The Stylistic Approach Of Jordan Wineries

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Saturday, May 19th
Guy & Ron go over how they go about getting the fruit intensity into their wines.

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Good afternoon if you just joined us you missed several a lot of great information. About the history of Jordan Rob Davis last up to spend some time of that and now we're going. To the fun part it's all about how the wine taste and on their forget the first time I had. A Jordan cabernet and it was a long time ago you know it's. Probably not the first year or two but in the third or fourth year. In my brother's still has some stashed away. But things have changed a little bit but let's talk about B four weeks if someone let's talk about stylistic approach and how you bring. And and how you continue to bring ones that are more elegant less alcohol than some that get big ratings were. Moral world styles after the. Absolutely and and the Jordan family did defines this from the very beginning their. Thomas Sally Jordan in Italy or they don't make excuses we're very strong franc to files and what I think they mean by that is that my dear friends that are dinners and they sit you make points to score would make wines to drink and we drank collar whites the table and consumption habits really. Globally wind is consumed at the table to wind should go well when you go accomplish the food and not honestly have to win a tasting connect to head winds it. Literally got hundred point scorers and then I. Open him up and tried him at my table and of this completely overwhelmed the balance of the food. The Jordan approach is to make beautifully balanced one it's drinkable punt release but also compliments of food really well so the components of the line I'll call you get in the way. Too much heat for that the wind that does not go well with the food. But tans can get in the way where it's so much structure to the wind it doesn't allow the sweetness and and destruction the food to match went on I keep saying cannons. They're so highly touted for cavernous are not a taste their their field. And so Fiat too much field that gets in the way of the whole balance of the wind and certainly then there's the fruit and I I think what. If I was to say one thing that has changed most. About Jordan through all the years have been there is the fruit intensity. Again when John Jordan came on we together. In a packed what we do deposit increased a fruit intensity what I mean by that is that. For the shard nay we wanna get more that Russian river that lively really incredible apple kind of characteristic. I'm not the apple skin not the baked apple but the fresh apple characteristic that has to have a cool climate to do that the food has come in very cold salts picked at night. We do everything possible to make to preserve the fruit and not have a cellar manipulate the characteristics which means my. Not a lot of bitterness not a lot of hope character has the through relief that defining moment and then course a cabernet the same thing and not too much the cannons. And this where you can have sealer tan as could have structurally everything that Batiste would what to win a medal it's just gonna terrier tone and at two different plates that. That's not it truly mature fruit from our experience so. Canals and a valley I think the time that the climate works so well but and I think comedies with that in war that kind of a gravel based soils so a lot of our vineyards are areas would that have been eroded a lot by mother nature leaving a gravel base rather than a lot of deep fertile soils. That works so well for the cabernet so maturity levels I think when Easter first start tasting. Cabernet and as amateurs in the vineyards start giving the watermelons and it goes to bed to the rest period and it goes the cherry. Black cherry Blackberry and then you finally get the boys buried in the cease and to cease is what we've been getting lately just with type of food sourcing. So that's been that I think is suddenly the biggest changes happened as Jordan is is to from outsourcing. We've done some things within the the winery grounds to. Ensure that we're going to be successful. Have enough tanks we've added more tanks being make sure that. We have literally four weeks where our whole revenue comes in and so we wanna make sure that we have enough room for that. He comes visitor when renowned there's probably every single corners taken up and they may not always before but it's dared to make sure that we needed. We're not calling up and other forensic we use your take it but I think. Thanks for sourcing has been the best thing and then also sticking to. The very paradigm that Tom Jordan is set up does it make sure the wine compliments the food and that's that is the most honorable. Let's talk about the char Barrett it's always been a favorite as we've kind of alluded to Jordan short man can have one more wine list are within a Naylor wine. But you have may be Kendall Jackson dinners or shorten I don't know Lauren but that's always been but top dog in the highly respected highly rated. And to taste this vintage. To me just continues the march and space really. Paramedics there showed delicate and bright and then you put it warm up the mail over about who what was the oak treatment for the short may this year and opposable about the vintage year. Well we talked about changes over the years what we've done to our winemaking and again always talked about the fruit but we originally started out Alexander valley state route. And he knows we visit Els and violence just it's just way too warm does has very little cut common claimant to Burgundy. And those Russian river that we discovered it was much much cooler much more closer to Pacific Ocean and the influence of that is a refrigerator and and Lee thinning out to maturity. But it was this. What we've we the change we