Steve & Don Grant recount road-rage incidents

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, May 16th
A chance to cool down with MoneyTracker Don Grant, CFP

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Philip is not the answers we live in great country have been around the world the Second Amendment right in his grave. It's not responsible gun control and going in the right it was ten. 97 to thirteen thirty K and it says Stevens in the morning here at 648. Three big things and three city council of up to resolution supporting the which river festival. This. Governor signs bill to compensate wrongly convicted if the diversity council moving ahead with the qualities master plan for big things seem intent on innocent house. Traffic updates here on the Wednesday morning commute in southeast which it. All police checking on the report of the possible hit and run accident and Darian would lawn looking into that. We're the last couple of days we've had gasoline prices up around 75 gallon at Wichita area but they're learning to move. Kate and I says traffic update front do you like Jonas brother and Carl's Goodyear tire that's located downtown market in wonderment in the east cherry street mall. And online at Carl's higher dot com your home for complete car care Joseph to rob Ryan's Carl's Goodyear tires. Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance arraigned today and a high of 83 degrees 10% chance for rain tonight. The overnight lows 62 then on Thursday mostly sunny with a high of 86. Now fog mist coma and sixty degrees. Kagan has just weather brought you by the monarch. Explore your level America's native spirit every Wednesday with four dollars so like Perkins and his keys located 579 west Douglas in historic delay though. The monarch. 6:50 nasty into the morning and redundancy of the money trackers with us in the studio this year ago hello Don and it is but how would your drive in uneventful. Uneventful aside from the jerk. Who ran a red light behind me all her siren or yellow light yeah and then he'd pass me and then when I had to make their riot right turn. He stopped and blocked it no oil mean just and enact it happened. Well I do you still there after four days ago I'm. And turning from rock road on to Douglas down here outgun them the green light inside that I look at to my left to. You're in the get blown through there almost got me he should hit them a lot of just plow into via why he doesn't listen William Mike Dunham was the kind of car. The Stephen tadpole right there it came SS radioed I've come on our web page decision. Probably the most popular poll in the country next to maybe gallery. What do I mean isn't what is your favorite on the outdoor grill kabob still have yet. Could have yeah I love this is to stay on its rolls off the time and we kabob comes in at 0%. There chick you know chicken only 3%. Hot dodger out of thirteen were ago. Stakes. 26%. Now. Challenged and birders going had a 20%. RO. All of the above still gets 31% experts but it's the anchor well you tweeters on there and that that released almost spike up the winners do and while. Losses in technology and healthcare companies helped pull US stocks lower Tuesday snapping an eight day winning streak. By the Dow Jones Industrial Average the broad sell off following a slide in bond prices. Which sent the ten year treasury yield to its highest level in almost seven years. S&P 500 index fell eighteen Dow lost a 193. Men and the drop. Pulled the thirty company averaged the Dow to a slight loss for the year NASDAQ Composite dropped 59 points all right. Car buying mistakes diagram CFP the money tractors borrowing done you know. Yeah I wish the person who's driving in behind me in past that he didn't get a car in of the whining segment of the show that's over now line metro line. Jason David unless you're purchasing a fifteen year old clunker. Buying a car ain't cheap yes I said eat the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that American households spent about 500 bucks per month on buying. Maintaining and ensuring their cars and trucks well when I was or cars. It mourn net. If you drive for fifty years think about that works about to about 300000. Bucks spent on your wheels. Well I've always advocated paying cash for card granddaddy taught me that if you finance in a B you can finance and appreciating asset. And pay cash for one that deep appreciates like automobiles. Most automobiles. Most cars depreciate over their lifetime however. With a very low or no interest rate auto loans that are sort of start to disappear a little bit. It's time to reexamine. Campaigned for with cash. Now if you choose to use financing make sure that the price of your car is exactly the same and that there is no. Price advantage. To either using alone or cash. Given you know another given way to save money is to biased slightly used car I believe that if you can find one it's immediately off lease or. Fewer than two years old with a very low mileage you'll save the most however. Buying a higher mileage car could cost. Cost you less and buying the car but more on the maintenance and repairs also. If you finance that car it's often cheaper to borrow on a new than it is to borrow money used automobile. Financing car with a home equity line of credit or he locked. Eight you know for many buyers it used to be advantageous to using he locked it finance or purchase a car but he locked rates are climbing and they are usually variable so you don't know what the interest rate will be in the next few years. And that new tax cuts and jobs bill that went into effect in 2008 team does not allow for tax deductions. On the interest paid. If the money is borrowed and used for anything other than home improvements. Remember that. For those concerned about fuel efficiency you sure it's great to have a hybrid or perhaps electric vehicle but. They are often dramatically more expensive. With gas as affordable as it is right now even with the go on up slightly. If you crunch the numbers you'll see that even ten more gallons per mile of efficiency. In many cases will not save you enough to cover the cost of the more expensive efficient. Car. So if you have any questions you'd give me a call number six report 2220. To do. Today is national piercing day. Oh while stores shops boutiques and salons across the country are offering piercing specials and other promotions. On national piercing day hug it pierced ears since ancient times body piercings have been used for artistic expression medical treatment. And religious ceremony about what do you what do you it could be yours too. But your piercings I don't have money. Well the theaters showing an end I'd the in the eye browse all the news three all I'm talking about Steve pretty much revolting to me complete turnabout Pearson. The only piercing I've ever had as a colonoscopy. That's a vote. And I consider. And I'll be here's CIA field to go hug they'll ask your doctor illicit. Pledged and given curious about. Mostly women they've got these rings in their nose and they can. And if you get good cold what happens it in beginning gaps not boaters on the thing or what. Did you think about it though you'd. And that and Nash national Abbott you don't mind your wire Graham Pearce years. It's OK so you've been socialized. Well you hang out long enough before you know you'll Dick pierced noses to usher I can't can't wait. 656. Thank you guys these cities. Coming up at 7 o'clock complete look at today's news today that Korean summit may be scrapped. Even though the morning on K and SS. In the Stevens head in the morning every weekday for the money record Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of Castro I asked CT HP is not affiliated with tester I asked orchestra AS. Achieving your personal best on the.