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Wednesday, August 15th
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And assisting in the morning here at 6:47 here on Wednesday morning. Three big thing. Three Kansas state fair has new boss Robert Dennison names general manager seeing you next want to recount. In primary vote against Cedric county commissioner Richard red zone. Called your concedes. Republican fiscal boss faces Democrat mark Kelly and independent great Ormond in the Kansas governor race. Big big thing Steven dead on Kate and assess. And it traffic at stake here on the Wednesday morning commute just in the last few minutes we've got their portable water line break on Saint Francis just north of Kellogg near the downtown area so you have utility crews. Getting that cleared up. And of course is this the first full day of school for which it's which atop public school students you'll see the yellow lights flashing in the school zones this morning. Think in SS traffic has brought to you by Joseph to Brahma and Carl's Goodyear tire that's located downtown at market and Waterman. Also in the east cherry street malls and online at Carl's tired dot com it's the home of the 3495. Oil change Jody brought us and Carl's Goodyear tires. Mostly sunny today with a 10% chance for rain and high of 85 degrees partly cloudy 10% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 68. Then for Thursday at 20% chance for rain. With a high of 89 now cloudy sky and we'll wind at ten miles per hour and 71 degrees. K and assess whether brought you by the monarch. Exploring your level of America's native spirit every Wednesday that's today. With four dollars select Perkins it was tees located at 579 west Douglas and his story delay you know the monarch. 648 now with Stephen dead India's Stephenson pulled it on our web page. In its just radio dot com the White House. As unveiled its plans for a new branch of the military space forces it's a good idea no it's a waste of resources. 7%. Yes it's necessary to ensure the country's safety 93%. Don grant GOP the money tracker right done and we you agreed that you tag me the new space sports we need in our government and I'm not. And one of belittle anybody does every time here this space for lightly. It's his medal picture of a rural Britain ran for the giant a little Darryl will bolts and an army or Scotty years I'm like I have I mean there are tied to take it seriously because we already. And that kind of thing and all over the prince's service but we'll see where it goes yeah well you never make your feelings of those web site was misty to dental. Interest and dons of rain and out there. Now okay soupy though if you speak. Should be Kroger will start to sell some of its products to Chinese shoppers. Throw website owned by Internet giant Alibaba the latest move by the supermarket chain do boosted digital business. Cincinnati based grow recourse to parent of Dylan's stores is working to catch up of Wal-Mart and which. But grocer whole foods last year in recent months. Cora launch an online. Delivery service upped its investment. In a British online grocer and agreed to buy a meal kits company you know as you know what ails Kurt and not they're not taking visa credit cards yeah burned up. I don't wanna take your visa debit cards but not credit card receivers there from there hike fees professional high fees and I have a leg up of these of the deals MasterCard and one of the I'm okay. Europe K if you're gonna bank credit I think I think now and here's here's that you got a target that's a visa but that's OK it. Yes apparently yes and make sure that Don make sure that smoking was done via okay. What's the limit on this are about to 75000 dollars it's. A very very creditworthy. One month's salary Turkey is increasing at tariffs on imports of the series of US products. Escalating a feud with the US I think that is helped trigger a current crisis birdies there's it's. Imposing extra tariffs on imports of products including rights members articles alcohol Colin cosmetics decision announced only official goes. Turkey and and US stocks rallied Tuesday as stocks for banks retailers and smaller companies jumped. That helped the market recover most of its losses from the previous two days the Dow gained a 112 points the S&P climbed eighteen the NASDAQ added 51 points. Yeah daily walk out now I'm rich C champion money trainer and he's talking about the stock market and presidents what I asked timely timely. Well it's gotta kinda interesting I don't read a whole bunch into this that is just you know fodder you know let's talk about you know and in the process of reaching some asset manager performance I ran across an interesting chart. It tracked the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average relative to US president's tenure in office now. Several presidents were listed but the chart track. Primarily the top five presidents for each period relative to those performance periods now broken down they broke down in two months. Each president B game began with a 0%. Gain at the beginning when he first came in