Steve is out at the 43rd Annual Blarney Breakfast

Steve & Ted
Friday, March 16th

Steve is having a great breakfast, and meeting lots of listeners.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First firm. Live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it's 7 o'clock this is dictated as S morning news was even today at times it looked word Steven mackintosh is live today at the Blarney breakfast. It is Friday march 16. Leavenworth the signs do our middle school security guards I'm battle field until global brand. High winds warm temperatures and no more mr. contributed. We'll fire west of Greensboro from today. And K and SS PD of ultra thin holiday. Yesterday we hit 78 for the high in Wichita today may not be as warm but it will be as windy or complete forecast is coming up. Federal investigators now on the scene of deadly bridge collapse in Miami where several people were killed. The 950. Ton pedestrian bridge crashed down onto eight lanes of traffic this just days after it was installed Fox's Laura Ingle is on the scene. Mean that pedestrian bridge that collapsed yesterday just before 2 PM. I it is now a total disaster it is cost at least four people their lives many people were seriously injured search and rescue teams worked through the night still using those listening devices and dogs looking for any signs of life. And the bridges design and construction team is now under scrutiny witnesses described hearing a loud bang than seeing the 174. Foot long walk with ball over 100 feet which instantly pancakes several vehicles the death. Hole is now listed as at least six. That bridge had been designed to allow pedestrians to walk from the city of Sweetwater to Florida International University. Leaders of sororities at the university Kansas say they support a decision to suspend all social activities for fraternities. Until significant safer environment is created at the school. Love analytic association which governs most of sororities at Kansas send a statement on Wednesday that it would rejoin social activities with fraternities once they complete a strategic plan to improve conditions. The intra fraternity council. Which oversees 24 fraternities it take you on Monday also announced these self imposed freeze on all social activities because of quote systematic behavioral issues and quote. The mineral continue to hold chapter meetings and participate in Philanthropic events that do not include alcohol. The Lawrence journal world reports that the sorority organizations said that if held to work with fraternities to address issues that affect both organizations. That's. Danielle Norwood reporting for the Kansas information network. President trump is hitting Russia with more sanctions from meddling in the US election. Now the GOP is doubling down on some calls for a second special counsel to look at Robert Muller's investigation into Russia see if there's political bias at work. Fox's Griff Jenkins with more from the nation's GAAP. We've been hearing calls for a second special counsel for months. Well now a group of Republican senators is asking the Department of Justice. To take action in a letter to the attorney general Jeff Sessions. In deputy attorney general rob rose and Stein's image sharing community members Chuck Grassley Lindsey Graham Thom Tillis and John Cornyn right. We believe that a special counsel is needed to work with the inspector general to independently gather the facts and make prosecutorial decisions if any are merited the decision largely driven by findings of the DOJ inspector general to lacks authority other grand jury in use prohibited from interviewing witnesses. Outside of the Justice Department. Meanwhile the top Democrat on the house Intel committee congressman Adam Schiff of California. Says lawmakers have to continue their investigation into Russian meddling in possible trump campaign ties. Security guards at eleven worth the middle school will be carrying firearms beginning next week. The leavenworth board of education voted Wednesday to Bible firearms and other equipment such as handcuffs and take users. Eleven times reports to retired law enforcement officers who work at Richard warn middle school. Begin using the equipment when students return to school next week after spring break. A statement from the board said the officers will be responsible for the equipment and will be certified twice a year with the leavenworth police department. Dan O'Neill king and SS news. It's 704 was even dead on KN SS coming up in sports preview. Big basketball like today for the shocker is in the wildcats in the NCAA tournament. You have Kansas did in its opening round very yesterday in downtown Wichita will also be checking in live with Steve Macintosh. At the Blarney breakfast at old Chicago and east Wichita. CN SS news time 705. Tennis says time is 708 with Stevenson high winds and no precipitation still hampering firefighting efforts in western Kansas yesterday to Iowa. County fire crews spent several hours battling a wildfire west of free spurred. Authorities say the