Student hires stripper to perform at his Austin, Tx. middle school

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Tuesday, February 6th
The performer called the front office when she realized what the address was, the student is facing suspension.

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Most that a little managed to eat vegetables are well let you have all your going to end up with a car. Go look at each other and work. It's detrimental. 97 there. And is as stated in the morning now 7:45. Nearly Tuesday morning at three big things pretty. City Council planning any water treatment plant in north west of Wichita CNN Wichita police investigating a rash of armed robberies. Colorado that he killed and chewed up was stolen cars suspect. Three big things he's been dead on in excess. And right now out in traffic we've got three turnpike accidents. Rollover injury traffic accident near the mole thing exists. Yeah roll over injury traffic accident on the Kansas turnpike near the whole thing traffic updates from K and SS radio I'm scared Jesus. Cloudy and cool with a 20% chance for snow was sent to build a high of only. 26 degrees today 20% chance there's no tonight the overnight moved twelve up. Wednesday sunny and warmer tomorrow's high up to 38 degrees. Now mostly cloudy seventy degrees and we have a northeast winds at fourteen miles per hour. He was in the morning on king in his since the woman who won last month's 560. Million dollar powerball jackpot. Refuses to claim her prize for the New Hampshire woman certainly wants her multi million dollar prize. But she wants to stay anonymous she filed a lawsuit seeking that status and normally that's okay with New Hampshire it's one of the handful of states that permits lottery winners to form anonymous trusts to shield their identities. And the problem is the winner already signed her name to the 560 million dollar winning tickets. And if she alters it to hide her identity. That will void the ticket. Winning a jackpot can come with a deadly risks since 2005 at least three separate lottery winners have been murdered. For their newfound riches Carmen Roberts Fox News. Wow I did not know putted Taylor. You put yourself in response Jesus yes I think it yourself anonymous if you can end I would say. Murdered three people. And a I had not ever heard them fly yeah like accuracy. Officials of the Texas school districts say in middle school student. Is being disciplined after hiring a stripper to perform at school. On these middle school kids that. When you heard this Elian learn sometime. Spokeswoman for ran an independent school district that's north of often yes my yeah. Late mother in law used to live there anyway. Spokesman for the round rock just spokeswoman for around like independent school districts as a stripper arrived at the address where he had been hired to perform. And realize show and tell realized it was Knoll Grisham middle school the stripper pole all out and she was responsible person she called fraud office to report the prank is anti did not and it's built okay well. At least there's one adult a bigger you know. Student use his personal cell phone to call the agency. And paid for the strippers performance using his parents credit our third wow. Student is now facing disciplinary action okay good. It's got a future in England for in some sort of you know information technique technology manager or a criminal. Or it could wind up in broadcasting. But if you battle all sorts options. These you know these seventh and eighth graders when you do that again a couple of myself range. I'd stock market had a big I when I call it an adjustment yesterday. As a Dow plunged to 11175. Points on quite an adjustment erasing its gains for the year now percentage wise it's not it's not does that almost 2%. Eight point five. Percent that's still that's I have to yeah it is but you got 27000 points in net. In net dead in that index but yet it's still pretty it's still pretty equal everybody MS and 113 NASDAQ LT 73. And so you know my 401K to commitment. It'd been probably a little too inflated already thought they can. Sanford several weeks in this is too much is there's gotta be an adjustment here. Now what what will happen if we really have a problem Glenn Beck's been talking about that for years India and Bobble head lesion showing up in the stock market if you if you if you had that. Happen David we have a plunge in. The academy yourself begat elections coming up in November. For somebody. Could be pretty bad. As people usually vote pocketbook thank Allah. Toy noticing a nearly doubling of profit for the fiscal third quarter really yeah the lifted its annual profit projection through much to 22. Billion dollars a record high for the Japanese automatic result now the Toyota company no wonder Toyota Thon at that allow one yeah. House Republican leaders have unveiled a plan to keep the government open for another six weeks while Washington grapples with a potential follow up budget pact. And perhaps immigration legislation GOP leaders say. They would seek to pass a stop gap spending bill by marrying and with a full year 659. Billion dollar pentagon spending bill that's a top priority. Of the party's defense hawks so. Again we're looking at a possible. Government shut down over the budget now let's just let's just make this standard operating procedure from now on. Just keep the government open six weeks at a time continuing resolution as just. From now on let's just do that. It was there are those of the unit of that seems like that pretty much where we are already retirement talk did Kansas senator Jerry Moran raises. He like you elected hey why don't we just pass a budget every year or every two years and that's it and at this continuing resolution stuff but because then you can't. All the other party hostage you know you can't there's no fun exactly. You know people wanna be nervous about whether the they're gonna get their check it to your last minute deal others voter ID of the month the the need to be kept on people's pins an needles and pins in all the time right exactly if you electorate out there that scared to death. What's the best way to do that split. Where's that's what the politicians want them. There's boats and that frightening behavior. 751 now I was even Ted troubled local company calls it. Quits and and bill Roy of which the business feel as of this morning bill. Media has closed its doors acting president Doug Jessup sent an email to the remaining employees early Monday morning. To tell them not to come to work. Told them the company has closed its doors effective immediately it is just have said needed funding fell apart over the weekend he praised the work of the employees. And told them they can be proud of their accomplishments. I tell CEO Wayne chamber says even though I Centene media didn't make it which is hostility in place protect companies. I touch owns the building absentee operated in he says he's not sure what happened to SA NT but he doesn't think it shines and Amber's slide on Wichita as a tech community. Chambers says he's seen interest in leasing space in his building. In Kroger is selling its convenience store business for just over two billion dollars the company announced Monday it has a deal with the UK company called EG group. The transaction expected to close in the first quarter. Brokers the parent company of Dylan's and operate Syria convenience stores under the quick shop name. Kroger announced last fall I was looking to sell the convenience stores. Local breaking business news everyday on KM SS and a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role life. You've been. As a business journal monitoring this is anti media story for quite awhile. What what they actually do that air. Well they are they were kind of an act and they were able to put together. Computer programs. That help them aggregate news information and I get it out to others. Other news media outlets for example that prompted Tribune and group. And so. Out that is they're they're business model just didn't quite work. Okay sounds like similar to what you know I've done this. Time the hang now now we were nearly as high tech right. Right so exactly the Kroger thing I mean I've got a plus garden and a guest up yesterday. At thirteenth and mystery dentist Mecca have an impact on on meet this meet personally as it did you well I don't ask. I don't know yet we know this other companies going its did the deal is expected to close and sometime in the first quarter by the in the march probably so. We'll see what they messages for anybody who uses cards like like you do. Yeah pay if you look rushed out to get here at Philadelphia Eagles. To gear and yet bill salute you not yet it's still that's tough to do Ali Al although I'd love Darren Sproles had used aaron's roll's here we are in exactly that now on I'm still a diehard chiefs fan OK so you've but you've got your. And sports gear type stuff that was logos and only oh yeah oh yeah. Just wanted to make sure yeah I just smoking jacket would Jack Hartman picture and yeah exactly and it's got it there Hank strand memorial basket to viewers with. A look at our that the buck Buchanan. I ask our. I'd take it there's 755. Now seated Ted coming up. In the 8 o'clock hour this morning. Forget the news at the top of the hour we're gonna. Keep you have to deal a fatal shooting in southeast which will also in the 8 o'clock hour the blur entertainment it was Ted Woodward and if we have a pair of tickets. Go to that journey Def Leppard concert and interest bank arena that's all all the way here in the 8 o'clock hour and by the way. Don't have a radio work solicited Stevens at all alive and Kagan as his radio does. Stevens head of the morning on KN SA.