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Steve & Ted
Friday, October 20th

Steve crunches the numbers with MoneyTracker Don Grant . . .


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You know 9713 thirty K in incidents because the morning that both intelligent and do you think they were talking regular region. Hubble flight data. Morning you'll get if they could have been world live the annual. Murder mystery a saint Vincent Catholic Church today and over coming up this next weekend on Friday that the police have that Saturday the twentieth that would produce going to be in the cancer. Again this year write it down. Oh yeah. So this is a benefit for the lord's diner. And it was straight more than a million dollars you know rock and heavier yeah more than a billion dollars and I. For more information. All the church at 7331423. I'm gonna try to get out there maybe with a couple of my granddaughters on Friday night the 27. That's out like a lot of economy out weekly Friday it's extra fifteen dollars and then a week since Saturday in a big event tickets are 75 each all benefits the lord's eyes it's a much bigger all the at the live auction and everything yes Saturdays the huge night but there's a pre one on Friday for a little less money in the give up folks in the door all right. A last minute surge nudge stock indexes mostly higher Thursday we might want to look at. Maybe traffic and weather owed to dime skip it altogether I'm sorry a little bit Eric warrant and about three big things aren't an element where. Compared totally confused Friday morning Stephen dead at their big things. It's three. Senate barely passes Republican proposed federal budget cuts this suspect waived her right to preliminary hearing in the case of a three year old boy found encased in concrete. Montgomery County may third finalist for Tyson chicken plant along with Cedric can cloud county's three big things with Stephen dead on K and assess. Thinking look at traffic here on the Friday morning commute. We just few minutes ago looked like we had starting our usual. Slow down the north junction this morning to now take a look back and it's moving smoothly so. We'll keep an eye on NAFTA traffic running smoothly on the streets of which you thought this hour we'll keep an keep you updated any traffic accidents materialized. Deanna says traffic update brought you by joked about and Carl's Goodyear tire and that's located downtown market in Waterman. Also in the east cherry street mall or online at Carl's tire dot com it's your home for complete car care. Throat problem and Carl's Goodyear tires partly sunny and windy today with a high of eighty degrees. South with a 25 to thirty miles per hour this afternoon it's gonna ball. When David in windy with a 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 66. Saturday 70% chance for rain a high of 74 degrees. That's partly cloudy 57 degrees south wind at twelve miles per hour. 650 now Stephen did in the morning. The last minute surge. Nudged stock indexes mostly higher Tuesday barely extending the market's winning streak and milestone setting run. The Standard and Poor's 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed higher for the fifth. Straight days each posting new highs the S&P 500 rose less than a point the Dow edged up five points. The NASDAQ Composite lost. Nineteen points. The senate has passed four trillion dollar budget blueprint that is a major step toward. 44 president of trumps ambitious pro promises for massive tax cuts and reform. The 51 to 49 votes sets the stage for debate later this year to dramatically overhaul the US act owed it. Cutting rates for individuals and corporations while clearing away trillions of dollars worth of deductions and special interest tax breaks. And a while the Republicans can celebrate this as a pass it's 51 to 49. This thing's got a long way to go home and may undergo a few changes before it gets there. Actors 651 now Steve and Ted stock market factoid. Editor. Don grant it to be the money trackerless this morning boarding. I'm confused I do Florida. You know I like to look at the oracle perform to the stock market it helped me compare the direction of investments in how they behave in the past. But also to help determine politicians are your areas that would that now on past results cannot predict. The pitcher. The Standard and Poor's 500 index the S&P 500 is a pretty good monitor it represents 500 stocks. Joe's and from market size liquidity and industry group representation. It's an indicator of the movement of our economy. And cracking and it has seen yet in Internet search for S&P 500 historical prices. I learned that in the past five years from 1992. To 2016. ESP 500 index has gained an average of four point 9%. It over the fourth quarter of the year. 8%. Of the time it's quirky. 80% of the time it's it's gotten that you know four point 9% in the fourth quarter that's twenty to 25 last year's. This year we're up more than 14%. Total return through September 29 two got seventeen. Pretty good bowl run. The impact it's had just one down year in fourteen years that down here was 2008. When the real estate bubble popped and sent the US into a recession. It's the bull run a positive grow over the past 103 months. Yes and 500 has seen him dips. 05%. Or more that's a good reminder not to panic in markets dropped a bit particularly. Long term investors. Harvard University has the largest university endowment of more than 37. Billion dollars. Harvard management company reports that they experienced an eight point 1% gain at the end of their fiscal year. The twelve months preceding June 30 2007 to eight at the same time the S&P 500 gained. Nearly 2% seventeen point 9% total return. The management company called the performance disappointing the harbor deal. Keep in mind that they invest not just the stock market but in several areas like real estate commodities and private equity. The market. For the market appellation. Of BS and 500 index is 78%. Of the total market cap. All US stocks as at the end of August that seventy. Appellation is the best you all outstanding shares of publicly traded company that's argues that it 500 because. It pretty much represent the car of course you have any questions. You give it called course six report 2222. Person I doubt it's all the attention when people report on the on and a on the stock market and have to aspect ged nasdaq's doctor. It entered our technical right. They're primarily attacked again and some smaller caps but. But that beat beat beat doubt which is uninteresting it's only thirty stocks that the Dow industrial thirty of those are industrial stocks in. And those do represent a slice the economy that the S&P 500 is actually I think a much better indicator because it's more divert into. Boosting interest I'd to and this is not I didn't find a special day that I was a minute drive thought it was great to talk about today so we're gonna wish happy birthday to. And Ted's aunt Sally okay. Are. Now mustang. I don't know. Him a mustang yet. You might have a one point on I guess she's a strong Stephen Tim Lister yes he's a listener in should be celebrating a birthday on Sunday LT going to be you think are cool new younger than my mom written. Okay it could be your territory guys go somewhere in the eighty's or ninety's didn't you know and Sally if realistically this morning. Happy birthday that Sunday Burke and Herbert is Sunday so. If you wanna send her a card. If you are Cedric card Don with the public education it descended over here and it'll take it take Carol forwarded to me if you surrogate dirt. Or right burgers urgently illness earlier hey thank users it's 55 do you did come up 7 o'clock the case in his is. Morning and receive a dead a complete look at today's news Republican proposed budget barely pastors senate. That story and more news on the way Stevens at the morning on Kagan as fast.