Talking Christmas memories with Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 22nd

We chat about Christmas movies with Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Fourteen to 10 in the morning C Macintosh Ted Woodward the house and senate leaders will present former Republican senator Bob Dole of Kansas. With the nation's highest civilian honor to recognize his decades of service. As a soldier lawmaker and statesman. House speaker Paul Ryan's office says don't receive the congressional gold medal in a ceremony scheduled for January 17. Now 94. Dole represented Kansas in the house and the senate and was a GOP nominee for president in 1996. Now what the forecast with K UNICEF staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can morning Dan. Good morning wanna grab the heavy coat on the way out the door a big difference from where we were yesterday at this time with temperatures starting below freezing only getting to 36 with a gusty north wind this afternoon partly cloudy tonight are Lou 21 that we get to 39 or forty foot high tomorrow. And then on Christmas Eve sunny and 35 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now cloudy skies and 26 degrees you've got to north wind at fourteen miles per hour wind chill. A fourteen. Congress has passed a temporary government funding bill keeping the government open through the holidays. Fox's Chad peregrine has more. Here's what the government funding bill does it fund the government that the current levels until January 19. It temporarily renews the domestic surveillance program which is a key tool in the war on terrorism qualifies a 702. And there's also some money in their for the military and also for children's health care. This gives congress time to try and find a permanent solution for government spending. The Department of Homeland Security suspending it plans to conduct Tutan bioterrorism drills near the Kansas Oklahoma border over concerns. About their impact on grounds native American tribes consider sacred. Homeland Security spokesman John burritos says it tests were suspended over objection to them taking place at the show local Indian. Agricultural school in new Kirk Oklahoma. He goes as the work remains important. And the agency is looking for another location. AAA is forecast 107 point three million Americans will be traveling. From Christmas to New Year's Valerie wise with which it cause Eisenhower airport tells kaine as his views. An estimated 4700 passengers were scheduled to fly out of that airport Thursday. How does that count compared with a normal day. No this season you're 222300. Something like that it just to parent. Like they're pretty all every day. AAA estimates six point four million people are traveling by plane over Christmas in the US. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey tells Kate is as used violent crime numbers have been going up the past few years. What crime category concerns him most I think. Gun violence is the number that since Torrey fourteen we've seen. Increases in our aggravated assaults associated with the gun violence and what we're seeing is a lot of people are choosing to resolve conflicts with with guns then. It's a concerning trend and it's something that we wanna turn around. Chief Ramsey our guest this weekend and if you Tony seventeenth Sunday morning at eight on Kate in SS 735 now Stephen Ted in the morning on K and SS and here we are in a Friday morning December 22 a sporting a sports casting legend. Has passed away. Beloved hall of fame sportscaster Dick Denver has started his home in La Jolla, California. And berg was 82 years old and had a career that spanned some six decades. His voice graced the broadcasts of ten Super Bowls. Eight NCA a championships in 26 Wimbledon ends and his play by play was unmistakable. This week. And berg was celebrated by fans and his peers earning top awards from baseball basketball and Pro Football Hall of Fame but with all the accolades he's still considered himself a lucky man. It's been such a complete and privileged life and no it's some and it said this I have award today had a minute I've been employed beautifully. Mike Kantor Fox News 735 now Stephen tell in the morning lots of people wouldn't nativity scene in or outside their home for the holiday but only surely squires. Puts lots of nativity scenes out each December here as more than 14100. Miniature nativity scenes and she likes to show off. A lot of showing you as it did he seems covering every part of her home including two bedrooms and a special room in her garage. The activities this feels like she's Christ crazy cash he has. It feels like yet. You know like Christmas seems to me by the way burn millers haven't birthday today he's 89 years old there's a Wichita legend yeah Cedric county fair. Attorney general Bert Miller examine errors only son Marty runs the etiquette. We see Marty renowned and bill put us this morning I don't know why. I've got morning we've ever had you in the studio. I've never been over years you miss a first time you've been out now and have been over. When you stop shaped eyes option haven let's see last what Thursday for a it's like David Letterman yeah exactly it. It's gotta be it a Cologne commercialism. You know rugged Ameren rugged look at their regularly so what's the occasion well I wanted to bring by Christmas euphoria that. Delicious pot or tropical important court copilot one that's a it's karma born naturally. Born and bring it over and well