Steve's review of Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk"

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 2nd

Steve says the special effects were good in this shallow movie.


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I. Is this station Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Which talks in a room. One news talk bad weather station depend on. Even good morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. A frigid start to the new year dangerously low temperatures enveloped eight midwest states including parts of Kansas Missouri and Nebraska. Alone nearly all of Iowa Minnesota Celtic. Oda and North Dakota. Now look at the forecast with K and assist stampede rolled his Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning once again a brutally cold start today with some cloud cover cross Wichita. And a weak system coming in from the northwest. Could give us a few flurries possible this afternoon otherwise or high 23. Tonight clear Arlo fifteen and then for tomorrow sunny with a high 31. We may finally get above freezing again by late this week. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy ends nine degrees. Which doubly sure investigating after a man was shot during the robbery Monday. You don't the incident happened around 2 PM in the 16100 block of north Emporia. Wichita police Sargent Andrew dose as a man met with two people he had met on line to purchase a pair of shoes. During the transaction the victim was pistol whipped by one of the suspects and shot in the shoulder the victim was able to make it to a nearby house to call police. Sergeant doe says officers are looking for two people in a great vehicle possibly a mid 2000 Symbian Paula that fled the scene. The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released will hold a grand Kagan SS news. Investigators in Utah are trying to figure out what caused the deadly Greyhound bus crash. The bus was carrying twelve passengers from Green River Utah to Las Vegas last night when it careened off I seventy in Emery county. And plunged into a deep ravine. The Utah department of public safety says a thirteen year old girl died at the scene the bus driver and two other passengers in serious condition taken by helicopters to hospitals. Eight passengers were transported by ambulances. Highly officials say road conditions and weather are not believed to be a factor in the crash. A passenger reported a medical issue with the driver investigators are trying to obtain video from a camera aboard the bus Greyhound is cooperating. Kathleen Maloney Fox News. Police officers in Kansas City, Kansas have found the body of an apparent homicide victim. The Kansas City Star reports officers responding to the report the shooting early yesterday. Found the body of a Hispanic man in his twenties whose name has not been released no arrests have been reported. The Justice Department is wrapping up the fight on hoping EO Lloyd abuse. Federal prosecutors say they have a tool in the crackdown on the nation's worst drug crisis in history. Better access to drug and health care data it's called the Justice Department OP I'd fraud and detection unit. And it gives authorities in twelve regions information on which doctors are prescribing the most how far patients will travel to seed them and whether any patients have died within sixty days of receiving a prescription some experts concerned the focus may hurt patients who legitimately need pills others say doctors are just a small part of a problem that won't be cured without more prevention and treatment Lillian moved Fox News. A new report has Kansas ranked as one of the top ten best states for pets. And his information networks Fillmore is his war. According to the haze post a group called safe wise created a report on the most pet friendly states in America in Kansas race never eight best state for pets and 2017 to determine the best and worst states for pets safe wise looked at multiple factors including which states have harsh anti cruelty laws number of shelters veterinarians and registered breeders along with a number of pet friendly restaurants hotels and parks here are some other key findings Kansas had 87 shelters and 30% are no kill shelters Kansas has 370 pet friendly hotels and we also have 38 trails that allow pets to frolic freely. 735 now Stephen Ted and Ohio man's tongue in cheek obituary. Has blamed the winless Cleveland Browns football team. For contributing to his demise. The obituary published in the send ASCII registers said Paul start died last Wednesday at a hospice facility after a brief illness. Exacerbated by the hopeless condition. Of the Cleveland Browns. The team won one game and lost fifteen last season and had lost all fifteen this year ahead of Sunday's finale in Pittsburgh which they also lost. Even so starts obituary included a nugget of the optimism voiced by some long suffering fans in Cleveland. Said the eighty year old Mansfield native. Passed just before the browns were prepared to turn the corner. A couple of maybe maybe. Not a very good football team this year now and I'm struggling there they're pretty. Music franchise right now they have very few NFL teams have never been to a Super Bowl. Very cold New Year's Day across Kansas which it does high temperature yesterday was sixteen to. Normal high 41 now we're dead we're up to nine degrees right now. While warming up. Can you feel they've Peter bull is a loser there in Noob okay. Tony eighteen news is here the new year has started and just and his say quick get happy birthday to my son. Who is celebrating his 47 birthday today he's a January soup baby January 2 I was hoping to get a you know Alia. The deduction for. My income tax didn't quite have missed it by about march at so. Anyway he's 47 years old that I had a he's got to find career serving his country in the military. And now he's home but he starting another career. In the