"Tag," "SuperFly," and "Incredibles 2" hit theaters today

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 15th
Ted Woodward with a box office preview on The Blur.

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Thirteen thirty K and it says Steve did a morning Steve Matthews host delivered at 830. Multiple wildfires are burning throughout the west the area's most impacted. Have had a bone dry years so far. The US drought monitor map has its deep maroon red spot right over the four corners region where New Mexico Arizona Utah and Colorado meet. And those states are dealing with multiple wildfires some of which have forced people to evacuate including and other states like in southern Wyoming. They have to some bright spots with officials stopping flames from spreading. Evacuation order was lifted in central Colorado more people were allowed to return home after being evacuated from the fire near Durango Colorado as well. And Chris stopped a fire in northern Arizona from pushing toward homes tonight into tomorrow parts of these areas are expected to see some rain. But there's also the threat of flash flooding. Jack's got Rosenthal fox. News writers on a roller coaster fell more than thirty feet after a derailed in Daytona Beach. Ten people were injured. Tourists telling us at CNET this rod had been closed in the previous days leading up to this accident now we will of course confirm that the seat. If that ride was close if bit less clothes while it was cold it's on the was being fixed if something. Was still needing to be fixed in this case. Was less than this and that's inspected there's so many questions that will try to get those answers to as soon as possible for our reporting live anecdote that meets your dog Otto fox 35 news. Wichita police have arrested a father and son who allegedly rammed a pickup truck into Wichita bingo hall and stolen ATM machine. Officer Charlie Davidson said two of three suspects were arrested Wednesday. Officers responding to the bingo casino itself which is taught early Monday while the front door shattered and the ATM gone. Police in Hutchinson are looking for thieves who broke into the YMCA's storage shed and stole sports equipment. He is and you spoke with Darren or hear a sports director at YMCA who says the feast of dozens of new shoulder pads football's a generator lights and first aid kit. Should we will go on no matter what we will go on the kids are important part. This program. Hutch YMCA still has old shoulder pads that are safe for players to use anyone with information about the crime is asked to call Hutchinson police. Some of fit into employees had better be in shape for a court fight this'll be a case to watch. Federal prosecutors are charging six current and former employees of the San Francisco based company would possessing trade secrets stolen from former rival jawbone. Jawbone is no longer in the business at a Daimon says the fit bit employees received the trade secrets after leaving jawbone. And knew they weren't supposed to have them both companies tussle over fitness tracking device patents in court. No immediate comment from that Tom or Gotti Fox News as the US is returning a stolen Christopher Columbus letter to the Vatican. The lets you resume read a copy of one written by Columbus in 1493. Announcing his discovery of the new world it balls being held at the Vatican library but at some point it was stolen and replaced by a forgery. We received a tip there has been. A number. Forgeries. Of Columbus letters from various European libraries. Jamie McCourt an assistant US attorney for the district of Delaware speaking at the Vatican as the US returned and accept. Industry discovered I have read books experts who both sit in New York in 2000 full. It's just said return of its kind in recent years in London Simon nine Fox News. And the forecast risque and as his staff believe all just Dan holidays good morning Dan good morning this summer like weather pattern is going to continue for a little while longer in fact temperatures soaring well above average again this afternoon. 98 for the high with a gusty south wind fifteen to 35 miles per hour. Will be clear and breezy tonight Carlos 75. The high pressure area starts to weaken just a bit tomorrow Saturday site 95 mid nineties again on Father's Day I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. And right now partly cloudy eighty degrees one helper helper out there Obama breathe right now south wind gusting up to 23 miles per hour. 834 now Stephen dead on K and is this time for entertainment news the blur to Ted Woodward and it. Ted says well Roseanne Barr got some more trouble possible right now she still. Dig yourself out a little bit she's claiming her tweet about former Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett the daughter show canceled was not about racism. Rose and tweeting rod sterling wrote planet of the apes it was about anti semitism that is what might treat referred to the anti semitism of the Iran deal low IQ people can think whatever they want. Roseanne thanking her supporters in a tweet. Thank you to my friends at Lional media and that Sean Hannity and that norm McDonald and my friends and family for helping me when I was broken. Ending her tweets for the night was this one guys I have been planting trees digging in the earth singing and feeling a great deal of relief. I will begin to speak for myself in the media soon. The actress had been speaking through her 2012 presidential campaign manager Jacqueline Carl Fox News. The last surviving member of Elvis Presley's band has died a mistress les longtime drummer DJ Fontana rock rock pioneers died at the age of 87 in Nationale. Fontana son David announced that drummers that on FaceBook writing my dad passed away in his sleep he was very comfortable with no pain Fontana was the last surviving member of elvis' original core of you. We'll yeah. I. Plus I was a member of the rock and roll hall of fame when he played with Presley for fourteen years on many. Although with its hits like blue suede she is heartbreak hotel hound dog and jailhouse rock we shall flee now Fox News. Can card Ashley and comes face to face with a woman she helped secure a presidential pardon. Give grants in west meeting Alice Marie Johnson for the first time after helping secure her release from prison. The reality star travel to Johnson's helmet meant this