Steve seems confounded by people who apparently are attending yoga classes with goats

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 11th

No kidding.


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I. And thank you are seven of 3038. And business as we even did in the morning. 745 now and time great big thing a city. Government scientists report putting sixty it was a hot in here on earth since recording began the season. One dead one injured in traffic accident could use to Wichita fly a stormy night with large hail across parts of Kansas. Predicting Stephen dead on king and his sense. Friday morning traffic we are seeing a slowdown in west Wichita we see it about this time every morning. The southbound lanes by 2:35 between central and Kellogg. Very slow moving traffic this morning you know speed limit more than cut in half so close to really test. Southbound 2:35 between Kellogg in central traffic update from eight in Afghanistan. It's partly sunny with a 30% chance for rain today and a high of 82 degrees 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 66. Saturday partly sunny with a 30% chance for rain tomorrow's night. Eighty. Now showers 74 degrees northwest wind at six. Miles per hour. It is just whether brought to you by the monarch open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and new mood on Sunday. And and you can be found at monarch which it does not become the monarch. In delay no. We'll take this wanna get we've been talking about the weather as we do. Every morning keep you posted on math in the India is just weather center radar showing that. As secretary pretty much right in the middle of a pretty large area of like to moderate showers right now moving slowly to the east. There are assessed recent mentions of severe weather across the state last night in parts of the state and a most of went around Wichita and we weren't weren't too affected cell. We get that we misstep a pretty meets more showers today and I'm beginning to worry now about. When I'll be able to get out here and mow my lawn we're going to be deeply it was funny get out there it is an. Downward dog reached jumping go to yoga classes are popping up across a nation that include the plate full goats. At a recent class at oak Carlos acre farm in Burlington Wisconsin bare foot yoga healing instructor. Megan McCarthy invite participants to worry less about testing their physical ability and more about sharing their hearts. He's also told him to take their child's pose and college kids clothes. May be imposed. What are the farm's owners Abigail Lipman says they've had twenty to 45 people come for each session which includes fifteen goats. Since they started in June. In Massachusetts sage medal far provides goats to Bally. Hot you okay EC East Hampton. Farm Kohl understand McCoy says 2000 people tried to buy tickets for recent classes which sold out in four seconds just like so. I'm I'm kind of one of these things were I read something I'm not sure I'm understanding what I'm telling you folks out there and again apparently people are doing yoga. And they're inviting live goats to be with a that's. I guess that's it sounds like India now. And welcome to Nepal. And can do that and to zoom out there and haven't been you know petting zoo getting yoga class going out there. I'm a onetime items up and depending on a bent over for zone one of those little dose of Ramey and lawyer in this thing. And it looked like you and that's what they do looks like them yet it seemed like to go was laughing I'm sure I'm sure once they go to probably have a pretty good sense of humor. Consumer prices. Posted a slightly that you like kidding. Kidding there ego is a joke committed consumer twice as oats. A slight gain in July with higher costs for medical care and clothing offsetting declines for hotel stays and consumer cellphone plans the Labor Department. Says its Consumer Price Index edged up 110%. Last month. After no gain in June and won 10% in May sell your CPI your consumer prices your inflation. Virtually nonexistent. Both overall inflation and core inflation have risen an identical one point 7%. Over the past twelve months. Know some you can remember in the late seventy's when inflation was running. That's what 789%. A year for a while yet we it was bad people that the government just kept Britain print money yes. Brewing tensions between the US in North Korea put investors in a selling mood again Thursday. Dragging US stocks lower for the third day in a row the latest selloff was the most severe yet in my amounting to the biggest single day drop. Well the stock market nearly three months technology companies led the broad slide Standard and Poor's 500 index dropped 35 points. The Dow slid 204 point for the big loser was the NASDAQ. Which. Lost 135. Points the NASDAQ index not as big as as an Al Google CEO of some dark shape. Cancel an internal town hall meant to address gender discrimination Thursday after employee questions for management began to leak on line. From the company's internal