fire was reported just after 1 PM near the northern natural gas plant on US 54 about halfway between greens Bergen Moline bill. Officials say the fire started when he truck hauling carton ignited the flames then spread to the surrounding grass. I what county fire chief Jay Keane told KS and news that the winds made battling the fire a bit tricky. It jumped the railroad and highway in several spots there and threatened one. Two homes and that one times thirty and we didn't lose any of those we're very fortunate. Blackhawk helicopters were brought in to help fight the blaze which was eventually contained one person was taken to an area hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. Phil pulled over and K and SS news. President trump welcoming Ireland's prime minister to the White House ahead of Saint Patrick's Day this weekend Ireland's prime minister is Leo bar not the color we had a really worked quite exchange views on important issues like trade and security in migration. I know that the Irish people who make their lives here. Including those who run document as a living in the shadows. Love this country purity. Paid the same dream has the men and women who inspired Washington. Who fought for Lincoln. I'm market site you today and the president received a bowl of sham rocks as a. It's my great honor to receive this magnificent all of Ireland's famous she rocks that's really knives. That is nice thank you very much. It is 710 it was Stevens head in the morning here on KNS. Ass in here on this Friday morning. Will be taking a look at traffic and weather and see what's going on on the streets of Wichita. Here on this Friday morning the day before Saint Patrick's Day yes. Jabs. I well right now in traffic things looking OK out there are not seeing any of the big slowdowns but all I am starting to see cement. Traffic volume picking up. At several places quite a lot eastbound Kellogg right around that duke in Rhode. I've got that I've also got death. Traffic picking out. At over on the east side east which is tough on Kellogg. Basically around the rock Croat area just some heavy traffic pocket watch out for that. Traffic update from day in SS radio I'm gently. And Janet now let's take a look at that weather forecast heading into the weekend as time ticked him. Is in storm tracker three forecast Kansas City meteorologist Laura abandon this morning hello Laura. And earnings theater tickets start at right Kate and I are talking about. A hole out of which is seen by yesterday it was windy. That statement that when he condition sports today are at it start this morning current temperature at the airport is sticky and agreed. Under partly I played with that a priest in the south at eighteen miles per hour higher wind gusts on top of bad. Go into the afternoon work with them out now what has been announced. Mostly cloudy a high of ebony eyes but of course we talk about the wind in the extreme that we're talking about sports today it going to be difficult to enjoy the spring like temperatures we've got outlets wind becoming west. Twenty to 35 we could he wind gusts up to forty I even bike in the stated. It's pretty darn we need sports to date are complete be mindful about it with the stronger wind. I hired Ager would come along with that we have red flag warning posted a good portion of the state. Just everybody be good weather just. Pleased to be careful and be mindful that ain't your. Well you're right I did think it was windy yesterday I was doing I was doing live Collins from in trust bank arena. On the streets yesterday morning and afternoon and it my hair was all over the place and. Wouldn't say it certainly going to be 100 days and keep cranking up but not like that were tied up here it went. In part that it out western can't even he would get to speak out little hour that I hear that but I don't mean we're really cranked an album at a pace that last week. Matt really played it in that extent but nonetheless it got wind advisories are posted across about the Tokyo that including metro the note in the east Friday. Really commit to the end of the week got comfortable hamsters. Yes we're we go we can deal with a little bit of the warmth what now Laura is there any each shopped for a rain here this weekend. You know like I am looking ahead toward next storm could answer right I. Sunday that that client is going to plow right on rail I am looking for increasing rain chance is late Sunday. I think for the most are unable to get it I'd be at the evening hours overnight due Monday scattered showers that you'd storms that pop didn't make the ball back. That trend will carry it through Monday morning air it the potential that. With this storm system it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with though there's the potential that this could completely missed out on oh nonetheless the wanna keep very close I am not a. That's about that I can give us as we move to the next couple of days at the weekend timeframe things looking good car. Comparable less wind it is that we go to that Sunday evening