Steve and Ted: Wins for the Shockers and Royals

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 20th

Shockers beat KU in college baseball 8-0 and the Royals shut out the Giants.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. This is the king and his escorting you to Stephen dead I'd feed back inside. Kansas corporation commission says no to big energy company mergers we've got the story. Former Wichita football star testifies during his own trial until Woodward of those details just ahead. Bill O'Reilly gets a handshake with the Pope just as we've shown the door at fox. Honeybees he's Mega Millions in Rome with more on the way I'm on a series. High winds on Wednesday car to car to be blown off for the team is interstate really big one injured an apparent case of air raid spilled into the terminal and involve a pilot. I'm ABC's Brian Clark olive details. Coming up I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a cold front is swept through south central Kansas. You'll bring big changes in temperature today but more rain is on the way by late tonight. Our forecast is coming up. Kansas regulators have rejected the proposed sale of the State's largest electric company to a Missouri based utility for twelve point two billion dollars to Kansas cooperate. In commission issued an order Wednesday against the proposal from great plains energy of Kansas City, Missouri. To bite to take a base west our energy critics of the deal argued that great plains will be paying as much as four point nine billion dollars too much. Bill O'Reilly got in a handshake with the Pope justice he was being shown the door. Fox a former top post at Fox News managed to shake the hand of Pope France's. The very morning that he was fired from his primetime slot at fox due to an onslaught of accusations of sexual harassment and advertisers fleeing as a result. O'Reilly has been here in Italy on vacation and attended the weekly general audience at Saint Peter's Square the talk show hosts had no official audience with the Pope. He sat in a VIP section and Saint Peter's Square with tickets that archbishop Dolan of New York helped him get Mega Millions ABC news. Rome one person was injured after a car traveling on I 135 was blown off the highway near mountain ridge Wednesday afternoon. He's Highway Patrol report the incident occurred shortly after 3 PM yeah I think 46. The 2009 Ford Fusion was driving south parent. Katie HP reports the car was being driven by 260. Polite to me and who struggled mile markers sign it came to arrest in the N mediated. The card then continue heading south for about a half of my elbow forced puppy on the shoulder. The driver with taking into new did medical center hip injury either I've known at this time. On a Perry Cain and SS news. Former Wichita high school football star and Dallas Cowboys tailback Joseph Randle. The witness stand in his own trial yesterday against the objection and his defense attorney Stephen manga. Randall faces charges of aggravated battery destruction of property and other charges. Randall insisted in front of the jury that he was a victim and felt threatened on the night in question. Prosecutors say he deliberately hit three people while driving onto the lawn of that homeowner. Strange that you drove into your line has said I said in the car for a second to did you drive Inspiron. Yes it is if you hit someone you know and then Carl. Before the defense and prosecution rested their cases the defense asked judge Kevin O'Connor to dismiss all the charges the judge did not agree with that request. The general the jury will begin deliberations today. This week a rabid skunk was founded which does Riverside neighborhood the skunk had gotten into tussle that don't get in the 11100 block of north Perry. The scope was captured the dog has been quarantined a police officer Charlie Davidson tells in SS news how to spot an animal that may be affected. Brady's symptoms in animals include changes in their normal behavior weakness. Loss of appetite loss of coordination. I usual biting or snapping behavior strange localization. And move wildlife along the fear of people. The only pets we advise you may certainly have their current rabies vaccination. If you spot an animal who seems ill aggressive or acting in an in usual manner do not try to approach recanted. It's advise that you call animal control services. Up pilot got caught up in an air rage incidents spilled into an airport terminal or Foster is seen on camera is that Kansas City airport exiting a flight from Dallas behind the pilot losing uniform but traveling as a passenger. Suddenly Foster drops is banks and shoves the pilot who falls backwards over his own luggage. Foster was taken into custody where he told authorities he felt the pilot was taking up too much room on the flight in being disrespectful. The scuffle broke out after Foster try to take a picture of the pilot's ID tech the pilots suffered cuts and bruises foster's been charged with assault. Brian Clark ABC news. Kate is is used I'm now 8055 minutes past 8 o'clock. For an these guys and don't wait. An adventure everyday baseball last night for the shoppers and at the royals we have a pair of shot out to tell you about Google had details highlights coming up towards Pittsburg Kansas high school students will attend the white house correspondents' dinner. That story coming up on the day and is this morning is receiving head. The gators have. You see today about 8088 and advanced 8 o'clock. Schools in Santa Fe trails USD 434 and Osage county are canceled today after a threat posted on social media the parent living in the district. Says an automated message was sent around turnaround last night and the school district in the northeast part of the state. This threat was made on social media that threatens turned over to the Osage county sheriff's department who with this kind of has the suspect. In their custody. Through consultations school district police in his best interest of all students and employees to cancel school tomorrow until the facts in this matter are realized. School officials decided to close all the schools in the district including the preschool to ensure the safety of students and faculty. No details on the threat now been released. A group of high school students in Pittsburg Kansas is pretty excited about attending the white house correspondents' dinner next week. Student journalists recently published a story in their school newspaper. It