messaging service. So Google it's dealing with some problems about. Diversity at least the perception. I'd say coming up on 751. Now Stephen Ted in the morning. And in just a moment we'll be talking with a good friend bill Roy at switched on mr. And we're just a few minutes away Ted. From our. Kansas City Chiefs training camp update yes. With mr. rich cultists and the big game tonight is an. The pre but because not none exhibition a pre season pre season game tonight so we'll get that game preview from Mitch and that's on the way you do it we had a story that day. From the mayor about the summer reading program and and how many kids are that are participating in summer reading. And I just like seeing how much of course Ted and I value reading. So we share up most broadcasters. Leveraging S Weber Renault broadcasting its renowned and we get to read. And read on the air live and that's that's kind of fun I remember. As a youngster. Was on my favorite times of the day is who were doing a breeding. And I got to read aloud from a mine that was I was very natural very shy. But what I can read I know it was good. The value and and and obviously got an aptitude for it not the same way yeah. So all breeding for promoting reading promoting reading this summer and get those kids reading and going back school. They'll be ready to go 751 now Stephen Ted talking about. Raising capital to bring about new business bill bill Roy it would stop business journal with us this morning is always good morning bill. Good morning Stephen tell the other big story the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal which is of course out today. Wichita has seen a lot of new companies spring up in the past couple of years leaders are trying to create that entrepreneurial ecosystem. And we've seen some new business startups but they don't get off the ground without a key element money. This week we focus on the Angel investors and venture capitalists who are supporting local entrepreneurship. Former Spirit Aerosystems CEO Jeff turner is not only a part of the entrepreneurship task force he's an investor he says he and his TNW. Group have a simple philosophy. Look for young entrepreneur doers who have great business ideas that can boost the local economy and provide them with a return on investment. Networking and this president and CEO Stephen Bradley says these days there are more investors ready to put money into promising businesses. This week's top 25 list Wichita area manufacturing firms manufacturing so on board nor area we expanded it to a top fifteen. Spirit Aerosystems again at the top 101700. Employees. Textron aviation second at 9300. The rest of the top five bombard the Learjet Johnson Controls. And AGCO corporation in Heston. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm due Roland. You mentioned they getting the capital to get started of course. The Carney Brothers I think they had him about 350 bucks from their mom about it start Pizza Hut and I I you my wife and I finally. Found on Netflix over the weekend the founder. All that great movie Michael Keaton starring his as ray Crockett and fell and it. The two guys started but I'll. Have you seen that bill. I have not seen out of wanted to see you can see it it is amazing and it very close to true on jive from what I've heard that Billy Ray Kroc. To the volatile and with a cattle at the Ronald brother's side. But did that is it of its great I love that you like that it. Shelley I've just we really enjoyed the heck out of it ended I'll try to get that this we really she really should go to that it's a great great film but I wonder. Patent and today is national sons and daughters day. And as today to let your children know that you are glad they are part of your life. You probably do that pretty well with those trends in your idea bad idea I try to try to make sure thing now that dad's there perform well. And you know and one of them and we went tit for your daughter's wedding my wife and I were invited in and I was so proud of Shelley's Sheehan he really did behave herself well did you notice sent the but she did. You know and I was on her best behavior and convince somebody you know kind of balances out her mate and when somebody actually. Accuse your daughter of being a spoiled brat Shelley just not to Merkel just so I appreciate that you don't know saint Shelly Alan that's how back. Can't you don't what that disturbance was over there you just so it was a kitten and it. I didn't know that saying Chile mistake and Kennedy you know sent notice that she didn't really do that but it is nationals on and on Thursday and those of us are parents say. Today we celebrate you kids every day you know I'm so that you make life great even though minor grown and get a little older. At that would have granted days one of these days are yeah absolutely thank you sir thanks for being with us this morning and coming up at 8 o'clock. Has he been dead sever weather overnight across parts of Kansas we get the story seemed to go to the morning on in a sense.