and Monday morning timeframe we could be looking at light rain but it is. All comes to sit tight about the ice rain and did a welcome sight for the folks back there any parties reach our. That would be nice to see you wouldn't it to its own drier right now it's awful you know it. Talk about it right leathery had a lot of crap buyers aren't going in the past couple of age is that should like had they expanded to how would I hated that he's got our it. It could eat the company's if he continued to go back how'd right granted. I haven't had a lot of rain last couple of weeks they'll hopefully. With this storm system that's going to be the one that really helped. Break out that rise ballot like Padgett but at least ongoing rocket digit got minor update yesterday to continue to worst that it. And it just really outlook get it or can't at all. Kenya that you know we're not looking at completely dried or cap. We got I'm gonna look or Q English crowd everyone go out and wash your car. On and that the combined effort that we can albeit via any of the. Course we know your from the Chicago area where Saint Patrick's Day parades are serious business. Don't mess around out there that saint Patrick day oh yeah they've got river main dyed green and it's a lot of fun out there we did. I put that in to do that this year or next here yeah let's get that don't let's get that Rambo like it's a lot of spot by Bryant had a great weakened enjoyed is celebrating it. Great weather sports tomorrow sir it's gonna be a little bit cooler less wind with bad by an odd you're like the outside yelling let that be celebrating. Patrick stay Eric just enjoy Indian environment with the turn in town. All right Laura thanks for the information we appreciate it that's KS and storm tracker three forecast. Kansas today meteorologist Laura ban and witness here on this Friday morning. It is 715 Stephen said eight to 43 annual original Blarney breakfast continues in east Wichita and old Chicago east. And we have a correspondent on site is great and you lament for rainbows united Steve Macintosh. Is with us live on the scene of the Blarney breakfast Steve. How are things going at three in Iowa Nevada New Yorkers. Think it is absolutely party. The horrors and one of the city ignore that they were property or donation. Three blows united that the weight or appearance that's one thing to celebrity servers. Is the ability to raider who does the weather of course don't even though there. I don't you and Lori you know it worked really well this morning. Our lives over lowly by the time I got with my yet and every couple more. Hours. Every dollar it it's that are here it's doubled thanks so stuff and river port property dollar bill in the air and help raise money. I like they were compete with now. Can beat him every morning. Urban it is amazing this is a wonderful controlled chaos there is huge ground here every single year it's passed it got the Irish dancers the actress Kate split in the flat tax. So there's no reason to come out and enjoy an awesome breakfast because it does. The work is incredible from birth to 21 years old political rate organization we have your support. Jamie thanks to me was they can get a good job and by the way like carefully. You. The airplane and that's it all until 930 and it wouldn't have a great time down here the it. The dancers are battery cranked up again Google Irish dancing for it and we've got this music and great great food down again today that's the I got hashed browns began hold the plant next mistakes yet but most happily cinema making you hungry yet heck yes I'm guts. But it or until 930 and you get time to come by any way to work and stuff by in a and make a donation here proceeds to benefit children with special needs from birth to when he went to bring those united they're big fund raiser for the year and we're really happy to be here. This morning. And again revolt Chicago. Right there at Kellogg and rock road he's the finest of by itself. 9:30 this morning that you talked about those got a copy mugs of the first people through the door got one of those lookalike. Well they've they've got. Let me look at Gupta you've got the is really get the Lola my account on there and and it's his 43 annual money breakfast to integrate those on the other side it talks it's got a little logo for vornado fan you know those people. I've got to vornado arrived yes it runs got a tornado fan my guy that was gone and are always last night. Beautiful thing about her sister there's a problem for vornado hold down company that really support rainbows and does a great job I have. Met some great people will sport including John Sweeney music create director overtake this is dispute that every morning. He would love to have your autograph and it's now well we'll get that expedited quickly here we'll get that. Well Steve thanks for second with a solid to get back to the middles and but arcade and it again tomorrow until 930 compliance is that the 43 annual Mardi breakfast right here olds go at Kellogg and rock road. Will be eager to 9:30 