thanks for bringing that in Uga and Dinah OK I. Listen we've been talking about Christmas all week courts and haven't he's not coming up your prediction you know we're gonna do it bit here a minute but I want to tuck which the IM BD. List of the popular Christmas. Movies all right and one teacher input on this because it's viewed the you know a lot of movies well saw some of them rated even Pete you know while. About that at erase the what do you think is number one on the list I've gotten. Well I wish I would have to say. Miracle on 34 street wrong accurately that comes in at number eight. Dickens' a Christmas story now as. Where to comment about Christmas story itself. The kid thing yes the top ten. Yup that's number five day number one it's wonderful life I'll number two his diehard it. Number three is a Christmas Carol 51 version with cultures in my favorite ride the performers Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. 1964 TV movie a Christmas story comes at a five National Lampoon Christmas vacation six all alone seven. Miracle on 34 street is eight. By the way you looked a little bit like mister Saunders and that that that is the psychologist. And 38 on the list of bishop's wife which I think should be in the top story. They should quiet about the SI agree with the holiday affair at 59 you haven't seen the British wife thinks David David Carey grant. In this dead great Christmas already a young man at some of the kids from its wonderful life and it wouldn't have to find that Hank if you bit. You've been to too many country music through a trip. How is that a Waylon Jennings got the night that was on it now. Listen I don't know what else does help on that list audience didn't well on movie I had fighter in the top thirty years out so L. Elf Alf is in jail. We talked about the movies that are like at the top grossing Christmas movies usually elf and home alone are right up there near the top and it's. What do you the village really it's great to have you with us this morning as you have any special Christmas memories from when you were a child our side community and over and the Pembroke Adam I want our staff would bring in the presence and servicemen and you know those experiences where you were. Accidentally left an old Pembroke and yet everybody is gone I'll know I had I had people that to watch out for me it is great and get those that you added. You and your wife and injured near twin daughters and you've had a habit you've had some really nice news. We had some great ones great ones what is this the most important things in around yeah you know my I've still got my mom she's ninety years old. So that my mama's got brother. Ads on. In other girls in the standard and playing just you just being able to spend time family and that's that. That's the main thing those of the members at saint Chile's cookies used Macon yesterday guy we had our twin granddaughters over their making crafts and ornaments ride all place penalty there grandma eleven years old man and were talking earlier you know we can't thank you create memories when you do absolutely everything and how they remember. You are you rethink of the things you remembers Q yeah. You make of those memories now with your kids today remember via I don't know your original maybe we lived on spruce. And we're waiting for sanity get there and my Brothers victim slept in the same bed recruitment for the interest to him now and so excited ride. And a rated morning my story. Is it wet and got. But I yet it exciting and it absolutely absolutely and Nancy and I think if it takes you back to that time. Anything you can remember the smells you can remember what everything you know those images in your mind it at such released by the time when you were little shaver junior actually shape that you. It's not let me go now and others Turkey. You know I've got to just I've got a script here for seven might supposed to do this script and if your are part of our notice. On a business macintoshes cookies has made its way to bill flailing his arms of the interview Izzo from now you argue the one who doubters saint Chile well I think so I think we here. You'd have to be listening to put up with you guess these that's where game went. Like your aggregate data gets caught on it and so Wichita wide gap but it. All that cookies. I don't you know he's assay for this I know now I'm just double public with her the other the other couple weeks ago Stevie and somebody gives it. Your seed Chela got bigger than I know she. I had a but direct hit them I don't know eight or nine of those cookies out here and it in the common area room last until about cell plot that owners eager. Hey it's radio yeah. Happy. If you're legally dead yeah. Orders they looked through this story. Listen hate you and your family all our best and it's it's great to have you with us. We'd love to have you here live with this every morning and that's that would be odd that you're scheduled yet that team he would do it does thank you for the partnership thank UN. The friendship Mercury friendship. You're right bill though it is radio we did that kittles and it's out there and have gone by they have and I got four and unrealized gun laws of that victory they think was trail which is that the NATO that it. 742 and Steven did they are for the Wichita business philosophy coming up. And that we are gonna talk about that big book of lists today. Right. Out of bill over the twelfth. Seed just walking up and yeah.