Study finds Kansas one of the best states for pets and pet owners

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 2nd

SafeWise analysts ranked Kansas the # 8 best state for pets in 2017.


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Is distinction which talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 6:30 in the morning. He backed into like Ted Woodward. A frigid start to the new year dangerously low temperatures involved eight midwest states including parts of Kansas Missouri and Nebraska. Along with nearly all of Iowa Minnesota South Dakota. And North Dakota the National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories. For Monday covering a vast area. From the south Texas all the way to Canada and from Montana and Wyoming in the west through the New England in the east. Now the forecast with K and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan that. Good morning once again a brutally cold start today with some cloud cover cross Wichita and a weak system coming in from the northwest. Could give us a few flurries possible this afternoon otherwise or high 23. Tonight clear Arlo fifteen and then for tomorrow sunny with a high 31. We may finally get above freezing again by late this week. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy and four degrees. Wichita police investigating after a man was shot during a street robbery Monday afternoon. The incident happened around 2 PM in the 16100 block of north Emporia. Wichita police Sargent Andrew Goss says the man met with two people he had met online to purchase a pair of shoes. During the transaction the victim was pistol whipped by one of the suspects and shot in the shoulder the victim was able to make it to a nearby house to call police. Sergeant doe says officers are looking for two people in a great vehicle possibly a mid 2000 Serbian pollen that fled the scene. The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released will hold a grand Kagan SS news. The Kansas department of health and environment has issued a boil water advisory for the city of spivey in southern Kingman county Katie HE officials issued the advisory on Monday because of a mechanical malfunction resulting in a loss of pressure in the city's water system. Failure to maintain adequate pressure may result in a loss of chlorine residuals and bacterial contamination. Customers are advised to boil water for one minute prior to drinking or food preparation. Disinfect dishes and other food contact surfaces and toss out any existing ice cubes. Water used for bathing does not generally need to be boiled but supervision of children is recommended so that water is not ingested. Katie HE officials say the advisory will remain in effect until conditions which placed the system at risk of contamination are deemed to be adequately resolved. Phil held a brand can get SS news investigators in Utah. All are trying to figure out what caused a deadly Greyhound bus crash the bus was carrying twelve passengers from Green River Utah to Las Vegas last night. When it careened off I seventy in Emery county. And plunged into a deep ravine the Utah department of public safety says a thirteen year old girl died at the scene the bus driver and two other passengers in serious condition taken by helicopters to hospitals. Eight passengers were transported by ambulances. Highly officials say road conditions and weather are not believed to be a factor in the crash. A passenger reported a medical issue with the driver investigators are trying to obtain video from a camera aboard the bus Greyhound. Is cooperating. Kathleen Maloney. Fox News. Kansas city police say officers have found the body of an apparent homicide victim in Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas City Star reports officers responding to the report the shooting early Monday on the body of an Hispanic man in his twenties. His name is not been released no arrests have been reported the Justice Department is ramping up the fight on the on OP Lloyd abuse. Federal prosecutors say they have a tool in the crackdown on the nation's worst drug crisis in history. Better access to drug and health care data it's called the Justice Department OP I'd fraud and detection unit. And it gives authorities in twelve regions information on which doctors are prescribing the most how far patients will travel to seed them and whether any patients have died within sixty days of receiving a prescription some experts concerned the focus may hurt patients who legitimately need pills others say doctors are just a small part of the problem that we won't be cured without more prevention and treatment Lillian blue Fox News. A new report. As Kansas ranked as one of the top ten best states for pets. Kansas information networks film Lawrence has more according to the -- post a group called safe wise created a report on the most pet friendly states in America in Kansas race never eight best state for pets and Tony seventeen to determine the best and worst states for pets safe wise looked at multiple factors including which states have harsh anti cruelty laws number of shelters veterinarians and registered breeders along with a number of pet friendly restaurants hotels and parks here are some other key findings Kansas had 87 shelters and 30% are no kill shelters Kansas has 370 pet friendly hotels and we also have 38 trails that allow pets to frolic freely. 634 now Stephen did frolic in the freely is something that pets need Ted there you go that's something you know I need to the frolic for exactly. Around the countryside now Stephen Ted friendlies this day it's 635 we Stephen dead. Officials say a new record has been set at Huntingdon beach in California. But it's not the kind anyone wanted to be a part of a marine safety officer says a record 73 people reported injuries and a single day by sting rays so who. Lieutenant clogged pandas says in his forty years of working as a lifeguard at the beach. He has never seen so many stingray injuries. And it says the spike is in part due to heat the extreme low tides. Small surf and warm fresh water in the low sixties. Along with the holiday crowds and talent people off work and school too many people in too many sting rays in one place and income beach pretty. I've never been there I don't think. But. Myself and of course he's spent a lot of time or neighbor you know he was living in Florida for awhile and he talks about that. The jelly fish and