Study says Wichita is lagging behind

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 12th
Analyst and native Wichitan James Chung's presentation on the local economy.

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I don't think I have a serious news center to talk about. I think anything that. Creates good discussion anything you can talk about with other people that you can exchange ideas without. I'm doing angry at each other and you can share opinions and write your own. Run your own thoughts on things signing doesn't live the rest of us. 9713. Thirty K and answer as stated in the morning around 746. Here on Tuesday morning. The big things. Wichita homicide totaled 22. In the first 23 weeks of the year seeing motorcycle rider critically injured in north Wichita line. Historic meeting between leaders of US and North Korea pretty big thing even dead on Kate and as stance. Eastbound traffic really slowing down in that road construction right. Now I anger out on Kellogg near I 235. Road construction and Eric yesterday. And bottleneck in NASDAQ. Went down for it's two lanes there so. Really slowing down right now and of course today we've got a ramp closed out there and that is that a new today. This ramp closings the rant from. Westbound Kellogg to northbound I 235. Ramp closed until October traffic update this heinous as radio fun. Yeah achievers. Mostly sunny and hot today 20% chance for rain later today yeah night. 93 degrees 50%. Chance for showers and storms tonight the overnight lows 71. Wednesday 50% chance for showers and dawn tomorrow night. 87 now mostly cloudy 79 degrees in the southeast wind at seven miles per hour. Kate and assess whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of cramped burdens of miscues in the state of Kansas. The monarch over to military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch in Toledo. Seven. 47 now Stephen Ted day and and alarming story out of Florida. Where a Florida man has been sentenced to ninety days in jail for dragging his dog. Behind you struck until it died. Pensacola news journal reports 71 year old Thomas ward was sentenced last week he previously pleaded no contest and one count of aggravated animal cruelty. Witnesses told authorities they saw awarded dragging his pit bull which had been tied to the trucks etched. And followed ward was Pensacola hall where they say he took the dogs what lifeless body to a shed. Well for the respondent reported finding the dead dog. In the meat crops he revealed that the dog died mystics he should have wounds consistent with a road right so when do that and so it. Yes we can't we can't it's just now he just ugly and stupid and drunk. On his mind but you don't do that all's right. The Dow finished up up that is for the fourth straight day Monday. Stocks on gains across the board in fact the Dow was up for a fourth day in a rally ticked off its earlier highs had been up over 86 points. Finished higher by six. At 2500322. The NASDAQ Composite up fourteen at 7659. The SP 500 up three at 2782. We saw some winners on the Dow Jones Industrial Average including. Names such as UnitedHealth Chevron and caterpillar. Under pressure. McDonald's Johnson & Johnson Pfizer and Intel summoned the financial stocks turned into the red. Right near the close for example JPMorgan finished down a quarter of 1%. At one tent fit fit at 15%. At a new high there and Tesla also gains on the floor in New York Stock Exchange called the police Fox News. Supporters from Maryland and the District of Columbia accuse president trump in federal court Monday of profiting on unprecedented scale. From foreign government interest using his Washington DC hotel. But the Justice Department lawyer insisted trump is not breaking the law because he provided no favors in return. Mayors from seven US cities in the states where we illegal where would legal lump marijuana there where they're burnt marijuana is legal. Said Monday they have formed a coalition to push for federal marijuana policy reform. Just days after president trump expressed support for bipartisan congressional legislation to ease a federal ban on pot. So now Teddy you know we've got its states and localities across America who are legalizing. Recreational marijuana writers. But it's still against the federal law. So that's with a look at it here maybe get. A little more coordination there Seattle leaders said Monday they plan. To repeal a tax on large companies like Amazon and Starbucks. As they face of mounting pressure from businesses. An about face just a month after unanimously approving the measure to help pay for efforts to combat a growing homeless this homelessness crisis. Business it like that idea very much at all in non Seattle leader I don't know that they fought through that for a while at me in. I would who'd do that did you see it might have some negative consequences for business against it well we don't know why it. I'd it's 751. Now Steven T add to Wichita needs to take bold steps. Editor bill Roy that would stop business journal