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Thursday, May 17th
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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SAS which could cause number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. 8 o'clock this is the case and it says sporting news receiving dead I keep Macintosh stepmother of missing boy not guilty. In a related case and we got the story. Mobile home fire in southeast which its on line did what word those details just ahead until holdover. In Wichita coupled donates twelve million dollars to Wichita State University. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays the normal high in Wichita today is 77 and we may be about ten degrees above that this afternoon our forecast is coming out. Is it all on or is it off. The president is not clear if his. Planned summit where North Korean leader Kim you'll you'll actually take place president trump responding to reporters when asked whether his planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jon hood. Will still take place on June 12 in Singapore. We haven't seen. Anything we haven't heard anything you we will see what happens. Senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official has threatened to pull out of this summit. Accusing the US a harboring what he called sinister intentions the president said the US will still insist on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. If this summit takes place at the White House Jon Decker Fox News. So man was stabbed at a convenience store in Wichita as Riverside neighborhood did just before midnight. Wednesday at the circle K convenience store near Seneca and McClain. Investigators say an unknown suspect got into a scuffle of an employee was stabbed during that skirmish. Which the police sergeant Jeremy Vogel says employees and barricaded the suspect inside the store. Until officers arrived on scene stabbing victim hospitalized police are investigating the incident. Wichita firefighters responded to a mobile home fire in the oak lawn neighborhood in south Wichita last night in the 3000 block of some view. Fire crews say the homeless heavily involved to smoke and flames after nearly an hour the fire was brought under control. Kansas Red Cross has also been called into assists two adults and three children who were affected. No damage estimate has been given authorities are investigating what caused the fire the stepmother of missing five year old Lucas Hernandez has been found not guilty of child endangerment charges. Indication are related to moves his disappearance Emily last was on trial for charges of endangering her one year old daughter. The jury deliberated for less than an hour defense attorney Julie less. Julie left Torres commented after the verdict. On behalf of and my glass her family and salmon Herman we are glad that this case is behind us and maybe bikini can turn back to what's really important. Searching porn finds you look at Hernandez. The Internet is there has been missing now since February 17. Wichita State University says a Wichita couple is donating twelve million dollars representing the single largest cash gift to the school. University said in a news release Wednesday that oil producer Wayne bulls the and his wife Kaye committed to a lead gift of ten million dollars to building new home for the W Frey important school business of Wichita State. Wichita State said it will name the building. The couple also plans to donate two million dollars to the university's geology department for the petroleum geology program and field camp experiences for students. Wayne bulls or use terminal woolsey's companies and oil and natural gas exploration and production company he founded in 1978. Phil holed a brand Kagan SS news. Officials in Hawaii are concerned about high levels of sulfur dioxide. As the eruption of the killer whale volcano continues. Hawaii's civil defense administrator Talmadge magna says not much has changed. Today's operation pretty much the same as the last few days we continue to. Monitored in active users. Haven't had any new break outs since last evening. About twenty volcanic vents have opened in the ground so far as sending lava and toxic gases on the roads and into the residential neighborhoods around there and it. Forcing thousands of people to evacuate. Kagan as his views I'm now eagle 4:4 minutes past 8 o'clock. Road game tonight for soccer baseball final road series of the regular season we'll have a preview. Coming up in sports. And to lawmakers in Louisiana will battle it out in a far. That story coming up on the K and us this morning news misty contest. The tennis this morning you can even do it now 8088 minutes after the clock. Democratic candidate Joshua spots he has picked a former army helicopter pilot and current local school board member answers. Running mate in the Kansas governor race somebody introduced Katrina Lewis and of Manhattan is his choice for lieutenant governor Wednesday during a Statehouse he bent Lewis and served in the army for fifteen years of a helicopter platoon in Iraq. She was elected to the Manhattan school board last year an update on cases of E. Coli linked to tainted lettuce. Nearly two dozen more cases of food poisoning linked to Romaine lettuce grown in Arizona have been reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying the total number of people sickened by E. Coli is now 172. Across 32 states one death was reported in California at least 75 hospitalized including when he with kidney failure the CDC says the lettuce was grown in Yuma Arizona and was last harvested April 16 so it should no longer be in stores or restaurants because it's shelf life is only three weeks -- Seles Farrah Fox News to lawmakers have Louisiana baffled about. In a drinking establish. That's where two state lawmakers decided to settle their differences over a bill by getting into a bar fight. The brouhaha was between representative store bishop in state senator norm each favored both Republicans. This should describes it this way. We at a gentleman's disagreement and settlement with our hands but vision admits chamber got the best album punching him several times at a downtown Baton Rouge bar. Cheever was mad because official blocked one of his bills chamber saying Bible store like a brother and sometimes Brothers fight. Oh charges filed and both men now say they regret the incident Sommer Gotti Fox News. Katie and a serious news time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. And it traffic updates here on the Thursday morning commute and week report that. Traffic is running smoothly in the Wichita area on our Thursday cameo than anything. Happens and we every time