Stylist accused of giving man unwanted ‘Stooges’ hairdo

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 28th

The stylist nicked the customer’s ear with his clippers before running them down the middle of the man’s head on their shortest attachment, “leaving him looking a bit like Larry from ‘The Three Stooges.’”


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And as as radio talk. Is this station Wichita turn. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on the 6 o'clock visits the paper's reporting news or even dead. Hi Steve I can. A suspect is hospitalized but expected to survive after being shot in the jaw. Probably. Deputy police Detroit Livingston says a man shot and officers responding to disturbance call. And the business on Wednesday. Which helps these harsh returned fire the suspect and we later learn the suspect was shot once in his lower jaw. Officers were not struck by the gunfire the man took often stolen vehicle. Police say he shot at another officer during the chase and swerved the car at an officer to point stop sticks. The chase ended with a crash in the suspect apprehended he was hospitalized in fair but stable condition. The suspect was identified as he lies are marked as a known felon with a criminal history. A woman who was with Martinez who is also in custody Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. An armed robbery were shots fired in south Wichita. Please on your ball crouse as it happened early Wednesday at the quick and easy Washington. And Harriet hydraulic unknown suspects armed with handguns in through the laundry mat and demanded money from the employees. How many was given to the suspects and that's both suspects were leaving the business. The armed security guard began to pars weapon. At the suspects were far back as they fled this this scene the two suspects of woman and a man were dressed in all black clothing and the man was wearing coveralls. Early Wednesday emergency personnel were called to a fire in east Wichita east of Douglas in green which. Local arms destabilize. Our crews were dispatched to reported house fire. 111700. East Waterman. First arriving crews found heavy fire smoke storm from the front of the structure. Though homeowners were all evacuated. They were alerted by working smoke alarms that is where access save their lives. By lieutenant Jose okay eighties says one victim who got out was treated for smoke inhalation. And released from hospital. The fire was caused by combustible material near an unattended. Space heater. Most of the northern half of the US is going to be dealing with some brutal cold for the next few days National Weather Service meteorologist to market should an art. I'm very cold weather's gonna continue pretty much stretching from Montana Wyoming. All the way across the rest of the central and northern part of the country or crop the plains midwest and it bit north and northeast and say well below normal. On it to get through the week. Erie Pennsylvania digging out from under record breaking snowstorm which saw over 68 inches of snow. A power outage at Disneyland let people stranded on rides. Disneyland is not happy is placed on earth today and people are getting on social media it's complained. During holiday weeks it's usually busier there and Wednesday was no exception the park was packed a power outage impacted rides mostly in tune town and fantasyland. Officials blamed problems on a resort transformer. And by mid afternoon said they weren't accepting new guests. Twitter lit up a one person posted a picture of the crowd and said this is horrible I don't wanna be here anymore others asked for refunds my favorites or. Even with all of the overcrowding there is still no line for the men's bathroom. And another post in all caps that read why you playing with my emotions Disneyland. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Kansas senator Jerry Moran explained his vote for the tax cut bill signed by president Donald Trump in an interview this week. I've been down that path of trying to balance the budget by reducing expenditures. And having conversations about increasing revenues there's been no will to do that and it seemed to be the only way now that. Being possible. Improve by the physical condition the country is to have a growing economy. It is used on now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock yeah. 713 thirty K end as as three yards deep into the morning now. 6:10. On a Thursday morning 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And this morning in traffic Weller. I seem very heavy traffic volumes out there just yet and those gasoline prices. They went up yesterday so it's not really surprising this morning for CNET gasoline prices to 29. A net. A gallon here in which he's done a book seen to date traffic update from cape and has its radio. I'm veggies and I'll look at the forecast we've Pinochet stand meteorologist Dan Holliday 8 good morning Dan left. Morning with a cloudy and cold start to today we'll have some sunshine later on this afternoon and getting to 39 for the high clouds move back in tonight. Are low in nineteen sunny and forty on Friday before another Arctic air mass moves in dropping a set of the mid teens by Friday night. