Taco Bell selling Kit-Kat Quesildillas

Steve & Ted
Monday, October 23rd

Even chocolate-loving Ted has doubts.


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Why don't you won't tell us you'd like if you could imagine goes completely out of that emotion people wish I went there. The dirty thirty case and as soon as we are deep into the morning. 848 that homeless people dead and three big things. Nationwide gas prices continue to drop seen congressional Republicans optimistic about passing attacks overhaul law. Wichita police officer arrested on misconduct and stalking charges. Being big things Stephen dead on Kate in a sense. Traffic volumes. Thinning out right now what's that things are looking good in the woods several please see gasoline prices are rendered to 33 gallons. That's somewhere between 232 and 33 gallons and feet about the average this morning and which tough. Traffic update brought to budget your brother Charles Goodyear tires. It downtown market in Waterman in the east every street small Andean online across tired dot com home of the 34 and 95 royalties. Sunny and breezy today with a high of seventy degrees. Clear tonight the overnight low 44. We're Tuesday sunny breezy and Hoover. The highs tomorrow only 6170. Tomorrow's high 61. Now partly cloudy south wind at three miles per hour. And 45 degrees with Stevens did in the morning. School officials say there will be no more civil war related student dress up activities. At a Georgia elementary school. After its civil war day sparks conflict. Among students parents and others. Big shanty elementary school last month invited fifth graders to dress up as characters from the war. The mother of a ten year old black child says a white student dressed as a plantation owner pro Timmons said you are my slave. In a Thursday letter to the mother Corey Davis and Cobb County assistant to Brandon price. The school systems assurance that student dressed up activities related to the civil war. Have come to an and didn't think that one out there was I think that threw at my idea of grand kids at school the views of civil war thing every year they have each indicated the kids all have little blues and displaced and so forth and down and he you know admirable principals union soldiers like that but that as far as they know they don't read any kind of incident like that some litmus. To fifth graders in person was being insensitive but what a fifth graders. They learned a lesson about what maps that he be in certain situations I guess. Police say suspects in a rental truck drove through the front entrance of Louisville times story in Columbus, Ohio. And carried off about a 150000. Dollars worth of designer merchandise. The Columbus Dispatch reports the smash and grab occurred at a shopping complex called. Easton town center a little high priced filtering year please him between eight and ten people went inside. The store to ransacked it. That is a group grabber right there and a panic and plan that it. Taco Bell stores in the Milwaukee area. Have been reportedly selling kit Kat stepped case India's called chocolate idiots. Sam goody your Ted now know. The one dollar dessert item consists of a tortilla folded around melted chocolate and pieces of the iconic candy waiver but kit Kat bar. Currently available for an unknown amount of time there's also raped by X version. Of the Taco Bell treatment level at some locations. All of this is a reported by brand eking it. Randy webpage or trying this out in new Millar walked him all places she of people like. Combining the flavors of Mexican food and shop. It's not really Mexican news just the tortillas. Is a tortilla. His bread or basically I don't Perino does it appear at the melted chocolate in the end that I don't is putting bread and shallow and chopped. Red is for tuna fish to us out right. By the way in my life made some great tune to sound overly cute sorry you missed it at 852 and now. The Internet is a production rate increasing it for bowling editor bill Reuters witness from the which to business journal this morning good morning bill. According Stephen Chad yet the Boeing company fast tracking study to see if they can pull off a surprising production increased. That would mean new work for Wichita Boeing is laying plans to double the production rate on the 767. The goal was to show the world it as the industrial capacity to win a major order. It would increase the rate from two Almonte took for a month and just a year Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita bills forward fuselage. Airbus CEO says his company has no intention of buying any more equity in the bombard gacy series aircraft. CEO Tom Enders has that even though the agreement between the two companies allow Airbus to body aircraft program over time. He the deal includes Airbus's planned openness I concede series assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. And land development sold nineteen acres for a twin home build out as the cornerstone development at twenty acres to hand over planes canceled a plan to DJ partners it plans to build 102 garden style units it would be known as prairie point at cornerstone. B Holmes preacher. Three to five bedrooms and each have a two car garage. Local breaking business news every day on campus Santa Wichita business journal dot com the what's up is mister undo one. Perry pointed cornerstone. Out so if you brown leather you say I'll have other PP and C and a Jerry goes out exactly shorten things down a little bit today is iPod billion dollars in apple introduced the iPod on this date in 2001. While and the course the iPod changed the way we listen to and purchased music. According to his release the first iPod was killed on November 10 2001. For 399. Dollars. The iPod days recognition of his groundbreaking technology and many people have impacted a lot of as a iPod I got a one of these few years ago it. And she downloaded some you know that I don't know but 2530 songs and and affirms that time on she hasn't done anymore. I mean. Capital structure by cities can stick frankly some of that songs and she download like I don't care for a bit. So she takes this thing in the car sometimes and loads it up the night I don't hear any songs like while I've been bug under a may have been trying to get a couple of songs on there. I mean get your own thing iPod then you get something you can get some some of the champagne music from Lawrence Welk on there. Andrews sisters and a guy Lombardo and a ego slim Whitman I can't get anything on there and tough that at that I'll keep trying OK. You bet iPod day. Thank you have a good answer coming up KO SS news that not rain which stock operational and stalking charge that story and more news on the way. Steve intent on staying in a sense.