with a us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Teddy out what to tie is behind other midwest cities that was 1 pot Monday evening from James China Wichita native and analyst with strategy firm reach advisors. Chong says while other cities have invested in their infrastructure as they road the national economic recovery. Wichita has remained in recession he says Wichita means to take some bold steps if it wants to see growth. Wichita optometry is growing by buying two other practices buying small plane vision care and Wichita vision care. The acquisitions give Wichita optometry two and two more pulled service locations. For a total of four and it takes their opt Thomas optometrists count to seven. The terms of the deal not disclosed. And Alex hard says his newest met these restaurant is set to open a little later than expected apartment hoped to. Have the restaurant in Douglas from Washington ready for customers during the summer. Now he says it should be open in September the restaurant will be across the street from his Rivet computer's location on the southwest corner of that intersection. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS Sander Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal times do away. Losing anything specific did that mr. Chung a said that Wichita and east to do. And there are a lot of people like to do something that they did was he specific about bold steps. Well he said there's no magic bullet there's no one magic bullet that can solve Wichita as issues. It just takes. For action from within from the people not necessarily elected leaders. But. Action from. People to get involved and make Wichita better location to me. We've got today I spent some time with a yesterday's Ahmad podcasts this week that comes out Friday's sell. What an interesting stuff in an interview with him on our issues so a couple years ago and when they came out or what's a year ago whatever that first report came up. I showed some of the problems we had as a community with the age not that lot of numbers involved. But it did you know to quantify it is down to what. What can I do what can can we used or something we can do do we need to you know do something special ten got any ideas to an iron and an assault this morning but you know in a and I guess we're doing some some research around this town try to get people involved and come up with ideas for. Now what are the things he talked about was investment. Other communities have the same size and throughout the midwest. As the as we agree recover from recession. Really invested in infrastructure and others private investment investment as well. Much much more than there has been in Wichita but think about infrastructure only about it you know streets. Well we didn't solve that Wednesday but maybe. Aviat jump on me well. They were rejected were talking earlier tidbits today and I were talking about the fact that the early to arrest. At the river festival this year by police and that we we have Mary about terrorists on talking about. The river crest just a few minutes ago it looks like it's going to be one of almost a record setter for attendance and so forth but is tentative somebody got arrested for slapping a horse in the nose is always understand moment. I did that one time of my candy gram from long ago my sister and now eggs that my sister in laws small which you Mobile Mini horses. And he was misbehaving I won't say how but I went up there and slap right across the nose and he stopped an error. I didn't think it was doing anything wrong that course when you talk about a police officers police source is different than me or our. Yeah and other special. Right. They've lived anywhere not a wise action new movement of today is national rose Tuesday to bring this up because you know. That you and tender big fans of flowers and so forth. The courts a junior is. Burst flower is the rose in the courts of red rose. Highly decorative and any thoughts on the red rose or today make a mistake and didn't even brings up to the. Red roses are nice and certainly you know I guess they're different colors of roses that you did that signify different things you have Brian is from and why. It does that song channel red roses for overly fatalistic. Bobby Evey year Bobby Witt in the minor dent recording it and aren't it's bread rose's soul celebrated anyway you want okay. The dancing thank you thank you Bill Russell but the new picture arts. 755. Now is Steve attendance agent Steve it stayed with Stephen dead in the 8 o'clock hour Andy Williams recorded that's the thing that. We have the latest on the US North Korean agreement. Sign in Singapore. Tennis sports news. Yet they rare visit from the reds into play the royals look preview coming up sports home plus of course it entertainment news some more with Ted rumored that. Riley gets an interesting items coming up from the floor and weather and traffic all coming up stay with Stevens hid in the 8 o'clock hour on Kate in as cents. If you're gonna be grilling this weekend. For.