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now mostly cloudy 23 degree he's got a south wind at twelve miles per hour the wind chill out he's eleven so it's a little bit warmer to DC warmer or less cold. Than it was yesterday at this time. A cloudy cold Wednesday across Kansas which bows high temperature yesterday was 22 degrees. Normal high for the date forty twos so Weaver twenty degrees. Below normal yesterday and looking to roll along ray heard just. You know a couple of days only four days left and Tony seventeen we've got the big New Year's weekend coming up. Sunday's highs long range heists. A look at the weather here's Sunday's high. New Year's Eve in Wichita they're looking at eleven degrees for the high on Sunday. Then on Monday New Year's Day. You were high of thirteen it's so. I don't have any good news for you otherwise it's going to be sold. This weekend and have a pretty good day today and tomorrow ours temperatures concern than Sunday and Monday looks like the little if he. Police in that Madison Wisconsin arrested a hair stylist. At three give a customer of very unwanted Larry Fine or do. Police spokesman told a spade says the 22 year old victim told officers the stylist asked him to stop fidgeting and moving his head during the Erica. This stage as a satirist and nicked the customers here where this clippers. Before running them down the middle of the man's head. On their shortest attachment move leaving him looking a bit like Larry from The Three Stooges hey. This spade says officers arrested this hair stylist. Khaled a Shibani. Who pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct. She Bani told officers it was an accident. Researchers and that's. And The Three Stooges have. That episode where they were barber Richard got the colleges and I think I I think they did but that would make sense I think they had somebody in the chair they were just ruin their parent a they get up instead of that to do the manicure the at the giant scissors out a little bit at. Yeah. Yeah and and elect. A Larry buying hairdo while. How do you an accident it was an accident yeah I understand what may be one stripe but not the entire ad did yeah. And perhaps an accident and he. Of the day or QE. We you when you list in the Marine Corps when you were taken in the brink or the TV the curly Eric yet. Which is just she David. And at the mole the hair cat there's one now myself and I've got a picture him when he was just a little kid I don't know exit. Or to second grade. His mom like him to have bangs any skeptic and that's where again it looks like one of those bowl. And Erica it's. And he got a dean got a missing Tuesday just leased terrible or. Cellular one bank's foreign now if you visit you got to curly look now via okay Georgia preacher. Who says he was barred from public sidewalks in feared arrest for spreading the gospel. On the fringes of a large outdoor concert in the land is challenging the restrictions in court. In a federal lawsuit Eric love says his free speech rights were violated outside the shaky beets music festival. Which drew thousands in May to downtown Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park. Love is asking a judge to decide for the Georgia World Congress Center authority and its police force. And prohibit preaching from the surrounding sidewalks. The authority oversees the park which was created for the 1996. Olympic Games. And the question of now a guy standing mystery caller yeah preaching shouting whatever. And his speech be controlled with. Good question. 614 was Stephens and other big story. Which occurred yesterday. After we go off the air but it. It was on the news desk yesterday when we get the first of all we got a report that officer in trouble and you could hear just an action basically. Which in here in the police radio is somebody screaming. At me he could make out of things out. Officer in trouble but that was the initial calls on. It was happening with the what turned into a big police chase over there on the west side. And an officer actually one shot this guy in in the joy you heard the news story. And wouldn't be doing the news story again repeating it here a few minutes but. And this started out with somebody out some sort of a robbery with a gun involves police are shooting in a way meego. And within the past when he fires we had another robbery with a gun and shootings involved. This is its security guard Byron is silly self. We have this recent interview with the police chief Gordon Ramsay and he said the biggest. One of the biggest. Violent crime stories that he is looking at right now our issues is firearms. They seem to be very very much everywhere course we have the new. Open carry law which I'm not not when the net and saying he's saying you see inspire people waving guns in traffic. Now as opposed to just waving a single finger like yeah just any old high sign. They're here and a wave guns now now guns are being used more often is is that even valuation marks that sort of thing in traffic if you got a few firemen you waited at them is currently illegal I don't know. That fired the police chief told me. That if an officer stops the car for some reason. And there is a gun. On the seat I think by the driver the officer cannot even ask why it's there. Now. The new laws that's illegal search and seizure. You can't so you know and we every got a little too far I'm mature but I and I'll tell you what we look at what we do here we covered