to report the Latinos traffic update the Stephens said Kate and assess now the forecast with pianist his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan on the. Good morning with a mostly clear sky across Wichita in south central Kansas it's going to be sunny. Warm and dry today you will likely be near eighty by lunchtime 86 for the afternoon high that's running about ten degrees above average tonight partly cloudy are loose 64. Through tomorrow system moving in from the west. Could trigger a few afternoon thunderstorms are high again 86 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 67 degrees we have a southeast wind at six miles around 811 now Steven Jan 987 and thirteen thirty. K and as suggested in the news this morning. We've been talking about the Emily glass case. Stepmother of missing child on trial for an unrelated deadly case in with a us this morning talk about it. Is Craig Andrus from is and who's been covering this story in the killer courtroom everyday good morning Greg nice to have you with us this morning. What a great to be here by having me on gorgeous and this morning. The book and you never know what the other old. That's exactly right but did this trial it is dealt heavily left is actually charged with that endangering a child is that correct. It's true and you know right from the start that judge Eric Palmer mr. judge or jury. Big ball that may seventh seeded. You probably. Heard something about that been missing. As of today. But they were not consider anything other than that brought up in the courtroom that brought to. While being interviewed about. It because she looked up other Eric for el Sheikh ultimate missing. I am the reason look at Hernandez came out of that but. The judge told them look you'll hear something that only consider what the court because only came across seven and they say she told them. In a videotape interview that she got. And later drove a one year old child to be important to go get them food and they felt her Altima a not guilty interest in how this all unraveled in the courtroom. Well he ended they had video of that of that interview with her they played for the jury. They did and you know it was talking to her and they didn't shoot some new light on YouTube for being here but the double double what they were talking about a day. Hey what did you do that day what will or. Gathering of food were the children and their two children in her chair there and and they kept asking a number of questionable will plug in order entry brought up with. Then what the investigators in that interview. Yeah I got high as smoke some weed and then yelled out in the garage not in the home not near the kid. And she said that to investigators and then still the jury came back at them with a wasn't enough evidence. That's the thing that that he couldn't get hammered away are they that from the beginning. In opening statement that you may hear some saying that include the use of marijuana or potential or alleged use of marijuana. That he said we don't know she did that are notch that she did it but we don't know that she did they kept hammering away at critical evidence that it did you collect any physical evidence. The prosecution. They said. Well we don't have any physical evidence there was never a blood got on the eve she had marijuana in her system when she was dragged. Most so I do just heard he's confessing and is not enough then on the got to have a little more. Evidence to back it up is that right. Well that appears to be the case now they did go to an obscure point of law the defense to try and get the whole thing thrown out. The judge considered written and said no and they continued they also brought in a woman named joy who was. Individual county jail at the same time and Emily glad you awaiting her trial on this one count of endangering a child allegedly. And that woman says hey I talked to Emily glass. Emily glass told me she smoked a few bowl and then later. Wrote to the olive garden so the defense rather I'm blind date. They would she allegedly smoked marijuana and you know people say they do things that that they actually do them so we heard two different occasions want from a videotaped interview and one promote. Witness who heard that she says in the jail where Arab League last that she smoked pupil and later went the old guard with her child. If that we don't know the time prank she went to the olive garden at 430 in the afternoon on camera I've perhaps. We don't know that she still had a meeting their system if indeed she did smoke. Marijuana that was a question I was thinking graded well what was a bit between the smoking and the go into the olive garden how much time elapsed there. Well we're. We're definitely and it got ill he talked at length about getting at 9 o'clock in the morning Pete indicated. Caring for the kid. Doing two different things and then it was around that. Raymond perhaps for thirty or so and that's what the deal that brought a civil that you'll hear evident. And what the evidence is. And what is missing that kept things but he sent us the cellphone records showed she appealed Burton Burton Wendy's drive and an assist and we don't know. Sounds like. In addition to Emily less who Brohm did not testify that this this this jailhouse person. And maybe a few police or doesn't sound like they are too many people testifying AMIS. It. By another war. That we hear from a detective we. Heard early on what they tried to do what they started talk less about a different case this case. There were talking to her and then we did hear from a. Yet I gathered evidence. And then weaker from that jailhouse confession and we did not hear from Amylin glass notably treated not just a question that quietly. Throughout the entire proceedings of the trial on Tuesday and in the closing statement yesterday. But we heard from the outside person and that's something that the defense Bob Beckett and paid lip and you've got to yes Baghdad it was enough for eight hours spent in eight hours and the defense said debate behind it he funded in the opera or. A powerhouse in and out and by the Drudge did anybody binding element that marijuana. After came back no they didn't find any physical level of marijuana. All right hey Craig thanks for being what does this morning we appreciate it. Greg Andrew Morton. From K as mpeg surveillance but I'm covering the only glanced trial it's 816 down was Steven dead. Here on K in his session we've got something in him going up well today involving a lunch truck. Okay Justin is where this is morning to morning Justin. Good morning guys that we go into the ambulance tricky day. We're gonna happen that are often is that at Baxter & Associates. At that they