Strange things, left behind in Uber cars

Steve & Ted
Friday, March 16th

Uber releases a report on the strangest things in their lost and found.


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Good morning. It is 733. Year listening to 98713. 38 and as as it is Friday march 16. Stated Kansas under an emergency drought declaration wildfires are threatening farms and ranches governor Jeff collier and the secretary of agriculture visited five at Kansas counties yesterday in the western part of the state. They say wildfires are an awful worried that they don't get rain soon it'll start impacting crops and cattle. TO send news spoke with Greg Gardiner from Gartner Angus ranch. Mark concerns are for the livestock feed as we go into the summer grazing for the livestock and you know we hope we get enough moisture next fall to start the cycle over an implant we'd gear. Company that owns Winn-Dixie is going through Chapter Eleven bankruptcy plenty of stores are about to close because of it Florida based southeastern grocers is the parent company of Winn-Dixie Harvey's buy low and other businesses. And it's ready to close down 94 of what they call underperforming stores as they undergo restructuring. Nearly 600 other stores will be staying open. The company filing for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection which is expected to cut the company's step by more than 500 million dollars. Most of the stores closing are based in Alabama Florida Georgia and the Carolinas. Until NATO Fox News. The winningest coach in College Baseball history has passed away will look at more on the life of RD garrido all he garrido was known for his zen master like personally starting as a coach at San Francisco State back in 1969 leaving there after a year eventually taking on his first at the Helm of cal state fortune were he would win his first college World Series with the titans in 1979. He would at all again and Oman 1984 leaving the school to take over at Illinois but finding his way back to fort and in 1991 staying put for six more years. And winning another college World Series in 1995. Before heading to Texas. As coach of the longhorns he would reach the NCAA tournament fifteen times beat eight appearances in the college World Series winning it twice all before retiring in 2016. And honored for his 1975. Career victories. All he garrido passed away Thursday after suffering a stroke earlier this month. He was 79 years old. Matt at all time all Fox News. The ever taken over in accidentally leave something behind blitz so you're not alone. There are some lost I don't that the ride sharing company reports. Pretty interesting. Some of the items misplaced you might expect keys cellphones wallets but let's read reports that in 2017. Those making a hasty exit from a new broke left behind the unconventional as well a flat screen TV tax returns hair extensions. And the cat carrier we assume minus the cat. Over is may have also been where weddings Scott second thoughts with people leaving behind a bridal veil a tuxedo and in one case a marriage certificate. The time most people forgot stuff between eleven at night no 1 in the morning the most common date Sunday and among the most forget for places to college towns to both Pennsylvania and Athens Georgia. Colonel Scott Fox News. It is a 736. With Steve intent let's take a look at the weather forecast heading into the weekend meteorologist Dan holidays will this today hello damn. Good morning we see very windy overnight and that will continue forest today sunshine temperatures around 74 would gusty south winds as high as 45 miles per hour to a red flag warning again posted across south central Kansas. Clear and breezy down to 37 overnight Saturday side 63. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Ninety damn currently in which it's always a breeze out of the south under clear skies 59. Degrees KM SS news time 736 with Stephen dead. Speaking of studio. We've got him out on assignment this morning at the 4030 annual original Blarney breakfast at old Chicago and east Wichita. Well I don't hear that fiddle music any. More than anything else. On that okay RIC's. Just it just down I was on the air on 100 stations. Donna barred from K anyway and had beyond your just a moment ago and I dropped a headset I couldn't buy to let us. That mess down there today but now works for raising money for rainbows united at that something they would not work until 9:30 this morning it'll Chicago. At Kellogg and rock road just have a great time the dancers are going again. You can hear the Irish music yet pancakes and you've been you've got had round the and you know scrambled eggs all it's great amendment yeah I know I'm a hundred it's definite pattern that comes. That's got the bartender just went around and hand to let you play by the way this gentleman in front of me I don't I don't we don't but the man whose head the plates aren't. Of the eight tickets he just keeps getting more but that's the obligatory some money here today yeah as a state. Big ol' party going on did push you we're here but. A man and a good. It's certainly is festive day and now the course of your career I assume I know you attended the Blarney breakfast many many many times have you added any other. Saint Patrick's Day parade or other duties over the years your radio career. Now this is lit. I really have by the way I'm not a Irish you know I'm scouted so. They played bag pipes down here sometime this week at midnight tonight sets instance that I heard but anyway. It's that might need them it's a minor point but I really haven't been to many of these practices at the last couple years on Thursday and because. We didn't work it work for like the innocence until just recently few years ago and done so I didn't get out and when it was a Jim O'Donnell and gene are up. Back when they started distinctive radio so many years ago 43 years ago but I knew both of those guys and actually work we do for a while. And definitely got the starting at the parade going wasn't separate but there. I'm in now and and a great time and we have a great time moves the Internet and a have a lot of people come up to you guys everyday at that one guy. You look at me is that you still underrated as a steam into the Mori poll. Do you guys. But they don't see our faces of it and some don't Julio wells that's why it's nice to get you out in front of the party in public this morning's that they know will look like. They are party and I tell you what I've been Lotta people in there and I know we're not gonna go work today. They're just gonna this is it negative over there by the way I'm looking here. There and nobody wading into this very short line polian. Don't you know places for you it's going until 930 grant review of books from working on love to have you here at the line breakfast were have a great time. Do they make you do immediate public address announcing. No idea though Don gets to do all the public address announcer I. Had volunteered to days of announcing and Johnson now it's mind. You know all in on duty all bonded yesterday was four NCAA tournament basketball game yeah that is not like he's had a boring wake. Yeah it's great that it has till midnight mass now. And television that he did Courtney down as a competitor is being announced here you know still. That's him dance and I'm a man oh man yeah. And you rupiah announcing do so online now but you're not nearly I don't is busy no argument is good news on I don't have to do exit Danson Don Idaho's. But have a great time and hikes they ought to go until 930. Come on down and hear the party breakfast again it's an old Chicago. A killer and rock road and a bit of seed and yeah great great fund raiser for rainbows. United and the line is not a lot right now so this'll be an opportune time to get down there. You bet. Milan and you can even meet Steve Macintosh. But what a horrible for big deal that would let you off. What are they know well talk about that come and say listen hey guys so I'm just ahead dvi out there a solid majority Yeltsin signed with the raiders. About that now dead yeah like you are the majority totaled. K state guy where he wanted me and I would agree that means we'll get to see him take on the chiefs twice a year penalty in order to be fine. He's headed by the way you listen again it's pretty deep right here and right and that's of course that is correct I was always fun stuff. It will we'll check with you again shortly and we'll have a account where you're located their adult chicken on our okay Leclerc are doubled your location it's 741 with Stephen Ted in the morning 98713. Thirty KMS as. Steve mackintosh live at old Chicago east analog and rocks at speeds. Barney breakfast this morning chickens being the right here on 987. And thirteen thirty K and as ass.