led to the resignation of their school's new principal. When they got the invite senior Reno Paul worried first about what she would Wear. I thought of every. You know prominent person isn't your average journalists and politicians. Celebrity. The students principal resign after the story questioned her credentials astronomers continue to search for places that might sustain life outside of our planet they. May have found yet another goldilocks planet scientists say they may have found yet another. Planet possible sustaining life the study published in the journal nature says the new planet is big and right in the temperature zone for liquid water making life possible. In recent years scientists have discovered dozens of earth like planets. But what makes this one specialist that astronomers are very confident it's a rocky planet it is super sized however about 40% wider than earth. Scientists say they'll continue studying the planet looking for oxygen and carbon which could mean life. Mark Graham Allard ABC news. It is has used time now 81010 minutes and David Clark. We have a traffic accident right now slowing things down. And this is on a bridge road south of central oh Neil street so that's that we're having that traffic accident there again that's that the central. On a ridge road traffic update on Kate and as this Radio One hit chambers. Another forecast looking Unisys deputy college's Dan holidays good morning Dan's. What good morning an area high pressure is going to move in giving it's quite a weather today we should be in the mid sixties by noon time. 69 in breezy for the hi this afternoon. Overnight another storm system coming into our south and west will spread in the chance of showers and storms down to 51 of the kind of flood watch with the rain Friday. Our high 56. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays thank. Then now cloudy skies 56 degrees and off went to thirteen miles per hour 811 with Stephen dead in the morning and tea I was at least. A little surprised and shocked to find out that. Bill O'Reilly had been dead and still leave it there at the Fox News Channel in and who got a little more on the sporting an ABC news correspondent. Brad milky live in New York bred good morning user. Good morning. You know I guess that we were talking about this against you it's broadcasting you know. But you may have the ratings that you may have the revenue but there are roster dog nobody six under expendable is everybody going to be replaced. All the odd couple but is still Riley was in Italy even on a vacation he was just hours south of shaking the pope's hand at the pathetic and it. Later that day he was informed that after days of emergency board meetings said that the board of talks and the Murdoch apparently decided he would not be returning. We don't shelled by that night. Graphic that usually says the O'Reilly Factor will it had just been changed to the factor. And so now next week. Eighties the entire light upon talk. Change and Tucker Carlson will now be his spot. Well ended the guy's been to so crucial to the Fox Network success over the last twenty years it just I don't know I just it's it is surprising. But that these accusations apparently just that kept coming about sexual harassment a. He had it right today you know it really it came to a head over that New York Times article. That showed applied settlements paid by Bill O'Reilly and paid my 21 century fox. Two different accusers some of them first sexual harassment 01 of them actually that fox didn't even know about it. Until they were doing an investigation two of them. Came after the departure of Roger Ailes and I think that was really a red flag took fox did this idea that you know even after Roger ill luck and all the sort of hardly story that we heard from him from employees that worked around him. To get back to the beat somebody else in another really high status position at fox. Which allegedly soliciting women for sex telling them what they should Wear personally insulting them parading them. That apparently proved too much and younger Murdoch Rupert Murdoch's sun is apparently. Prevailed upon him ticketed to boot O Reilly and that's what about that happening. Thanks Brad help then thanks very helpful coverage this morning ABC news correspondent Brent milky in New York in Dover we're taking a vote around the idea. Newsroom this morning saying it he'll be back somewhere. Janet I'm sure he will be. Although he could comfortably retire I'm sure he stuck on the thought oh yeah I he's got plenty of an attack by accident did you go to our website Cain is his radio dot com and be part of it is today Stephen dead. Which Toppert dot com poll. Today's question is should Fox News a parting ways with bill Reilly yes or no. And again to our website Unisys regiment on the Steven did witch doctor Burks dot com poll. It is 814 was Stephen did we have a special guest in the studio this morning Bruce Sutton from bath bidders with us this morning. Good morning brisk morning at a grabbing me how to spell the spread I've just terrible. After my shower and he had to buy new bath fitter bathtub and shower and after they want to I've got wanted to play it we are pleased with that thank. You're gonna reproductive and you've been doing pretty well with us in Kansas. Yes we've really been concentrating on the Wichita area for the past 45 years as become a bigger market. And we've been very successful and a lot of very happy customers. You know and it looked into the palm up Shelley I have an older home in Riverside and she was not comfortable with our drew pictures. And she bugged me for years and years may look at what it would cost to actually have somebody command. Yank the banter about portability and all that and it gets pretty dog on price if you do teller from ground upper right yes. And also the time factor in his lifetime she'll take you weeks to two weeks to do all the demolition and remodel that you guys have a special processed there and most teams in the in the mold a team mate. And it fits right over what you got and you've got a really good selections of contours and and and dead and it just election takes Monday. That's what I like. That's the most survey likes yes that correct we have many different Moulds in our factory down in Nashville. And we will take some measurements will find exactly what your old cast iron or steel bathtub was. And we will make an acrylic liner that fits right over it. And then hours