushed inside the. The fire was so intense we started out destructive collapses. And we had to go defensive. San Antonio fire chief Charles would say it's three of his people were trapped two meted out one did not give us your prayers tonight. There were murdered her six year firefighter Scott dean was killed two of his colleagues are hospitalized. Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas. As president from prepares for his first official foreign trip he's dogged by investigations at home. The president is sticking to his guns insisting the FBI's investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt the entire thing has been a witch hunt and there is no collusion between. Certainly myself and my campaign. But I can always speak for myself and the Russians zero. What he's entitled to his opinion I would suggest that to the president that one has been appointed honor that decision cooperate where is appropriate even as members of his own party like senators Lindsey Graham Bob Corcoran Jeff flake. Aren't sticking with him to name Norman ABC news Washington. Kansas secretary of state Chris cope Bucky is preparing to help lead a new presidential commission on election fraud call hawk was the first state elections chief do gain a prosecutors' powers. He says he's not pre judging what might be happening in other states before the commission appointed by president trump. Begins compiling hard data. In Kansas he has described the dozens of non citizens on board rules and mine successful prosecutions. As evidence of a significant problem. Voting rights advocates though have criticized the commission and cold box appointment. He is the new commissioners vice chairman with vice president Mike Pence sans the chairman Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. Today in downtown which it's on a law enforcement memorial service will be held at City Hall. Each year during the week of may fourteenth law enforcement agencies across America remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. To keep peace in their communities. Since making 71. Point nine law enforcement officers and certain accounting now fallen in line of duty. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says that includes nineteen Wichita police officers ate Sedgwick county sheriff's deputies. One officer from derby and one from Clearwater. At memorial service is at noon today in the City Council chambers at Wichita City Hall. The chair of the house oversight committee is leaving congress. Republican Jason chases says it's time to move on. He says he's been sleeping on a cot in his congressional office holding only a bike in Washington DC congressman Jason chase it says he's gone living that way and one to go home to Utah this is. Not some spontaneous decision that happened the last little while we. We had a pretty good sense this the end of march Javed says congress doesn't pay enough on its own nab a comfortable life in Washington and in Utah Alex Downey ABC news. Gators is used I'm now 8044 minutes past either Clark. Coming up in sports baseball action Friday. Take number two for the wing nut season opener tonight coming up in sports a rap album that as a senior thesis at harbor with. That story coming up on McCain is just sporting news that Stevens head. CNN is a sporting news receiving death toll now 8 minutes past 8 o'clock. It was 25 years ago today the nation was captivated. By a love triangle that nearly turned deadly. It was may nineteenth 1992 when seventeen year old Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head nearly killing her. Fisher had been having an affair with Buttafuoco has been Jolie. And auto mechanic in Long Island. The real life fatal attraction tipped off the nationwide media frenzy surrounding Fisher in the bottom who goes to Fisher sentencing where Mary Jo spoke I have. Some days it's almost there. To Joey Buttafuoco is arrest and sentencing to prison for statutory rape Fisher served seven years in prison for the shooting mark Muller ABC news New York. A student. At Harvard has submitted a special album for his senior thesis. Most Harvard students wrote papers for their senior thesis opus I shark turned and attend tracked. Rap album and what it means to be in black and there shouldn't. Shocked was the first student. History of Harvard to submit a rap album as a senior thesis in the English department he says he was inspired by chargers. Canterbury tales. The album called him criminal minds we got the equivalent of eight minus twenty year old stone mountain Georgia. Graduate with honors next week day Schreiber. ABC news start teachers more than 500 people with intellectual disabilities in Wichita Stuckey director of communications Jamie oh pat. Tells can assist you some appliances stay with star key for a long time we show up. A photo from home this Turkey's goal in 1954. And three of the kids in that photo we still serve today. And so that issue sense that we are there for a lifetime and for those kids their family members have passed away and says Turkey is a family. I'm for the people that we support. Jamie open our guest this weekend and issues when he 17 Sunday morning at eight on Kahan SS. KSS news time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. And got a cult just a little bit ago from one of the traffic trackers traffic tracker Ron called end. He said that death at Seneca and McClain and despite its gasoline prices 20 not full. Well to a nine gasoline there are lots of these fronts in which hostile to fourteen. Traffic update from case and as as radio on jet Jesus at the forecast with K innocent staff meteorologist Dan holidays get going then what good morning we get a break from the rain a while this morning but it comes back by mid day into the afternoon it had some of the rainfall