A strange news followup: drive-through bandit turns herself in

Steve & Ted
Friday, November 17th

After security video went viral, the suspect turned herself in to Columbia Maryland authorities.


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Good morning 6 o'clock this is the case and there's forty you Christine contend the nineteen and I can talk. Tammy snow a thirty year veteran of the Wichita fire department has been appointed fired keep following a national search. Notice you're considering. Keep since July when chief Ron Blackwell retired. Still was a first female chief of the which of opera department which was founded in 1886. I am only the fire chief because I surround myself with some very very good people. You know we've got a great apartment with a lot of them. Very innovative very aggressive very in team personnel. And I found out she need to serve with them and then you're only as did you only win with us successful people. Snow again working for the department in 1988 she served as a firefighter lieutenant captain battalion chief division to deputy chief before being. Put in his division chief in 2011. Snow will oversee nearly 46 million dollar budget and about 425. Employees. Firefighters and Harvey county were called to the scene of a fire and a structure next to a grain elevator. At fire began in a coop building on main street in north Newton city of Putin's spokesperson Erin McDaniel tells Kate is in news. Crews from Utah and Halstead and Heston who worked together to bring that blaze under control. Firefighters have had to take a defensive position outside the building. It takes longer and it makes it more difficult to fight the fire but it's certainly the most safe position for our firefighters to the end. Fire officials say the blaze was called under control by about 9:30 PM however flare ups continued. There were no injuries no hazardous materials were involved in the plays cause of the fire is under investigation. A man sitting in a truck were shot in northeast Wichita 129 and what long. Police officer Charlie Davidson says there was a man and woman on a front porch in the 2900 block of north meadow oak and another couple in a truck. And I don't suspect approached the residents on foot brandished a handgun and was demanding property. Backpack was taken. And then the suspect approached the truck. And also again demanded property. As a suspect was walking away from the truck one shot was fired through the driver's door. Which struck the 28 year old male in the lake. Police believe this shooting might have something to do with the transaction involving drugs. A Georgia man has continued to two years and three months in federal prison. Or participating in a scheme that cost Sedgwick county 566000. Dollars 49 year old George James of Brookhaven Georgia was sentenced Wednesday for a wire fraud. James told authorities someone contacted him in September 2016. Asking to deposit money into account in Georgia. He spent some of the 566000. Dollars in transferred some to banks in China and Germany. The other person allegedly sent an email to separate county claiming to represent construction company Corning of one sons. Asking the county to San future payments to a new account number. The county learned later that the email was not from corneal. Dan O'Neill paying an SS news now it's up to the senate after the house passed a Republican tax cut package. Republicans are one step closer to a major legislative goal of rewriting the tax code. We're excited about going to the legislative process. Going to congress getting this done making this bill even better. House speaker Paul Ryan wants a tax bill on the president's desk by Christmas the senate where Republicans had just two votes to lose could take up its own measure after Thanksgiving. But so far at least five GOP senators are not yet on board they cite concerns over business tax rates repeal of the health care law's individual mandate. In what the bill can do to the deficit. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. Minnesota senator Al Franken he's taking hits from both sides of the aisle. After he's been accused of sexual harassment senator Al Franken releasing a lengthy statement of apology. After a Los Angeles morning personalities accusations of his advances during a USO tour in 2006. As for the photo of him grabbing her breasts while she's asleep on a military cargo plane. Franken says I look at it now and I feel disgusted with myself it isn't funny it's completely inappropriate and he will cooperate with the ethics investigation. Liane tweet in response the apology sir I accepted yes I mean Pete people make mistakes and of course seeing it made mistakes and yes I do accept that apology she isn't asking him to step down says she came out now to save all the other way many years of bottled up anger. Teresa Crowley Fox News. What does that jobs picture looks like for the year ahead in south central Kansas. Jeremy hill director of the center for economic development and business research Edwards about to university. Tells K and assist news. Our forecast for Wichita is to grow by point 4%. They have some context that is about where we've been brewing for the last several years. It is up and down this last month we grew up more than. Point 4% but when you average it out I think that says pretty consistent slow growth expectation. Jeremy hill is our guest this weekend and issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on K and as cash. K and SS news time now 6055 minutes past the stormy week nights they've done okay. 97 a thirteen thirty K and as as you're on a Friday morning November 17 was even dead and a it's 610 now 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And this morning