collective area which is by 21 became 96 to view. But he orca and permitted. Or new green church or treaty eight they were back in an area. Course Baxter & Associates of the investing sense on. Sunday mornings at 9 o'clock right here on K and SS and what's is there a special occasion you guys gonna have just gonna have a social lunch or lunch and social good. Erica kind of a social lunch you know we look food truck are you can't like confront these juror like truth. Food trucks and cars airplanes ships yet there. Yeah we did so we do an open on etiquette nor neighbors around there there's a lot of new bid at all. All of around one expert and it I'd say decree which and that kind of area. And we are eight. But Abbott and springtime and turned out beer. Going to be you only yes you got lucky now when okay I'm not so you gotta have some games music zealot you and have a party at their from one level you know. Predator 20 yeah we'll have a Coke gave them the music we're gonna have three truck on monkey munchies try to create that recurrence that we'll give communities there have. Happy at separate press. And brown are bakery that should be concurrent. Night I just misspoke it was it's the money planning that are. It's on under an error on on Sunday morning here on American government through these years why didn't you correct me a moment ago you know you can't do. I don't want yours. You can correct those here are your spotters and money planning our ends on Sunday morning at 9 o'clock elicited telling you guys are gonna have a good time and again. You know a year yet your let the right Justin because of her Credo is gotta cooperate with. Yeah yeah no and no brain tumor have. Now we appreciate you get on anybody wanna stop by there candidate that's burger. Written and and wanna stop by to reach you because column or time just where you'll be exactly. Twenty. What 21 oak street north coolant line. Our founders circle like 21 pick in ninety. Garrett thanks Justin thanks for being with his morning reprieve at Gartner or packed the lunch truck gathered at a party 819 now Stephen dead on Kate and SS. And today it's sports time we Ted Woodward and you know it. We're talking about shocker baseball is going right to hit it up shocker is an action and it's the last three games the regular season two road series of the shocker in conference visiting last place Memphis for these last three games. Shoppers are getting ready for the postseason tournament after that in the American conference. Of course does. In that you make it though the first time through this conference a shocker still getting to know some teams in Memphis. As one pitcher the shocker will be looking at at some point this weekend. And let's get a discussion on that from the play by play voice the soccer's Mike Kennedy and the Wichita State head coach Tom Butler is they talk about meant this pitcher Jonathan. So always on the phone with a protein that very Sierra director. And they are another scout car. In these cities Saturday. And p.'s own. Watch out though still well hopefully not on. But the he's really good AT strike are that he has some games where were down line in that'll be a good challenge course. A shocker shall see him at some point this weekend Wichita State at Memphis. Mike Kennedy has a lie at a pregame coverage beginning at 6 o'clock tonight game started about 630. And it's live right here on your home for soccer baseball 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Major League Baseball yesterday afternoon in Kansas City the royals hosting the Tampa Bay Rays. And it did not go well for the royals as they lost all three games to the rays both earth. First two were by one run yesterday as by two runs five to three was the final score. Tampa gets a three game sweep its first week in Kansas City in nine years. The royals meanwhile thirteen and thirty is their record they are off their worst start in twelve years off day today for the royals. NBA basketball last night was game two in the Western Conference finals Houston Rockets hosting the Golden State Warriors. Former Kansas say not Tarik Black coming off the bench for the rockets late in the game and you heard the action on KF AS. Offensively. Part black because I thought score. Go Tarik Black at a couple points couple rebounds as the rockets beat Golden State won 27 a 105 a at best of seven for the Western Conference is now tied at one game peace between rockets and the warriors. Pro baseball last night downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium the last pre season game for the Wichita wing nuts they lost an exhibition game the Fargo Moorhead redhawks in nineteen last night. Which it's called dropped three of its five exhibition games but now on all counts starting tomorrow night's opening nights tomorrow night downtown for the wing nuts. Huge win last night in men's soccer four SE Wichita taking part in the US open cup second round of that national tournament. FC which it's on the road at the it's also rough necks last night's also led three to two in the second half. But Wichita scored the last two goals including one very late. As FC Wichita winds at 43. And advances into the third round of the US open cup for the first time ever. Which is probably be at Dallas next week in the third round SE whisked off with three you know start big win last night. College men's golf congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks they won their regional their NCAA regional in Stockton California yesterday first time KUS ever won a an NCAA men's golf regional. End of the case you men's golf team with that wind advances to the NCAA championships in men's golf the first time in eighteen years congratulations to the K youth. Means golf team. Andy did you go softball the national tournament under way the division one tournament in saint George Utah off. Of course Butler community college. Softball back to back national titles are going for their third in a row. And they got out got off to a nice start yesterday beating Walters state out of Tennessee nine to one. Butler will take on a southern Idaho this afternoon in the second round Butler has won 42 of its last 43 game. And the division two national tournament under way in Mississippi Cali college won its opening round game yesterday three to nothing. Tally in the second round this afternoon against LSU Eunice. What tallied. Alley softball and Butler saw clearly both are going national title without those made it into the second around there you know. That's forced the Stephen Ted KNS at 843. Keep it here for the Hannity morning minute New York Times rule every save we got it wrong. That's coming up Stevens had in the morning on hate and and staffs.