this morning. Fantastic will be checking with Steve later this morning. For more at the Blarney breakfast at old Chicago in east which starving to speed at 718 O Steve intent on Kate in SS. And let's check in what's going on in the world sports course college men's basketball is really our focus. As the NCAA men's basketball tournament got into full swing the first full day of activities sixteen games are played yesterday including four of them right here in Wichita. And a sixteen more first round games today to narrow things down in the second round field of 32. Wichita State plays today sodas Kansas State the shoppers are ranked sixteenth in the nation. Taking on the thundering herd of Marshall that game is in San Diego today for first round action. A shocker and Marshall will go out at the shutters. Haven't played Marshall in 77. Years in men's basketball back the last time they played it was eight days after Pearl Harbor. So not too or not opponent to match up very often. Soccer head coach Gregg Marshall was an assistant at Marshall many years ago and he talks about. Thundering herd. There's always been good players Marshall we reject it good little run here great orchestra that is going on or before that. Marshall it's his close in Ohio. Kentucky and West Virginia and border of West Virginia. Where those three together. Not you know Kentucky. Southern West Virginia and Ohio Lowell basketball. The shoppers in a martial opening round of the NCAA tournament Mike Kennedy and Bobble hole. And live pregame coverage beginning at 11:30. This morning the game will tip off at 12:30 PM. Shocker basketball lives on 103 point seven KEY and a then join me and Jeff lutes after the game will be taking your phone calls on the soccer locker room would show broadcasting live it twin peaks in its east Wichita. At 21 and rock road. Doctors are favored by twelve points in this opening round game. Meanwhile Kansas State plays its opening round game tonight taking on the Creighton blue jays in Charlotte. K state is in the tournament for the fourth time in the last six years. Kansas State is a one point underdogs that's expect to be for a close game and former Kansas State star Marcus Foster. Is now on the roster for the Creighton blue jays before he transferred after leaving K state so little intrigue their between. Marcus Foster in the against his former coach and former teammates. That K state game will tip off shortly before 6 o'clock this evening scheduled tip off at 5:50. PM in Charlotte Kansas State. Meanwhile Wichita downtown Wichita was the big focus yesterday as. Wichita hosted the NCAA tournament for the first time in 24. Years yesterday downtown. Four games. Including the first game on the day's third ranked Kansas taking on the quakers of Pennsylvania. Jayhawk got off to a slow start up first 1213 minutes. Boy they rip that up before half time you heard the game on the abate Sri. About fifty about today's news. Where does it we don't want Obama takes little lack cool okay. The jayhawks went on a big run to take the lead before halftime and took care of the quakers 7660. Was that final score. The jayhawks have won their first round game in the NCAA tournament twelve years in a row that's the longest current active streak on on out there so the jayhawks advance to the second round where they will take on the pirates of Seton Hall. And that game will be at six men that PM tomorrow 6 o'clock 6 o'clock tomorrow night in downtown Wichita. For Kansas and at Seton Hall. And in the late game tomorrow night in Wichita. Will be Houston against Michigan. Beginning at 8:40 PM of course Houston out of the American conference with the doctors recently joined the Houston won on a last second shot. To beat to beat San Diego State last night in downtown Wichita Devin Davis of Houston says cougars were tested by playing in the American conference. And again but before that I saw last two games against Wichita state of Cincinnati told house was built through. What we're built for the moment marked man holds the other ready to feed off forty minutes and no team no. You've bed and give up their vital. They focal point. There you go so there's your other your schedule for the rest of today. I don't forget soccer baseball is on the road this weekend visiting the Creighton blue jays a double header tomorrow at 1 o'clock single game Sunday at noon at. Saint Denis we'll have those games live here on your home for soccer radio 97 to thirteen thirty K and ans yes. It is 723 was Stephen said here on 987 at thirteen thirty Kate in this as a court ruling that could be a game changer what might that ruling and he will find out. Shortly here on tape and assess the Rush Limbaugh morning updates. No it's time for a very fired coffee break. Very fire coffee's the precious copy in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans roasted fresh right here in Wichita. You can get prairie fire copy at your office by calling 2673771. Missed or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. We're going to take off a break here on they got.