could be heavy at times a flash flood watch will stay in effect. Today's high 74. Occasional rain and thunderstorms through this evening we overnight low 51 and we'll see this is to move out by early tomorrow Saturday breezy with a high 65. Mid seventies Sunday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays thank you then now it's cloudy skies 64 degrees we have an east wind. At six miles per hour 811 here on a Friday morning. And we've seen another dramatic drop in apprehensions along good. US Mexico border did it tell us about it this morning live from Dallas ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan devoting Jim. Good morning to get this this six consecutive month of declines in the number of people who were apprehended tried to come into the country illegally through the southwest border. There was 151780. Last month the number of apprehensions sounds like a lot did you consider that down by nearly a thousand from the month before. In March Homeland Security secretary John F Kelly said. But pat what an unprecedented decline in traffic you'll see that again happening this but. Don't know what will happen next putt at the numbers continue to drop off they have perhaps a year or state. So you've taken but we're talking about every month one in excess of thirteen 141000 people that are apprehended coming across the border. Exactly I mean there's no way of knowing of course how many people actually slipped through. Abide did ya I think he can you assume that because. Cure people are being taken into custody Border Patrol agents are more. Easily able to focus on those people and that it the numbers of people successfully getting in have declined as well. Are there any year is dissident I don't really give away any state secrets birds any. Specific places where they they. The Border Patrol actually concentrate about there are they know the places where there a most popular to get across there. Well absolutely I mean I know best here in Texas that. That the area right or wrong or log El Paso the Rio Grande there. It's it's shallow would rotate it's an easy place for people to get through there at places like the Davis mountains in west Texas is almost impossible to come across the border there so yes it's those easy border crossings that are being concentrated on both the most there is still plan to deploy another 5000 or so Border Patrol agents and support. In the next few months. On the throttle curve Acura now because I and I know you know what's been going on with the weather down there in Texas we've had pretty rough night last night here in. In Kansas says you may have heard a couple of tornadoes up here how things go down in Texas right now. Well aware there's a chance for some severe weather here this afternoon they're there were storms blowing up out west of here west Texas in moving in this direction and there is the possibility of severe weather. Right through tomorrow afternoon here we did have some sixty mile an hour gust last night but in Denton county yet so yeah we've got a little taste of that thing like. Of people in bed northwestern Oklahoma and in your part of the country Dolan. Well usually you view you guys hit your share but that meant that your Jim Pate thanks a leopard user ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan. I'm talking about dramatic. Drop in apprehensions along the US Mexico border. They're talking about did you hear that 151000. Apprehensions. Apprehensions among all the people coming across there. And again in and you talk about 151000 that's 151000 people they caught coming for us. In that's pretty porous border down and no matter what we what I met you you may think about the idea to build a wall there that does seem to be. A little bit of a problem of people this coming over. Today is. Friday may nineteenth 2017. And at honesty and 1877 the big flood. This comes from our crack research department Ted Woodward and the department of one list for heady days of rain in a week led to a great flood in Wichita Wichita as worst flood ever and a section of the people we're building an arc frantically. At the occidental hotel second in Maine. A body of water 150. Feet wide and two feet deep. Everything north of second street was underwater now downtown Wichita is under two feet of lost some yes some of it up there's some evident that the up to three feet. Down there it did and that was the 1877. A big fraud the big flood. In central which fell water was nine feet above flood stage. In nineteen feet. That's that's that's a deeper look pretty bad now. The governor of Oregon has pardoned a fourth grade boy who swiped at hazel nut. And depend during a recent tour the State Capitol. Hazelnut one what do you get it Marty get one hazelnut and probably off the governor's desk there governor Kate brown tweeted out a photo of the boys apology letter along with a caption I think we can forgive Samuel. Don't you think oregonians. That we immediately got many likes and read tweets. In the pencil written letters the boy explains that he visited the capitol building on a classroom too were on April 19 and took the items. Included with the letter were the pen. And one dollar to cover the cost of the stolen pagelet. You know on this quarter British athlete you know had set. Some qualms about wracked with guilt yen as the Catholic you know in return. And letter brown said she accepted his apology and forgave him on behalf of all or Oregon Leon's. Happy ending there I guess by twin granddaughters are in the fourth grade so. Sounds like something that could happen to them on one of their field trips although they never been to the capital. Have you heard we Urich did a youngster did you look field trips in your schools to check yes did you really we didn't we didn't have a lot of that in my