interesting he's been stung by them really and a it's a pretty common. He could survive it but it's pretty painful right now. How molesting residency some video. While ago one of the net percent. I mean it's like the whole bottom of the ocean is covered with these darn things well I would even venture out my a it's a stay on sale of beach and get a chance right. Thousands of marchers braved bone chilling temperatures and wind chills to take part in Philadelphia's annual mummers parade the oldest continuous for parade in the country. Organizers had considered postponing the event because of concerns over the brutal weather conditions but. They voted to go ahead with a New Year's Day parade which featured a performers dressed in colorful costumes it on the sequence in feathers marching down the city's main north south Earl had so many people coming in for at. Cancel it it's a big deal drops everything yeah temperatures were in the single digits on the parade started concerns had been. Raised a frigid temperatures could be dangerous for parade participants and some instruments used by march Inkster and bans on now. Heating tense and more buses were up along the route for the mummers. Philadelphia has hosted the mummers parade since nineteen. Or one that's an old traditions a traditional parade on New Year's Day in Philadelphia. Number one we had the opposite thing happened on in the musical memorably did Dana. But panic event. Couple Summers ago or it was so hot. That they guys the guys musical isthmus start melting era and going door had. And remember it was in what was melting you've planned some estimate the pads involved blacks. And it started melting it was so I started melting and he's well he's like I can't do wanna hear my do this instrument as mellow out that's that's terrible. I see a lot of people but no other few places around the country had their polar bear plunges. Which you know people to go on to the water that we do ours here in Wichita. I have actually editing bullet. Jet ski on the river on New Year's Day done that several yet enough that it yesterday and I. Didn't seem anything about it. So are back after. The big New Year's celebration I spent most of weekend indoors now I think I didn't do terrible terrible cold. And aggression went out yesterday and so a lot of might might 2002 tribute is gonna start today. Act. Around alone no I jump started twice trying to get the battery. You know charge up. But today sought yikes ought to be looking for some for a back treatment that is a dead battery right there baby is dead as the hammer is my granted to say oh. Course in the news this deal regarding. The tragic shooting of a by a policeman the man owns itself Wichita because somebody did swapping which. I think we had we done a story about this in the past or somebody had tried something like this I knew a little bit about it. And gentlemen we do something about his involving gamers have several months yeah and there's this there's been several incidents is it's this sort of thing happening it just. Apparently this guy we've been kind of waiting for a tent. Into this tragically you know and this guy just enough. Terribly irresponsible. Young man it appears yeah. As alien to about three irresponsible young man victim but you know. You guys Steve. And they're just a lot of idiots out there it's like say a lot. It's dangerous at 639 now Stephen Tet and is tied for arcane is as commodities update hey the first one of their year. With. Let Tom Loeffler of a foot about two point Tom. Did morning Steve. The live cattle traded mixed Friday include bake beef mark Peter Cahill awful traded mixed but pollute positive. Number like cattle expired uprising in under 43 dollar they data but if I called session late Friday case kettle plate case cattle trade. Took place at the price 123 dollars we've got traded mixed close mostly negative Friday. People viewed in to wipe out context all of a new contract. Last week with all the Fed cattle gained two dollars and 97 cents. March feeder gained four dollars well that they're ugly dog gained about 84 the week. On the closed Friday that gamble that he says or what reporting what it by march Peter 45 cents higher at 140 twos 67. Deadly belt when he is that higher. It's 7177. According to public are we close our people on Friday. All the wheat and corn traded mixed that only in that we close our peak in the year last week with all the ports KP we gain a nickel. Mark soybeans gained any. Mark court blocked the penny for the weak markets will reopen the sporting at 830 both the livestock in the growing markets. On the clothes we call on Friday march 18 we can't put any I report according seven that a quarter outscored their opinion a quarter or 53 quarter. Art soybeans spit out what they call at 961. And three quarter. At the moment our February crude closed trading the entire 6048. That you were gold straight up for the hour that they're they're in thirty mark if the 684 and a quarter. Parts dollar index at 48 cents lower trading at about 155. Mark said Jones futures up 68 points at 24/7. 823. The commodity trading Greg marketing advisory contact book for commodities tumbled over on the web using 866 due to. So you stayed up late on. Sunday night and bring in the new year with a big glass of champagne. No sir I want. Do we have midnight there also the firework at all. It dead amazing. I don't know I don't even know anybody who stayed up any anymore I mean I guess a younger people. You know when you get to our age one year looks to elect the next you know I'm saying the last. All I have to give Andy credit she stayed up. Well a couple of our youngest grade kids who were state worker over the week yet and they'd they'd appalled that your committee of. Oh they did. Let the big kids should be able to do that at least once or twice in the lifetime. I think that it got to fill a spate of bright specs. Well. She wasn't does she didn't have any campaigned each year in and that's right. If you like me what happens when I'm asleep it's not responsibility right. Good I will talk about the new year tomorrow we don't go did you warmed up and get ready if you already from the 28 team we'll talk about about that to mark. Thank you time it says 642. Now with Stephen dead on the race. Don Brandt CF people's money trackers. Controlling your estate from beyond the grave dons who talk about that. All the way was Steven dead now 642. At eight and that as best.