Talking With Marty Johnson & Trish Holmes

The Good Life
Saturday, July 21st
Trish & Marty talk about "Tomato Fest" happening at the Kansas Grown Farmer's Market next weekend.

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And that they welcome back to the program if you just joined us we'll stand at Carolina afternoon. Next Saturday and be a part of the show. I'm. Kent Burnett's in the studio we're talking about so his. Crafty wood working in these cutting boards are just phenomenal. Can't Burnett dot com. There's a lot of things to look at on his website but certainly start. With the cutting board there's two pages and. More to come it's it's just phenomenal stuff in. Let's talk about this when you're you're on go ahead does this forward that you said is probably one of the most complex and and and you did mention the fact that its end would wrecked. The grain. The critical thing in any good cutting board is that it is made ingrained that means. For lack of better. When you go to big box store and you're viable org or two before. The bloody and where you can see the growth rings that's in grain. When you build a cutting board from and grain in an ingrained style. You have you have a board that will allow cutting on it. With and less than. The possible damage to the cut it to the cutting board from the nice because you are really cutting the wood fibers you're moving them to the side. The blades able to go in. And that that helps my from doling knives and also it makes it possible that let's say you've. Use the board hard taking care of it but it used to it hard for a year or whatever and you wanna get it back to its original condition. All you have to do is send it back to me. I will replaying it re finish it and it'll look just the same as today that they you received it because the design. Goes all the way through the board from top to bottom because it is anger and. It's really so pretty bitter really great again you can get one I'm going to Kent Burnett dot com it's. It's worth that view few minutes on the Internet to go do this than. Look at the the music boxes it's time now out of planned for Christmas gifts. Get wedding wedding gifts getting stuff order. That's an we have some stuff available now but. And hopefully we can view and autumn and or was it at that Burnett can't Burnett dot com book checked. Now. Mentioned some fun events come into and it they'll do it Gannett doctor Marty. Johnson. Arden theatre and don't forget. At today's go big deal going on all the way up into the late hours of tonight. It's a midnight madness and by the way planter 50%. Then you in future years Johnson books at this story and both locations will be due and it. A lot of fun stuff and also profound would be Jonas and fact let's just say on about the U Marty welcome to the program. Richard you are there more I. Wish I had the Mears also some chip for an here. Our rights are gonna talk about tomato fest than I've touched on a little bit. Trish what you start off with Pelz about what goes on next Saturday at the Kansas group farmer or. Well next Saturday which is the last Saturday of the mountain. We will EU looked feature tornado as that and current farmer's market at 21 and ridge this is an annual celebration and all about the everything about the. And we have some really great step going currently have. Where my favorite people shut Alley will be there. Except probably it is. She is. Popular except that the north. Toward Kansas City area. And shoot an advocate war can't agriculture for ranchers and farmers and producers like Al. Air featuring a couple of favorites tradition and sampling. I am looking at the line up of stuff. That that the ship them both at nine tomatoes seminar with master gardener Donna was at 1030. But the bottom line is seven a noon is where all the funds going on. Pats is the clown troubles the clown bring the kids kids corn hole board games. I miss Roma to Medifast mascot will be there how cool is that food trucks live music and day and my good friend Marty Johnson has done so that I think is really cool party tell us about your doing for the kid goes next Saturday. The more it written yet. Involving gardening. In a few years will be will be good for Johnson's start and I guess maybe. Is selfish now we're going to take its tomato. Potting and we've grown. There were downgraded their tomato plant in the bright he guys coal mining camp. It's a plant they get the bad. Eighteen inches tall and about that why those rate in the container. And it has small little cherry tomatoes on May blow all the cute starting at 930. Will be doing it spotting. And it went past next Saturday at the when bush in the edge or the world which is in the can. While the pot boil bone structure and she. The plant Lincoln potted in and take an omen grow it. And then probably the take proper. EE four to six weeks the the planet a plant will start person tomatoes and make people to enjoy it and hopefully. We'll get kids cooking gardening. I don't know what else she could well he. Minutes just the little double on our shoulder. Well I don't think you have so we'll let that get up look. There is one other herb you can grow that if you're older computed. But it makes tomatoes at such a fun thing that other. Oh comedy. A we're gonna talk about your thought now peppers. Right around the corner for undermined. Is a New Mexico. Posted a picture Marty of IA a hatch green Chile roast her and said only cool people know what this is and then he said. People from New Mexico. And I didn't respond to a Yemen and tend to cause a round of blizzards probably just as many people here in Wichita I don't know what that is. Thanks in Johnson's garden center wins his first trip out. What have pepper a doctor or the fire. Yesterday should have pepper hopeful we. All. And then. We've green peppers in. That. The choice test is between the eighteenth of August. If so what what apple knew for a proper pepper every week and probably the aid shipment. That week after actually test also stole what at all almost all these into respectable and has actually. Me and can't wait it seems. It's so hot out still. It seems like my air medical association with fall when I smoke green chilies in the rose her. It doesn't seem like it should be about that time but hopefully come August that it will be that Ayman. Can't wait are you guys are gonna try and get out there to tomato fest before the show next week and I hope to see you all. It's going to be a lot of fun again pokes its it too corny first and ridge road the last Saturday in July next Saturday a week from today at the Kansas group farmer's market. All kinds of fun entertainment get there early on the best selection of some of the other programs available not only tomatoes. That seven a noon is the time. All that entertainment for the family of the this shift demo at nine the tomatoes seminar at 1030. Live entertainment in and bring the kids and let him that Mardy show about tomatoes what Marty. Doesn't it mr. Roland going to be acting out. Attorney out of this mess around will be you Roma being around our. Hand out and have grape and cherry tomatoes which were at the paid last year we're gonna have a lot of church is passed around and. Summer which our paper chart track beaters well Oilers crate will be featuring its tomato crate. And an arm the track they will be doing quite well tomatoes in that favorite. Oh. You know it but he is just as time works. I have a bunch of pepper plants planet out in Goddard with a friend of mine that was so nice to plan them for me on his Anchorage. And when we're up their look at the plans last week can get radar Grissom Newsweek. He gave me a container full of heritage. Mean the tomatoes you know kind of they're not just read their kind of green striped. And they are like. Eight died a narrow tree you know pop on your mouth and just say it's like eaten fruit in the bonus. Is great fun. Yeah well thank you guys go ahead and I. Well I reject and it didn't mention it at the tomato growing contest pretty stairway and as one of the category. That's an 8 o'clock central time on their part to categories. You've got some pretty early and that's it category permanent. Omaha that talked and I'll have to do that dad Devean Randy stockman or my friends go west of the doctor Randy this afternoon when he brings me there are a lot of peppers. Mark inner acquiesced last year. A bit and it didn't grab a share. And a number of got a little it will be talking about. McDougal play well and opera should Obama do plate. Mean variety of mobile made it look like artwork that. When it can decorate it is best played by large native sport best played twelve chair. They go get on it Marty we'll look. And I hope that there's going to be some homes made salt their two. Al has always. Cup winning ample rainfall that. Perfect arbitrage Marty thanks for let me interrupt your weekend to back them on a net open we'll see you next week if not sooner. Actually Marty I'm going I'm going to the store right after this to get some 50% off plants. And by the way I I appreciate applaud but he is called the light bulb they. When I was at least. At least he got Johnson's spotlight the American motto. I. Midnight. We're argument and have a great weekend you guys over the European. Marty Johnson drew in interest homes. Going to be out their next week. They get a quick break come back for the line of the week we've still got kind of get away.