we've got some fog and some may just possibly greasy roadways out there back to the future yeah exactly last back attitude at the beginning of this week eighth after. And exactly so I guess and visibility issues out there this morning just be cautious. And that take it easy. Especially if you happened that being in an area with some of trepidation they and it's just radio. I'm dead skin or open middle straighten up later today looked at the forecast now with Jake and has their staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning again. Good morning with a mostly cloudy start today we could have some patchy areas of drizzle. But the big warmup expected this afternoon or high 77. And by the way the record high is 78 setback in 1999. So if we see breaking cloud cover we could even get warmer. Windy tonight Carlo 45 finish clearing much cooler Saturday with a high 56. And K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now flaws get missed 58 degrees you've got to south winds gusting to 26 miles per hour wind kicking up here in advance ourselves. From the south again gusting up around the twenty commitment miles per hour. Six while now we Stevens did get up partly sunny breezy. Thursday which does high temperature yesterday was 62 degrees normal high for the date is 56. A suspect. Has been. Has surrendered in a McDonald's break in in which a woman squeezed her way through a drive through window we had the story yesterday police say. 27 year old Jessica Marie cross of Springdale Maryland turned herself in she is charged. We've burglary and theft after a widely seen surveillance video shows a woman. Warming her way through the window. It also shows here helping herself to a soft drink. And making all of the box of items of police say. Cross stole 14100 dollars in cash. Out purse food and some happy meal toys all happy meal toys big value there now. They also say crosses scene trying to remove her fingerprints and disable the surveillance system. Bands that didn't help much apparently not know and you if you got to look at the video I mean if you knew this woman you would recognize or probably immediately. I mean he's full shots of her face her body everything this and it dovetails with the story that we also had yesterday. About a sheriff. Doing. Offender bingo or some gang I'm a fan of being gifted mango. Yeah he puts out these you know videos and pictures of people that. And go viral and the idea is enough people see these things that you might as will turn yourself in yup that's kind of what happened this lady enough people saw that video. I videos didn't figure she could run that he was having a huge impact yeah curious on every aspect of life including a criminal activity. A South Dakota woman is a tough critic. And he's facing an aggravated assault charge because of a police say. 49 year old Sioux Falls woman hit a man in the head with a trucking and ice bank why. But apparently it was because she didn't like the guy sinking. And struck him in her home last weekend. The victim and a friend left the home and called police now. It's it's really expressing yourself about someone's singing GAAP someone's singing so bad air property. And an app now. Experts sound effect up. Thanks Franken ahead. On this date in 1968 this this is a that was big time NBC. Outrage football fans by cutting away from the closing minutes of a New York Jets Oakland Raiders game. To begin the TV special high eighty on schedule. Could act act Alberta this yeah yeah. After being taken off the air the raiders came from behind to beat the jets. 43 to 32 in Newton yeah. Now that's a case where I hope people having a backup on radio I'm fairly. Fairly certain Tuesday's NBC was probably carrying the game on radio. Anyway. Yeah it is annoyed a lot of people but today. You don't have that you got football on out here the sixty minutes a president's talking out of whatever they're gonna go and they're gonna finish again now even as Banco. Because they learned their lesson wave back in 1968. With the infamous. Let's go to high eighty now what wasn't Tara wasn't there a deal in the NBA finals were I don't believe they pre empted its. But I believe they put picture in picture in a of the OJ Simpson chase the the white bronco at that event. I'm not believe that was the NBA finals and not exactly sure. And I went to America that I can remember decadent yet. 615 now Stephen Ted and we get fires are making news this morning Euro our newscast a moment ago Brit they give a spectacular warehouse fire after Newton. There's a lot of smoke and a lot of plane go away from the sky that means you can invisible. Probably all of our heart beat Kelly this is an old junky like in a warehouse right next. To a grain elevator are active in now and you get the grain dust in there I presume. You get a spark and you've got like a bomb going off that they had dented to Bruce and so many years ago. And so they can I you know those firefighters say you know they are sprayed in protecting bitten. Not a good situation. Is of that thing and next door exploded. It would have been bad with firefighters even with a 150 yards that thing so yeah I'm really glad nobody got hurt they could have easily. And a big announcement this morning that of the new which top fire chief will be Tammy snow. She has been working as he Bittermann interim chief for several months now after Ron Michael left and you heard the news story that. Just a little bit of inside of that I don't you know that I've. We're we're close those friends but gotten no Tammy a little bit over the past couple three years. And I pretty excited about this I think she's going to be a day Indy. Fire chief and she yeah yes of past he actually talked. In high school at North High School