Steve gets some new cable TV receivers

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Wednesday, July 11th
The representative at Cox said his old ones were "ancient."

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Good morning 630 days in advance team in the morning feedback into. And the word. A Wichita police captain that was found guilty of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct. For confronting a teenage referee Eddie you back. Good ball game a judge found captain Kevin mayor's guilty Tuesday and sentenced him to six months of probation. He must also pay 450 dollars in fines. Meters has been on leave cents shortly after a video of a January game an August. Appeared to show him going on the court and shoving the seventeen year old female refereed. Earlier testimony Mears said he didn't shy of the refereed and was just trying to get to his son who was injured. The refereed testified Mears ignored her orders to leave the court shouting obscenities before he pushed her. Peter's attorney says he plans to appeal the ruling Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Yesterday the Wichita City Council considered a request to issue industrial revenue bonds took our deal. With these bonds the company plans to build a new 20000 square foot bio diesel plant in north Wichita along with a 20000 square foot building for new offices load out its storage. The total project will cost 87 million dollars while the bonds will be worth 38 million. The company won't get a tax abatements and a sales tax exemption mayor Jeff Longwell was excited about Cargill is commitment to the city. We are. Thrilled that cargo wants to invest 87 million and our city and and so anybody that was a step up for the 87 million were happy to. Look at opportunities for him. Cargill add any employees with annual salaries ranging from 80000 to 180000. Dollars. But new facility will be constructed near thirteenth and need. Rodney prize KMS us news and alert neighbor helped police catch a burglary suspect himself Wichita Monday afternoon. Police officer Charlie Davidson says investigators made contact with a 41 year old woman in this 3500. Block of the south the south would street or. And also. The victims open attached garage. And that the suspect had taken items. The suspect then left the area on foot. But stole tools a wallet and paperwork. Based on the description provided by the witness police were able to apprehend the suspect a few blocks away. A thirty year old man booked into jail for aggravated burglary larceny drug possession. And a pair of outstanding Cedric county arrest warrants. Police are looking for a suspect after an aggravated robbery at a Wal-Mart store when he first amazing new market square in north west Wichita. Officer Davison says it happened late Monday night suspect was armed with a nice. Taking money from a 24 year old female employee. Description it's going to be an unknown race a known. Sex individual unknown male or female. 57. Suspect was wearing a great stocking up black mask with eyes showing. A great short sleeved shirt over a long black sleeve shirt. Black pants. Gray or white shoes. Suspect was also carrying a camouflage duffel bag president trump is in Europe for a meeting in Belgium with NATO allies. Fox's Greg Palkot reports from Brussels. President crop is making clear that he doesn't feel that most of the other NATO members are pulling their fair share financially any sounds like he's gonna bring it up. Are you. President trouble often cites a stated goal that NATO has for each country that is to spend. 2% of their GDP on defense the US phased in over three and a half percent. Most in their defense say they're working towards that goal. One of the under achievers as chancellor Angola miracles Germany that seemed to especially get president's ghost. As it's also Europe's biggest economy does very well trade wise against the US. President totals will be meeting with Russian President Putin on his on this trip. The two men expect to meet in Finland that Monday. Five people have been found dead in a Delaware home. Small town of prices corner Delaware facing tragedy after 42 year old Matthew Edwards allegedly opened fire late Monday killing his wife and three young children. Then taking his own life those children included a six year old boy four year old girl and a three year old boy some neighbors are shocked. I've seen kids playing a couple days before out. How New York. Other neighbors have been telling local media that Matthews had problems with his job. Till NATO Fox News and Oklahoma management more than thirty years in prison for rape. Is free after the innocence project presented DNA evidence it says excluded him from the crime. Court records show 56 year old Perry Lott was released Monday. On was sentenced in 1988 to more than 200 years for rape. Robbery burglary and making a bomb threat related to the 1987. Attack. Now is to go to the forecast with gay innocent step meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning to him look good. Morning we can expect another quick warmup in which it's always temperatures in the upper ninety's around 97 would plenty of sunshine this afternoon. The clear skies this evening are low 75. Hot again tomorrow Thursday getting to 98. 98 on Friday I'm KM SS meteorologist and the holidays now. Now partly cloudy years Shelby included five miles per hour 75 degrees and muggy out there again. This morning today is Wednesday July 11 on this date in 1960. