Steve gives details about black water, red hair, and a whale of a tale

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 11th

Niagara & punches & leviathans ...


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3030 KE NN Santa's beard Stevenson in the morning at 848 on Friday pretty big thing. Government scientists report what he sixteen was a hot here on earth since reporting began the one dead one injured in traffic accident to beat Wichita plus plus stormy night with a large hail across parts of Kansas. Very big things for the dead on Kate in a sense. Think you look at traffic on this. Westbound and eastbound Kellogg underneath Ike to 35 is going to be down to one lane. And all four of the clover leaf ramps of I 235 are going to be closed while. As they thought overhead bridge work while so it's going to really be cramped all day long tomorrow at I C 35 and Kellogg's and keep that in mind that's. Deanna says traffic update brought to you by Joseph to drop mine Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown market Waterman that's. Also in east Terry street mall and even go online Carlson higher dot com it's your home for complete car care Carl's Goodyear tires. Partly sunny with a 30% chance for rain today in the high of 82 degrees 20% chance for rain tonight. The overnight low 66. Saturday partly sunny 30% chance for rain tomorrow's night eighty. Now cloudy. Northwest wind at six miles per hour and 74 degrees cake and assess whether brought to you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdensome Christie's in the state of Kansas. The monarch covers a military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in delay in 0849. Now Steven Jan moment. Thousand dollars. We do it four times today without hot Temps cool cash contest that all you have to do is listen. And text a special code word we give out on K and assessed at 7-Eleven two and five we did but at seven we'll do another would come and appear 11 o'clock with Rush Limbaugh. He listened McCain and assess. At 7-Eleven two and five today for your chance to into 1000. Dollars. Local lawmakers are asking for a criminal investigation into the discharge of waste water that turned the water below Niagara Falls black. What's the Niagara county legislature. That's resolutions Thursday night that request investigation by New York State attorney general the Niagara county district attorney and the federal Environmental Protection Agency. One of the most beautiful places we know love in the water turned black. Be low Niagara Falls. Authorities say a Louisiana high school seniors into the office because of his heir color. Ended up punching a school safety officer. Use outlets report the seventeen year old a academia. At Indiana at Indiana high school student is accused of attacking the officer Wednesday. After being sent to the office because his bright red hair which is not his natural hair color violated school dress code. Police chief Chad leaders says the student was told to eat lunch while waiting for repaired to pick him up and was later found in an unauthorized area. Police say while being escorted to the front office he punched the officer twice in the head and continued to reasons. And he was arrested. And you know India so. You can accurate here but again. We do things like this may have to suffer the consequences. Compete. Early fairly ugly I'm sure this all result in the lawsuit. Yet and was just trying to express himself. It's this disease is a right to whereas here killer anyway once it is. Have you noticed that I don't miss throughout my hair color legislator on natural gas since as of now as nature intended yes. The researchers in the bering sea of made contact one of the libraries to Wales on earth. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists photograph to animals. In the eastern stock of North Pacific right whales and obtained a biopsy sample from one of them. No up research biologist Jessica France used an acoustic recorder to hear faint sounds Sunday of a right Wales west of Alaska's Bristol Bay. After more than four hours of research vessel reached the whales. Officials say they're just thirty to fifty of the critically endangered animals left in the world they were nearly wiped out entirely. By whalers. Are it's 852 Stephen did raising capital to bring about new business editor bill Roy that would stop business journal with us this morning good morning battle. Good morning Stephen Teddy had a big story the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal out today the importance of Angel investors and venture capitalists we written a lot of recently about local promising start up companies that. A key ingredient to their success is money. And we talked to some of those investors into investing groups for this week's story. Trish braced it is CEO of the Wichita technology corporation her group has been investing in startups for years. She says there is a growing number of investors looking to take a position and some of these startups. Businessman Blake Basinger is an investor and he says he knows of fifteen to twenty more people who are ready and willing to invest in good companies. And have you noticed that the Wichita flag is just about everywhere these days one of the reasons for that is the owner of JK design and the work room Janelle king she was the first begin selling which is tough like merchandise and telling the story the flag that has been around since 1930s. She's my guest this week on the does stop with bill Roy podcast available today. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess at a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm due overweight. I thank you bill that say a 54 now Steve intensity is national presidential joked today. And didn't care if it's really about president to tell jokes but I can a chair didn't putt well how about jokes about president's. You got any that you think. I don't memorize jokes about I'm not really joked well now easy brings Millard Fillmore and your jokes about her somehow right now on not. Larry well Jimmy Buchanan Buchanan there's one there's a toddler. Which here's a here's a riddle for you presidential joked I came up with a couple here which one of Washington's officers had the best sense of humor. La Lafayette that it lacked AM. And get back. You blisters out there if you want you to young to Mercury going today UB they hit the office why did they now that joke or crawl right out of the radio and stained carpet. Why did they uplink and honest a bit. Because that's what it said on his campaign buttons. Presidential joked and as soon. The rail splitter. 880 by the way down music theater Wichita as final show this summer opens tonight. Our ranks downtown them doozies music sets right now which one now multiple Tonys on broad relate. And edited on at this weekend and they're doing it a second weekend as well to tonight's opening night downtown all slowed tonight checking out the Kansas City Chiefs openly preceded us has got the forty niners in arrowhead or writes yes. And Mitch hopefuls will be on the air and right here about the avenue all the Kansas city chiefs of radio. 987. And K and SS thirteenth and looking forward to it this is going to be exciting night coming up. At 9 o'clock McCain as his views. A stormy night in parts of Kansas absolutely Stephen dead on in assess.