but my kids went she was I think she was there when my kids were there before she got in a firefight. I don't remember what subject she talks and she told we were talking one time they're all about and she told with a subject that's been popular warrantless. In English math and Omniture and the cue from there she joined the fire department and Mallard run up the ranks. She's she's sharp she's articulate. And I'll get over 400 firefighters artist. And she's going to be the leader in going to be in charge and and I'm excited about it. We have. Contacted. Which to a city bay manager Bob Layton to be on with a slew later on this morning. Around 745. The spoiler talk to Bob. Because he is a guy who is in charge of the nation nationwide search for new energy. Put my ticket that okay. It's got to cookies. At that the Bob Blake was in charge of that and we're gonna talk to him about 7:45 this morning. Little before that at 735 we've got him. Congressman. Estes is going to be with us. That's at 735 and then AT and we're gonna have Jennifer Hoff from the Tripoli can't just talking about death travel this new this morning is act on and Mitch and then Mitch Ryder Ryder hermit cultists. Play by play voice of the Kansas City chief Ted. We elect nor wants more you Ringo I guess I sure am at Shelley sets of cookies and push you guys are rated take as many fuel breakfast of champions are champions it's six. Eighteen now Stevenson in the morning time for the Dow sports with Ted Woodward and we it would get seats after a bye week back in action this weekend I think back at it against one of the poorest teams in the NFL right now first place Kansas City Chiefs are heading to New York take on the giants. Chiefs are 810 and a half point favorite on the road on Sunday even though Kansas City is lost three of its last four games. Chiefs have not been a double digit favorite on the road in 25. Years that the giants are not good they have not won a home game this year. They are one and eight on the season. Yet. There is a note that the chiefs have never. Won a road game against the New York Giants. Oh in six all time against the giants road game. And the chiefs have never played well in the meadowlands against the jets or the tonight. You keep those some injury problems may be date field Upton is predicted an up we'll remind all about it when we talk with me told debt limit Playboy's the chiefs are weekly chat with me it's two hours from now. And of that. Mitch we'll have live coverage of the chiefs Sunday beginning at 11 AM game pick up at noon Sunday right here on your home of the team's 987 and thirteen thirty K and aunts passed. College football tomorrow Kansas has its home finale the jayhawks in Lawrence posting fourth ranked Oklahoma. He used one in nine Oklahoma is nine and one. They often lost nine in a row EU is a 37. Point underdog at home. All they have lost their last twelve matchups against the sooners streak goes back many years. Live coverage of the jayhawks begins at 1 o'clock tomorrow he will kick off at 230 in Lawrence in a town Sports Radio KF eight. 12:40 AM 975 F them. Kansas State is on the road K state visiting thirteenth ranked Oklahoma State tomorrow afternoon also at 230 game Natalie nationally televised on ESPN two. K state has lost its last five meetings against the pokes that streak goes back eighteen years though. Lot of those visits to Stillwater have been close if they just having trouble getting a win down there. K state is a nineteen and a half point underdog going into Oklahoma State tomorrow afternoon. The NA IA playoffs get under way tomorrow first round action sterling is ranked number sixteen in the nation visiting third ranked undefeated morning side college in Iowa. We kick off at noon tomorrow and see city sterling. We're down to the final four in high school football playoffs accident we have three huge games in the area tonight. Classic saying. Derby at northwest. While both ten and one why are off. Class five days bishop Carroll at undefeated Goddard. Careless tenant one Goddard eleven and no. And in class four A division one undefeated and dale visiting ten and one McPherson. Those you're right that was pretty injury three huge games tonight that of course the winners of those games all of advance to the title game great in high school football in the respective classes. They should have pretty good whether it's evening yet to be Deborah Knight for high school football in the final four semi finals there. We've got college men's basketball tonight. Open Lawrence. Kansas ranked number four in the nation hosting the Jack rabbits of South Dakota State that will be at 7 o'clock tonight listen to the case you game tonight on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 at them. Kansas State has a home game tonight the Manhattan hosting the ant eaters of cal Irvine that'll tip off at 8 o'clock tonight. We televise them fox sports Kansas City. The Wichita State women have their home opener echo arena at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon hosting coyotes of South Dakota first. Home game for new head coach Keith Adams for the shocker. Soccer volleyball team is ranked number 21 in the nation on the road tonight at Tulsa shock of 116 in a row in volleyball. And the Wichita thunder hockey team has back to back home games downtown it's in trust bank arena hosting the Allen Americans. Tomorrow night 7 o'clock Sunday at 4 o'clock horses thunder. First place tied for the top point total in the league right now from great start the sport with Stephen says Kate in as at busy weekend in sport is a 622 down even here for Fox News commentator. Todd stars. It says we live in a society where anything goes to see the head of the morning on tape and assess.