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee was first public in 1960. Great knowledge into a great film and actually should he did a book later but that was a baby that was about it for her but it. That's you're going to have one big book that's the that would be a big one the prime b.'s the and it's just absolutely fantastic. It works. No matter what age you are reading it because. Obviously adults and catch up on. All the themes that their tenant for adults course three of the main characters the story kids now so you can read it that that agents still. Glean something out of it pretty amazing piece of literature I think we read that when I was in ninth grave right now yeah. Certainly it is this the rare book that you can read when you're that age right and you could pick it up now on read it and still it to rubble get a ton out of it and we had tragedy in net North Dakota newborn baby killed there more than two dozen people injured tornado. Ripped through the North Dakota oil patch city. Watford city's northwestern part of the state. Hitting RV park at the hardest there you know little bit. But Tony the reported 28 injured were staying in the prairie view RV park. High winds overturned some campers and damaged moles in that's in North Dakota that was on Monday that that adamant. A man with a python hidden inside an external hard drive was stopped from boarding a Florida plane headed to Barbados. The Miami Herald reports officers screening luggage at the Miami International Airport Sunday found and organic mash inside it. But checked bag it's in there. Transportation system very as security administration spokeswoman. Serie and it's very cautious says a bomb expert and examine the bag found alive stake in the hard drive. As state was obviously not an imminent terrorist threat but. It's interception prevented a possible wildlife and a candy that come on passenger was fine the statement taken into custody by US fish and wildlife services neither man nor snake. Made the flight to Barbados snake on applying. It on a plane or train. The gonna play in anyway a distillery in England has apologized after developing a 75% proof vodka. Named after the toxic nerve agent. No overcharged me no phone no. That's non bristled ride Gian advertise a product on its FaceBook page Saturday three days after exposure to the nerve agent killed one person. And made another one critically ill in the town of aims very. In the statement Bristol pride in said. Number chalk edition has been in development for some time but that admittedly. The timing of the release of this product may have lacked sensitivity. May have. Maybe somebody should have been paying attention to the news. And knowing what was going on there. If or the east oh that's that's that's brutal all right it. 638 even in edit an adventure at our house yesterday my wanna ensure okay LaMont. Our televisions that are living room has been. Acting up I don't know signal has been in Iraq and Sloan after consulting with the Cox people we decided that may be the the unit itself the box. If you probably knew today on out make them. Trade in the box and I it to pasted to the young lady up north mr. Cox to look at but it is that pretty alleges that isn't ancient glory don't continual upgrades at all. We got two of them and to come home in. In the process he has it's big east is simple instructions looked easy it'll add that. In a Shelley and I you know Leo we had at least one helper phone call to get everything in south and younger person yeah but it. At their headquarters that we know of Chile's sharper than I am obviously on anything but a course. And in using technology technology wise in the worst of that's he's good just taken it and just she's. Well have hurt and my house and senate of honesty. And he won't let go of it she she. You know he's I don't believe we're Bulldog resentment of science unit. It was gutter again we denied Sudan called Jad wake him entering and so there. 639 now. That power hoping got a ruling settled up seats watched cops. Know he can definitely. We fortune. Can't say ask about these update now with Tom Butler of leveler commodities good morning Tom. Good morning Steve appear cattle futures traded mixed important positive on the inside trading session Tuesday. I'd like cattle futures made new lows for the week alone for the past six sessions and closed maybe we want you to continue to trade globally negative side yesterday. New contract road about a minute Andy on his contract closed down the three dollar limit. It closure of the flood level in 7% for women by forty but does need to have a pretty good I don't want to limit 85. In obviously hugged him a three dollar no limit at 6977. We can choose from petroleum law. We're yesterday will double digit losses but the pressure may have come from the continued improvement. The spring wheat. Crop corn futures posted new contract closed yet spend soybeans were on the make side Tuesday morning at 11 AM is that not the US food supply in the may have record couldn't and I have been dating anyone new that you have to put that 10%. Tip on additional 200 billion dollars for the Chinese import that China's soybean and corn and soybean meal oil mutually. A close Nagin overnight along with the Malaysian palm oil futures closing their duty at the moment what we are negative result and I'm market but kemba can keep me and seven they have been. The story of the seven at a quarter to record them percent at 315 to three quarters of them so remain important and Anthony 57. August coup well. Can move forward 73151. August gold poured out of the navy sent forward 12150 dollars 65. The tour rep who condemn. Implement record with a 2777. The camera dollar indexed content and tired I mean for the right to Tibetans can ensure they have under any two points. Its report doesn't let them die in Africa Monday trading Craig marketing advisor contact work requirement on the vote on the web site using the conflict but don't tend. Tell like yellow frock do you throw it there this morning what's up what's up. I think that Serbs were a copy didn't go to him I really went down the wrong pipe. And it just really happened or actually two pipes what do might wanna brawn union in your throat. The big question because they're wrong and if so what am. An eagle up the pipe as well about that opinion question and we don't yet. Doctors that opens up here. I did get our tight street the first ever permanent we need a doctor to help me Elmo yeah. I hear it all the time users but they say. You know the you know mental health discovered by your insurance so you know. Trying to be helpful was all right thank you do they use their 642 now Steve it'd take. We've got a pair of death left journey and Def Leppard tickets you weigh this morning the concert is July 16 of interest bank arena and I look here. Let's do early bird said let's give away a pair right down to 86913. Thirty. 86913. Thirty if you would like to beat Stephen to kids I guess he goes he journey and Def Leppard it. On a July 16 that infamous bank arena. 642 now seated coming up done grant the FB the money tracker talked about messing with a Roth IR hey that's on the way Steven did this on tape in essence.