day. Where to go anything exciting new until about how is the usual circuit countdown went to the rainbow bread factory. We did and collected crayons factory down via new yen down in wind he went to the candy factory down and Dexter and well we we're and I into the Pepsi Bottling plant right pit Pepsi had a Coke bottling plant yet you grade gold medal they gave you those little tiny loaf of bread apple is like. Electorate Johnny did take of we did take a field trip to the capital we them that the beacon. I did in sixth grade. Are classic Peterson that was our our our trip at the end of this school year in sixth grade. And I would stuff. It would deliver a train. That by train the school today into the filter on account lane at passenger train and had reached to the capital on the train came back. I'd be very nice I can remember. That I sat on the train with the young lady who is my girlfriend at the time whose name shall remain completely. Under wraps as she still lives here and I don't wanna bearish now. Understood you to deduct YouTube and it it if I said her name in the air people would be you know. Chastising her for but anyway we had a good time. We got back and her dad picked us up at the at that train station downtown ever created I think it was a Buick convertible event mr. You believe that. Our big trip to Topeka. And us that state capital and I've never been back to the capitals it's in the ensuing fifty plus years are. Big field trips 818 now he's serious about that Yemen back the capital. No I've been to the city of course to be a couple of times they have been back to visit in the capitol building itself. They've of course they just redid they just finished up pretty much the renovations you know is it is spectacular. Well pretty nice and it is railing nine is that they they get that job and are there jobs they needed it then 2818. Now Stephen timber to talk about baseball Ted Woodward this morning. Games that happened and one game snaps right to. Well Wichita wing nut season opener didn't get both owned by the weather last night so let's try it again tonight as an opener for the Wichita wing nuts taking on the Salina stock Qaeda. That is tonight 7 o'clock downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium will be giving away free schedule magnets and free posters and all sorts of things. It's as the wing net begin their tenth season in franchise history. Because yesterday was postponed they will play a doubleheader tomorrow on Saturday couple's seven inning games at 5 PM tomorrow. Kansas City Royals and Major League Baseball last night taken on the first place New York Yankees up at Kauffman Stadium the royals were trying to avoid the sweep. The royals only got five hits last night. But one of them was hurt the big you heard it on tea faiths of formula. And stock is slamming a three run home run that should help Smith. Danny Duffy. Got his first win in more than a month he was a really good last night seven innings only gave up three hits and a season high ten strikeouts. Royals beat the Yankees five to one. Now the royals are on the road this weekend visiting the first place Minnesota Twins. The royals only have five road wins all season long and it's the worst in the Major League keeping its road wins this weekend tonight tomorrow afternoon Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis. Was the royals in the twins' lives every day on Sports Radio tape at 81240 AM 975. FM. College Baseball for Wichita State on the road at Indiana State shoppers lost the opener yesterday thirteen to six. Wichita State four and twenty on the road this season. The shocker full wrap up their regular season with two more games in terra haute 5:30 PM today at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon Mike Kennedy in shame Dennis live coverage of soccer baseball right here. I'm 987 and thirteen thirty feet in that's asked. The hot rod racing the national hot rod association top fuel circuit heading to Kansas this weekend it's the Menard heartland nationals at heartland park into peca. Today through Sunday the final on Sunday afternoon hot rod racing. Jim goes softball national tournament action Butler community college is in the division one tournament at a new Tom butler's ranked number one in the nation. They whipped Howard of taxes fifteen to three yesterday butler's now 55. And one on the season. Take on fifth ranked central Arizona this afternoon butler's made it all the way to the final four in the winner's bracket the division one national tournament. And at the division two national tournament and softball in Mississippi. Seventh ranked Cali college beat number two Kirkwood Iowa afford three yesterday. Cali has now won fourteen of its last sixteen. Cali has advanced into the final four of the winner's bracket at that turn it takes on third ranked Phoenix this afternoon. Alley in Butler both make it into the final four at the national winner's bracket in their respective tournaments. Indoor football tomorrow night a big one for the Wichita force the defending league champs visiting Dallas marshals tomorrow night. Wichita is just one game behind Dallas for a playoff spot with three games to go in the regular seasons that's a big one tomorrow night for the force on the road. Listen live at 7 o'clock tomorrow night force football right here on page and. This ass at sports which Stevenson you know what I evidence. I think I do or die time for our prairie fire coffee break on princess got a break. Very prior call Prius the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire coffee at your office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Eight when he can now given here for the Hannity morning minutes. John says CNN is obsessed with attacking Donald drop. Stevens head of the morning on Kate in a sense.