Steve and Ted: Wins for the Royals and the Wingnuts

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 14th
Ted gives us a recap of wins for the Royals and the Wingnuts.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news kid SS Wichita is number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock this is the case in assists for users to even dead and Steve Macintosh. Highrise building fire in London overnight but many casualties we've got the story. Wichita police look for suspect in the rape of a child lines it would word those details just ahead on penalty you. Kansas lawmakers budget mandates reviews of undue burden project what you have fallen. Attorney general Jeff Sessions testimony on Capitol Hill I maybe these mega news I'll have the latest. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan holidays after a long stretch of dry weather we finally got some rain in Wichita is more on the way. Our complete forecast coming up. KE NS is breaking news house majority whip Steve's release and aides were shot. At a baseball practice in Virginia. This morning Fox News has confirmed. The shots reported on the east of Monroe street in. Del Rey Alexandria. Alexandria police said on Twitter at 7:30 AM that location near a YMC. Today. And we understand from fox to shooter has been shot and killed again this is coming from Fox News house majority whip. Steve still Lisa H shot. At a baseball practice in Virginia. Today and that we don't have any word yet. On the condition of about congressman's Phillies or the aids. The police are investigating the case of a seven year old girl was raped in northwest Wichita. You're thirteenth the ninth to 35 police Sargent Mickey would rose says it happened early Sunday when a man entered an apartment on Smith court sexually assaulting the girl then leaving. An adult in the house was awakened by the current trial learned from the travel what happened and called 911 for assistance. Right now we're asking anyone who may observe anyone ordering or behaving suspiciously in that area over the past couple days. To please call which Rossiter Kenny EMC unit at 6609494. Investigators are hoping nearby residents may have spotted the suspect at some point. I suspect description is as big as it is we wanted to put that out to everybody. Right now it is an unknown white male. Clean shaven. Light colored hair. Jeans and an unknown shirts. Anyone who wants to make an anonymous tip may call crime stoppers at 2672111. That little girl remains in the hospital recovering from her injuries. Kansas legislators want to have multiple reviews of a plan to build a new state prison. Before governor Sam Brownback administration moves forward with project. Even included a provision in the next state budget requiring the oversight. Department of corrections hopes to finalize a contract this fall with a private company to build a new president Lansing to replace the State's oldest and largest one. Department has proposed having the company leased the new prison to campus were up to forty years before the state owns it. The proposed budget would authorize a lease purchase agreement and up to 155 million dollars in bonds for traditional financing of the project. But it also mandates reviews by a building advisory panel to legislative committees and legislative leaders penalty OK and SS news. Harrowing stories of survival front and engulf the London apartment building the overnight blaze erupted in minutes. Mickey lives on the seventh floor with his daughter and girlfriend he says they're lucky they escaped. And just keep it up Adobe just screaming enough benefit in the populace it felt like second certificate just got an up and up and up and up. And they she's nothing like we've got some entitlement exhaustive. Authorities say there are multiple fatalities in that blaze in London. Attorney general Jeff Sessions denied any collusion with Russian officials while he worked on the trump campaign. He denied a private meeting with the Russian ambassador to Mayflower Hotel but a lot of the fallout after the hearing on Capitol Hill may be on what sessions did not say. Democrats angry at the attorney general's refusal to answer questions. Senator Martin Heinrich is worried it's part of the trump administration playbook. And they can't have it both ways they want invoked executive privilege to do that. But they're not going to be I can't answer. Republican senator Marco Rubio said the president needs to be able to talk a members of his cabinet in bride. Prison president in the history of the United States. That does not have that expectation unless those conversations or wrongdoing which there is. However the senators may compel more testimony later sessions could also provide more details in closed session mega news ABC news Capitol Hill. Wichita police have released the name of the man who died near downtown Wichita when the car he was in was hit by a train late Sunday night police Sargent Mickey Woodrow. The victim has been identified as forty year old Dion Andre Parker from what you talked. The driver left the scene and we are still attempting to a democratic driver we do not have an identification on him yet. The train hit that car in the 700 block of east Indianapolis near Kellogg in Washington. Three months ago rooster the police dog were shot and killed while trying to stop an armed suspect himself Wichita. Toy Hauptmann. Director of Wichita as parks and recreation department says the meridian dog park the 21 in meridian in northeast Wichita. Is going to be named after rooster. Although it was a very tragic situation. Given up his life that he's going to be. In memory. With a plaque. Where citizens can be recognized. It is Cain and mr. Hart. Rooster was the first Wichita police canine killed in the line of duty. Can assist you time now 7055. Minutes spent 7 o'clock. Late night baseball action for the Kansas City Royals on the West Coast out of the royals do in their first trip up the sand brands in the World Series a few years ago. Countless highlight some of sports. Today is day three of jury deliberations and bill Cosby's trial. That story coming up on the case in us this morning news was even dead. McCain is sporting news receiving death now several mine and 9 minutes past 7 o'clock. But the first case of West Nile Virus found in Kansas lacks last week it's important to know how it's transmitted. Any Worthington is with the Kansas department of health and environment. I'm hired to not to transferred from person to earth and it's changed her