Wednesday. And that today show camera crew captured the emotional moment tears carnac Sheehan. Get married and you look just by talking to you on the phone and just seeing you in videos. But in the you are everything and aren't that I am I thought he. Johnson was sentenced to life in prison without parole for rain nonviolent drug crime president trump commuted her sentence at cart and she n.'s request. The reality star also showing her the ropes on social media. Even teaching her how to use now chats during their sit down and correlation guess Fox News. Actress Millie Bobby Brown leaves Twitter amid cyber bullying. Stranger things star Millie Bobby Brown did she Twitter after becoming the subject of homophobic means a fourteen year old plays the character eleven in the Netflix hits trolls Photoshop per SE adding quotes making it appear as though brown Schering so worse and homophobic remarks it's unclear how the trolling started but some claim the posts were originally a joke while brown has not publicly confirmed the reason for deleting the page for anti bullying Twitter handle action -- stop hate is still life that cyber bullying comes a week after Star Wars the last jet I actress Kelly Marie train and what's her Inkster Graham accounts following months of social media abuse increasing Goodwin Fox News. See what's going to happen at the movies at the box office this weekend the Incredibles are finally back while adults plagued game moves super fly it looks to slide in the box office favor I. We shall we know. Fourteen years after the original the Incredibles two but hell you know plastic girl in the spotlight she's an advocate for superhero. Yeah. Mr. incredible at home to take care of the kids unbeknownst to him maybe Jack jacks emerging superpower. It's. A little babies. A year. Which can pack a lot in tags longer friends kept their principal lives through the years by wind break. What's going on here are her friends who claims he attacked for thirty years the elaborate annual gain happens every name requires that we can travel. Ed Helms Jeremy Renner and got him. Well yeah super fire remake of the blaxploitation. Regional stars' Trevor Jackson. As a successful young drug dealer in inland and who is ready to retire but. In order to get away from emerging powers in the city candidate they can score yeah that stocks on failed on. Juan. We go back eighty years ago on this day in the park board here in Wichita voted to change the name it and part to Manassas Park. You know we're minutes of parking all just a few blocks from where hiring very house not very far senior stomping grounds. What was the minutes apart called before. Change the name I believe it was called Longwell car. Now that would beer. But McLean park that's not correct. North park was called old tourist park. I catching the idea out of the park Florida saint Vanessa. But it still has yet ADN Atlanta shelter house over the voted that children how's my wife at one time. Wanted me to take up square dancing over there that children's library branch knows him know we're going to do that it is swimming pool there some playground equipment there. Right next to the little market is very popular little small muddy old tourist park now wonder what the story behind that old he. Wondered some. Somebody hung out there on Obama. Anyway and we have a few movie anniversaries today and it opened Wichita movie theaters on this day we go back to that same day eighty years ago on this day the movie holidays it was released. Katharine Hepburn Cary Grant. The layers real and hear this about. As the rich lady age she's marry this guy he's very good you don't that is who couldn't care less about little murky that we're doing now it it's all about people who don't work area mineral wealth. Actually get that actually interesting flick it's got to bring out yet at the movie and it's kind of overlooked a little bit. In Milan fan I've seen it pretty. Called holidays. And it came out 80000 years ago to Kerry drew. The players yet Edward Everett Horton Edward Everett partner. The guy who played dead at thirty scared. One he'd play in and meet John though he was the bad. Mr. what are they definitely had its own police force and all that great actor. In there you go there's some there Samir. Holiday and then a couple years later it was a well it was ten years later it was seven years ago on his data release of Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein. Enjoyable movie for us or its merits is examined death Salem NC got Abbott & Costello. You've got Lon Chaney junior playing the wolf man all you got bella Lugosi as count dragged back. That was masquerading under the guise of the underling Alicea. And you've got Frankenstein. And he got Vincent Price as the voice of the invisible man in and and credited cameo while. A pretty good. It's actually fairly entertaining and a Evan constantly minutemen on seventy years ago today. And thirty years ago on this day end. The release of the movie bull Durham. He's now movie good baseball really good based on strong stuff to get Kevin Costner Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. And it's very interesting it is it's it feels the the baseball at came out thirty years ago today outline as thirty years old boulder via. Diego gas and didn't really anniversaries there as well so Ali and check out all three of those movies and have fun wanton. He'll entertainment is in the bowlers but you are good friends at pizza John's interview me they are open Monday through Saturday. Sort of tasty pizza from 11 AM 10 PM yes if you wanted to your Father's Day meal. And on Sunday yeah I guess there's so take get down for a for a pre Father's Day meal and a BP did you make your dad's never seen a photo of Stephen Ted there's one right behind him right there yeah. These and it never really good pizzas this place now. May be on it down for lunch him months specialist 11 AM to 3 PM as well nobody knew delivery. 5 PM so you know they got there they got a going on and on their phone number. You need to edit down in case you do to carry out 788 when he 1178821011. Man they serve up good piece right there off Kate fifteen at 208 self Baltimore it's peaked at Johns and eight. 42 now to the different editor bill that would stop business journal questions about a possible new medical school for what you saw. That's on the way Stephen did the morning on KM SN.