Stress reduction and the workplace

Steve & Ted
Thursday, January 18th

Moneytracker Don Grant says too much stress at work can hurt your bottom line.


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Have cost us everybody that's sort of missed do you. How to bring clarity to the end can. So our own 987 and thirteen thirty K and as as we Stephen dead in the eye. Turning this into here on Thursday morning laugh at 647. Net three big things. Three Bob Dole honored with the congressional gold medals here. Big drug bust at different high schools seven arrested good lie and Wichita has to do citizens review board to look at police batters. Three big things Stephen dead on K in a sense. The traffic volumes in Wichita picking up right now not seeing any big slowdowns on the roadways though. And I just continue to watch out for slick spots especially the residential side streets there. Stand this morning traffic on K and essayist Roger invited Robin Charles Goodyear tire it's located downtown market in Waterman. And he's very street Moline on line across third dot com. Your home for complete dark here. These forecasts just get better every. Made mostly sunny and warmer today with a high of 45 degrees and mostly clear tonight human flu 24. Friday sunny and warmer with a high of this. Now partly cloudy twenty degrees you've got to south winds at fourteen. Miles per hour. Did assess whether brought to you by the monarch voted one of the best Mervyn bars America. By the fervent previews located at 579 mr. Douglas beat historic delay though the monarch. Steven Hill the morning the middle east's largest airline emirates is purchasing 28380. Aircraft for the option for sixteen more. In a deal worth sixteen billion dollars throwing a lifeline to the European made double Decker Jumbo jets. By the way the first from signed on this date in 2005. It is the anniversary of that jet emirates set and a state of the aircraft will be delivered to the Dubai based airliner. From 20/20 converts emirates already has 1018380s. And its fleet 41 more on order Airbus chief spokesman. John Leahy said Monday remember this that if the company could work out a deal emirates there is no choice but to shut down the program. Emirates says it's the largest Airbus a 380 operator in the world and that some of the new Jumbo jets ordered will be used as freak replacements providing stability. To the 8380 production lines so you folks were an Airbus maybe you've already got the word that here in which a top. Looks like he three's gonna go all gonna survive massive airplane Britain's big order there no way we deal. Life happens. A broken down car but leaky roof a broken bone. If you're hit with a 1000 dollar emergency would you be able to cover it. You didn't regularly once did a good one to Ferrara now on our polls one of these times. For the majority of Americans the answer is no now. That's current only 39% of Americans say they would be able to pay for a 1000 dollar under planned expense. According to a new report from Bankrate. And the hangover that could be it could be good poll question I thanked. All right 649 Stevens had broad rally on Wall Street has propelled the Dow Jones Industrial Average to cost. Close above 26000 points for the first time the sharp gains also delivered record highs for the Standard and Poor's 500 index and the NASDAQ Composite. I don't lower the top of this thing is debit and could still go on. The Dow gained nearly 323. Points yes and 26. The NASDAQ added over 74 points. If this keeps going up arrow going us. The Wichita eagle has promoted an employee with more than three decades of experience as its general manager. Dale C worked will be responsible for the Eagles publishing advertising and financial operations. Its parent company McClatchy says this promotion is effective immediately. 58 year old which donated is beginning his 38 year at the eagle. So yeah hold on guys ended dale Siewert has to big job down there at which Dario congratulations dale best of luck. From Stephen Ted Mack and we just don't know how they don't pass of that select everybody that they are not in London exactly or some active. Right 651 now Stephen dead Don grant CFP the money tracker. Is gonna tell us about stress reduction. And he's got to reduce stress by not driving this morning glory dot. Yeah. They have a road rules slowed today. Well as well except it did you know that work stress can be bad for your health if anything humane not sleep well Harvard Medical School link stress to heart disease and an increase your risk of diabetes. How stressing good work. Seemed good headcount can you control your reaction do stressful situations. We know dusty desert and it's it's seemingly obvious. But I often difficult task to identify the source of your stress. Is it created by Ian overloaded work other employees or make you added to yourself by your approach to challenges in your job. Yet others impose their angst upon new. Avoid them. Sideways to work around them you know there's people are if you absolutely need to interact to perform your job let them know that you need to stick to the task at hand not the drama surrounding it. A routine unique to me they feel like you're hitting a wall like after lunch. Create a mental break for yourself get up stretch in separate yourself from your. Worked for several minutes perhaps you could. Check social media collier spouse get outside for a short walk and indeed breasts. If you're attention is lagging give yourself permission to let. Wander for a bit. Then you can approach the challenge we crashed. Avoided negative people. You know what they are they seem to thrive on others' misery and they elected gossip and inject the worst place would drama. Stay away. Saying no. When you're overwhelmed. Don't take on more responsibility if you're already suffering from an excessive workload it's tough to say now patrol where it's often helping to bow out gracefully. Control your email schedule time with yourself to review emails. Don't jump everytime you hear that incoming chime tuning out all the noise created by you know what helped you focus on the more important tasks I quite stress on the jobless as in income killer watcher health and your stress level. And then too you'll watch your bottom line of course do you have any questions you give me a call numbers 6342222. I think it's it's a really interesting topic and he talked about stressful. Here to radio station yen you've got to broadcasting. English or talk about their. And our deadline to have somebody to talk somebody one time I have a deadline we have a deadline on a morning show all about every three minutes Luke and we don't miss them you know. We don't miss stops and run the bus so there is this. Pressing need to do this is miss one of those deadlines so once or twice and it teaches a pretty quickly that you need to be prepared you don't always have everything right prior view of at least at least duke you prepare for the eventuality that something's gonna happen. Now mom my wife who's now retired spent many many years in the workplace and she had a couple of some of those jobs were pretty stressful but. In the ones that she sheiks T get the adrenaline go on because in the job where she had the you know the power to do something. The authority to take care of business she did great it's when you don't have that power and the and get everything comes at you you feel helpless that's when the stress comes if that's true. So that's. That's a good one the anchor our system learn yeah thank you album she get them at Torrey all right did today by the way is get to know your customers today. A day to reach out to your patrons and get to know them better. And I guess it would say that our customers here we Stephen did or the people were listening to the day Carlos and myself. And I've got to take my portrait shot that you know and I wonder how much that would close. I think you can do. It could be like you know half Maru but Stroud with Kevin up there at least that's a bit. Or about after the red Joker you know anyway there Perry got a lot of customers and got a and he got great customers and you get to know you're just brutal batters they Don. Give them big as well given big discount outside. A I guess I will. They user 655 now Stephen dead. 7 of its 7 o'clock decay in as this morning news is good with Stephen dead we have evacuations. Of homes and office Wichita again this week we're gonna tell you all about that's coming up at seven. Stephen deaths on K in a sense.