the education field and Newman University. I'm pretty proud of Scott my wife and I are both proud of him and and his sister everybody rout and now he be teaching this coming semester. And. Yet he's putting together Europe curriculum OK all I can tell you are it's top secret which bush or car or truck but he is that a birthday. Today I don't know what I'm gonna get him I got to Barnes & Noble for. Perfect Christmas and then he's like him. Pig in you know what when he goes opponents know he's been hours eleven that elects drink coffee and read books other dairy goat of the Starbucks and get yourself go. But we'll have some will do some one by Aaliyah over the weekend Ted we'll all leave nothing going on. I did go to Netflix and ramp up was that Netflix. I'll yet somehow maybe it was Cox I guess that I bought it from Cox. I looked at Dunkirk. OK a movie out at the amount gamma last year year and I conceded you know special effects have planes and what not were actually super. I can see if you saw a big screen be fun to watch. But. They give you absolutely no background no hole you know it's just it's just. One special effect after a messy exact same room review I got from my parents that rightly saw the theater and I'd like to balance I would liked to seen. The big you know spoke with the Germans do I send alienates and almost the same thing to use says now it's just that. There's a great story there and it wasn't all told told very well at all. Sort of try thinks maybe Scott out of this week and try to see the one about Churchill looked. But this week and next week it's where its authority doubted it I believe that Churchill movies out so what about the post is and a okay yeah at that we're gonna go see the Churchill you can't. But anyway that's to their ego. Yes that let me I don't know something about Dunkirk and I. I understood what was going around and if you didn't know anything back rendering about it you'd be lost that's. And I guess it's just you know mile wide and an inch deep like everything else in the fifth. We did have last Friday I took today off but we scheduled a luncheon. We've never done this before. You and I and our good friend Don Grantham money tracker and jet chambers we all went out to. And had a great lunch yes it was great way to start the weekend and chicken fried chicken and spectators and greatly our good friend Kevin after it's out he would he took cares and a made sure that we had enough iced tea and everything else in the CK Adam yeah yeah. It's a it's a great place to get any caters a lot of our stuff. At Christmas time especially here it into an account so anyway it was super tasty it was a great idea and we had a good time we've had some banter going on whenever. Idea I just at thinking about now this morning. With with what helped put him two or three house fire garage fighters this morning. Firefighters out run him around in 89 degrees temperature not by any fires though. And I guess so well I think it's a we'll tell you a better. In the cold to go lets the eldest installation Ellis stuff on all the gear on any all the gears on there which makes it a little easier than if you'd obviously 204 degrees meego and stuff. I insist for a little easier nickel but not much now fired are always based challenges water don't on what the temperature and it just freezes and again the location. Moon Ponte near Belmont down southeast Wichita right Jim the waters. But that fired at on the road when another freezing up in haven't come lots of sand trucks and what's out there. And if you're you leave your car outdoors and it's fifteen year old car like mine you might not have a battery today which I do it every that's depressing they got to go get a battery today for my core data to come drive you to work. No now. Now fortunately my wife and I have another car op which is brand new and states in the draw other you know. Usually I don't get to touch in our right it's for saint Shelly and you'll let me drive at all. Again I've got it going today and we'll fix it up get our car fixed in a lot due to older we're taking it in June 5. If I didn't should be calling the police right now reporting stolen I'd be in trouble. But the measure stranded car wasn't blocking the lawyer news none of the push it out now and it's right to enter for of the hour right. As for how many people authors listening his appointment that can trouble announcer more than you a couple of Protestant and I had that same thing happened last year last year yes you gotta. Now I don't even I don't know when I bought this battery to diehards toy gun at cedars and on the west side how long it. How many years at Sears been closed after three at least right. On the west said telewest the couple three years alive and probably a five year battery problem I've brought to at least fighters. Yeah usually those things are pretty much on the mark you know they usually at the five year mark. And I am continuing I did after what by myself some jumper cables can't believe I had jumper cable but I think. The last time I saw my lord of the Jack caller. Well we're over the other building on getting those back and I'd write yet I can't remember that I've ever seen him again that probably in his little probably. That I that I can go buy some jumper cables fortunately I know how to use. If for you. And look up the red the black enough so you know in the bus in the minors a plus and a minus on this kind of free you and confusing for me. 742 now Steve and it's the it's time for our prairie fire coffee break fund came in and say go let's do this you know prairie fire coffee is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because. Very hard coffee beans coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. Right now and you can get very fired coffee tour office just like Stevens had by calling 267 net. 3771. On line at prairie fire coffee. 743 now Stevens in the morning on Kate and a sense.