the news every day up in the last several several months. Shootings every weekend. Several shootings everywhere I mean yeah. Well against out there but Taylor put a stop to it if you could actually catch somebody who was you know and road rage incident where they waved begun. Just happen to have one on the cedar whatever started waving at the start charging anybody caught doing that would attempted murder. Well I don't know that's on them all now NATO knows notes that the problem with that he had his most folks don't even know. What's going on. Okay through the locked into their their social media and the look and only things they care about. They don't know what's going on right as opposed you are coalitions or their well rounded they know what's gone on. Now talking right now Anderson there's somebody else to see and be able what about the Second Amendment and you're right the Second Amendment against a Second Amendment. But I'm saying there is a lot of gun violence going on out there and it's not guys who went on for pheasants on the weekend. In other people do you know what they're doing with firearms and while legal law abiding people that people are just. Again how do you legislate responsibility. Now I can't. Now the human nature doing something stupid yeah at any rate this at this chase on the west side it got a lot of people's attention recent calls from folks eat. We're a tough road up and treated ID at our one on March Douglas you know and at. And we're just lucky very lucky that nobody. Was killed while I was really I was watching some news video like I even forget what station it was but there was one of the local stations. Had somebody catch a part of it on a dead dashboard Keaton I think it was just it was cake and I think my putting their hateful almost got hit right. And say these that he didn't and so. And it came out and not a happy ending that. At least you could have been a whole lot worst of all the stuff going on the west side I just. 618 now Steven dead and a time for leadoff sports here to Thursday morning. With Ted Woodward. But going on the sports scores there. I'm it would stop under hockey team last night loses on the road at Allen seven to 300 got down four nothing early. Net loss drops Wichita on down into fourth place now in the mountain division they the Americans three more times. For the new year gets here. College football we've had a ton of bowl games already this month featuring a lot of very mediocre teams I. We're finally getting the point now where we have some good with good teams playing in bowl games and one of them is tonight. And in San Antonio the Valero Alamo Bowl oh. Number thirteen Stanford against number fifteen TCU or that begins Stanford is 94 horned frogs are ten and three TCU was favored by a field goal. You can listen to that game tonight the Alamo Bowl Stanford TCU. 8 o'clock tonight there will be a Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Fact there are four bowl games today three of them have ranked vs ranked teams so US and good a college football games finally on tap today. That's bowl action. It was seven years ago on this day the shocker football team got on a train a heading for Fresno. Heading for the raisin bowl yeah and New Year's Day bowl game for the soccer football. New Year's Day that would be that would have been a what year was that and 47 or forty said okay. So he shocker bowl games of the men and it was only three and it was just revolt against Sun Bowl in 63 years that label nearly sixteen and reasonable. You stay 48 and mile ovals. Used to have those bowl banners flying in Leavitt arena for basketball at. Don't anymore they're all moth eaten and I always found when they put those back. So what that would be Lynnwood sexton final football game reasonable. On New Year's Day 48 soccer football team. It got on that train seventy years ago today heading for Fresno. I got a birthday today to throw at one of the great chiefs now what do you think of the Kansas City Chiefs you don't usually think of but to wide receiver. They only come to mind you think the quarterback and running backs great defensive players speak acres. Wide receivers usually don't come to your mind. We do have a Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver birthday today. Carlos Carson. It's 59 today yeah great receiver for the chiefs all throughout the 1980s. In fact in 1983 he was the number two receiver in the national football really yeah. In just this past a couple months ago he was inducted into the chiefs hall of fame in the ring of honor of their era at stating a good for him he is still number five all time in chiefs history and receiving yards. Do players it kind of gets forgotten literacy she's ever been known as the great passing. Team that electing a 33 yards and a pile of this type to me but yeah that's that's great but yet when you think of the cheating probably name. At least ten or fifteen quarterbacks run up the bat but that name she's great wide receivers you start going. At a I'll Carlos Carson deserved to be on that list ahead of bread is pretty good guy good receiver he is 59. Years old today at sports Stephen Ted it's a funny one now keep an ear for Fox News commentator. Todd Stein you're talking about a congresswoman and an airline at. Disturbance. That's on the line Stevens head in the morning on K and assess.