surrounds are completely one piece of there's no grout. There's very little clocking. And there reason to keep played as well and a bad about it. Yes all you need is when an approved cleaner in the squeegee and in the nose grabbing it how does that person get into the bath that are misses but. What you do with your before you well I was have been in the construction remodel business all my life and work with a born and raised in Wichita. Traveled all over the country with different companies. And then had the opportunity. The votes to join bath fitter and get back to tying up streets it's it's fun to go to work if he got a great product and of people right yes we have very good. Product. All of our. People that will. Speak to you and installer all factory trained drug tested and background checked employees and from the consultant all the way yet to use the installer. So I. It sounds great thank you for me what was born British. Brusett with bath fitter and you know generate product when he did you hurt your arm there at scenic. Yeah. You are right I'm very good the past are elect better right now I am left and the character left. All right hey Bruce thanks for being with us this morning we appreciated their thinking that's Bruce Sutton puts bath matters I'm glad Bruce got it fixed up in one day I couldn't have you come in here a week or two without shall be a little game as -- and be rough on me and some the past Bruce got it fixed doesn't know pastor under my arms there it's not that I write to pay by the way the S and their safety whether safety program. From a Sedgwick county emergency management the last once it is tonight. At Park City in the senior center of the injury at 630 they start at 630 there free of charge over the public you might learn something about severe weather 630 tonight in Park City. 818 now Steve intent on K and assessed at rubber restored this morning. Talking about soccer baseball and if royalties or we'll test that's right a couple of match ups last night. At home for each team Kansas City Royals hosting the San Francisco Giants finishing up short two game series. Once again it was tight low scoring games this time the royals. Gave up zero runs when you do that you win games and didn't get much offense but enough. Royals two giants nothing. They split the two game series another great efforts from the starting pitching for the royals' Jason Vargas was the man last night he's now three you know on the season. Seven innings no walks and nine strikeouts only gave up four hits he's now three you know on the season. And he's now unbeaten in his last eight starts at home at Kauffman Stadium. Royals went to nothing a winning homestand for the royals now league a lot of road trip. The heading down to Arlington taxes beginning a four game series against the struggling last place Texas Rangers. The royals and start its momentum here live coverage of the royals in the Rangers begins at 630 tonight game starts little after 7 o'clock. It's on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. Wichita State baseball last night at X stadium on a windy night the shot here's and the Kansas Jayhawks going at it. Shocker Scott great pitching just like the royals did end of Wichita State. Piled up some runs in this game you can break it open late and things that's who has the bats roaring last night. Mike Kennedy would call the game you heard it right here on Kate and as best they won the boy here. Driven deep to left field a bulls will give its gonna get over the left fielder short hops the fans bounces back into play. Like rod is there another man around third don't come home to score. And the shot there's Natalee gets six and nothing on another. Two out two run double by Jordan boys. Shocks go on to win it eight to nothing over the jayhawks as these two split their season series with the team winning at home. Six shocker pitchers combined that four it's shut up nicely done for the shock win last night. College bullying in the intercollegiate bowling championships in Baton Rouge, Louisiana team competition begins today. The shocker women are ranked number one of the nation's shocker man ranked number three. The new men men and women are also in the national appeal for college bowling pins today the singles. Action took place yesterday and it was another big day for shocker junior Sydney brown it's. She beat an apology from Long Island and then in the quarterfinals she'd beat an opponent from Kendry. Sydney Bruntlett has advanced all the way into the final four shall be in the TV national semi finals on Saturday morning. One of the great track and field events in the nation is underway at the Lawrence the ninetieth version of the case you relay is one of the great track and field events in the country. Oh go through Saturday. Can you relay is is a great annual event the dates all the way back to in 1923. That you realize. In emea and Lawrence. The college men's basketball action Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall has hired Donnie Jones join his coaching staff. Jones has been a head coach at. Marshall and at Central Florida and his career last season he was a college scouts for the Los Angeles Clippers coach Marshall says he's known coach Jones for. Twenty years in the finally get to work together Jones joining coach marshall's staff here at Wichita State. A sport for Stephen Ted KN SS. We have a great annual event coming up on Friday may twelfth that the amber waves beer walk in tasting tour that's a benefit or stark he. A lot of fun to get to a explore the delay no district in Wichita and on Leahy sample. Wide selection of craft brews. Courtesy of standard beverage Entercom radio's one of the great sponsors as well circled on your calendar. Did start the benefit the amber waves barely walk and tasting tour in Toledo that's on Friday evening may twelfth. We'll see you there. Post time for our prairie fire coffee break on K Unisys prairie fire coffee is a precious copy of the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee you know these are roasted right here. You Wichita. You can get very fired coffee at your office like we have an hour by calling 2673771. That's 267. 3771 or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Eight what did you down keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes. John takes a look at the New York Times op Ed by a terrorist in his union Israeli prison. That's story coming up David Hill the morning on K and incest.