truth but I haven't. Active mosquito. It's also possible though not as common to transmit the virus through a blood transfusion. The Bill Cosby sexual assault trial enters a third day of deliberations today. It's fate still unclear Bill Cosby walked to his car last night leaving his pain and smiling at a smattering of support claims. I don't believe he did any of the things that they say he has William Anderson lives here in Norris town it's at the accuser story of being assaulted after kospi gave her pills doesn't add up especially against a celebrity who exemplified family values I grew up watching it got so obviously I don't think. He would do anything. He conceded some doubts with more than fifty women accusing Cosby a similar attacks right Nokia ABC news Norris town Pennsylvania. An American college student held in North Korea for a year and a half has returned home in high heel. But his health is in question. A Cincinnati man is back home after being released from a North Korean prison auto warm beer. Was detained by North Korea for trying to take a political side last year and was sentenced to fifteen years in a labor camp. The 22 year old has been in a coma for over a year. He's now receiving treatment at the University of Cincinnati medical center Ricky chino ABC news Cincinnati. Dana says it is time now 710 and 10 minutes and 7 o'clock here on a Wednesday morning June 14 Flag Day. And doesn't get traffic death. And this morning in traffic here in Wichita things going pretty well we're starting to see some slowdowns in the traffic construction on west Kellogg due to dia. Our traffic volumes right now right around high 1835. Traffic update on T an answer yes I'm Kent chambers. And now McCain is a storm tracker three forecasts from Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith in the good morning Leon. It would be I'm doing fine as the title reign come through here a few hours ago but dead. Didn't seem to cool things off for make him make him any less money than their work. It yet you're gonna make it worse dispersed them again it goes you know obviously that it didn't rain now the ground those saturated Google them or eastern and that great up and we'll have a he'll do it in the difference the days we. Don't have those epic win like we did yesterday but it still going to be pretty warm night or cry out what went by in which really. And I've done and good relief forest and it looks like the storm chances will stay at Bain they'd eat east of the turnpike later this definitely let it go out. Anthony Kansas weather center radar and there is some showers but they're way off to the east now it. They tracked daddy here quickly this point yet of Rainey got came and it guy you're pretty quickly you may -- them under you know beautiful like mentioned this morning but otherwise it it. The time being I'd vote today which I think quite worked on late afternoon the turnpike can't rule out. I think we're going to be hot and humid today but getting word that we end and Al. Natured us and a yesterday dirt running in every into. Decided it's in these itself when was a real challenge but today man to beat of it's going to be money on. When he got Garrett that I like dessert and he's a McCain since I came in SS storm tracker three forecast with Kansas State meteorologist. The announcement and thank you Leon it's now 712 now 12 minutes past 7 o'clock and we have late. A situation in London this morning and overnight a 27 Storey apartment building fire and apparently there. They're going to be a lot of like casualties a lot of fatalities with a us now live from London. ABC's. 1 Hassan good morning nice to have you with us this morning on a on a. On a very yes yes and I'll about it Horry here's what we are right out at you right at. All patriotic. Act back on the east have called it a complex operation and adding that there has been picked state. They expect in the art of our adding that they are still in the pretty agent in the many people still unaccounted for activity. They do expect that number to go up end and that and people people have been. But like twenty of them are in critical condition is Ari critical condition and that the. 'til eight minute situation and I'm but unlike. Right time in any kind of fire like this innate need to get in there and do some investigation and it. Is this thing under control yet. And even though not more than seven hours of Iowa's reported. It. Pockets that shall we 0:1 AM London I'm at the fire is and I'm hot. When people at Torrey apartment building eighty ill burning I'm necking like it is right now our pocket as saying I can. In the opera pot at the apartment they are still planning out the. Wheldon the united died though saw the images as well on them first thing I thought it was a the fire during 9/11 on our Twin Towers and a is this building at 247 stories high is there. It there's some question about whether that's gonna keep standing American come down anytime and you've got firefighters in the line out there right. No that's a very very good point that you bring up the that there is a structural engineer out the building monitoring ability which. Up until now has been deemed they've lacked in impact our firefight is paying them to what to do all. Because there are people who are on account that will that it trying to find out if at all. Wrap but with debris falling I mean I'm looking at like pick of the opinion that. And it is recalling all the time it is funny it seemed like he and it became more more on able. Yeah. But yet again exit. Maybe it's firefighters on and on and I think situation and at your heart wrenching and at all Torry I mean I'd eyewitnesses the quiet during. Greens some people trapped Colin Powell watching people jump out of the banning building at midnight at a union makes it at a. Come out of this it. Right at aching and makes a lot out of NC. And trying to escape that way that he can about it and very very difficult. To keep and also that our site. Thank you for being with us we appreciate your reporting has his Wallace on the live. From London with the bigger apartment fire 27 stories high and they cut six fatalities concerned confirmed. That she said that's of situation where as they go on to gonna find more bodies I mean I can almost guarantee you that a lot of people injured. And it looks like via. That London tower might be leaning a little bit loop. Scary ugly situation. And we've been we told you about at this top of the hour but we're getting that word from Fox News this morning. That