on January 20. S air track from their first day in office with the percentage of market gain or loss by each month in. Now before I launch into the numbers I put very little credence into an assumption. That the president has much control over the stock market think about it I believe that the the president may promote ideals causes and policies that. May nudge market directions. But the economy is so much larger. An independent than what a president may do to affect it now any president should not get full credit for a rising market. Nor should they be blamed entirely for a down market. I found the charred and allow this other need information on a site called. Macro trends dot net if people wanna go to its macro tents dot net it's kind of neat. While out at at six months in office Obama is Dow was up fourteen point 6%. Trump was up ten point 2%. And Clinton six point 9%. After one year in office trump takes a lead with. 31 point 6% return Obama 25 point eight and Clinton at thirteen point seven. Getting into eighteen months in office a year and a half and Obama's back on top with the Dow of thirty point 8% return. From inception. And trump loses some of his gains to 25 point eight and Clinton is up twenty point two. After two years in office. Obama's Dow was up 48 point 6% from when he took office followed by Bill Clinton at sixteen point one. Now dead the other big trump hasn't been in for two years so he's out of the running on this one. And then President Reagan had thirteen point 6%. At the end of their first terms that's for years Clinton 105%. Obama's 73 point 2%. And Reagan 35 point 8%. Each of those top three presidents served a second term. After eight years in office the total percentage return for the Dow index. From there ends in from there installment as president was up 147. Point 3% for Ronald Reagan. 148. Point 3% for Barack Obama and harping 228. Point 9%. For 88 years under Bill Clinton I just thought that was interesting once again I don't give a lot of credence. But it's just interest and even think it you know. Would that. The stock market would be better if you've got Republicans in there right. But that's not true justice it had to do with the balance and it really has to do with legislation and how legislation will affect commerce and banking it right and all the rest of that. But it's via yeah just they don't put much credence in but it is kind of fun to talk about it yet. Denny is national relaxation day kinda slow down underlined really I don't know. Little to this with your day there are just tired of safe predicament relaxation activity I know for Donna to reading a book. I got to some examples of fishing with a friend a picnic in the park. Walking along the beach. Taking a drive in the country. Or you know those all involved quite a bit of ever yeah. Yeah yeah. Are making I hate to say it relaxation is doing something physical. And for example downhill skiing to me is relax relax I know I know it's hard physical work. While they sent a message here Golding and she I mean that's relaxing it's just it takes my mind away from everything else and bogeys and tips of my skis and and that's and La for a jog. Nothing better you get it you know negative ads than after about twenty medicine ya. And what you have a cute kid which reflects news in rooms occupied these three hours here with you'd. All the relaxing time the vapor. To I don't know how he can do that is they run that console there and lying and amateur bodies of votes yeah and it's called denial it's three of the premium grapes and standing in palm fronds that's it's very active imagination that I. I enjoyed national relaxation day coming up at 7 o'clock we Stevens add to all the news eighth all here concede the Phil bought his Republican nominee for Kansas governor we've got the story coming up in the morning on in this sense. And his Stephen Ted in the morning every weekday for the money record Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of tester I asked CT HP is not affiliated with tester I asked orchestra. AS highest IMAX with backs associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now our team is seen challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge so give us a call at 6520101. Paction associates time well spent money well invested. 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Here's Mike Snyder partner and CEO of the local artists and marketing on what Cindy only Chara did for his company artists they merged with 360. Ideas. Firms of equal sizes both abandoning the former company is forming a brand new company since you brought expert. After expert with their. Awed. That that be handled that rapidly that's the safely and I didn't lose any sleep over. There's several ways that we get value out of relationships Indio if we had HR in house but we would have to make sure that they're getting trained that they understand. To carve out mind share. To inspect what they expect. The people side of the business is the most challenging aspect of the business we think in the relationship with send you we are saving at least 50% overhead.