made is that again to promote the fruit characteristics. We backed up on the male actor where we used to be 100% we just had too much of the battery characters that overwhelmed fruit mastered. So now we're from setup we've gone. Lilly back for 100% to about 19% 18%. Now lactic. It's always been a 100% French show but not 100%. Barrel from minute French joke so what I mean by that is that we have enough barrels about a third of the vintage and then. The other will be in stainless steel and then we'll move that into. Barrel so it all is up and influential burrow we tried just experiments with. Two different group different Cooper's like American oh and it's just such a flat just way too aggressive for the finesse of the Chardonnay so. The other thing we found two is that a lot of wineries would have a range of each of hope so B would have brand new though may be 35% one year Coke. And into hero in what we found is that. Cabernet girls are always full crew will soon as we int he went out we feel about cut. But the shortage doesn't work that way because we mood that we pull this journey out in spring then that Barrow will stay about five weeks are exceeding five months empty. And we just can't there's there's just no technology available today we tried a lot to maintain the fresh is that girl. It once we go back into it even though we kept it wet we Princeton we do and everything we can't it has to stay illness to it so we've we've abandoned that is well. Oak itself this kind of giving a nice. You get some of the Vanilla characters that complement the fruit pretty well. But it tends to it to preserve I think the fruit. It's almost like holding an apple in your hand. If you don't have hands and fall to the floor he needs something to hold that apple up in the air and it oak just kind of breezes the kind of this apple kind of characteristic. Without really smelling or tasting it you don't teach your fingers when you're eating the apple each year apple what you gotta have that handle there and that's I think what Theo does so well. But we don't want that to be the major component and I think that's where one of our programs here for. At and Jordan is. He'll fly in a lot of master solely a semester so me is prides himself on. TC lines blindly and say oh this is what this is you know this is killed Jackson reserve this is so and so and so. This is the year for it. And I just get a kick out of medium and that I'm not ask him to come on tell me zone near the line make a lawyer Jeff Chardonnay really upsets me. That's a nice way of putting it in the strong words in that. But I so what does that say because well you know I'm a master Sony and I supposed to be able to recognize the wind it. I was to decide is who we need and I just military 'cause my idol so that's what we're trying to achieve because of Sweeney's. Have the same kind of fresh approach focusing on the fruit I've been it up and down the day hills. Where the cronies from his right on the benchmark it's come on that if you were to hold up your hand. We're pulling me as kind of right where you can they say you can hold the creamy European near the pocket of your hand that's the bottom part but not concluded the bottom and and that. Has a lot to do with a bit of culture and how the fruit develops there but Tony's very specific Jerry gives you certain fruit aroma and in the textures. And this is one of the points are just absolutely love I do drink some California Chardonnay is that would have a chance I'd love tranquility. The thesis fine or our approach is we find a benchmark that we really like this case we'd like to wait for attendees more so in the California Chardonnay is. As well knows we are but that's what makes our telling Judea and then and it certainly as as much more closer to that engineers I think to our friends and our neighbors here. Let's talk about the red blood we only got a couple minutes left this is the Tawny port in addition. Beautiful air medics and beautiful mouth feel powers tell my friends you're drinking one with me court picking from a one classes. With the wind in your mouth and hold it there for few seconds. It's good as it is to twelve run away and eleven other. You can do that later. But in there and holding it in. Feeling the picture in the warmth of the alcohol in the softness or goodness ten and and things and when I did that with this one. Man. If you couldn't drink you can put this in your mouth holes look for fifteen seconds. If you could bear the squalor during that entered and spit it out if you had to cancel that a lot of club houses are beautiful rebel. That 2014 reminds me. Pure Waltz with the leg kick at the end it is mother nature I think at its best of all the damages I've experienced this one is just have seen my favorite I mean. If I was to do she's one word to describe this. And it's not in the new textbooks I found it not been known to scriptures my professor Tony but it's just pure yummy. Well it is in a the only thing that I regret is we don't have that the girl outside fired up and we can be grown some meat to go with this soon but it's a beauty rabbi Ken diameter appreciate it. Taken a big chunk earlier updated on this beautiful day word and you've got plenty of work to do it. We always enjoy visiting here than have them with you make the tree thank you guys always been a pleasure when your dad say use your work should be your hobby you look you. I got mad to get left out how much a couple of seconds to wrap up after this short break and don't forget. Go to the Jordan website wants some of the videos that Lisa Mattson has put together learn about John Jordan. He was born his mom gave birth to him went up on the day that they signed the papers to build this beautiful place. The history is there but more importantly stop by Jacob liquor changed by a bodily each have a Jordan charred Jordan. Kellen heard about it right here on the gauntlet we'll be right back.