house majority of Steve's Kelis and aides were shot at a baseball practice. In Alexandria Virginia. This should be on the east emerald street in Delray Alexandria. Nero YMCA. Don't have any word yet on. On health serious injuries are anything like Dan details. Yet you saw a did you see if we from one of our congressman I did minutes ago. I'd doctor Roger Marshall tweeted that he is okay. And I don't know if that means that he was supposed to be there or he was there or work. Not bitter at what the outlet that he was just making sure that people knew that that he was unhurt and so. And yeah well I know that. They they like to play baseball softball is that congressman some of them get together and do this but apparently. They were having a practice early this morning in somebody showed up charge you the there is word also. Agenda the the shooter is in custody is that correct. Well we're getting conflicting reports about that because Alexandria police are saying that. That the man isn't this shooter is in custody but apparently some eyewitnesses told Fox News that the shooter had been shot and killed himself well in saint. We all are still piecing the story together victim of her right now that's always have dished it to congressman Steve Stanley since some capital needs were shot. In incidence this morning in Alexandria which is basically at a suburb. Of Washington DC and one more tweet coming from Fox News now -- Steve's release was shot in the hip he is expected to survive. While that's good now shot and that it. All right to coming up on us 717. Now it's a little warm and windy Tuesday and south central Kansas high temperature yesterday 93. Normal high is 86 the wind reserve bought about thirty miles per hour most of the afternoon Natalie gusty blustery hot. Earnest Monday in spring day spring day in Kansas and bill one that one gusts clocked at 45 miles an hour. Yesterday and not much wind today but day to be playing monkey 718 now Stephen Ted Schwartz diamond deadly bird ended it does about the the royals. Play in the giants out on the West Coast game kind of get the opposite though whether you look in the stands of the game last night your buddies and coats and hats sweatshirts. Pulled consent for some pool anyway in San Francisco on summer night. But the royals certainly found a way to get things done in their first visit to San Francisco since the when he fourteen World Series. I gave it to the one royals lead. Until the sixth inning and in the royals erupted it. You heard the game last night stayed up late on K debate cheering from the belt now deals and a swing at a little over down the right field line all the runners. Heads I think we can make a play. It rolled into the corner of the right field corner blue scores escobar's floors. Gordon and his store in the third with a three run triple which Merrill field royals lead at seven alone. Bases loaded triple way to go whip it's the runs in the royals won it eight to one and a and the pitching and Jason Vargas does it again he's now on nine and three on the season tied for the Major League lead with nine wins along with Dallas cycle Clayton Kershaw and targets also has a two point 18 earned run average second best in the major leagues as the royals when their third general. They finish up this short two game series in San Francisco today it's a day game out on the West Coast. Live pregame coverage between the royals and giants at 2 o'clock in starts to 45. And that is on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. When no problem putting up runs last night for the first place Wichita wing nuts downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium Wichita with a fifteen to three win over the Kansas City T bones. Twenty hits for the wing nuts last night. That's a season high. As Wichita wins its sixth game in RO. Wing nuts have a three and a half game lead now a top south division. He bones in the wing that's again it's a day game today on summer camp day be a lot of kids in the stadium this afternoon that game will start at 1105. This morning. When it's baseball downtown at Lawrence Dumont stadium. Let's signaling that's a former wing net had a huge night last night in the big leagues right fielder David Perle that for the Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona in Detroit taking on the tigers. This game was tied going into the ninth inning. Until David pearl un tied it here it is on the Diamondbacks radio network. And probably in the national center Colorado is not a week goes back Chris Wallace I. So all right David brought. Out a need this acts. That would be the final score it pearl to with a game winning home run to the former Wichita wing nut. He went three for five last night with a home run and double scored wise he's now batting 319. Minutes in the top ten in the National League now. As of the Diamondbacks get the win former Wichita wranglers Zack Greinke was the starting pitcher in that game he went five and two thirds innings give up some runs but they overall unearned. Greinke now with a three point zero earned run average at the Diamondbacks. When their third in a row. Couple former Wichita baseball players helping them to that win. And it's golf week here in Wichita one more day until we get the or capital classic going. Today's the day before and that means it's pro am action all day long and it's pristine north course. Pro am on in fact. First groups are already on the course today is that the pro am takes place today and we set the stage for tomorrow's opening round here capital classic a lot watch the pro am today for free. And crest view that sports the Stephen Ted KM SS right down seventh when I went and but yet there. Coming up a huge event in November it's William Shatner. Great actor will be appearing live in Wichita. It's called Shatner world we'd just live and it. Well all right they don't bill Shatner will be here in town at the orpheum in downtown Wichita on Friday November 3 of those tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10 o'clock. We've got a pair of tickets to giveaway to go see William Shatner live in performance in Wichita will be giving away those tickets tomorrow morning right you were Stephen Ted. So listen tomorrow morning. Your chance to win two tickets to go see William Shatner. The orphanage be part of his world with a 722 down gives a different Rush Limbaugh morning update Democrats are turning on their own. And traffic and weather covenant Stephen did in the morning on KE NN cents. Minutes this morning show.